CloudQuant rolls out Upgrades to Free Stock Market Backtesting System

February 28, 2018, Chicago, Illinois, USA

CloudQuant, the trading strategy incubator, announces upgrades to our free stock market backtesting system. The web application allows any market enthusiasts to develop a trading strategy using easy to learn Python programming. Anyone who has ever written a spreadsheet macro or a simple program can easily use the system. Algo creators maintain full ownership of their intellectual property and are paid through a mutually beneficial algo licensing agreement.

Backtest Homepage

The upgrades include adding a backtest summary page that allows quantitative market researchers to see, compare, and download algorithmic trading scorecards. This improvement assists the algo creator in their research process. Navigational improvements have also been added to this home page.

Backtest Homepage showing P&L and Sharpe

The backtest homepage on CloudQuant allows you to compare, interact, and download key statistics on your quantitative research.

Easier Access to Fund My Strategy Requests

Quants who have proven a trading strategy using the stock market simulator can more easily request CloudQuant to license the trading strategy. Since July 31st, 2017, CloudQuant has already allocated $72Million to crowd research created trading algorithms.

Capital Funding for Trading Strategies

CloudQuant Fund My Trading Strategy

Backtest Engine Improvements

Additional upgrades to our backtesting engine have resulted in improved speed and capacity.

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