Discussing Crowd Sourcing Algos with Jill Malandrino of NASDAQ

Nasdaq: #TradeTalks: Crowd Research in an Algo World w. Morgan Slade & Tayloe Draughon @CloudQuant @JillMalandrino Live from #FIAEXPO 2017.

Morgan Slade and Tayloe Draughon with Jill Malandrino of NASDAQ


JillMalandrino Tweets

We are back with the latest episode of the Official @EricLeGrand52 Vlog! Come take a trip to NYC with us to visit @Nasdaq and chat with @JillMalandrino on @TradeTalks. 📈🗽

Watch: https://t.co/JHsu19dDmy

.@Nasdaq #TradeTalks: What Does Zero Commission Look Like? @investopedia @calebsilver @JillMalandrino https://t.co/6YUIM9pQHq

.@Nasdaq #TradeTalks: Nasdaq-100 Daily Update $NDX @JillMalandrino https://t.co/roTxwcl9Fa

Marketers are shifting their attention to #storytelling. Watch @PhotoShelter CEO @awfingerman talk #visualcontent trends with @JillMalandrino on @Nasdaq #TradeTalks! https://t.co/uNumfbIi2H

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