The Algo Traders at CloudQuant Discussions On Getting Started

What we wish we knew when we started AlgoTrading

July 30, 2018, Chicago, IL USA

CloudQuant’s portfolio managers and quantitative algo traders look back on their starts in Algorithmic Trading. These candid short interviews allow everyone to see the “Things We Wish We Knew When We Started AlgoTrading”.  This is a short collection of the interviews with some of our amazing coders here in the office, including:

  • Tayloe Draughon- Senior Product Manager
  • Morgan Slade- CEO
  • James Chang- Quantitative Portfolio Manager
  • Rob Ferguson- Quantitative Equity Portfolio Manager
  • Simon Zhang- Quantitative Analyst and Portfolio Manager

We discuss important topics such as beginning as an AlgoTrader, and what helps beginners to stay motivated and keep learning. As we know, starting to advance in these areas can be a bit challenging. Get these interesting new perspectives on AlgoTrading and coding on our YouTube channel.

A special thanks to our summer interns for putting these interviews together.