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Your trading strategies are your proprietary way to trade. You have extraordinary ideas that can be developed into a profitable trading strategy.

CloudQuant® provides you the platform to bring your ideas, your approaches to trading to life. You develop your trading strategy, choose the inputs, choose the parameters, choose the stocks, and run the backtests. Once you are happy with your algo we will fund (provide the capital) and run the strategy using our production platform, with dedicated professional traders to handle the execution, compliance oversight, and technology.

When there is profit, you will get paid a share as a licensing fee for your algorithm. When there is loss, we lose, not you.

In short, we have the platform (technology, team, data, oversight, risk, and trading capital), you have the ideas. We put those together and partner with you to generate trading profits together.

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CloudQuant AI

WealthTech Conference, June 28, 2018 in Chicago

The emergence of technologies in new fields such as artificial intelligence, big data & predictive analytics, and blockchain are changing the investment landscape forever.  Join CloudQuant's CEO for the conference including the discussion on AI in Trading and Investing.
John "Morgan" Slade

RavenPack - The State of Machine Intelligence in Capital Markets

The financial sector is making a massive shift towards machine intelligence in capital markets. This panel shares their experience in using data science and domain expertise in understanding data context.

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$QQQ ETH spreads wider than RTH spreads

US Stock Market pre-market and post-market bid ask spreads are different that regular trading hours

Regular Trading Hours in the US Stock Market is 9:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Trading can happen in the pre-market hours (4:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. ET) and in the After Hours market (4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.). The free historical market data in CloudQuant allows you to examine the spread data and the differences between sessions.
Sonal Gupta, Female Data Science Leader

What is it like to be a female in Data Science?

Sonal Gupta is an MBA graduate student at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. She has five years experience in leading software development teams, product development and consulting engagements.  She has the ability to analyze large volumes of data and generating actionable insights.  We asked her what her experience has been like as a female in data science and invite you to read her response below.

Quantitative Trading & Algos in the news. 11, July 2018

Exponential Moving Average (EMA) technical analysis in python with sample code. 3 Gold Charts indicating market moves Citigroup Reports Earnings Below a 'Death Cross' Brandywine wins with short-term momentum and long-term directional arbitrage strategies
stock exchange evolution panel

AI & Machine Learning News. 09, July 2018

Lane discipline when teaching cars to drive (Udacity), HSBC predicts top future banking jobs, Apple's Carlos Guestrin cautions data scientists on the risks of inherent bias within big data, Can AI help with health care, China's camera give us a view of a potential dystopian future, Can you write an IoT trading model using CloudQuant, When AI is not AI, Google's amazing DeepMind becomes a better than human player at an astonishing rate.
stock charts

AI & Machine Learning News. 02, July 2018

Machine learning AI News covering the following... An excellent Reddit post on AI Playing Card Detection, The staggering news that OpenAI Five beat human opponents at DOTA2, The ongoing issue of University Lecturers moving into the Industry, TORA's Trading System of the Year award thanks to it's AI based execution improvement systems and Why it is important to first understand exactly what your primary metric is before you have your AI drive you towards it!
stock charts

AI & Machine Learning News. 25, June 2018

Microsoft AI driven Bing Visual Search, How AI helps you shop online, AI in Financial Risk Management, MatplotLib leads data visualization tools, Analysing Sound using ML, Microsoft acquires Bonsai.
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CIO Review 50 Most Promising FINTECH