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2017 – The Year of Artificial Intelligence

2017 is the year of artificial intelligence. Here’s why

World Economic Forum published that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing discussion point in corporations and governments. This is driven by: 1. Everything is now becoming a connected device

The internet of things is collecting data in ways never before possible.

2. Computing is becoming free

The cost of computing continues to drop, especially with crowdsourced research platforms like CloudQuant.

3. Data is becoming the new oil

“The amounts and types of data available digitally have proliferated exponentially over the last decade, as everything has moved online, been made mobile with smartphones, and tracked via sensors. New sources of data emerged through things like social media, digital images and video.” 

4. Machine learning is becoming the new combustion engine

“new machine learning models have emerged recently that seem to be able to take better advantage of all the new data. For example, deep learning enables computers to ‘see’ or distinguish objects and text in images and videos much better than before.”

At CloudQuant our crowd researchers are finding that access to markets, and to data is allowing them to research and develop profitable algos in ways never before conceived. Access to new data sets, like social sentiment, allow new dimensions of quantitative strategies that were not conceived even five years ago. We anticipate that the new data “oil” and machine learning “engines” will continue to grow our world of trading.   See the full article on World Economic Forum’s web site by Sandhya Venkatachalam (24 May 2017).
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