AI & Machine Learning News. 20, May 2019

John “Morgan” Slade, CEO of CloudQuant and CIO of CCM, appears on the Money Matters Podcast with Adam Torres.

Morgan talks about a number of subjects including his role at CloudQuant, as Super PM for CCM as well as the roll of Data Scientists at CloudQuant, Micro Tasking, Unique data-sets and Signal Generation.  

Opportunity meets experience—defining moments of one traders’ career w/ Nishant Porbanderwalla (Podcast 1h 07m)

I’d like you to meet part-time Bollywood DJ, full-time equities trader: Nishant Porbanderwalla. For the past 12-years and ever since leaving college, Nish has been a proprietary trader at Kershner Trading Group—KTG is a trading firm in Austin (Texas) founded by Andy Kershner, who appeared back on episode 128. Nish was very open in talking about the ups and downs he’s endured throughout his career, including actual PnL and the psychological states. He also tells an incredible story from trading the Flash Crash of August 2015—although it was only a very short moment in time, it’s a perfect example of what happens when opportunity meets experience. 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. CloudQuant Thoughts… Nishant is a prop trader at our parent company KTG. If you trade you will find Chats with Traders a very interesting podcast series and Nish’s in particular quite entertaining.  

Robots That Learn Are the Hottest Weapon in the Investing Arms Race

Maybe machines can figure out this crazy stock market. At least that’s what quantitative traders who have struggled to beat the market for years will be hoping as a band of their peers roll out computer-driven strategies that learn from their own mistakes. Lynx Asset Management, for one, is planning a new fund in October that executes strategies thought up by a machine—an approach that helped the $5 billion Swedish hedge fund beat most of its trend-following rivals in 2018. It won’t take long for funds managed entirely by robots to be everywhere. Two to three new ones will start trading each month this year, reckons Alex Allen, who runs a fund for EFG Asset Management that invests in machine-learning strategies. 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.4952, Positive Sentiment: 0.1782, Negative Sentiment 0.2525 CloudQuant Thoughts… Can you apply your ML AI skill-set to Stock Market Data? Head over CloudQuant and give it a go, we may end up backing you with millions of our money!  

Spotlight on Black Box: Who to Sue When a Robot Loses Your Fortune

Robots are getting more humanoid every day, but they still can’t be sued. So a Hong Kong tycoon is doing the next best thing. He’s going after the salesman who persuaded him to entrust a chunk of his fortune to the supercomputer whose trades cost him more than $20 million. The case pits Samathur Li Kin-kan, whose father is a major investor in Shaftesbury Plc, which owns much of London’s Chinatown, Covent Garden and Carnaby Street, against Raffaele Costa, who has spent much of his career selling investment funds for the likes of Man Group Plc and GLG Partners Inc. It’s the first-known instance of humans going to court over investment losses triggered by autonomous machines and throws the spotlight on the “black box” problem: If people don’t know how the computer is making decisions, who’s responsible when things go wrong? 2019-05-14 14:45:22+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.3992, Positive Sentiment: 0.0792, Negative Sentiment 0.5016 CloudQuant Thoughts… This one was on our list last week from a different source, it is a thorny issue for people developing any kind of automated trading algorithm. What is the breaking point between an unfortunate bad trade and culpable negligence?  

S.F. Passes Facial-Recognition Ban; Capitalizing on AI’s Opportunities

San Francisco passes facial-recognition surveillance ban. San Francisco on May 14 became the first U.S. city to pass a ban on the use of facial recognition by local agencies, reported WSJ’s Asa Fitch. The move comes amid a broad push to regulate the technology, which critics contend perpetuates police bias and provides excessive surveillance powers, although San Francisco’s own police force doesn’t use it. San Francisco isn’t alone. Similar bans have been proposed in Oakland, Calif., and Somerville, Mass. 2019-05-17 14:45:22+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.3282, Positive Sentiment: 0.0885, Negative Sentiment 0.5608 CloudQuant Thoughts… It was only a matter of time before the first legislation was put in place, not surprising that it was in California but it is surprising that it is in the heart of Silicon Valley. When the one of the most informed electorates in the country are this concerned it should sound alarm bells for us all.

News missed by our sources…. Snapchat launch AI Gender Change filter, Google reveal Translatotron, Fake AI Joe Rogan and “Can People with Autism Help Create Next-Generation AI?.

There were a number AI and ML developments in this week that do not appear to have been covered by our usual sources. SnapChat launched a hugely successful filter that allow users to switch gender. Google topped last weeks live translation functionality by revealing their next game changer… Translatotron that will not just translate what you say but will apply your own vocal style to the output! Then there is the fake Joe Rogan demo below, which is astonishingly close to his actual voice. And finally the Company that is helping people with Autism get jobs assisting companies in the training of their AI systems!    

How Machine Learning Prevents Employees from Churning

One of the nation’s largest collision repair companies leads the industry by setting new standards in customer service, and by implementing cutting-edge technology. Unfortunately, their mechanics, painters and customer support staff were turning over as much as 40% a year across its hundreds of locations. The problem was, the specialized skill sets required in the collision repair industry are in high demand and some employees were easily tempted with offers from competitors. With turnover negatively impacting their operational and cultural domains, the organization sought to better understand how to control the costly effects of regrettable turnover through an interactive analytics solution. To solve their employee turnover problem, they decided to add a new, cutting-edge technology gadget to their toolbox and turned to machine learning (ML). 2019-05-14 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.3767, Positive Sentiment: 0.1836, Negative Sentiment 0.3671 

One of Britain’s most promising AI start-ups valued at $100m funding by China’s Tencent

One of Britain’s most promising artificial intelligence startups,, has been valued at $100m (£78.4m) after a funding round led by Chinese technology giant Tencent. The startup, which was founded in 2016 by mathematicians and engineers from Cambridge University, has developed AI to help businesses make decisions about everything from financial portfolios to managing supply chains. The company received $24 million in a bumper round from a roster of investors including multinational publishing company Pearson, venture capital firms Amadeus Capital Partners and Passion Capital, and investment consulting firm RB Capital. 2019-05-20 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.4011, Positive Sentiment: 0.0000, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

Machine Learning Jobs on Steady Path to Domination

Machine Learning is as much a buzzword as it is a profession. Still in its early days, it’s both captured our imagination and scared us silly at the same time. Our data shows jobs in this realm are not going away; in fact, the machine learning job market is amongst the most steady we’ve seen. The rise of ML isn’t too shocking. In early 2018, GitHub said it would play a big role in tech for that year and beyond. Our jobs data proves that point; not only was 2018 a banner year for machine learning jobs, it was a continuation of a robust trend. Excluding the spike at the start of each year, we see machine learning jobs on an almost perfect upward trajectory. We like this for many reasons; it’s a job market with positive, pragmatic momentum. While “hockey-stick” moments in job markets are exciting and interesting a staid upward trajectory shows solid foundational support. 2019-05-20 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.3825, Positive Sentiment: 0.2254, Negative Sentiment 0.0322

Chess legend Garry Kasparov warns of a ‘cyber Cold War,’ says Western ‘political will’ needed

Ominous warnings about artificial intelligence spelling doom for mankind are pointless — it’s state actors like Russia and China we should be worrying about, according to former world chess champion Garry Kasparov. “We should stop wasting our time talking of killer robots and terminators,” Kasparov told reporters in Paris last week. “No matter how sophisticated algorithms may be, it still needs a bad human actor.” 2019-05-20 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0727, Positive Sentiment: 0.2384, Negative Sentiment 0.4768

MarkLogic Enhances Data Hub with Embedded Machine Learning for Smarter Data Integration

MarkLogic has announced embedded machine learning and other features in MarkLogic Data Hub 5.0 and the MarkLogic 10 multi-model database, providing a complete enterprise solution for integrating, curating, securing, analyzing, and acting on business-critical data. The MarkLogic Data Hub, running in the cloud or on-premise, sits on top of the MarkLogic multi-model database, a NoSQL data platform that offers agility and scalability, without sacri… 2019-05-14 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.3291, Positive Sentiment: 0.1909, Negative Sentiment 0.2291

SnapLogic Adds More AI Capabilities in Latest Platform Update

SnapLogic is releasing the May 2019 version of the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform, extending its leadership in AI-enabled integration. This latest release adds several new core platform, API management, and data science capabilities, driving greater productivity and insights for users while accelerating enterprise-wide innovation and automation initiatives. To achieve automation at scale and realize the many subsequent benefits — in… 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.3111, Positive Sentiment: 0.8444, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

Smarter Technologies Fuel Competitive Advantage

It is still early for the use of cognitive technologies and AI, but many organizations are exploring the potential it holds across a range of industries. Retail, banking, healthcare, and manufacturing are industries leading the charge to leverage AI today. At the same time, concerns persist. AI spending will: Reach $35.8 billion in 2019, an increase of 44% over the amount spent in 2018. Global spending on AI systems this year will be led by 5 industries:
  • In retail, companies will invest $5.9 billion this year in AI
  • Banking will be the second largest industry with $5.6 billion going toward AI-enabled solutions
  • Discrete manufacturing, healthcare, and process manufacturing combine to complete the top 5 industries for AI systems spending this year
Leading organizations’ investments in big data and AI are accelerating in order to increase business agility. Among organizations that are stepping up the pace of big data and AI investments:
  • 75% cite fear of disruption from data-driven digital competitors
  • 91.7% say investment is required to transform into agile and competitive businesses
  • 87.8% express urgency to invest
2019-05-16 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.3063, Positive Sentiment: 0.1441, Negative Sentiment 0.3604

Why Your Enterprise Data Strategy Should Be a Hybrid

Many enterprises are still finessing their data strategies, and more often than not organizations are found comparing data warehouses and data lakes as standalone solutions. To that I say, why not do both? According to PwC’s recent data optimization survey, the top data challenges in the enterprise include poor data reliability, inability to adequately protect and secure data, data siloing or lack of sharing, and inadequate IT systems to support AI. With business decisions becoming increasingly more data-driven there are large amounts of data that needs to be stored, but simultaneously accessed in real time to make those necessary decisions. The business incentive to find a solution to these data challenges includes serious cost savings and boosted annual revenue. According to PwC, securing your data, mending the silos and having proper information systems in place, and increasing the data usage can increase annual revenue by 10% and could save a company 33%. To have the most effective data strategy across organizations and business processes and to solve today’s Big Data challenges, IT departments should begin to change their mindset from comparing data lakes and warehouses to combining their powers and combing those powers in the cloud. 2019-05-20 07:30:30+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.0694, Positive Sentiment: 0.2859, Negative Sentiment 0.2314

How AI in the Energy Sector Can Help Solve the Climate Crisis

Artificial intelligence conjures fears of job loss and privacy concerns — not to mention sci-fi dystopias. But machine learning can also help us save energy and make renewables better. Artificial intelligence (AI) is infiltrating every corner of our lives. Video streaming services use it to learn our tastes and suggest what we might like to watch next. AIs have beaten the world’s best players in complex board games like chess and Go. Some scientists even believe AI could one day achieve superhuman intelligence resulting in apocalyptic scenarios reminiscent of films like “The Matrix.” As if to dispel such fears, the UN AI For Good Global Summit in Geneva later this month highlights AI applications to address the pressing problems of our time, including climate change. 2019-05-17 14:20:42+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 2.0043, Positive Sentiment: 0.2985, Negative Sentiment 0.2985

BI Leader Sisense Acquires Periscope Data

Sisense’s acquisition of Periscope Data combines the buyer’s business intelligence platform with Periscope’s cloud data analytics expertise as Sisense looks to up its analytics game. The merger announced on Tuesday (May 14) gives New York-based Sisense access to Periscope Data’s analytics platform as it seeks to upgrade its current business intelligence platform to meet the needs of data scientists. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. … 2019-05-14 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.9990, Positive Sentiment: 0.0476, Negative Sentiment 0.0952

RavenDB Adds Graph Queries

RavenDB, the open-source transactional NoSQL document database vendor, has added data replication and other features to the latest release along with the ability to handle graph queries. Along with “pull” data replications, RavenDB 4.2 released this week adds a distributed online counters capability that can be used, for example, to support real-time apps that track “likes” and “favorites.” Distributed counters are used to support more frequent … 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.9758, Positive Sentiment: 0.2016, Negative Sentiment 0.0403

Buy-Side Trading Q&A: BlackRock

BlackRock won Best Global Trading Team at the 2019 Markets Choice Awards. Markets Media spoke with Supurna VedBrat, Head of Global Trading at BlackRock, to learn more. How and why is teamwork important for BlackRock’s trading? Markets today are highly interconnected. BlackRock has a global presence, which makes teamwork even more important. Our size and scale allows us to have specialist trading desks located in multiple regions that operate a… 2019-05-16 17:26:57+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.9710, Positive Sentiment: 0.4841, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Data Stewards

Data scientists may be the rock stars of big data, and data engineers currently are in high demand. But companies that are serious about creating a winning data strategy should carefully consider what a well-trained data steward can bring to their organizations. At a high level, data stewards are individuals who are responsible for ensuring that an organization’s data is managed and ready to use. They’re in charge of making sure data is clean, defined, and able to be used for downstream analytics or even AI use cases. 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.9453, Positive Sentiment: 0.2122, Negative Sentiment 0.1061

CB2 Insights announces new ticker symbol on OTC markets

OTC symbol CBIIF announced Friday that it has changed its OTCQB ticker symbol to “CBIIF.” The cannabis data analytics company will continue to trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “CBII.” Based in Toronto, is a medical cannabis-focused data firm. The company is busy meeting what it says is significant demand by building a data asset covering the medical cannabis sector by providing predictive analytics tools, data-driven software and services. In addition, it operates 28 cannabis evaluatio… 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.9340, Positive Sentiment: 0.0000, Negative Sentiment 0.1138

Preparing Students for the Rise of Artificial Intelligence In the Workforce

The future impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on society and the labour force have been studied and reported extensively. In a recent book, AI Superpowers, Kai-Fu Lee, former president of Google China, wrote that 40 to 50 per cent of current jobs will be technically and economically viable with AI and automation over the next 15 years. Artificial intelligence refers to computer systems that collect, interpret and learn from external data to achieve specific goals and tasks. Unlike natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals, it is an artificial form of intelligence demonstrated by machines. This has raised questions about the ethics of AI decision-making and impacts of AI in the workplace. 2019-05-14 14:00:26+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.8626, Positive Sentiment: 0.1656, Negative Sentiment 0.3311

Sisense and Periscope Data Merge, Delivering an End-to-End Data Science and BI Platform

A recent press release reports, “Sisense, the leader in empowering analytic builders to simplify complex data and provide insights to everyone, today announced its merger with Periscope Data, the world’s leading analytics platform for cloud data professionals. Sisense delivers deep expertise in mashing up disparate data sets, building and embedding analytic apps and intuitive data exploration. Companies like GE and Nasdaq rely on Sisense to build… 2019-05-17 07:15:21+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.8538, Positive Sentiment: 0.2575, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

Hewlett Packard Enterprise to buy supercomputer maker Cray in $1.30 billion deal

Supercomputer manufacturer Cray Inc said on Friday it would be bought by Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co in a deal valued at about $1.30 billion, net of cash. The $35 per share value represents a premium of 17.4% to Cray’s last close. HPE said it expects the deal to increase its footprint in federal business and academia, and sell supercomputing products to its commercial clients. The deal, expected to close by the first quarter of HPE’s fiscal year 2020, will add to its adjusted operating profit in the first full year after closing. As part of the deal, HPE expects to incur one-time integration costs that will be absorbed within its fiscal year 2020 free cash flow outlook of $1.9 billion to $2.1 billion that remains unchanged. 2019-05-17 16:18:28+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.8415, Positive Sentiment: 0.0000, Negative Sentiment 0.0801

T2/T2S Consolidation: Can digital transformation be an opportunity for liquidity management?

The Eurosystem project to consolidate TARGET2 and T2S and to meet changing market needs by enabling a truly real-time 24×7 settlement infrastructure for cash, securities and collateral aims at increasing efficiencies and optimising liquidity management across all TARGET Services. The go-live is scheduled for November 2021, with a big bang migration that will involve all European banks. Any participant not ready by this date will be excluded from… 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.8150, Positive Sentiment: 0.3978, Negative Sentiment 0.2238

The Quiet Semi-Supervised Revolution

Time to dust off that unlabeled data? One of the most familiar settings for a machine learning engineer is having access to a lot of data, but modest resources to annotate it. Everyone in that predicament eventually goes through the logical steps of asking themselves what to do when they have limited supervised data, but lots of unlabeled data, and the literature appears to have a ready answer: semi-supervised learning. And that’s usually when things go wrong. 2019-05-15 20:35:32.812000+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.8074, Positive Sentiment: 0.3885, Negative Sentiment 0.1689

Data Analytics in Mergers and Acquisitions

Globally, banking M&A market is showing signs of improvement with 41 percent of companies intending to pursue acquisitions. The value of M&A deals in the Middle East region jumped to $33.7 billion last year, the highest level since 2007 as per Bloomberg research. While in the European market, M&As have stagnated with changing regulatory structures and banking sector fragmentation at the EU level. The deregulation of the industry has contributed significantly to the growing M&A activity. With digital transformation sweeping the industry, banks are looking at M&As to increase their digital capabilities and remain ahead of their competition. As per a report by EY, 53 percent of banks are developing corporate VC arms drive better access to new capabilities and technologies. To supplement traditional banking operations, partnering with FinTech players will be essential in launching new products and services for the tech-savvy consumers. For instance, French asset servicer CACEIS is in the process of acquiring Dutch Custodian KAS Bank, enabling it to expand its services to local pension funds and insurance companies. 2019-05-14 16:14:06 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7976, Positive Sentiment: 0.3490, Negative Sentiment 0.3141

Chinese AI Start-up Megvii Raises $750 Million Ahead of Planned HK IPO

Chinese artificial intelligence (AI) provider Megvii Technology Ltd, commonly known as Face++, said on Wednesday it raised $750 million in its latest funding round. The funding raises start-up Megvii’s valuation to slightly over $4 billion as it prepares for an initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong planned for later this year, said two sources with knowledge of the matter. 2019-05-14 14:10:22+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7890, Positive Sentiment: 0.0730, Negative Sentiment 0.1825

Nomura shocked 66 traders by telling them they’re joining a new AI trading team — and the bank is hiring after a brutal round of job cuts

The Tokyo-based bank is developing an artificial intelligence-led market-making platform in a bid to boost revenues in that area by 15%. Nomura is now on the hunt for tech whizzes who can aid that effort. “We are on the lookout” for electronic traders, data scientists, quants, and developers around the world, Jezri Mohideen, an alum of hedge fund Brevan Howard who is leading the Nomura’s push as chief digital officer, told Business Insider. 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story (Behind a paywall). Interest Score: 1.7875, Positive Sentiment: 0.2275, Negative Sentiment 0.1950

Automated Analysis and the AI Race

Artificial Intelligence (AI). Everyone either wants to use it or fret about robots running the world. Whether it’s the “fourth industrial revolution” under discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos this year or the “second machine age” popularized by MIT professors recently, the net result is the same: the automation race is on when it comes to analytics. Potential users and colleagues of our own new technology inevitably ask when and how our start up will start using AI in our new platform. The answer is: it’s complicated. Why? Because expectations vary widely with respect to what “counts” as AI. Also, responsible deployment of various AI tools requires careful consideration. This is particularly the case when, as at BCMstrategy, Inc., new data sets are in play. As discussed below, validating AI outcomes at the outer reach of the AI spectrum is hard enough even when one is using conventional structured data. Validating outcomes when using new data presents unique challenges. 2019-05-17 17:00:37 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7661, Positive Sentiment: 0.1881, Negative Sentiment 0.2090

Equities Electronification Is Only One Piece Of The Puzzle

Market turbulence in the fourth quarter last year caused hedge funds to have their worst year in seven. While some funds were able to beat the S&P 500 index for the first time in a decade, an imminent reappearance of widespread returns seems somewhat unlikely. Against this backdrop and a tightening of the technology budget purse strings, do hedge funds stand any chance of being able to improve their execution performance and avoid being marginalised by dominant electronic market makers? Not for the first time, the answer is to be found by adopting a simple approach to a challenging issue. The established wisdom has been to look to equities to figure out how to deliver the best possible electronic execution across the other asset classes. Even if the world of equities is years ahead of algorithmic trading in Fixed Income (FI) and to a lesser extent, Foreign Exchange (FX), this doesn’t necessarily mean that it will provide the execution solutions for the other asset classes. 2019-05-13 16:01:49+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7322, Positive Sentiment: 0.4014, Negative Sentiment 0.2957

How Goldman Sachs Teaches Data Science and Programming

Citi made headlines last year when it introduced classes in Python programming into its training curriculum for incoming analysts. Goldman Sachs has been doing something similar for a few years now, only with less media attention. Goldman published a blog post earlier this week detailing its Securities Knowledge Exchange (SKE), a relatively unknown interactive learning platform launched in 2015 for analysts and associates within its securities division. The post highlights one of the recent focuses of SKE: Introducing tech skills and knowledge to incoming analysts who work outside of its engineering department. Plus, the bank is now offering access to the platform beyond its employees who work in securities. The videos, case studies and modules cover five different subject areas: valuation, programming, derivatives, capital markets, and macroeconomics. 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7143, Positive Sentiment: 0.1071, Negative Sentiment 0.1071

The Most Impactful Recent AI Trend Is The Rise of ML Engineering

The field of Machine Learning (ML) has been consistently evolving since Data Science started gaining traction in 2012. However, I believe 2018 was a critical inflection point in the ML industry. After helping Insight Fellows build dozens of ML products to get roles on applied ML teams, and reading through both corporate and academic published research and , I’ve seen more need for engineering skills than ever before. As a field that has consistently toed the line between its origins in academic research and the need to serve customer needs, it has often been hard to reconcile engineering standards with ML models. As both research and applied teams are doubling down on their engineering and infrastructure needs, the nascent field of ML Engineering will build upon 2018’s foundation and truly blossom in 2019. 2019-05-14 23:34:43+08:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7123, Positive Sentiment: 0.2978, Negative Sentiment 0.1820

Clinc raises $50 million to bring conversational AI to cars, banks, and kiosks

Clinc, a four-year-old AI startup based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, today announced that it’s secured $52 million in series B financing led by Insight Partners, with participation from DFJ Growth and existing investors Drive Capital and Hyde Park Venture Partners. The mammoth round is over eight times the size of the company’s $6.3 million series A in February 2017, and Clinc claims it’s one of the largest single investments in the history of conversational AI. Investors were seemingly won over by Clinc’s growth, which is nothing to shake a stick at, to be sure. Last year, the firm saw a 300% uptick in revenue and expects to more than triple business this year. And Clinc claims its technologies are accessible to over 30 million users via customers such as USAA, Ford, İşbank, Barclays, and others in verticals such as automotive, health care, travel, hospitality, banking, customer service, insurance, and food service. 2019-05-20 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7112, Positive Sentiment: 0.2139, Negative Sentiment 0.1070

ROBO Global sees US-China trade war as rare market opportunity to invest in robotics and AI stocks

The US-China trade war induced pullback presents investors with “a rare opportunity” to increase exposure to robotics, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) companies at discounted prices, according to a report from ROBO Global. US stocks fell sharply this week as China moved to raise tariffs on US goods and take other retaliatory measures after Washington last week increased duties on Chinese imports and both sides appeared to harden their positions. “We believe that such a pullback presents investors with a rare opportunity to increase exposure to robotics, automation and artificial intelligence companies at discounted prices,” wrote ROBO Global director of research Jeremie Capron. 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.7070, Positive Sentiment: 0.2478, Negative Sentiment 0.1377

OPINION: The Sell Side’s Loss Could Be the Exchanges’ Gain

Alternative trading system operator Liquidnet has purchased independent research aggregator RSRCHXchange in a bid to become “one-stop shop” for research, analysis, and execution for institutional investors. In a sense, the move makes Liquidnet almost a full-service brokerage, save for the use of its balance sheet to complete client transactions. How tightly Liquidnet will be able to incorporate the new acquisition into its portfolio of offerings remains to be seen. 2019-05-13 21:11:18+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.6899, Positive Sentiment: 0.1690, Negative Sentiment 0.0845

Federal law could protect US banks from data deluge

Financial services firms in the US are being overwhelmed by the volume, variety and velocity of sensitive data they have to process, according to Kristina Bergman, CEO of Integris Software, and calls from the Consumer Banking Association (CBA) for a federally-mandated privacy law could help solve a patchwork of state legislation. Earlier this month CBA chief executive officer Richard Hunt sent a letter to Senate Commerce Committee chairman Roger Wicker and ranking member Maria Cantwell. Hunt wrote: “Congress should take seriously its authority and enact a federal data security and breach notification standard and pre-empt the current patchwork of state laws. 2019-05-16 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.6531, Positive Sentiment: 0.0813, Negative Sentiment 0.4065

AI at Mastercard: Here Are Current Projects and Services

Banks and financial institutions are particularly opaque when it comes to how they implement and leverage AI for their business. Mastercard is a key example of this because they use most of their AI applications internally and have only recently begun to make their technology more transparent to the greater financial industry. Since their initial adoption of AI and machine learning in 2016, Mastercard acquired Brighterion in 2017 and has continually expanded their AI capabilities. In this article, we give an overview of three AI initiatives from Mastercard. We detail the use cases for each one and highlight other possibilities in those areas. Mastercard offers the following AI services:
  • Credit card fraud detection
  • AI consulting services
  • Biometric authentication for purchases and account access
2019-05-17 14:00:37+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.6486, Positive Sentiment: 0.0984, Negative Sentiment 0.5167

Facebook finally revealed what its secretive robotics division is working on, and it could spark new competition with rivals like Google and Apple

The social media giant unveiled three robotics projects that it hopes will contribute to solving the ongoing challenge of building artificial intelligence systems that don’t have to rely on large quantities of labeled data to learn new information. To do so, the company is conducting research aimed at teaching robots how to learn about the world, similar to the way that humans do. “The real world is messy, it’s difficult,” Roberto Calandra, a research scientist in Facebook’s AI division said when speaking to Business Insider. “The world is not a p… 2019-05-20 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5965, Positive Sentiment: 0.1942, Negative Sentiment 0.1510

The Singularity Sneaking Up Behind Us

Cloud AI, Edge AI, Fog Computing and Autonomous Systems are all part of the day to day discussion on the future of Artificial Intelligence but so far the real progress delivering the vision of ambient intelligence has been fairly limited. Many have taken this slow progress as proof that AI hype is unwarranted. Others see this as proof that there is time for societies to gradually adapt to new work and life paradigms. Ray Kurzweil explained that while change appears to be linear, in fact, change is an exponential process in his semi… 2019-05-19 16:14:39.073000+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5963, Positive Sentiment: 0.2227, Negative Sentiment 0.1609

HPE to Acquire Supercomputing Leader Cray

According to a recent press release, “Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Cray Inc., a global supercomputer leader, today announced that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement under which HPE will acquire Cray for $35.00 per share in cash, in a transaction valued at approximately $1.3 billion, net of cash. ‘Answers to some of society’s most pressing challenges are buried in massive amounts of data,’ said Antonio Neri, President and CEO… 2019-05-20 07:15:02+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5865, Positive Sentiment: 0.4958, Negative Sentiment 0.3966

AI Ethics and Data Governance: A Virtuous Cycle

As companies spend billions researching and developing AI, they’re facing meaningful questions related to ethics. What does responsible AI look like? How do you control bias? It’s all very new and cutting edge, and it has serious implications for society. But before companies can even begin to address the ethics questions, they should focus on more fundamental matters of data governance. AI technology has advanced very quickly over the past five years. We’re to the point that neural networks are better than humans at some tasks, particular in certain image classification systems. Companies can make a strong business case for utilizing these advanced AI capabilities to streamline their operations, boost profits, cut costs, and improve customer service. 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5561, Positive Sentiment: 0.2925, Negative Sentiment 0.2925

Microsoft Applies Deep Learning to Vector Search

Since acquiring GitHub last June, Microsoft has sought to make good on its pledge to retain the project collaboration platform’s “developer-first ethos.” This week it turned over to GitHub an AI search tool as an open-source project. The vector search approach encapsulated in an algorithm called Space Partition Tree and Graph attempts to address the reality that growing data volumes have made keyword search “brittle.” The algorithm takes advanta… 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5524, Positive Sentiment: 0.1940, Negative Sentiment 0.1294

MarkLogic Launches Pharma Research Hub to Accelerate Drug Research and Results

According to a recent press release, “MarkLogic Corporation, the next generation data platform provider for simplifying data integration, today announced the MarkLogic® Pharma Research Hub to enable pharmaceutical companies to lower drug trial costs and accelerate research. This is achieved by helping researchers quickly and easily find, synthesize and share high-quality data – including, genetic, proteomic, drug, textual, binary and clinical tri… 2019-05-17 07:10:43+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5492, Positive Sentiment: 0.3998, Negative Sentiment 0.1000

Madrona Venture Labs raises $11M fund to launch a new group of AI-focused startups

by venture capital firm Madrona Venture Group, just landed $11.3 million for its third fund as it aims to launch up to a dozen new startups. MVL plans to use the money to create companies that apply artificial intelligence to real estate, retail, insurance or automation. The goal is to launch 8 to 12 startups over the next few years. “This fund is all about creating founders in Seattle,” said Shauna Causey, a partner at MVL. “We’re all about Seattle.” This is the third fund that MVL has started since it opened shop in 2014 and its largest to date. The studio’s total financing now stands at more than $20 million. … 2019-05-15 16:00:12-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5451, Positive Sentiment: 0.1078, Negative Sentiment 0.0359

Embracing Data Silos: Semantic Search and Analytics Innovation

Walk around any large organization and hear people groan about finding the right data to do their work. In the typical organization, data sits in multiple places, lost behind technical and functional boundaries. These isolated systems, referred to as “data silos,” have often existed for good purposes and reasons such as helping each business function do their job well and meet legal requirements. However, without a cohesive and unified data view, informed decision-making across an organization becomes difficult, and inefficiencies arise. Increases in data volume and velocity intensify this headache. 2019-05-14 07:35:48+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.5011, Positive Sentiment: 0.1193, Negative Sentiment 0.1392

How Long Does It Take to Learn Python (& 5 Learning Hacks)

Demand for data analysts and data scientists has been growing rapidly over the past few years. Since Python is the most popular language used for data analysis, if you want to work in the data field you will probably need to learn Python (although R can be a great choice, too). Like any programming language, Python takes some time to master. But if you’re motivated and willing to learn a new skill set, there is huge opportunity to fill the demand for data scientists in the job market. The data science field is full of jobs that require Python programming abilities. In 2017, IBM estimated that demand for data science professionals would increase 28% by 2020. 2019-05-15 13:09:01+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4618, Positive Sentiment: 0.4425, Negative Sentiment 0.0790

Seattle startup Algorithmia raises $25M to help companies implement machine learning algorithms

Algorithmia announced Tuesday that it has raised $25 million in new funding to build out tools that make machine learning easier to implement. Norwest Venture Partners led the Series B round, which brings the total amount of money raised by the Seattle startup to $37.9 million. Rama Sekhar of Norwest will be joining Algorithmia’s board of directors, and existing investors Madrona Venture Group, Gradient Ventures, Work-Bench, Osage University Partners, and Rakuten Capital all participated in the new round, Algorithm… 2019-05-14 15:43:03-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4615, Positive Sentiment: 0.0731, Negative Sentiment 0.1096

Do Your Data Scientists Know the ‘Why’ Behind Their Work?

Managers must do four things to get more from their data science programs? First, clarify your business objectives and measure progress toward them. Second, hire data scientists best suited to the problems you face and immerse them in the day-in, day-out work of your organization. Third, demand that data scientists take end-to-end accountability for their work. Finally, insist that data scientists teach others, both inside their departments and across the comp… 2019-05-16 12:05:30+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4165, Positive Sentiment: 0.3148, Negative Sentiment 0.3511

Clearing, Custody Firms Now Tied With Wirehouses for Market Share: Aite

2018 was a very mixed year for the wealth management industry. Client assets fell 2.1% overall to $23.7 trillion — the largest decline in over a decade — due to the drop in the stock market, but the drop-off was uneven and the number of advisors rose less than 1%, according to a new report from Aite Group. Wirehouses were the biggest losers and clearing and custody (and the RIAs they serve) the biggest winners of the four market segments that Ai… 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4112, Positive Sentiment: 0.2723, Negative Sentiment 0.1733

Why Graph Neural Networks Should Be Calibrated?

Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) are an effective framework for representation learning of graphs. Large scale knowledge graphs are usually known for their ability to support NLP applications like semantic search or dialogue generation. Whereas, companies like Pinterest already have opted for a graph-based system(Pixie) for real time high performance tasks. GNNs follow a neighborhood aggregation scheme, where the representation vector of a node is … 2019-05-20 06:27:37+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4088, Positive Sentiment: 0.2186, Negative Sentiment 0.3401

How to Take Your Security Operations Center to the Next Level

Organizations are evolving to support new business applications and processes across a wide range of technologies—cloud platforms, microservices, the Industrial Internet of Things, and more. While these technologies help companies accelerate their businesses and compete in an increasingly automated and digital world, they also create larger and more complex defense surfaces. Attackers are adept at finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in new an… 2019-05-16 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.4088, Positive Sentiment: 0.2309, Negative Sentiment 0.6236  

Fintech Authority Chris Skinner Reveals Keys to Being True Digital Bank

For the legions of Chris Skinner fans, don’t worry. He hasn’t gone soft. The veteran blogger and author of Digital Bank, ValueWeb, and Digital Human still believes the traditional banking model is broken. As he has said many times: In a globalized world of the digital distribution of data through cloud-based software and servers — in which teenagers who can code are creating the new world of finance — “the banking model is completely turned on its head.” Banking executives who ignore these trends, thinking they can just keep things as they were, “are going to fail,” Skinner insists. But over the past year the creator and writer of The Finanser daily blog and Non-Executive Director of 11:FS, has developed a contrarian view on the typical fintech-disruptor take on the future of banking. 2019-05-20 00:03:42+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.3617, Positive Sentiment: 0.1513, Negative Sentiment 0.1418

Nvidia CEO doesn’t expect China to block $7 billion takeover of Mellanox, despite trade tensions

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang doesn’t expect Chinese regulators to stand in the way of its nearly $7 billion takeover of Israeli chip designer Mellanox Technologies. In an interview that aired Friday on “Mad Money,” Huang told CNBC’s Jim Cramer that the merger will fulfill an important function for data center security networking and storage processing. China, which is engulfed in a tense trade war with the United States, is a major semiconductor mark… 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.3564, Positive Sentiment: 0.1356, Negative Sentiment 0.1017

Tech Moves: Docugami unveils exec team; marketing firm April Six opens in Seattle; Snap! Raise gets a president; and more

— Document engineering startup Docugami revealed its full team after it emerged from stealth mode earlier this month. Joining CEO Jean Paoli in the executive ranks are: Andrew Begun , co-founder and chief technology officer, a former engineering manager at Microsoft who helped create InfoPath, a program for electronic forms. , co-founder and chief technology officer, a former engineering manager at Microsoft who helped create InfoPath, a progra… 2019-05-16 23:25:31-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.3559, Positive Sentiment: 0.1582, Negative Sentiment 0.0904

Racial Bias in Conversational Artificial Intelligence

It is an emerging field of human computer interaction where we use natural language to exchange information and pass commands to computers. Any single interface with digital devices that you can think of can either be replaced or augmented with AI-enabled conversational interfaces. Examples include chatbots & speech based assistants like Siri. The modern smart city concept also involves a ‘citizen-centric’ services model which uses conversational AI interfaces to personalize and contextualize city services. One example is Citibot, a citizen engagement platform. Similarly, Vienna’s has a WienBot that allows residents and tourists to find common civic services like find parking , restrooms , Restaurants and other facilities. They no longer need to rely of kindness of strangers, or to scroll through long list on websites. 2019-05-19 17:35:53.222000+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2909, Positive Sentiment: 0.0935, Negative Sentiment 0.2993

The Past, Present and Future of Automated Predictive Technology

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy As humans, our obsession with predicting the future has been a constant throughout history. Ancient Chinese farmers developed perhaps the first predictive “technology” when they created a solar calendar to forecast climate changes. Fast-forward to the 1940s, when we saw far more advanced predictive analytics that helped British intelligence decipher German encryption and reveal plans of attack. In the late 90s, the Oakland Athletics and general manager Billy Beane changed professional baseball forever by using predictive analytics to build a competitive team with a small budget. 2019-05-13 17:37:31 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2429, Positive Sentiment: 0.4450, Negative Sentiment 0.1381

How Organizations Are Transforming Their Data Environments

There are many technology trends sweeping the business data space, but the single goal of all of them is to achieve a more agile operation and organization. Enterprise agility isn’t a single initiative but rather a collection of activities and technologies that lead toward that goal. This includes adoption of microservices, containers, and Kubernetes to increase the flexibility of systems, applications, and data by releasing them from underlying hardware. In addition, practices such as DevOps are helping to increase the level of collaboration possible for fast-moving enterprises. Simply put, it’s all about the business—pursuing greater agility is important in light of the need to transform the enterprise data space. “Regardless of size, organizations need to be nimble enough to compete with established players as well as born-in-the cloud organizations to meet a new level of business demands,” said Gerald Venzl, senior principal product manager for Oracle. 2019-05-13 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2408, Positive Sentiment: 0.1477, Negative Sentiment 0.1773

6 Data And Analytics Trends To Prepare For In 2020

There are lots of data and analytics trends to prep for in 2020. As time goes on, it’s important to take note of the new trends to explore in the new year.
  1. Specialization of Job Roles
  2. Machine Learning Experience is a Must
  3. The Rise of Regulation
  4. Stay on the Bleeding Edge
  5. Cloud Computing and Related Mechanics
  6. Basic Business Intelligence Experience is a Must
2019-05-20 12:55:22+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2278, Positive Sentiment: 0.3038, Negative Sentiment 0.0759

Top Five Reasons Tech Pros Should Earn Professional Certificates

It’s no secret that tech automation is poised to upend many traditional careers. The good news is that if you have the right technical background, your skills are in greater demand than ever. In fact, according to a recent survey by the Consumer Technology Association, 92% of employers reported that they’ll “need more employees with technical skills.” Many of these jobs will require adeptness in relatively new fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science. 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2110, Positive Sentiment: 0.1835, Negative Sentiment 0.1101

WTIA’s Founder Cohort Program launches new class of 24 startups with inside tips from investors

A new group of startups, tackling everything from business networking to marijuana data analytics, has joined the Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA) Founder Cohort Program. The year-long experience is geared toward early-stage founders in Washington state who want help growing their companies. It’s led by a team of business leaders that includes 6 Month Startup creator Dave Parker, SeaChange Fund managing partner Susan Preston and Leslie Feinzaig, founder and CEO of the Female… 2019-05-17 23:11:58-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2106, Positive Sentiment: 0.2568, Negative Sentiment 0.0734

COVER STORY: Which-50 Investigates: Mastering Predictive Analytics Will Enable Predictive Engagement

Businesses have invested heavily in data analytics to understand consumers and to predict what they might do next. Smart companies want to take that a step further and use insights from predictive analytics to build what is being described as “predictive engagement”. According to an Investigates study by the Which-50 Digital Intelligence Unit, in partnership with Genesys, “Predictive engagement is the result of modeling solutions based on histor… 2019-05-20 10:34:26+10:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.2036, Positive Sentiment: 0.1658, Negative Sentiment 0.3027

Data viz is the new branding. Just ask Pentagram’s latest hire

The partners at Pentagram’s New York office have brought us some of the most notably designed brands of our day, including Microsoft , Shake Shack , Slack , and Hillary Clinton ‘s presidential campaign. Now the team has added its first new partner since 2012, and its first specialist in data visualization: Giorgia Lupi. Lupi founded the Milan and New York-based data viz firm Accurat in 2010. She has since launched a data identity for IBM, held a… 2019-05-20 09:00:16 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1936, Positive Sentiment: 0.2321, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

Datrium Introduces the Automatrix Platform

Datrium is releasing the Automatrix platform, a secure multicloud data platform for the resilient enterprise designed to deliver best-in-class compute, primary storage, backup, disaster recovery, encryption, and data mobility capabilities. Automatrix will offer a suite of autonomous data management applications, built on its new SaaS application framework, which leverages machine learning to simplify and automate complicated IT tasks. The first generally available app, ControlShift (previously Project CloudShift), powers data mobility orchestration – including workflow automation for zero-RTO disaster recovery optimized for VMware Cloud DR and frictionless workload portability between clouds; it will be followed by apps for analytics, compliance and search. 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1824, Positive Sentiment: 0.1126, Negative Sentiment 0.1689

AI System Tries to Match Accuracy of 101 Radiologists on Mammograms

A commercial artificial intelligence (AI) system matched the accuracy of over 28,000 interpretations of breast cancer screening mammograms by 101 radiologists. Although the most accurate mammographers outperformed the AI system, it achieved a higher performance than the majority of radiologists. With the addition of deep-learning convolutional neural networks, new AI systems for breast cancer screening improve upon the computer-aided detection (CAD) systems that radiologists have used since the 1990s. The AI system evaluated in this study — conducted by radiologists and medical physicists at Radboud University Medical Centre — has a feature classifier and image analysis algorithms to detect soft-tissue lesions and calcifications, and generates a “cancer suspicion” ranking of 1 to 10. 2019-05-17 14:10:34+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1822, Positive Sentiment: 0.1442, Negative Sentiment 0.1153

Scoot Deploys Dell Boomi for Data Analytics to Improve Customer Experiences

Budget airline, Scoot, is using the Boomi integration platform to help share data across the expanding organisation, allowing it to adapt more quickly to changing market conditions and therefore improve passenger experiences. Scoot, the low-cost arm of Singapore Airlines, operates a global network of 66 cities across 18 countries and territories across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States, offering customers a cheaper alternative for trave… 2019-05-15 13:10:23+10:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1765, Positive Sentiment: 0.4525, Negative Sentiment 0.0452

A global population boom means that there will soon be billions more mouths to feed. VCs say these 10 startups could shape the future of food.

Top venture capital leaders are seizing on the rapid shift in consumer demand, environmental and labor challenges, and technological advances that are completely upending the food industry. And a global population boom means that there will soon be billions more mouths to feed, requiring a shift in how food is produced, packaged, stored, and delivered. More consumers want a wider range of products and greater transparency about what they eat an… 2019-05-20 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1518, Positive Sentiment: 0.5236, Negative Sentiment 0.4188

mimik Technology: Product Overview and Insight

Company Name: mimik Technology Inc. (edge computing application tools; official company name is lower-case mimik) Mimik Technology inc. is a business-to-business software company headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. mimik provides a platform for building the edge cloud. Mimik’s platform enables ordinary devices to act as cloud servers and transforms cloud applications from a fixed, single-server architecture; to a distributed multi-server architectu… 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1340, Positive Sentiment: 0.1767, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

Big Data Provides Invaluable Translation Services For Marketers

Big data has opened a number of doors for marketers. One of the mostoverlooked benefits of big data is that it allows marketers to translate documents from one language to another. Memsource shows that big data is revolutionizing translation solutions, primarily due to the advent of more sophisticated cloud language platforms and machine learning capabilities. While many big data experts have observed the benefits of big data in translation, they haven’t focused on the applications in the marketing profession. Big Data is Opening the Door for Marketers to Reach People that Speak Other Languages. Many small businesses have never thought about the potential of improving marketing with translation. They only focus on customers within their own region. Fortunately, machine learning technology has made it easier for them to exploit this opportunity. Tools like Deepl rely on machine learning and sophisticated algorithms, as pointed out in GitHub. 2019-05-15 20:04:48+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1322, Positive Sentiment: 0.3774, Negative Sentiment 0.1533

Consumers Still Concerned About IoT Security and Privacy Issues

The vast proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) over the past few years has led to mounting concerns by consumers about the security and privacy of those devices. Many consumers, despite owning one or more of these connected devices, remain wary about IoT security and privacy issues. That’s the big takeaway from a new report from The Internet Society, which surveyed consumers around the world in order to better understand how they feel abo… 2019-05-13 22:00:00+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1181, Positive Sentiment: 0.2269, Negative Sentiment 0.2107

Westpac gets lawyers to test if it can trust AI bots

Westpac Banking Group has engaged law firm Allens to review the work done by artificial intelligence compliance software and ensure it can trust bots to read laws accurately. Westpac’s group executive of legal, Rebecca Lim, said the bank was keen to use the AI-powered regtech solution known as Red Marker, which is a platform that flags any communication that may breach regulations, but had decided on a partnership with a legal specialist as a way to use start-up products without risking problem… 2019-05-19 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1177, Positive Sentiment: 0.1490, Negative Sentiment 0.2235

Extreme Networks’ Approach to Autonomous Networking Is Elemental

This week at its ExtremeConnect user event in Nashville, Tenn., Extreme Networks played the tune of autonomous networks. The theme of the event was #FutureForward, indicating that the customers in the audience should be looking at many of the upcoming technology and business trends to architect their networks. This includes technologies such as internet of things (IoT), mobility, cloud and containers. All of these trends are network-centric, whic… 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1121, Positive Sentiment: 0.1426, Negative Sentiment 0.1711

Jensen Huang interview — ‘the foundations of gaming are just fine, just fantastic’

This week, Nvidia reported earnings and revenues that were down compared to a year ago. But they did signal a return to growth after a couple of week quarters as the company worked off inventory pile-ups related to the collapse of cryptocurrency mining. People aren’t buying graphics cards to mine for cryptocurrency anymore, but they are beefing up their gaming PCs to play high-end games, and developers are now embracing Nvidia’s Turing architect… 2019-05-18 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1057, Positive Sentiment: 0.2571, Negative Sentiment 0.1286

Ad Platforms Brace for a Brave New World of Privacy Tools and Less Online Tracking

At its recent I/O Developer conference, Google hinted at forthcoming changes to its popular Chrome browser that will give users much greater control over the online tracking ability of third-party advertisers. The current plan for Chrome, as first reported in the Wall Street Journal, calls for the creation of a new user dashboard within the browser where users can see at a glance not only which cookies are tracking them, but also the factors that… 2019-05-17 22:00:00+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.1047, Positive Sentiment: 0.1958, Negative Sentiment 0.1678

5G to Speed Digital Transformation of Banks and Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions are in the midst of a digital transformation, evolving as increasingly mobile consumers demand more personalized, digital experiences and as fintechs continue to challenge traditional business methods. To stay competitive they must use technology to help innovate, differentiate, and mobilize their services. 5G — 5th generation wireless communication technology — is poised to h… 2019-05-20 00:01:53+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0971, Positive Sentiment: 0.3108, Negative Sentiment 0.0914

Google says its app store will continue to work for existing Huawei smartphone owners – TechCrunch

Google said today that existing users of Huawei Android devices can continue to use Google Play app store, offering some relief to tens of millions of users worldwide even as it remains unclear if the Chinese tech giant will be able to use the fully-functioning version of Android in its future phones. Existing Huawei phone users will also be able to enjoy security protections delivered through Google Play Protect, the company said in a statement… 2019-05-19 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0834, Positive Sentiment: 0.1641, Negative Sentiment 0.3283

Lenovo Looks Beyond the Data Center in Enterprise Push

ORLANDO, Fla.—Two years ago, at the company’s first Transform commercial event, the focus for Lenovo data center officials was on servers, with the largest launch of systems in the company’s history. A year later at the show, storage was at the center, with Lenovo unveiling a partnership with NetApp that led to a five-fold year-over-year increase in the storage business. This week here at the Lenovo Transform 3.0 Accelerate show, company officia… 2019-05-14 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0809, Positive Sentiment: 0.0745, Negative Sentiment 0.0186

AI predicts PUBG player placement from stats and rankings

There’s a reason battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (commonly abbreviated “PUBG”) and Epic Games’ Fortnite have hundreds of millions of players collectively: They’re exciting. Tens of player characters spawn simultaneously in unpredictable places, where they battle it out to the death as the game map gradually shrinks in size. The roster is eventually whittled down to a single player, who’s crowned the winner. Fun as the element of surprise may be, matches might be less dynamic than they seem. That’s the assertion of researchers at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Georgia, who tested several AI algorithms to predict final player placement in PUBG from in-game stats and initial rankings. 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0625, Positive Sentiment: 0.2254, Negative Sentiment 0.1610

Building responsible and trustworthy conversational AI

From financial robo-advisors to virtual health assistants, enterprises across every industry are leveraging virtual assistants to create outstanding customer experiences and help employees maximize their time. As artificial intelligence technology continues to advance, virtual assistants will handle more and more mundane and repetitive tasks, freeing people to devote more time and energy to more productive and creative endeavors. But like any technology, conversational AI can pose a significant risk when it’s developed and deployed improperly or irresponsibly, especially when it’s used to help people navigate information related to employment, finances, physical health, and mental well-being. For enterprises and society to realize the full potential of conversational AI, we believe bots need to be designed to act responsibly and earn user trust. Last year, to help businesses meet this challenge, we shared 10 guidelines for building responsible conversational AI. Today, we’d like to illustrate how we’ve applied these guidelines in our own organization and share new resources that can help developers in any industry do the same. 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0595, Positive Sentiment: 0.1265, Negative Sentiment 0.0474

Everybody complains Apple isn’t innovating, but R&D spending and patents tell a different story

Apple’s research and development spending has increased from $1 billion in 2009 to a projected $13 billion this year, not including stock-based compensation, according to a Thursday note from Bank of America analyst Wamsi Mohan. The amount of money going into R&D in Cupertino shows that Apple is spending heavily both to fend off new technologies which could threaten its dominance in smartphones and tablets, as well as investing in technologies that could help the iPhone maker enter into new product categories, such as wearables, fitness and health. “The patents around wearables suggest that Apple could be targeting AirPods with biometric sensors, Apple Watch with UV monitoring, gesture recognition for AR/VR applications, machine learning projects to enable autonomous driving and integration of various existing devices with a car,” according to the note. 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0375, Positive Sentiment: 0.1482, Negative Sentiment 0.1482

Microsoft will spend $100M to open its first development center in Africa

ounced Monday that it plans to open initial offices in Nairobi, Kenya, and Lagos, Nigeria, hiring 100 total employees by the end of 2019. It will recruit engineers working on technologies such as AI, machine learning, and mixed reality. Microsoft is also partnering with local universities to create a modern intelligent edge and cloud curriculum unique to Africa, with access to the Africa Development Centre provided to graduates. “The ADC will be unlike any other existing investment on the continent,” Phil Spencer, executive vice president at Microsoft and executive sponsor of the ADC, said in a statement. “… 2019-05-13 19:06:56-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0328, Positive Sentiment: 0.1347, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

We need to embrace AI’s humanity to unlock its creative promise

As we consider AI’s power, we seem to forget one central, indisputable fact: AI is a product of human interactions. You’d never guess this from reading the frequent headlines on the subject. Commentators see future AI as a kind of Skynet-style artificial general intelligence (AGI), where computer systems will not just beat someone at Go but will become the next Picasso or Drake or merciless cyber-overlords. Even Stanford’s admirable attempt to b… 2019-05-18 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0164, Positive Sentiment: 0.2867, Negative Sentiment 0.2737

KPMG acquires digital and UX business Love Agency

which specialises in building solutions for enterprise and government clients. The 40-strong Love Agency team will join KPMG’s specialists in digital strategy, artificial intelligence, cognitive and machine learning, internet of things, and data, analytics and modelling. Founded in 2008 by entrepreneurs CEO Danny Housseas, and COO Arthur Gougoustamos — now partners at KPMG — the pair built a team of expert technologists and designers, including solution architects, UX/UI specialists and mobile developers. “Love Agency has been a pioneering digital business for over 10 years, and we are excited to be welcom… 2019-05-16 08:44:17+10:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 1.0047, Positive Sentiment: 0.5319, Negative Sentiment 0.0000

5 ways to integrate data analytics into your marketing strategy

Launching a start-up can be as competitive as struggling to find a corporate job that actually satisfies you. Promoting and marketing your start-up is challenging – you thought passion and enthusiasm were enough to drive it alone, but even with these two attributes, you know just exactly what’s been lacking. If you can launch a start-up after months and years of contemplating, then you can surely devise a marketing strategy to help you elevate y… 2019-05-16 09:43:41+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.9972, Positive Sentiment: 0.1753, Negative Sentiment 0.0657

Inside Babylon, the London startup behind the GP at Hand app that plans to fix the NHS

Sometimes “the AI is just stupid” says Ali Parsa with a heavy sigh. It’s not something you’d expect to hear from a man who has invested millions in convincing the NHS that his AI chatbot is safe. As the founder of Babylon, the Iranian-born entrepreneur has grand ambitions for how he’ll use artificial intelligence to transform Britain’s broken healthcare service. Making his vision a reality, however, is proving tougher than expected. His company, Babylon Healthcare, offers a 24-hour GP video consultation service, known as GP at Hand. Its partnership with the NHS means anyone in London, and soon Birmingham, can use the service if they…… 2019-05-19 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.9929, Positive Sentiment: 0.0000, Negative Sentiment 0.1418

Uptake 2019 Disruptor 50

Uptake’s mission: to create a world that always works. That’s a pretty big ambition, but this Chicago-based SaaS start-up believes that AI and machine learning are the answer. Uptake takes voluminous amounts of data produced in industries like energy and transportation and uses AI to unlock all the ways a particular process or machine could potentially fail. Company co-founder and CEO Brad Keywell — one of the people who started Groupon — says this helps Uptake customers, such as Berkshire Hathaway Energy, Rolls-Royce and the U.S. Army, reach new levels of productivity, reliability and safety. 2019-05-14 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.9774, Positive Sentiment: 0.1833, Negative Sentiment 0.2443

Apple-picking robots gear up for U.S. debut in Washington state

Next fall, as you browse the produce section at your local grocery store, pay close attention to the apples. You might be witnessing American history. For the first time, some of the apples sold in the U.S. will be picked by a robot rather than human hands. That’s thanks to agricultural automation startup Abundant Robotics, the maker of apple harvesting machines that will partake in Washington state’s next harvest. “This will be the first season that we’re actually ready to harvest commercially,” said Abundant CEO Dan Steere. “It’s incredibly exciting.” 2019-05-13 14:00:29-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.9750, Positive Sentiment: 0.3801, Negative Sentiment 0.1322

7 Practical Tips For Companies to Avoid Data Disasters

We live in an increasingly a data-heavy world. Instead of having rooms full of file cabinets, it’s now far more common for companies to have server rooms and hard drives to store their electronic information. With that in mind, it’s especially necessary for companies to think about how to avoid data disasters. They can happen for a variety of reasons, many of them covered below. Here are seven tips companies could — and should — take to prevent catastrophes:
  1. Maintain Regular Backups
  2. Know the Warning Signs of a Failing Drive
  3. Anticipate Natural Disasters
  4. Protect Against Ransomware Risks
  5. Take Data Breach Precautions
  6. Have the IT Team Carefully Check Drives Before Destruction
  7. Implement and Test a Disaster Recovery Plan
2019-05-20 12:41:01.003000+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.9522, Positive Sentiment: 0.0966, Negative Sentiment 0.7866

Volpara Health Technologies poised for growth

Wellington-based Volpara, which is listed on the ASX, is a medical technology company whose AI imaging algorithms assist early detection of breast cancer. The company was founded in 2009, based the on the mens’ research at Oxford. A steady flow of upbeat news for Volpara in recent months has helped boost its market capitalisation to almost $288 million. The stock has climbed about 45 per cent in the year to date. On Friday, shares closed slightl… 2019-05-16 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.9309, Positive Sentiment: 0.1995, Negative Sentiment 0.0665

Here’s how an enterprise software vet and his team have built a $1 billion business with $100 million in annual revenue by putting its own twists on Salesforce for big businesses

When David Schmaier attended Salesforce’s Dreamforce conference in fall 2013, he was hoping to find a startup to buy — not to found a company himself. At the time, Schmaier was on the board of a private equity firm, but he had a long history in the enterprise software industry, and specifically in the customer relationship management part of it, which forms Salesforce’s core market. Thirty years earlier, he had been one of the first employees at… 2019-05-19 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.9114, Positive Sentiment: 0.1445, Negative Sentiment 0.0445

Precision and Recall Trade-off and Multiple Hypothesis Testing

In my previous job as an Astrophysicist, I was working on detecting explosions of large stars (GRBs) releasing an incredible amount of energy. Our automatic analysis pipelines were searching for GRBs everywhere and anywhere because it is impossible to predict when and where such an explosion will occur. This posed an important challenge, related to the statistical nature of our detection process: multiple hypothesis testing. The same challenge c… 2019-05-17 17:58:33.343000+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8942, Positive Sentiment: 0.0639, Negative Sentiment 0.5110

Embracing the Future of Smarter Customer Communications Management Today

The Customer Communications Management (CCM) industry has been around for some time especially in Financial Services. Born out of a need for companies to be able to produce compliant, yet highly personalized communications, enterprises invested in platforms that allowed them to produce mission-critical business and customer communications at MASSIVE Scale. Yet, despite its extensive and tenured history and the disruption caused by financial serv… 2019-05-17 09:36:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8897, Positive Sentiment: 0.2588, Negative Sentiment 0.1618

Why some of the world’s top cybersecurity hackers are being paid millions to use their powers for good

One of the most overwhelming problems in cybersecurity is a severe labor shortage. There simply aren’t enough people who are qualified to do cybersecurity jobs to fill all the open roles. A start-up called Synack is helping companies get around this shortage by providing “crowdsourced” security. Its software platform provides automated ways for companies to discover security flaws, then it turns those vulnerabilities o… 2019-05-17 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8659, Positive Sentiment: 0.1792, Negative Sentiment 0.4479

Olis Robotics wins $50K from Air Force to study options for satellite-servicing robots

Seattle-based Olis Robotics says it has received a $50,000 grant from the U.S. Air Force to lay out a plan for using its AI-driven software platform to control satellite-servicing robots in orbit. The initial Small Business Innovative Research grant could set the stage for as much as $1.5 million in future Air Force funding, depending on how the plan is received. Olis, formerly known as Bluhaptics, is a five-year-old spinout from the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Laboratory. It specializes in the development of semi-autonomous control software that’s suitable for underwater remotely operated vehicles as well as space robots. 2019-05-17 22:55:38-07:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8381, Positive Sentiment: 0.1323, Negative Sentiment 0.1764

How voters could have googled the results

google search experts claim their data revealed what voters really thought. The Google experts claim Scott Morrison’s “miracle” victory can be added to Trump’s 2016 shock win and Brexit for proving data analytics works better than polls by looking at what voters are doing rather than saying. On the morning of the election, searches for Liberals spiked and outstripped Labor by more than 20 per cent. Experts claim that is consistent with a winning vote based on past Australian and overseas elections. “Just because more people are searching for you does that mean you are going to win? The answer is yes it … 2019-05-20 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.8130, Positive Sentiment: 0.4065, Negative Sentiment 0.1016

4 Ways Big Data Has Made Bluetooth A Terrifying Security Risk

Big data has created both positive and negative impacts on digital technology. On the one hand, big data technology has made it easier for companies to serve their customers. On the other hand, big data has created a number of security risks that they need to be aware of, especially with brands leveraging Hadoop technology. Big data has created a number of security risks for Bluetooth users. They need to be aware of how their data is stored and … 2019-05-15 19:59:56+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7970, Positive Sentiment: 0.1952, Negative Sentiment 0.2602

Amplify Operations With Apache Airflow

Apache Airflow is turning heads these days. It integrates with many different systems and it is quickly becoming as full-featured as anything that has been around for workflow management over the last 30 years. This is predominantly attributable to the hundreds of operators for tasks such as executing Bash scripts, executing Hadoop jobs, and querying data sources with SQL. It is important to understand the intent behind the creation of Airflow. … 2019-05-16 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7892, Positive Sentiment: 0.2931, Negative Sentiment 0.1353

Comparing JavaScript with Dart in 2019

What’s the need for JavaScript in 2019? Image credits: Wikipedia If you ever ask this question to anyone, you’ll mostly get “Why not? We all need JS every year!”. Quite true. Before I dive into this year, let’s take a look back. In the year 2018, the developer community of Stackoverflow conducted their annual developer survey. Here, you can clearly see that JavaScript was the Most Popular Technology among both the professional and regular devel… 2019-05-17 18:14:43.017000+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7715, Positive Sentiment: 0.2464, Negative Sentiment 0.0583

ASIC explains legal strategy

ASIC chairman James Shipton says the core focus of the regulator’s enforcement work is on ‘deterrence, public denunciation and punishment of wrongdoing by way of litigation’. David Rowe Much of this is to make up for a lack of investment in the past. But the surge in costly regulatory obligations has not been accompanied by a similar increase in ASIC’s communication with regulated entities. Transparency and clarity are well used words within AS… 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7639, Positive Sentiment: 0.1309, Negative Sentiment 0.7857

Human-To-Machine Depersonalization Considerations and AI Systems: The Case of Autonomous Cars

, the AI Trends Insider Is automation and in particular AI leading us toward a service society that depersonalizes us? In a prior column, I had described how AI can provide deep personalization via Machine Learning, and readers responded by asking about the concerns expressed in the mass media about the possibility of advanced automation depersonalizing us as humans and what I had to say about those qualms, so thanks to your feedback I’m covering herein the depersonalization topic. For my prior column on deep personalization via Machine Learning, see:… 2019-05-17 14:30:34+00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7373, Positive Sentiment: 0.1057, Negative Sentiment 0.1948

All Signs Point to Cloud Optimization

Recently, there has been a growing awareness around the issue of cost control in the public cloud. This is a heartening trend in cloud computing, specifically with regard to the public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) market. Now that public cloud has reached a key peak in growth, there’s a common theme. While new services and products continue to develop, more and more of them are focusing on not just creating capabilities that were prev… 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7213, Positive Sentiment: 0.2271, Negative Sentiment 0.1603

Beyond the Silicon Valley app: Many of tech’s new disruptive ideas have social missions

For the first time, a majority of the companies on the CNBC Disruptor 50 list are located outside Silicon Valley. Seven of the 50 Disruptor 50 companies have female CEOs. Many have social missions, including the No. 1 Disruptor in 2019, Indigo Ag, which is Boston-based and focused on a new agricultural revolution. 2019-05-15 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7189, Positive Sentiment: 0.1078, Negative Sentiment 0.0359

AI and 5G will create an explosion in cybersecurity risks, says FBI agent and general counsel at $50 billion firm

Ari Mahairas, a special cybersecurity agent at the FBI’s New York office, and Peter Beshar, the general counsel of $50 billion professional services firm Marsh & McLennan, have an unusual relationship. Over the years they have forged an unlikely public/private partnership, making it their mission to collaborate and discuss cyber risks and solutions in the context of both national security and corporate security. The pair have appeared at confer… 2019-05-18 00:00:00 Read the full story. Interest Score: 0.7090, Positive Sentiment: 0.1803, Negative Sentiment 0.3811  
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