Theodore Kekstadt, Blogger, Author and President of Forex Trading Unlocked, Inc.

Theodore Kekstadt, President of Forex Trading Unlocked, Inc.

Theodore Kekstadt is the Founder and President of Forex Trading Unlocked Inc., and a veteran trader of the Futures, Forex, and Equities markets. He oversees business operations, partner relations, infrastructure services, and online trading consulting. In 1989 he entered the trading business working as a runner for Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette at the CBOE. The same year Theodore also became a student at DePaul University where he earned a degree in Finance. After half a year at the CBOE, the move into the Futures industry was made to the S&P 500 Futures pit at the CME.

In 1991 Theodore began trading 30yr T-Bond Futures and Sugar. By 1994 he was not only trading but also providing market analysis for an institutional market research firm. By 1998 after almost 10 years of trading floor experience, he decided to focus on trading and providing analysis and services to floor traders exclusively. In 2009 things changed.

Forex Trading Unlocked Inc. was created in 2009 as a personal tool. Over the years it developed into a hub for services dedicated to retail and institutional traders. It was through the development of this company that Theodore was inspired to write the book “High Probable Japanese Candlestick Patterns- For 21st Century Online Traders.

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Three Inside Up Technical Pattern shown on $IBM Jan 2, 2018

TA-LIB Three Inside Up Buy Signal - $IBM

IBM, the 100-year-old company, is wedging into a tight trade, but it looks like the Bulls are gearing to press a move higher. Just before year-end, the stock set a Three Inside Up Japanese candlestick pattern setting the stage for a rally. Source code using TA-LIB and Python included.
Harami Sell Signal on Google Dec 20, 2017

Harami Sell Signal with Three Inside Down Demonstrated on $GOOG

December 19, 2017 Monday Google pressed new highs, but Tuesday closed out the day with a Harami Sell signal. Watch out for today. A negative close today boosts the negative outlook with the emergence of a Three Inside Down pattern. In this event, it will most likely mean that there will be a “little coal in Google stockholders stockings for Christmas”.

Catalent Inc. – $CTLT – Bearish Engulfing Sell Signal

There was a fresh sell signal for Catalent Inc. stock this week. The recent rally has been put on hold with the emergence of a Bearish Engulfing signal. More selling pressure is expected to develop as the market degrades from the steep upward slope it has been trending on. This post shows a trading signal and has algo source code links.

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