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An overview of different unsupervised learning techniques

In this article, I want to walk you through the different unsupervised learning methods in machine learning with relevant codes. We will take a look at the k-means clustering algorithm, the Latent Dirichlet Allocation(LDA) for text data, Hierarchical and Density based clustering, Gaussian Mixture Models, Dimensionality Reduction techniques like PCA, Random Projections, Independent component Analysis and finally about cluster validation.

K-Means Clustering

I guess we are familiar with k-means and many…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Abhishek Jhunjhunwala put together a really worthwhile summary of different unsupervised learning techniques complete with good graphics. Highly recommend this post for anyone interested in ML & Data Science. It also included Python code.

Transform 2019: Women take front and center at the year’s most important AI conference

The gender equity gap in the tech industry is notorious, and overwhelming; the ratio of women to men in companies like Facebook, Apple, and Google sits at about 3:1, and women in Silicon Valley not only earn less than their male counterparts, but are awarded far less equity as well.

But as AI infiltrates every facet of modern life and begins to shape a previously unimaginable future, it’s becoming clear that women play an essential role in craft…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Artificial Intelligence beats Real Stupidity. We believe that ignoring 50% is really stupid.

How (And Why) Hedge Funds Are Using Web Scraping

There is a growing trend of more and more hedge fund managers turning to the web to procure investment data. And one of the primary ways they’re sifting through it all is with web scraping.

Experts estimate that in 2018, web scraping accounted for 206 billion page views per day, which equates to about 5% of all internet traffic. Here’s a look at the current state of web scraping and the impact it can have on hedge funds.

Get The Full Seth Klarm…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: We use web scraping tools to produce these news snips so that we don’t have to search the internet for things that are of interest to us. Python, BeautifulSoup, and JupyterLab drive this snipping every week.


DataRobot Acquires ParallelM To Up The Ante In Machine Learning Operations

DataRobot, a leader in enterprise AI, announced that it has acquired ParallelM, a Santa Clara, CA-based company that pioneered machine learning operations (MLOps) category and helps organisations scale the deployment, management, and governance of machine learning in production using any ML platform on any cloud or on-premise environment.

This is the second big announcement by the company in a month after it announced a partnership with Informatica, a cloud data management leader. In fact, the ParallelM acquisition is DataRobot’s fourth…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Tayloe Draughon has a Data Robot sticker on his laptop. He collects cool stickers on his laptop and water bottles. Of course, the CloudQuant sticker is top-center!

White House rewrites AI research strategy to prioritize public-private partnerships

BOT or NOT? This special series explores the evolving relationship between humans and machines, examining the ways that robots, artificial intelligence and automation are impacting our work and lives.

The Trump administration is updating the Obama administration’s strategy for artificial intelligence to put more emphasis on public-private partnerships like the one forged this year by Amazon and the National Science Foundation.

Three years after the initial strategic plan for AI research and development was released, the update was issued onlin…
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Enfusion adds to board of directors

Enfusion, a provider of innovative, cloud-based investment management software, outsourced, middle & back office services and data analytics has appointed capital markets industry veteran, Larry Leibowitz, to its Board of Directors.

Leibowitz is recognised as an expert in technology and business transformation within the financial services industry. Over his thirty-year career, Leibowitz has held many notable positions including Chief Operating Officer of NYSE Euronext, Founding Partner of Bunker Capital, and numerous additional Boar…
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Government: An Integral Partner for Exploring AI

By Chuck Brooks, Global Thought Leader in Cybersecurity and Emerging Tech

On June 24, an upcoming conference will explore the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) in the public sectors. AI World Government will gather leaders across government, industry and academia to discuss the challenges and potential solutions of AI in automating our expanding digital world. The event is described as “a comprehensive three-day forum to educate and i…
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What’s Next in Fixed Income Trading? AI

Artificial intelligence has established a toehold on institutional fixed income trading desks, but the real action will be in coming years.

“Data, data science and AI,” BlackRock Head of Global Trading Supurna VedBrat said when asked what’s next in fixed income.

Speaking Thursday morning at WBR’s Fixed Income Leaders Summit in Philadelphia, VedBrat said emerging technology has the potential to change trading strategie…
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CFTC’s lack of data security to hit capital markets

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)’s inadequate cybersecurity provisions could impact capital markets, according to the CEO of an alternative data source for investors and hedge funds, while lawyers say it will bring into question the budgetary allowance for enhancing protection of proprietary data given to the US regulator.

“The general consensus is that the security of their internal databases are suspect,” says Jordan Hauer, co-founder and CEO of Amass insights. “The report also mentions they receive data from large investors through FT…
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big xyt launches Consolidated View

big xyt, an independent provider of high-volume market data analytics has launched Consolidated View, an extension of the market analysis metrics available to all members of the investment community from the Liquidity Cockpit platform and 250days website dashboard.

The new views allow access to a standardised independent view of the trading activity across the equity and ETF trading landscape in Europe.

big xyt clients, including multiple global exchanges and i…
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5 ways artificial intelligence will affect SEO

Artificial intelligence is not just about science-fiction and robots anymore. In today’s digital landscape, artificial intelligence technology is pervading and reshaping various industries in the form of self-driving cars, chatbots, & smart devices and digital marketing is no exception. The search engine optimization medium has faced innumerable fundamental strategic changes over the years, due to revolutionary new inte…
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Imandra Explains “Black-Box” Financial Algos

Imandra, the artificial intelligence startup that has developed an automated reasoning engine, is working with large financial institutions so they can explain ‘black-box’ financial algos to their clients in order to improve their trading results.

Dave Aitken, software engineer at Imandra, told Markets Media: “Imandra makes ‘black-box’ financial algos ‘explainable’ by analysing their decisions and demonstrating the corresponding ef…
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Data Race Accelerates

Matthew Hodgson, chief executive and founder of Mosaic Smart Data said the pace of change is so aggressive that the fintech, which provides real-time data analytics for capital markets, needs to form partnerships and has hired a scientific advisor.

Last week Mosaic said in a statement that it had hired Rama Cont, Oxford University professor of mathematical finance, as scientific advisor. Cont was appointed professor at St Hugh’s College Oxford l…
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Okera Expands Data Lake Security and Governance Platform

A recent press release reports, “Okera, a leading active data management company for data lake security and governance, today announced it has expanded support for its award-winning data access management platform to include Microsoft Azure Data Lakes based on Microsoft Azure. Currently in use at Fortune 500 companies, Okera’s solution for unified data lake security and governance alleviates one of the most complex data management challenges data…
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Tamr Launches Spring 2019 Release of Flagship Data Unification System

Tamr has announced the general availability of the Spring 2019 release of the company’s patented data unification system. Purpose-built to leverage machine learning, human knowledge, and—where appropriaterules to solve data integration challenges, Tamr enables organizations to create unified data assets that fuel analytic insights and operational improvements.

Initially conceived by Turing Award winner Michael Stonebraker and his co-inventors who published their research in early 2013 about the Data Tamer System for tackling large-scale data curation challe…
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What’s Ahead in Big Data and Analytics


From data lakes and the cloud, to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the world of big data and analytics continues to evolve rapidly. The demand for fast access to information through better self-service capabilities is growing. At the same time, the need for improved governance and security practices is also intensifying. In response, leading organizations are turning to innovative new technologies and strategies to reinforce their an…
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Qualcomm Ventures is hosting its first-ever pitch event for startups with female founders, with a $500,000 prize on the line

Qualcomm Ventures will hold its first startup event for female founders, where they will get the chance to win $500,000 in investment capital.

At an event called Female Founder Summit on July 10, entrepreneurs and investors will gather together in San Francisco, where 10 early-stage startups that have at least one female founder will participate in a pitch competition in front of a panel of judges.

Quinn Li, senior vice president and global hea…
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Booming Artificial Intelligence Industry in the U.S.

Artificial intelligence has brought a revolution in the industry. Companies are desperately poaching talent like anything. However, the shortage of skilled talent in the industry is a problem yet to be worked out. This has led to sky rocketing salaries in this domain.

Let’s take a look at some figures.

Job opportunities in artificial intelligence around the world are increasing. In the past three years, the number of …
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Power your Business Transformation with an Enterprise Data Cloud

he multiple analytics disciplines of data for an enterprise data cloud. To be able to process and stream real-time data from multiple endpoints at the edge, while predicting key outcomes and applying machine learning on that same data set. To be able to take advantage of public cloud infrastructure for its elasticity and self-service capabilities. And to be able to do all of this on an open platform, where consistent security and governance policies are applied everywhere the data lives and analytics run….
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What’s Next for LPL’s Advisor Sleeve? Machine Learning and AI

naged platform, available to its network. But the firm is already working on the next iteration of the technology, which will give advisors the ability to analyze and stress-test their models through machine learning and artificial intelligence, among other new features.

“You can begin to think about it using machine learning, to be able to look at the trading that you are doing and be able to help you learn, ‘Oh my gosh, the more I trade, the worse I am,’” said Burt White, managing director of investor and investment solutions and chief investment officer at LPL. “Or, ‘Actually, every time I try to think ab…
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Predictive Analytics Asset Valuations: New Opportunities or the Start of Another Futures Bubble?

Future traders need to always be on their game. They should use the latest technology to have a competitive edge in the market.

New technology has always been at the forefront of the financial industry. Computers have always played an important role in improving the efficiency of financial markets. In many ways, this has been beneficial. In other ways, it has created new risks. The emergence of flash trading is a prime example of a new technolog…
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Mobility Data, Feature Engineering and Hierarchical Clustering

Mobility Data, Feature Engineering and Hierarchical Clustering

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The United States has one of the world’s largest automobile markets, second only to China. With 270.4 million registered vehicles as of 2017 on the American roads, there are millions of crashes every year. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety, there were an estimated 7 million police-reported motor vehicle crashes i…
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The 80/20 Challenge: From Classic to Innovative Data Science Projects

Click to learn more about author Rosaria Silipo.

Sometimes when you talk to data scientists, you get this vibe as if you’re talking to priests of an ancient religion. Obscure formulas, complex algorithms, a slang for the initiated, and on top of that, some new required script. If you get these vibes for all projects, you are probably talking to the wrong data scientists.

Classic Data Science Projects

A relatively large number (I would say arou…
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Logi Analytics Snaps Up Zoomdata, Extending Leadership in Embedded Analytics

Logi Analytics has acquired Zoomdata, provider of an analytics platform for big data and live streaming data. The acquisition comes 3 months after Logi acquired JReport for operational reporting. According to Logi, the combination solidifies its position as a leader in embedded analytics with a rich suite of capabilities and a global partner network.

“The nature of data is changing,” said Steven Schneider, CEO of Logi. “It’s growing bigger and faster and is increasingly being ma…
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Top 10 Trends In Artificial Intelligence That Will Dominate 2019

Top 10 Trends In Artificial Intelligence That Will Dominate 2019

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Everybody is talking about the latest trends in “Artificial Intelligence” — the new normal, which is almost part of every work process in every industry. Throughout 2018, you have observed an exponential upthrust in applications, tools, and platforms assembled on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technologie…
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UiPath: RPA and AI will be commoditized productivity tools within 5 years

“In three to five years, RPA and AI will become a commodity productivity tool, the same way as you use Excel and PowerPoint,” proclaimed Boris Krumrey, chief robotics officer at UiPath, at the AI Summit in London last week.

Robotic process automation, or RPA as it’s often called, isn’t the sexiest concept to emerge from the technology sphere, but it is a fast-growing industry — and it’s one that could reshape the workplace of the future.

RPA br…
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Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

Utilizing data to drive operational performance

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Supply chain management (SCM) is critical in almost every industry today. Still, despite the importance, it hasn`t received the same amount of focus from AI startups and vendors as many other domains. However, given the vast amounts of data collected by industrial logistics, transportation and…
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Overcoming Data Integration and Governance Challenges

THURSDAY, JUNE 27 – 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

The proliferation of data sources, types, and stores is increasing the challenge of combining data into meaningful, valuable information. The need for faster and smarter data integration capabilities is growing. At the same time, to deliver business value, people need information they can trust to act on, so balancing governance is absolutely critical nowadays, especially with new regulations.

To h…
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Cognitive Mental Disorders and AI Ramifications: The Case of AI Autonomous Cars

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider

There are an estimated 1 in 5 of adults that will experience a mental illness or mental disorder in a given year (that’s based on U.S. statistics, about 20% or around 44 million adults so impacted). Generally, those adults are able to still function sufficiently and continue to operate seemingly “normally” in society. In terms of a quite serious and life altering mental disorder or mental illness that is mor…
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Stand Up for Best Practices:

or Best Practices:

Misuse of Deep Learning in Nature’s Earthquake Aftershock Paper

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Source: Yuriy Guts selection from Shutterstock

The Dangers of Machine Learning Hype

Practitioners of AI, machine learning, predictive modeling, and data science have grown enormously over the last few years. What was once a niche field defined by its blend of knowledge is becoming a rapidly growing profession. As the excitement around AI continues to grow, the new wave of ML augmentation, automation, and GUI tools will lead to even more growth in the number of people tryin…
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Researchers teach AI to write haikus

Our future robot overlords might be a pretty artistic bunch if recent research is any indication. Scientists have recruited AI to craft semi-coherent piano melodies and accompanying lyrics and to create snippets of pithy (not to mention human-like) prose. In a new paper (“Autonomous Haiku Generation”) published on the preprint server, Stanford University students Rui Aguiar and Kevin Liao tasked a machine learning system with generating…
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AI is not, and cannot be apolitical

AI is not, and cannot be apolitical

Think ahead

Every once in a while I bump into some text that somehow combines the issues of Artificial Intelligence and politics. Last time, it was this article about the need of developing an antifascist AI, shared on one of the many generic AI&DL Facebook discussion groups.

Now to be clear, I really, really dislike that article. There’s several fallacies, some very far-fetched analogies between algorithms and the far right, a bunch of stuff that this discussion doesn’t really need — bringing up the fact tha…
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Brute Force Algorithms and AI: Use Case of Autonomous Cars

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider

When my children were young, they used to enjoy playing hide-and-seek with each other. One of them would hide somewhere either in the house or in our yard and be allowed a few minutes to find a good hiding spot. Once the other one had finished waiting the prescribed time period, the search would begin. At times, the search was quite hilarious to watch, particularly when they were quite young, since the place…
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5 Core SQL Concepts You Should Master

Structured Query Language (SQL) plays an important part in the data management system in an organisation. While applying for a data analyst job, most of the organisations ask for hands-on experience with SQL. SQL is a simple yet powerful language which is used widely as a business intelligence tool. In this article, we list down 5 important steps one must know to master SQL for data science.

1| Basic of Relational Database And SQL

A database is…
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HPE Unveils New IoT and Edge Initiatives

ge solutions, research labs, and programs to simplify and accelerate Intelligent Edge adoption. These initiatives will enable customers to create unique digital experiences and leverage analytics and machine learning to adapt to changes in real-time.

The new offerings and programs include:

Major enhancements to Aruba Central, the only cloud-based platform that unifies network management, AI-powered analytics, user-centric service assurance and security for wired, wireless and WAN at the edge.

Integrations and new turnkey edge-to-cloud solutions, delivered with ABB, Microsoft and PTC, enabling real-time int…
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Dr. David Bray to Deliver AI World Society Lecture at UN Charter Day, June 26, 2019

Dr. David Bray will deliver the keynote address on “Artificial Intelligence, the Internet and the Future of Data: Where Will We Be in 2045?” at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, on UN Charter Day, June 26, 2019. The lecture is presented by the Boston Global Forum and the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI).

Dr. Bray will focus on looking towards 2045: rapid technological change, global questions of governance, and the future of…
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Machine Learning Pioneers a New Generation of Technical Writing Solutions

need to discuss the implications of big data for other fields as well. Technical writing is one field that is highly affected by advances in big data, but does not get discussed very often.

How does machine learning influence technical writing?

The technical writing profession predates the concept of machine learning by nearly a century. However, it has evolved with trends in big data. A number of new help authoring tools are relying on big data.

Here are some of the reasons that technical writers need to evolve with new developments in machine learning.

Machine learning is helping writers in every niche …
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How Big Data Will Make Or Break Future Smart Cities

In today’s digital age, big data is incorporated into many aspects our daily lives. Big data is essentially massive amounts of data that is used in order to drive strategic decisions. An example of how it is used in daily life is through using online maps such as Google Maps to take the quickest route to work possible. Through the collection of data, patterns of traffic congestion are produced to give you the best route. This be…
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How Feature Extraction Can Be Improved With Denoising

The life cycle of a machine learning models involves a training phase, where a typical data scientist develops a model with good prediction based on historical data and features extracted from the data at hand. This model is then put into production with the hope that it would continue to have similar predictive performance during the course of its deployment.

A typical machine learning pipeline would consist of the following proce…
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Cisco Uses AI to Bring Advanced Capabilities to the Network

Queue up Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long”:

“It was 1989, my thoughts were short, my hair was long, caught somewhere between a boy and man.”

What’s this have to do with networking? In addition to “Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long,” 1989 was the year that Cisco held its first-ever Networkers customer event. Only a few hundred people attended that event as Cisco’s customer base and product portfolio was significantly smaller than it is today…
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How Bad Is The Carbon Footprint Of Machine Learning?

To create awareness among the machine learning community, especially the NLP community about the effects of training deep neural networks on the environment, Emma Strubell and her team at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, trained a variety of popular off-the-shelf NLP models, which can be converted to approximate carbon emissions and electricity costs.

NLP models could be trained and developed on a commodity laptop or server, many now…
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Introduction to Q-Learning with Python and Open AI Gym

In the previous article, we got familiar with reinforcement learning and the problem it is trying to solve. Reinforcement learning is the third paradigm or third type of learning in the universe of artificial intelligence. The other types of learning like supervised and unsupervised learning were covered on this site as well, so we decided to write a little bit about this completely different approach. In general, when we are talking about reinforcement learning we are talking about some type of interaction between self-learning agent and the environment.

Reinforcement Learning

The agent is trying to achieve som…
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Data Scalability Raises Considerable Risk Management Concerns

Are you frustrated by an increase in the quantity of the data that your organization handles? Well, you aren’t alone! Many businesses globally are dealing with big data which brings along a mix of benefits and challenges. A report by China’s International Data Corporation showed that global data would rise to 175 Zettabyte by 2025.

This growth means that you should prepare to handle even larger internal and external data soon. While you could be worried about the logistics, it’s necessary to realize that you’ll get lots of benefits from this phenomenon. As such…
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Protect Your Customers’ Lives Via Tech-Driven Innovation

As you heard from us at last month’s Digital Transformation & Innovation 2019 Forum, all your innovation investments and efforts should be focused on addressing customer experience needs and challenges. For nearly every industry, a key aspect of this is proactively addressing any health issues or risks your customers face or may encounter in the future.

Customer and employee health are pertinent to all markets; employees need to be healthy to do…
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Tech-First Startup Bank Aims to Wipe Out Customer Pain Points

For all the talk about eliminating the pain points in banking, an awful lot of pain seems to remain, despite a long list of technologies set to usher in a new age of smart, convenient banking. Many banks and credit unions remain bound up in traditional approaches and legacy systems, captives to their own histories and investments in old tech.

What would a painless banking experience look like? New York City’s Grasshopper Bank, N.A., the first ne…
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Entry-Level Amazon Tech Recruits Earn Huge Salaries

How much can a brand-new engineering recruit earn at Amazon?

That’s a pressing question as we head into summer, when many graduating computer-science majors in the United States are hunting for their first jobs. And while tech companies tend to keep quiet about their employment and salary data, candidates have a tendency to post their offers online—such as this magnificent Reddit thread.

We recently posted a dissection of Google’s entry-level s…
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The Gender Gap in Computer Science Research Won’t Close for 100 Years

Academia is also where the next generation of tech workers is taught.

“This definitely affects the field as a whole,” said Lucy Lu Wang, a researcher with the Allen Institute. “When there is a lack of leadership in computer science departments, it affects the number of women students who are trained and the number that enter the computer science industry.”

The study also indicated that men are growing less likely to collaborate with female rese…
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Traffic tech company INRIX approaches its 15th birthday, looks to AI to drive its business

Almost 15 years after INRIX was founded, the traffic technology company has emerged as a rare breed. It is a profitable, privately-held company that largely stopped fundraising when it became cashflow positive, and has been steadily trucking along ever since.

“When we started this business around the future of transportation data and preaching this connected car story, you have to appreciate there was no iPhone, iPad, or Tesla,” said INRIX CEO B…
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Using artificial intelligence to transform employee productivity

In the modern workplace, technology is the real game changer. The majority of businesses today are inclined towards investing in automated systems that are powered by artificial intelligence. The idea is to access data in real-time that boosts employee productivity.

Application of automated data engineering is no longer a vision. It is a reality that has long-term advantages by transforming employee performance within a business environment. AI,…
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Nice raise: New report shows Seattle tech salaries average $138K, trailing only Bay Area

Tech salaries just keep going up in Seattle, with the average pay jumping from $125,000 in 2015 to $138,000 today. That’s among the findings from career marketplace Hired in its latest State of Salaries report out on Thursday.

The report looks at trends in business hubs across the globe, including Seattle, and analyzes how much salaries have changed, which industries are paying the most, and how pay compares when cost of living is factored in.

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Quickly Navigating Python Libraries With ctags

Quickly Navigating Python Libraries With ctags

A tutorial for using ctags to efficiently navigate Python libraries for data scientists.

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As a machine learning practitioner, I often use open-source machine learning libraries, such as fastai and scikit-learn. After working with these libraries for awhile, you may reach the point where you want to do something that is not currently supported by a library (e.g., create a customized model), but you still may want to use many of the library functions. For example, I use fastai/PyTorch to design and train cus…
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Data Scalability Leads To New Evolutions In Smart Technology

Big data is changing the nature of the world we live in. It has created a number of new forms of smart technology, which are simplifying our lives in wonderful ways.

The classic example is with smart homes. You can probably remember watching movies about smart houses on the Disney Channel and other networks over the past 30 years. However, they are finally coming to live, largely due to new big data tech…
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LSTM Neural Networks: Text Generation (TensorFlow Keras)

LSTM: How to Train Neural Networks to Write like Lovecraft

LSTM Neural Networks have seen a lot of use in the recent years, both for text and music generation, and for Time Series Forecasting.

Today, I’ll teach you how to train a LSTM Neural Network for text generation, so that it can write with H. P. Lovecraft’s style.

In order to train this LSTM, we’ll be using TensorFlow’s Keras API for Python.

I learned about this subject from this awesom…
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GoPlannr Is Rethinking The Market For Insurers With Machine Learning Solutions

There has been tremendous growth in the use of emerging technologies in the finance sector. Fintech startups have been upending the incumbents with innovative solutions. This week, we spoke to Pranshu Diwan, co-founder of GoPlannr, that provides ML-based solutions to insurance companies. This Bangalore-based startup wants to help insurance companies bridge digital design and efficient operations through the help of learnings in ML algorithms, beh…
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Using Artificial Intelligence Methods To Win In Poker

Using Artificial Intelligence Methods To Win In Poker

Originally written in 2015, this articles reviews the state-of-the-art in poker research at the time and how brain-computer-interface technology can influence it.

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Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. Ori Cohen.

The concept of winning in Poker is easy, in theory, all you have to do is obtain the winning hand; a combination of five …
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HPE Advances Hybrid Cloud Strategy by Extending AI, Composability Across Portfolio

According to a recent press release, “Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today announced the continued expansion of its hybrid cloud portfolio with enhanced automation, more choice, workload-optimized solutions, and a consistent experience across clouds. These updates include extending AI-driven operations and composability across its portfolio, adding new workload-optimized infrastructure, and expanding choice of clouds through new partnerships wi…
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O2 signs up European Space Agency to test satellite systems for driverless cars in Oxfordshire

O2 is preparing to test satellite safety systems for 5G driverless cars in Oxfordshire in partnership with the European and British space agencies.

The project, at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus near Oxford, will see the mobile operator working with the European Space Agency, the British Space Agency, Spanish satellite operator Hispasat and driverless car start-ups to design systems that route traffic and road data to connected cars.

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Carrefour Sells 80 Per Cent Of Its Chinese Retail Operations To Suning For 4.8 Billion Yuan, a Chinese electronics retailer and e-commerce giant, has agreed to buy an 80 per cent stake in the Chinese operations of French supermarket retailer Carrefour SA for 4.8 billion yuan (US$699 million) in cash, reflecting how digital technologies continues to redraw the consumer landscape in the world’s second largest economy.

Suning said in a filing to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on Sunday evening that Carrefour will retain a 20 per c…
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Benchmarking Python Distributed AI Backends with Wordbatch

king Python Distributed AI Backends with Wordbatch

A comparison of the three major backend schedulers: Spark, Dask and Ray

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Towards Distributed Artificial Intelligence

Over the last few years Python has become the lingua franca of data science and artificial intelligence, with all of the prominent deep learning frameworks (Keras, Pytorch, MXNet) using Python as their main interface language. Compared to competing languages, Python rivals or exceeds in almost every aspect of DS&AI: latest machine learning algorithms and their efficient implementations (Scikit-L…
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A study about studies suggests men will still prevail in computer science in 2100

authors behind nearly 3 million research papers in the field suggests that could be the case for the rest of the 21st century.

The findings, reported by researchers at Seattle’s Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, point to how far the scientific community still has to go when it comes to gender equality in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM.

“In computer science and in other STEM fields, this kind of gender disparity has consistently been something that people have pointed to as a problem,” principal author Lucy Lu Wang told GeekWire. “It has definitely shown change and improvement…
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Revolutionary web scraping software to boost your business

If you were an Amazon seller, would you want to know the listing price of a product of all competitors? If you don’t have direct access to the Amazon database, then you’re out of luck. You’d have to browse and click through every single listing. Just for constructing a table of sellers and prices. This is where a web scraping tool comes in handy. It automatically downloads your desired information, including product names, sellers’ names, prices …
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Calculating performance and questions to ask potential providers

Transaction vs holdings-based performance calculations

It’s important for your firm to know the pros and cons of each method.

Whilst both methods provide inputs to analysis providing a breakdown of the returns, enabling the effectiveness of various investment strategies to be evaluated and explained, it is important to understand that the latter is limited in accuracy and granularity – although is less demanding in terms of data requirements.

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Here’s How Rich Dad’s Robert Kiyosaki Is Playing Gold’s Breakout

Robert Kiyosaki: Gold is God’s money. The government money is Fiat currency, the dollar, the yen, the euro. And then now we have people’s money called crypto. So the Fed is under a lot of pressure because they’re the real fakes. You know the Fed has destroyed the monetary system of the world along with essential banks. It has manipulated the market. In my opinion, they went criminal once they started just pumping working for basically Wall Street…
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Esri explores the intersection of machine learning and geography

Transform recently sat down with several customers at a Microsoft event highlighting emerging trends in data and artificial intelligence (AI). We spoke with Joel McCune, a spatial data scientist in GeoAI business development at Esri, which provides geographic information system (GIS) software.

TRANSFORM: How does your company use AI to serve customers?

JOEL MCCUNE: Our customers span a tremendous breadth and depth. All of them in various ways are struggling under the drowning amount of data that’s coming in, particularly as it r…
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The class divide shaping Coles new strategy

For customers in the mid-to-high affluence demographic – think the suburbs somewhere about 15 kilometres from the city – there will a premium offer, with a focus on “foodie” ranges and convenience.

Store format B is aimed at the middle class, medium-affluence customers in the middle ring of the suburbs. This will be the standard Coles format.

Door 3 is for what Coles calls mid-low affluence customers in the outer suburbs. This will be a low-cos…
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Slave to the machine or free for a dignified life?

Looking at the world of the future, we all wonder what will happen to work. Will we still have jobs? Will all the dumb jobs disappear so we no longer have call centres (replaced by chatbots and avatars); accountants and auditors (replaced by AI algorithms); Uber drivers and hotel check-in staff (replaced by robots); and so on and so forth.

There are lots of negative views of the world of the future, but my view is more positive. I see a future w…
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Sorolla and data science – Cuemacro

I had never heard of the painter, Sorolla, until I recently saw an advert on the Tube for an exhibition of his work at the National Gallery. This week, I visited the exhibition. What is immediately apparent from his work is the way he uses of light, and in particular sunlight (and perhaps it’s not a surprise that the exhibition was entitled Sorolla: Spanish Master of Light). The paintings have a particular ethereal quality to them, which is more …
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Big Data For Instagram: Using Data To Perfect Your Instagram Storyboard

agram stories like a pro, but don’t know how to go about it? You have come to the right page because we are going to discuss how you create the storyboard for Instagram stories. The good news is that big data has made it easier than ever to create powerful Instagram content.

How Big Data is Making Instagram Stories More Effective

Instagram marketers can’t ignore the benefits of big data. Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom recently announced that big data is becoming a leading big data company.

Instagram isn’t the only company focused on the benefits of big data. The marketers that use the platform need to…
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Amazon is coming for Madison Avenue’s talent, and it could be another blow to embattled agencies and ad-tech companies

Amazon has big advertising ambitions, and it’s coming after Madison Avenue’s talent to realize them.

Amazon trailed Facebook and Google in rolling out ads for fear of annoying consumers, but it’s now hiring in earnest. As of the week of June 17, its site listed about 190 full-time jobs open in New York, the epicenter of the ad industry, ranging from account executives to copywriters to a head of OTT partnerships.

Last month, Amazon was reported…
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How Big Tech is helping build the Pentagon’s all-seeing eye-in-the-sky

One day in the spring of 2008, Colonel John Montgomery walked into a ground-control station at Creech Air Force Base in Nevada for his regular shift flying a Predator drone over Iraq. The mission that day was an open patrol over Sadr City, a densely populated neighborhood in northeastern Baghdad. Montgomery’s squadron had been watching the area for weeks.



As Montgomery settled into his seat, his sensor operator turn…
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Big Data Advances Lead to More Optimal SEO-Predicated Hosting

Big data is a very important part of any digital marketing strategy. There are a number of reasons that machine learning, data analytics and Hadoop technology are changing SEO:

Machine learning is becoming more widely used in search engine algorithms. SEOs that use machine learning can partially reverse engineer these algorithms.

Big data helps SEO companies discover new linkbuilding opportunities and other venues for boosting their SERPs.

Big data helps companies find new hosting solutions that are compatible w…
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Cisco Puts Webex and AI at Center of Collaboration Strategy

by talking up its new “cognitive collaboration” strategy that spans Webex tools for video meetings to contact center interactions.

While cognitive implies plenty of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will be included, the strategy stresses the importance of making meetings and interactions simple to set up, reliable and secure.

The new Webex features and the vision of video agility are partly a response to Cisco’s bulky Telepresence system as well as to the changing nature of business and increasingly decentralized workforces. Employees expect to be able to join a meeting wherever they are.

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Here’s Why Data Conferences Are Important: What You Need To Know

The fact is phrases like “analyst” and “computer engineer” mean different things today than they did just a generation ago. Hardly anybody needs reminding, but computers and information technology move incredibly quickly these days. Whether you’ve got both feet in this world on a professional basis, or you’re an out-of-practice programmer wondering where things are headed, or you’re a CEO or CTO and you want to know what kinds of tech are worth t…
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Cloudian Releases Object Storage Solution for VMware

Cloudian is extending its native S3-compatible object storage solution for VMware Cloud Providers, managed directly from VMware vCloud Director.

“Now VMware service providers can offer S3-compatible services built on the Cloudian platform,” said Jon Toor, CMO of Cloudian.

The Cloudian solution gives VMware Cloud Providers a limitlessly scalable, cost-effective, and feature-rich storage foundation for delivering new and enhanced value-add servic…
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Salesforce Unveils CDP for Next Gen Customer 360

Salesforce has unveiled its Customer Data Platform (CDP) with the next generation of Customer 360. New platform services will enable companies to unify disparate customer data throughout their entire organization and then personalize every engagement based on a single view of the customer. Customer 360 will go beyond traditional CDP capabilities and extend the power of CRM with consumer-scale data management and activation.

The latest Salesforce…
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How scientists are fighting back against the coming deepfake sh*t-show

Deepfake audio and video distributed widely on social networks has the potential to cause untold chaos and violence. Imagine a deepfaked video of Joe Biden (or some other presidential candidate) announcing he’s ceding the race early on election night 2020, causing millions of would-be voters to leave polling places. (Already, the pace of production seems to be accelerating, with that creepy Mark Zuckerberg video and “drunk” Nancy Pelosi video goi…
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Cybersecurity Expert On Improving Security from the Inside Out

Cybersecurity Expert On Improving Security from the Inside Out

Faizan Raza Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jun 24

Photo by Goran Ivos on Unsplash


The Cambridge Analytica scandal was a watershed moment for cybersecurity. It certainly wasn’t the first time a major company observed the misuse of user data, but its connection to the 2016 U.S. presidential election significantly amplified its media coverage.

Ever since the scandal, …
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Cult beauty brand SK-II’s new spokesperson is a total fake

Long before human robots stroll the streets with us, they’ll be posting and socializing right alongside us on the internet, piercing the meniscus between reality and unreality. They are already doing it. Yumi, a new brand ambassador for Japanese cult skincare brand SK-II, is the latest member of a growing gang of digital humans and faux-influencers. What is most remarkable about her is not that she is a fake model doing brand work. She’s not an i…
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Vuoi diventare un guru di Intelligenza artificiale, machine learning, big data e data analysis? Ecco cosa leggere e che corsi (gratis) fare

In informatica e nelle sue derivazioni nulla è trascendentale. Qualsiasi argomento, anche ostico, è perfettamente comprensibile e assimilabile. Occorre un metodo di studio, certo, così come occorre partire da risorse attendibili e adeguate al proprio livello di conoscenza.

Cominciamo quindi con risorse dedicate ai novizi, gratuite e (per fortuna) in lingua inglese.

Un mondo variegatissimo

Guarda anche

Multidisciplinarità e trasversalità sono …
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Healthcare tech company Accolade to double headcount in Seattle with new HQ office

Four years after establishing a second headquarters in Seattle, healthcare technology company Accolade is betting big on the city once more with plans to double its staff and open new offices with room to accommodate more than 225 employees.

Accolade is renovating two floors at 1201 Third at a cost of $2.5 million, according to a building permit application filed with the city. Amy Colby, an interior designer at Bellevue, Wash.-based JPC Archite…
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Adam Cheyer: Samsung’s plan for winning with Bixby is empowering third-party developers

ut digital assistants. He previously led the Cognitive Assistant that Learns and Organizes (CALO) project at SRI International’s Artificial Intelligence Center, which sought to integrate cutting-edge machine learning techniques into a platform-agnostic cognitive assistant. Cheyer was on the founding team of Siri, the startup behind the eponymous AI assistant technology that Apple acquired in 2010 for $200 million, and he cofounded Viv Labs, which emerged from stealth in 2016 after spending four years developing an assistant platform designed to handle complex queries.

Samsung acquired Viv in October 2016 for…
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