What would you recommend to someone starting out at CloudQuant?

We asked our portfolio managers, product management team and programmers to tell us what they think will help beginners the most here at CloudQuant. We wanted to help everyone in need of a boost to get started on our platform.

Everyone in our company uses the CloudQuant website and coding platform in one way or another. We all use our own application, just like the crowd researchers. When we say that our free backtesting tools are “institutional grade” we really mean it. Every algo we run in our trading and investment strategies is proven in the same backtesting engine as the crowd uses. We rely on the scorecards, the reports, and the simulated trades to ensure that our trading is successful.

Our team members featured are:

  • Paul Tunney- Client Success Manager
  • Steve Pettinato- Portfolio Manager
  • Simon Zhang- Quantitative Analyst
  • Sameer Kackar- Quantitative Portfolio Manager
  • James Chang- Quantitative Portfolio Manager
  • Tayloe Draughon- Sr. Product Manager