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WealthTech Conference, June 28, 2018 in Chicago


The world of wealth management is undergoing a profound transformation.

The emergence of technologies in new fields such as artificial intelligence, big data & predictive analytics, and blockchain are changing the investment landscape forever. At ‘WealthTech 2018′ you will hear from experts at leading financial firms discuss disruptive technologies which are making the biggest impact on the wealth management industry and beyond. Business Insider Intelligence forecasts that robo-advisors (investment products which include any type of automation) will manage close to $1T by 2020 and $4.6T by 2022.
  • Over the past 14 months, blockchain and related startups have raised $4.5B via ICOs versus $1.3B in traditional venture financing worldwide.
  • Global WealthTech funding is on track to surpass 2017’s record of $2.5B with over $2B already invested in the 1st quarter of 2018.
Attendees will walk away with key insights including:
  • How cutting-edge technologies can empower financial advisors to provide advice that used to be available only to the ultra-wealthy
  • How robo-advising and artificial intelligence can significantly improve investment results
  • How cryptocurrencies and ICOs may provide an alternative option for both investing and raising capital Join CloudQuant’s CEO for a discussion on Using AI in Trading and Investing.
Artificial Intelligence in Trading and Investing

AI in Trading and Investing

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