AI & Machine Learning News. 15, April 2019

Google Cloud Next 2019 occurred last week and so dominates news reports this week, however it appears there was little of great interest… Image result for Google Cloud Next 2019

37% of Google Cloud Next 2019 was fluff

Google announced a stupid amount of news at Google Cloud Next 2019. Unfortunately, much of that got buried by ads. I don’t mean Google Ads. I’m talking about partner and customer pitches. Google Cloud Next 2019 had two keynotes, one on each of the first two days, plus a developer keynote in the evening on the second day. You can rewatch them here — I did because I wanted to quantify the feeling of constantly being pitched by Google’s partners and customers. More than a third of the total keynote time, roughly 37% by my calculations, was not about Google. The first 90-minute keynote had about 35 minutes dedicated to Google’s partners and customers. I’m not counting the time that Google was onstage talking about its partners and customers. That’s bad, but hey at that point the general feeling was that Day 2 would be much better. The second keynote had roughly 37 minutes dedicated to Google’s partners and customers. 2019-04-12 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2931, Positive Sentiment: 0.1539, Negative Sentiment 0.1847  

Buybacks and Tech Are Driving the 2019 Bull Market

Heading into the Q1 2019 earnings season – which officially kicks off on Friday when JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) and Wells Fargo & Company (WFC) release their numbers – investors were concerned that the share buyback blackout period was going to help kick off a round of selling, like it did in early October 2018. Oftentimes, during the three to four weeks before a company releases its earnings – the blackout period – companies will pause any share buyback programs they have implemented to avoid being accused of trading on insider information. The management team figures that, if they have to stop trading because of the inside information they have, the company probably should too. For companies that are buying back large percentages of their stock, this pause on purchasing during the blackout period can have a dramatic impact on their share values as demand for their stock decreases. 2019-04-11 22:50:27.389000+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4759, Positive Sentiment: 0.1011, Negative Sentiment 0.2022 CloudQuant Thoughts… Earnings Season is on our doorstep again, major opportunities for profit. Are you able to write an algorithmic system to take advantage of the highs and lows of the earnings season? Head over to CloudQuant and flex your Python programming skills to the max (profit!).  

Lyft’s Uber Shock Means It’s Time to Separate IPO Wheat from the Chaff

The excitement of IPOs fades fast as the offerings hit the market and reality sets in. It took less than two weeks for the IPO euphoria to cool. Shares of Lyft (LYFT are now down 31% since their opening trade on March 29. The decline began the second day of trading but was accelerated by the announcement after Thursday’s close that Uber, its much larger rival, finally filed its own offering with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Lyft fell 1.8% in Friday to a new closing low of $59.90. Uber is probably the name investors in the sharing economy have really been waiting for, and so they can be expected to swap out of Lyft as Uber shares become available. There will likely be similar expressions of preference as the year grinds on. 2019-04-14 09:00:00-04:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.3646, Positive Sentiment: 0.3259, Negative Sentiment 0.3259 CloudQuant Thoughts… Lots of interest has been generated by LYFTs IPO, so a lot of market attention has been drawn in that direction, perhaps you should be looking elsewhere now, a quieter corner of the market.Buy when everyone else is selling, sell when everyone else is buying. Can you convert any of this into reliable consistently profitable trading model in Python, give it a try at CloudQuant.

Royal College of Music turns to AI to train violinists to avoid injuries and burnout

Artificial intelligence is being used by the Royal College of Music to help the next generation of violinists avoid injuries and burnout. The AI system, named SkyNote, is being tested by RCM students to provide real-time feedback on violinists’ bow position, pressure and speed. A camera picks out and records the movement of markers attached to a bow, while software highlights where a violinist’s technique deviates from that of professionals. 2019-04-13 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2748, Positive Sentiment: 0.0000, Negative Sentiment 0.4249 CloudQuant Thoughts… As a parent of a violinist and someone with a professional interest in AI this one caught my attention, information was hard to find but I eventually located this article!  

AnacondaCON 2019 Recap

  2019-04-09 16:41:40+00:00 Interest Score: 0.8424, Positive Sentiment: 0.3861, Negative Sentiment 0.1053 CloudQuant Thoughts… Our fellow Austinites and colleagues in the early development of CloudQuant, Anaconda held their yearly festival AnacondaCON last week. Lots of interesting Python, Big Data, ML/AI speakers for you to catch up on.

MIT Researcher Exposing Bias in Facial Recognition Tech Triggers Amazon’s Wrath

Facial recognition technology was already seeping into everyday life — from photos on Facebook to police scans of mugshots — when Joy Buolamwini noticed a serious glitch: Some of the software couldn’t detect dark-skinned faces like hers. That revelation sparked the Massachusetts Institute of Technology researcher to launch a project that’s having an outsize influence on the debate over how artificial intelligence should be deployed in the real world. Her tests on software created by brand-name tech firms such as Amazon uncovered much higher error rates in classifying the gender of darker-skinned women than for lighter-skinned men. Along the way, Buolamwini has spurred Microsoft and IBM to improve their systems and irked Amazon, which publicly attacked her research methods. Last Wednesday, a group of AI scholars, including a winner of computer science’s top prize, launched a spirited defense of her work and called on Amazon to stop selling its facial recognition software to police. What’s struck a chord about Boulamwini’s work is her method of testing the systems created by well-known companies. She applies such systems to a skin-tone scale used by dermatologists, then names and shames those that show racial and gender bias. Buolamwini, who’s also founded a coalition of scholars, activists and others called the Algorithmic Justice League, has blended her scholarly investigations with activism. 2019-04-08 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7679, Positive Sentiment: 0.1138, Negative Sentiment 0.4693

Qubole Expands Partnership with Google Cloud for Processing Big Data on GCP

Qubole, provider of a cloud-native data platform for analytics and machine learning, has expanded its partnership and product integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Combining the capabilities of Google Cloud Platform with Qubole’s self-service data platform and tools for data science and data engineering, the companies say, the new offering enables easier processing of big data workloads with Apache Spark and Hadoop on Google Cloud, and connectors for data repositories such as Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, Oracle, MySQL, Google Cloud Storage, Google BigQuery, Postgres, and MongoDB. “Data is the new oil of this economy, and every day more companies are turning to the… 2019-04-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.9935, Positive Sentiment: 0.2427, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

McKinsey: Traditional Asset Managers Are Embracing AI and Alternative Data • Integrity Research

A recent McKinsey white paper argues that artificial intelligence is broadly impacting the asset management industry, not only transforming the traditional investment process. As more asset managers bring AI in-house, the demand for external research products will shift as internal machine learning subsumes external analyst and sales roles. In “Advanced analytics in asset management: Beyond the buzz”, McKinsey reports that AI usage has accelerated over the last two years and is now being applied in a wide range of areas within asset managers: “A broad set of firms are embracing new analytics methods at multiple points across the asset management value chain—and beyond the alpha-generating use cases favored by quant firms.” Although investment management remains a key use case, AI is also being utilized to improve product distribution and create operational efficiency. 2019-04-15 00:58:57+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.2380, Positive Sentiment: 0.3052, Negative Sentiment 0.0254

Google Cloud Unveils Slew of New Data Management and Analytics Services

Google today unveiled a handful of new cloud services designed to simplify common tasks in the data analytics workflow, including a beta of a new data integration and ETL service called Cloud Data Fusion, the capability to leverage BigQuery from a spreadsheet interface, and the addition of Tensorflow machine learning capabilities to BigQuery ML, among others. Google Cloud is the third largest public cloud, behind Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. But judging from the stream of announcements comin… 2019-04-10 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7508, Positive Sentiment: 0.1290, Negative Sentiment 0.0184

Kx named as Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year – Financial Services

Kx announces that it has received the 2018 Google Cloud Global Technology Partner of the Year for Financial Services award. The award was presented today by Google Cloud, at Google Cloud Next ‘19 in San Francisco. Kx was recognized for the company’s achievements in the Google Cloud ecosystem, helping joint financial services customers involved in high-performance capital markets trading activities to scale resources quickly for burst processin… 2019-04-10 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7389, Positive Sentiment: 0.3661, Negative Sentiment 0.0610

Algorithmia Laser-Focused On ML Deployment and Management

The market for enterprise data science tools is very diverse, with new tools appearing all the time. It may eventually determine users are best served with full-featured suites that handle the entire data science lifecycle, from model development to deployment and everything in between. But in the meantime, Algorithmia CEO Diego Oppenheimer is enjoying making and selling tools that automate the last mile. 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.6656, Positive Sentiment: 0.1796, Negative Sentiment 0.1470

An intense race between tech giants fuels the growth of the AI chip market

Being the most disruptive technology of our time, artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into our day-to-day activities. From robotics to the healthcare sector and from transportation to the computing industry, AI has brought many remarkable changes. The incorporation of the internet of things (IoT) has provided us humongous amount of data. And it is a Herculean task to deal with such information. AI chips offer several methods, such as pattern recognition to an… 2019-04-09 05:55:57+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5763, Positive Sentiment: 0.1842, Negative Sentiment 0.1228

EU Ethics Rules Seek to Balance AI Risks, Benefits

European regulators continue to take the lead on a range of critical technology policy issues spanning data privacy and, now, “trustworthy” AI. On the heels of its sweeping General Data Protection Regulation, considered by at least one observer as “the most significant change in privacy law in decades,” the European Union this week unveiled ethics guidelines for “building trust in human-centric AI.” 2019-04-12 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5756, Positive Sentiment: 0.1006, Negative Sentiment 0.2347

Why AI is a double-edged sword in the Cybersecurity?

If you are in any way part of the world of technology and business, you would be aware of how much cybercrime and cybersecurity threats that have evolved in the recent past. The concern for data security around the world is all-time high as the world has witnessed cyber breaches at the highest levels. 2019-04-10 05:38:13+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5698, Positive Sentiment: 0.4108, Negative Sentiment 0.4548

Toward ‘Biologically Plausible’ AI

In the latest attempt at understanding the mechanism(s) by which machines learn, and AI researcher and a neuroscientist probed for similarities in the computational properties between deep neural networks and human brain. They propose a learning algorithm that overcomes a “particularly nonbiological aspect” of deep learning: the current supervised training process requiring huge amounts of labeled data and non-local learning. They say the framew… 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5572, Positive Sentiment: 0.2659, Negative Sentiment 0.1519

How ETFs Are The Technology That Is Revolutionizing Investing

“ETFs are fundamentally a technology. They are mechanisms to achieve a certain goal, like phones. Traditional mutual funds were rotary phones. ETFs are smartphones: They do the same thing but are in a better package.” – Dave Nadig, Managing Director of ETFs are the technology revolutionizing investing. ETFs are democratizing access to strategies and financial markets investors could not have dreamed of even a decade ago. 2019-04-11 08:24:34+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5506, Positive Sentiment: 0.4397, Negative Sentiment 0.3240

Banks forced to turn to machine learning to tackle compliance burdens

Banks are increasingly turning to machine learning to innovate heavily manual and costly middle and back office mission critical compliance management processes, say market participants. “Banks are already in a period of change, mostly in the more business- driven activities in the front office but it’s time to appreciate the value that technology brings to those areas of business in the middle and back office,” says Anastasia Dokuchaeva, head of partnerships at ClauseMatch. 2019-04-12 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5224, Positive Sentiment: 0.1128, Negative Sentiment 0.1410

France’s Publicis Groupe to Acquire Alliance Data Systems’ Epsilon for $4.4B

French advertising and public relations giant Publicis Groupe (PUBGY announced it has cut a deal to acquire the Epsilon unit of Alliance Data Systems (ADS – Get Report) for $4.4 billion. Epsilon specializes in data analytics. “With this critical move, we are going further, faster and deeper in our own transformation, becoming a leader in this data-led, digital-first world,” said Arthur Sadoun, chairman and CEO of Publicis. Publicis owns the iconic ad agencies Leo Burnett Worldwide and Saatchi & Saatchi, as well as many other brands in the advertising and public relations world. The company expects the acquisition to add double-digit growth to per-share earnings and free cash flow in the first year, which will be 2020. 2019-04-15 07:15:03-04:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4840, Positive Sentiment: 0.2283, Negative Sentiment 0.2283

Google’s AI Platform Raises Question of A.I. Vendor Lock-In

Google has announced AI Platform, billed as an end-to-end service that will allow companies to carry out artificial intelligence (A.I.) projects from data preparation through distribution and management. For example, a (hypothetical) data team would use Google’s BigQuery to store and “clean” the data, before shifting to a product such as AI Platform Training to build up the application’s capabilities; from there, the team could manage the result… 2019-04-12 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4831, Positive Sentiment: 0.0742, Negative Sentiment 0.1112

Pressland signs partnership deal with iO Ventures to provide verified, trustworthy news

The Codebase Ventures subsidiary is building a data management platform to fight ‘fake news’ using artificial intelligence and natural language processing. Pressland is using its platform and technology to help combat fake media sources and build trust between news outlets and audiences.  Codebase Ventures Inc announced Wednesday that its subsidiary, Pressland, has signed a new partnership with iO Ventures LLC in its effort to verify trustworthy news before distribution. The Brooklyn-based Pressland is building a data management platform that fights the spread of misinformation using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to monitor and analyze new sources. 2019-04-10 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4829, Positive Sentiment: 0.3224, Negative Sentiment 0.1289  

Biometrics, Digital Decisioning, And APIs: These Are The Droids Investment Firms Are Looking For!

In “Star Wars,” Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi uses a mind trick to convince the dreaded stormtroopers that the droids in his company are not the ones they are looking for, enabling him and his friends to safely move along. In our galaxy, there are no Jedi Masters to guide financial institutions as they choose from an increasing array of new digital technologies that are now at the core of a customer’s daily life when they manage their banking and investing activities. Digital investing startups such as Betterment and Wealthsimple are undercutting established fund management business models and gaining traction with investors. And many of these propositions are mobile-first, including microinvestment manager Stash and stock trading app Robinhood. Aimed at digital-savvy Millennials, the common thread across these startups is that their apps are easy to use and provide less expensive services than the incumbents. 2019-04-08 09:30:56-04:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4724, Positive Sentiment: 0.2820, Negative Sentiment 0.0627

Vote for AI Innovation of the Year: Seattle’s artificial intelligence clout featured at the GeekWire Awards

Artificial intelligence is one of the Seattle area’s fastest-growing tech frontiers, so it only makes sense for the field to get its own category at the GeekWire Awards. Recognizing innovations in AI and its allied technologies, ranging from computer vision to machine learning and natural language processing, has always been a part of the big part of the awards, of course. In fact, some of 2019’s contenders for the top… 2019-04-12 17:20:44-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4673, Positive Sentiment: 0.2462, Negative Sentiment 0.0886

How Databricks Keeps Data Quality High with Delta

return on data lake investments. Now Databricks is positioning its cloud-based Delta offering as a solution to that data quality problem. The invention of the data lake remains a critical moment in big data’s history. Instead of processing raw data and then storing the highly structured results in a relational data warehouse that can be queried as needed, distributed systems like Apache Hadoop allowed organizations to store huge amounts of data and add structure – that is, add value — to the data at a later time. This “schema on read” approach, versus the old “schema on write” technique used in tra… 2019-04-08 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4282, Positive Sentiment: 0.0480, Negative Sentiment 0.3481

How does One Consume an Ocean of Data? A Meaningful Sip at a Time – Daily Fintech

So many data, so many ways to use it, ignore it, misapply it, co-opt, brag, and lament about it. It’s the new oil as suggested not long ago by Clive Humby, data scientist, and has been written of recently by authorities such as Bernard Marr in Forbes wherein he discusses the apt and not so apt comparison of data and oil. Data are, or data is? Can’t even fully agree on that application of the plural (I’m in the ‘are’ camp.) There’s an ongoing and … 2019-04-11 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4256, Positive Sentiment: 0.1287, Negative Sentiment 0.2475

Google Declared a Hiring Spree for Interesting Cloud Jobs

If you’re a finance professional currently working in a bank, and wondering whether you might be better off in a rainbow-colored world of free food and indoor climbing walls, there is something you should probably know: Google wants to hire a lot more client-facing engineers to work on Google Cloud. The declaration was made by Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud’s new CEO, in an interview with TechCrunch this week. Kurian joined Google Cloud from Oracle… 2019-04-12 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4050, Positive Sentiment: 0.2066, Negative Sentiment 0.0413  

The `robos` in the front-office – takeaways from Swiss innovators

Watch the gap; between the Attention Economy and financial services. Market forces are fiercely at work to start closing this gap. I shared insights around this reality and ways that financial services players can participate successfully in this transformation, during my opening talk at the annual event by the Bank Innovation Competence Center[1], at Unil, HEC Lausanne. I also listened to different perspectives regarding `Les robots au front-of… 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2509, Positive Sentiment: 0.1745, Negative Sentiment 0.0873

Sumo Logic Creates New Platform to Give DevOps Teams More Visibility

Sumo Logic, a cloud-native, machine data analytics platform, is releasing a new bi-directional integration for Atlassian Opsgenie. This new offering provides DevOps teams with full visibility across the entire incident management lifecycle for improved monitoring, alerting, and troubleshooting when responding to service interruptions. “The Sumo Logic integration for Opsgenie builds on our existing support for Atlassian products, including Jira,… 2019-04-11 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2440, Positive Sentiment: 0.2392, Negative Sentiment 0.3828

European AI guidelines give hesitant developers green light

European Commission guidelines on the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has given developers a green light and quashed industry hesitancy to experiment with new AI solutions, though care must be taken to limit the data needed to train them, say vendors. “For regulatory compliance in financial crime, we’ve been working with a lot of companies on the application of AI but there has been this hesitancy to move forward because they’re worried about the support from… 2019-04-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2116, Positive Sentiment: 0.1880, Negative Sentiment 0.2089

Google Boosts Its Cloud Platform With 7 New Open-Source Partners

SAN FRANCISCO–The start of Google’s annual Google Cloud Next conference (April 9-11) here at Moscone Center includes several news announcements by the search giant. Heading the list is a partnership announcement with seven leading open-source cloud services providers, but this is more than an agreement to interoperate and work together. The partnership lets customers use the open-source technologies as fully managed services on GCP. The partne… 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2106, Positive Sentiment: 0.0956, Negative Sentiment 0.0159

Lightelligence releases prototype of its optical AI accelerator chip

Accelerator chips that use light rather than electrons to carry out computations promise to supercharge AI model training and inference. In theory, they could process algorithms at the speed of light — dramatically faster than today’s speediest logic-gate circuits — but so far, light’s unpredictability has foiled most attempts to emulate transistors optically. Boston-based Lightelligence, though, claims it’s achieved a measure of success with it… 2019-04-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1847, Positive Sentiment: 0.1519, Negative Sentiment 0.1519

AI Weekly: AI is changing the way we study the stars, grow food, and create art

Too often, technologists become wrapped up in doom-and-gloom predictions about job-stealing, prejudicial, and potentially murderous AI. Fear sells, the saying goes, and that seems doubly true when it comes to emerging tech. But focusing on AI’s negatives blinds us to its positives. As my colleague Khari Johnson and I have written countless times, artificial intelligence promises to transform entire verticals for the better, from health care and … 2019-04-12 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1570, Positive Sentiment: 0.2401, Negative Sentiment 0.2183

Google Extends Olive Branch to Open Source Tech

Google Cloud today announced strategic partnerships with seven prominent providers of big data technologies that will bring those vendors’ solutions to the Google Cloud Platform as managed services. The move appears designed to position Google in a more favorable light relative to Amazon, which has taken a more heavy-handed approach with the open source backers. The partnerships that Google Cloud signed with Neo4j, InfluxData, Elastic, MongoDB, Redis Labs, DataStax, and Confluent will all… 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1448, Positive Sentiment: 0.2862, Negative Sentiment 0.0954

South Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution Comission

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced the appointment of members of the Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). This is a remarkable measure by South Africa to identify relevant policies, strategies and action plans that aim to position South Africa as a leader in the digital industrial revolution. The commission will be chaired by President Ramaphosa, with esteemed Professor Tshilidzi Marwala as d… 2019-04-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1297, Positive Sentiment: 0.3438, Negative Sentiment 0.1965

From Big Beer to Big Data: Inside AB InBev’s Digital Transformation

With more than 500 beer brands and $55 billion in sales, Anheuser-Busch InBev is already the world’s biggest beer company. And if all goes as planned with its digital transformation project, it will be the best beer company in the world, too. AB InBev is in the middle of a massive project to turn itself from an amalgamation of dozens of independent breweries — some of them more than 100 years old — into a unified powerhouse that uses data to enh… 2019-04-11 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1225, Positive Sentiment: 0.2339, Negative Sentiment 0.0702

For Big Data Insights, Start Small: Follow the Data Breadcrumbs

The data on big data indicates that up to 60% of analytics projects fail or are abandoned, costing companies an average of $12.5 million. That’s not the result we seek from data lakes. Instead, companies are increasingly finding themselves mired in data swamps that are overfilled and too muddy to offer any useful visibility. Or are they? Many companies and government organizations have jumped on the data bandwagon a… 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1202, Positive Sentiment: 0.3028, Negative Sentiment 0.2876

Featurespace Recognized by Aite Group as “Best-in-Class” Technology

Aite Group, a global research and advisory firm, recognized Featurespace™ as Best-in-Class in its 2019 report on fraud and AML machine learning platform vendors (download a complimentary copy of the report here). The leading machine learning Adaptive Behavioral Analytics risk management company, Featurespace was recognized for its “best in class” product and ranked top overall in client service for its ability to provide robust service, support and value to clients. Featurespace also received exceptional recognition from Aite and its … 2019-04-11 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1152, Positive Sentiment: 0.8497, Negative Sentiment 0.3717

Rethinking Data for AIOps-Driven IT Operations

The rise of the hybrid enterprise is wreaking havoc on IT teams. IT service/operations management (ITSM/ITOM) is more challenging than ever, as infrastructure continues to become more complex, more involved, and more resource-intensive. Emerging technologies such as cloud-native architectures, DevOps, and multi-cloud infrastructure are creating as many problems for IT teams as they are creating opportunities. Each new system, platform, or soluti… 2019-04-10 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1094, Positive Sentiment: 0.2028, Negative Sentiment 0.2028

Finastra to launch FusionONE Hackathon with Microsoft Azure

Teams will collaborate to innovate in first public hackathon London, UK, April 9, 2019, Finastra today announced the first public hackathon on its open development platform, underpinned by Microsoft Azure. The FusionONE Hackathon will take place over the weekend of May 17-19 in London. Teams from banks, Fintechs, integrators and independent developers are invited to join the event and create innovations grou… 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1022, Positive Sentiment: 0.4106, Negative Sentiment 0.0648

Artificial Intelligence: A Cybersecurity Solution or the Greatest Risk of All?

Artificial intelligence has, in recent years, developed rapidly, serving as the basis for numerous mainstream applications. From digital assistants to healthcare and from manufacturing to education, AI is widely considered a powerhouse that has yet to unleash its full potential. But in the face of rising cybercrime rates, one question seems especially pertinent: is AI a solution for cybersecurity, or just another threat… 2019-04-15 11:00:00+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0933, Positive Sentiment: 0.3174, Negative Sentiment 0.4585

How Organizations Are Transforming Their Data Environments

There are many technology trends sweeping the business data space, but the single goal of all of them is to achieve a more agile operation and organization. Enterprise agility isn’t a single initiative but rather a collection of activities and technologies that lead toward that goal. This includes adoption of microservices, containers, and Kubernetes to increase the flexibility of systems, applications, and data by releasing them from underlying … 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0931, Positive Sentiment: 0.1477, Negative Sentiment 0.1773

Cyber-Security Incident Response Plans Lacking, IBM Reports

Defending against potential cyber-attacks isn’t just about prevention; it’s also about having the resilience to respond and recover. Unfortunately, the majority of organizations aren’t properly prepared for cyber-security incident response, according to the 2019 Study on the Cyber Resilient Organization, released on April 11 by IBM Security. The report was conducted by the Ponemon Institute and is based on a global survey of 3,655 IT security pr… 2019-04-11 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0909, Positive Sentiment: 0.3333, Negative Sentiment 0.5152

TCA usage across different asset classes – Cuemacro

In London, burger joints have proliferated hugely in recent years. As result, there are simply too many and unfortunately some have closed (including my local favourite, a branch of Gourmet Burger Kitchen, this week). Despite, their proliferation, it seems as though we simply aren’t eating enough burgers, despite the fact, that I’m personally trying to do my bit, burger-wise. In the financial markets, it can sometimes seem that way, where some t… 2019-04-14 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0727, Positive Sentiment: 0.1751, Negative Sentiment 0.1970

Financial Marketers See Pros and Cons in Marketing’s Changed Role

Banking is undergoing some of the most sweeping changes in its history and financial marketers are in the thick of it. The challenges their institutions face from fast-moving, tech-savvy competitors are putting enormous pressure on Marketing. At the same time, technology is providing greatly enhanced marketing tools and many more options. Used effectively, these can enable bank and credit union mark… 2019-04-14 12:00:16+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0575, Positive Sentiment: 0.2796, Negative Sentiment 0.0851

Google Boosts Cloud Security, Transparency and Identity

The way Google sees it, one of the primary ways to grow cloud adoption is by increasing trust and security in the cloud. At its Google Next event on April 10, Google announced new and enhanced services that look to improve security in the cloud as well as provide better security and transparency of the Google Cloud platform itself. Among the enhanced services announced at Google Next is the Cloud Security Command Center dashboard, Access Transpa… 2019-04-10 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0551, Positive Sentiment: 0.2735, Negative Sentiment 0.1563

Why the West’s big economies are turning Japanese

factors have led to lower demand, as well as increased risk aversion and self-insurance, rather than growth-promoting risk-pooling, at the margin. Innovation, particularly in artificial intelligence, big data, and mobility, is another factor. Though the economic impact of these technologies is ambiguous, there is no doubt that they are reducing entry barriers across a growing number of economic activities and putting downward pressure on prices (the “Amazon effect”), at least in the short term. Nonetheless, their long-term effects on growth and productivity remain to be seen. 2019-04-08 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0386, Positive Sentiment: 0.2174, Negative Sentiment 0.5556

ScyllaDB Rolls Cloud Database Service

Databases continue to migrate to the cloud with mix results, often requiring customers to choose between the convenience of cloud services and the countervailing costs associated with scaling and performance metrics like low latency. NoSQL database vendor ScyllaDB claims to have addressed those issues with a new cloud service running on Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN) designed to push real-time applications into production. The six-year-old s… 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0190, Positive Sentiment: 0.0703, Negative Sentiment 0.1054

Key Lessons Learned at Fortinet’s Accelerate Event

Security vendor Fortinet held its annual Accelerate event April 8-11 in Orlando, Fla. My research has found that cybersecurity remains the No. 1 concern for both IT and business leaders. Not since Y2K have I seen a single theme unify technology and business leaders for this long a period of time. The event was hosted by Fortinet, so a large part of the show was dedicated to new products, but a number of sessions were dedicated to larger security … 2019-04-12 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0090, Positive Sentiment: 0.1619, Negative Sentiment 0.1744

Google’s AI venture fund is leading a $3.85 million round into a startup that’s trying to reinvent the industry for homeowners insurance

Flyreel, a startup that uses a combination of artificial intelligence and computer vision to expedite property-insurance underwriting, announced $3.85 million in seed funding Thursday. Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund, led the round, and the venture arms of the legacy insurance companies State Auto Insurance and Donan also participated. In an interview with Business Insider, Flyreel CEO Cole Winans said the company’s partnership with Microsoft … 2019-04-11 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.9982, Positive Sentiment: 0.2560, Negative Sentiment 0.1024

This startup raised $28 million to give dangerous industrial robots eyes, and is predicted to be worth tens of billions

If you’ve ever seen Amazon’s robots whizzing across its warehouse floors, you’ll know it’s a sort of hypnotic dance, which ends up with someone’s order being delivered that much quicker. The other thing about this spectacle is it all takes place behind a cage that separates man and machine. The metal barrier is, of course, there for safety reasons — and like the Amazon fulfillment centers, it is the norm in factories with production lines buildi… 2019-04-14 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.9306, Positive Sentiment: 0.1379, Negative Sentiment 0.2585

Kx and Magnitude Collaborate to Offer Connection to Business Intelligence Tools

Kx, a division of First Derivatives plc, and Magnitude Software are releasing a new driver to enhance Kx’s support for accessing large volumes of external enterprise data via the industry-standard ODBC. Using the Magnitude Simba ODBC driver, custom-built for the kdb+ time-series database, kdb+ users will now have a high-performance interface to seamlessly connect to third-party business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI and … 2019-04-11 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8980, Positive Sentiment: 0.2641, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

Codebase Ventures subsidiary Pressland extends partnership with Study Hall

Codebase Ventures Inc said Monday that its media subsidiary, Pressland, is extending its partnership with Study Hall, an online community of over 2,000 journalists contributing resources, news, analysis and original reporting for its members. The collaboration allows Pressland and Study Hall to leverage their expertise to strengthen their missions to support media transparency. Pressland uses artificial intelligence tools and natural language processing to analyze around-the-clock global news output and publish comprehensive, dynamic production data that can be used to identify misinformation before it spreads online. The company said the partnership will “increase industry awareness” of Pressland’s battle against fake news with its unique data management platform. 2019-04-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8795, Positive Sentiment: 0.4207, Negative Sentiment 0.1147

Juniper Moves Its SD-WAN Into the Cloud

Juniper Networks is putting its software-defined WAN solution into the public cloud to make it easier for enterprises to embrace and deploy the technology. Putting its Contrail Service Orchestration platform into the cloud is part of a larger trend in the industry of expanding the management features of SD-WAN beyond the WAN and into areas like the LAN, WiFi network and branch. This evolution was a key part of Aruba Networks’ messaging during it… 2019-04-08 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8758, Positive Sentiment: 0.1791, Negative Sentiment 0.0199

In Banking, Big Data Is Great… But Right Data Is Better

Today’s consumers have more options than ever before, so they expect the financial service providers that they’ve selected to truly know them. On the other hand, consumers worry about privacy. How do banks and credit unions provide the customized service that consumers increasingly expect? 2019-04-11 00:01:47+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8651, Positive Sentiment: 0.3357, Negative Sentiment 0.0516

Google takes aim at Amazon Web Services with Google Cloud for Retail

Coverage of Google’s sold-out annual cloud conference in San Francisco, as the search giant looks to extend its reach and build its momentum in the cloud. Google plans to launch one of its first vertical-market cloud services packages introduced under new CEO Thomas Kurian Wednesday at Google Cloud Next 2019 with its top cloud rival squarely in mind. Google Cloud for Retail is a clear pitch to retailers worried about subsidizing Amazon’s retail… 2019-04-10 16:00:38-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8621, Positive Sentiment: 0.0000, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

Hacked Again? Here’s How an OSS Anomaly Detection Solution Can Get You Back On Track

There’s not a business out there that wouldn’t want to defend itself against fraudulent activities, hacking attempts, and operations disruptions. And with cases of fraud and cyberattacks on the rise—$16 billion was stolen from 15.4 million U.S. consumers in 2017—businesses need to pay attention to solutions that can help them identify this kind of behavior. Here’s where anomaly detection comes in. Luckily, businesses’ web server logs hold a lot … 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8533, Positive Sentiment: 0.2626, Negative Sentiment 0.8533  

NAB board member to float AI start-up on ASX

Ms McBride was previously the president and chief executive of SAP in North America and a global executive at Dell, and told The Australian Financial Review her idea for the business came from her 17 years of experience at SAP, where she witnessed the rising importance of data. “A lot of my vision for MyWave was partly about what I thought SAP should think about doing next,” she said. “The last mile of railroad track that MyWave is solving has … 2019-04-10 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8103, Positive Sentiment: 0.1501, Negative Sentiment 0.2401

5 requirements for building a strong data culture

With virtually all enterprises investing more heavily in data analytics, big data, and AI projects these days, company executives overwhelmingly report that they are trying to shift their organizations to a data-driven culture. However, only about a third of executives say they’ve succeeded. That’s understandable. Cultural shifts are complicated endeavors, and a shift to a truly data-driven culture is as much about people as it is about technology. Let’s take a look… 2019-04-14 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7929, Positive Sentiment: 0.5709, Negative Sentiment 0.1586

How open source can survive the cloud

Open source has been the backbone of cloud innovation for the past decade, from Linux and MySQL to Kubernetes, Spark, Presto, and MongoDB. But recent developments have thrown a dark cloud over the business model behind open source, and the industry must act now to avert stifling one of its greatest sources of innovation. As a co-creator and former project lead for Apache Hive, I know that incentives are critical for an open source ecosystem to t… 2019-04-14 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7912, Positive Sentiment: 0.3667, Negative Sentiment 0.2509

Dropbox tripling size of Seattle engineering outpost with office lease in new downtown skyscraper

Dropbox is growing its Seattle footprint in a big way. The Bay Area-based file storage and sharing giant has taken four floors totaling 120,886 square feet at the 38-story 2 + U office tower being built in downtown Seattle, GeekWire has learned. It will be a big step up from the 40,000 square-foot office the company occupies today at the Columbia Center. When ready in the fourth quarter of next year, the new Seattle office will become the compa… 2019-04-09 14:00:17-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7794, Positive Sentiment: 0.0843, Negative Sentiment 0.0843        

Future Of Retail: The High Street Can Withstand The Online Shopping Onslaught

A couple of months ago, I was debating the longevity of the high street with an e-commerce director at a luxury furniture retailer. Citing the closing down sales in my local House of Fraser, I suggested it was just the beginning of an industry-wide revolution. His response surprised me. “It’s hardly news that the world of bricks-and-mortar retailing is threatened,” he said. “The question is, is there enough growth in retail as a whole to enable … 2019-04-11 06:00:03-04:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7647, Positive Sentiment: 0.0392, Negative Sentiment 0.2941

Codebase Ventures subsidiary Pressland forms commercial partnership with payment product company OutVoice

( ) (OTCMKTS:BKLLF) announced Monday that its media subsidiary, Pressland, is forging a commercial partnership with San Francisco’s OutVoice to consult on products that cut down on inefficiencies and drive client engagement in the rapidly evolving media-tech space. OutVoice makes it dead simple for editors to pay freelancers. For starters, it helps onboard freelancers by automatically presenting them with the forms and contracts they need to fil… 2019-04-08 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7549, Positive Sentiment: 0.0719, Negative Sentiment 0.2157

Intel Launches New Data-Centric Solutions with Cascade Lake

Shiny new startups are so central to the tech industry’s culture and sense of self-worth that folks often neglect or even disparage larger, better-established vendors. That’s dumb for any number of reasons, but high on the list is that it misses a key issue: the critical importance of self-reinvention in tech firms’ long-term survival. Constantly moving and reevaluating, developing and delivering substantial innovations month after month, year a… 2019-04-11 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7282, Positive Sentiment: 0.3186, Negative Sentiment 0.2731

OpenStack Stein Improves Cloud Identity and Orchestration

Google is not the only vendor with cloud news this week as the open-source OpenStack cloud platform is set to announce its Stein release on April 10. OpenStack is comprised of a series of inter-related projects that can be put together in different combinations, to enable a complete cloud deployment. In the OpenStack Stein milestone, there are multiple projects that have integrated new and enhanced capabilities, as well as new projects that bene… 2019-04-09 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7252, Positive Sentiment: 0.3332, Negative Sentiment 0.0392

This experiment found new uses for Google Glass to help children with autism

. Now a company called Cognoa is licensing that software to bring it to more kids. Last month, Stanford University published the results of a clinical trial to test the efficacy of Superpower Glass, machine learning based software designed for Google Glass that helps children with ASD decipher social interactions using emoji and audio. People with autism can have a hard time communicating or interacting with others. Part of that is due a difficulty with recognizing or interpreting other people’s emotions. The technology helps kids learn to understand whether a person is happy, sad, angry, scared, surprised,… 2019-04-10 17:00:36 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7249, Positive Sentiment: 0.1510, Negative Sentiment 0.0302  
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