CloudQuant Announces Record First Year Growth and a new Licensing Agreement for Crowd-Resourced Trading Algorithm

Alogo Allocation

Chicago, Illinois, USA, August 29, 2018 – CloudQuant LLC is pleased to announce a new crowdsourced trading strategy license agreement. This marks the eighth successful partnership with a global algo developer, since their public launch one year ago. Researchers receive 10% of net trading profits under the terms of the license agreement.

“A crowd researcher can take home $10,000 per year if his or her licensed trading strategy has a 10% return on investment and is trading a $1M or more risk allocation. This type of payout is possible for a college student, data scientist or market enthusiast,” said Tayloe Draughon, senior product manager.

Programmers, former traders, data scientists, and market sleuths can compete with professional quantitative traders using CloudQuant’s precision tick level market data, backtesting engine, alternative data sets and flexible Python programming tools. These crowd researchers find trading profits (alpha) without being constrained by past techniques often shared in the professional quant trading community.

Undergraduate and graduate students with skills in JupyterLab, Python driven data scientists, and former screen traders are the most common user demographic. The multi-national crowd researchers represent over 150 countries. Growth has been significant this year with more than six times the number of algo simulations occurring in the past month compared to the same period last year.

“We like the BYOB model. Be Your Own Boss. It works well for students. We are licensing alpha generating trading strategies that trade with amounts of capital that the average trader can’t or won’t risk,” said Morgan Slade, CEO.

About Us

CloudQuant is the cloud based trading strategy incubator. Quantitative analysts around the world create and test trading strategies leveraging free institutional grade technology. By providing the capital, technology, and trading acumen to develop and utilize trading strategies, CloudQuant offers a mutually beneficial profit sharing agreement enabling both parties to profit.
CloudQuant LLC, who officially launched in 2017, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kershner Trading Group LLC.
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