One Minute Trader Podcast with Tayloe Draughon of CloudQuant

One Minute Trader with Matt Davio recently interviewed Tayloe Draughon to discuss Crowd Sourced Trading Ideas using our trading strategy incubator.

Please listen to the podcast on their website.

During the conversation, they discussed developing and backtesting trading strategies using our free backtesting engine. The conversation included references to a number of trading strategies.

The results of these trading strategies are included below.

The Thomas DeMark Example

Link to Source Code (Requires Registration):”base working strategies.CQ_TD_Sequential_Base”

demark indicators technical analysis

The Gold – SPY Example

Long $SPY Short Gold ($DGZ) trading strategy

Long SPY Short Gold trading strategy

The Quora ZigZag Example

Link to the question and details on the ZigZag Example:
Bad Trading Strategy

One Minute Trader

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