AI & Machine Learning News. 29, July 2019

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IBM’s New Open-Source Data Asset Exchange For AI

IBM’s Center for Open-Source Data and AI Technologies (CODAIT) recently unveiled a pair of carefully curated databases designed to provide machine learning developers models and datasets for AI projects. MAX, or Model Assets Exchange, is an online open-source repository for trainable/deployable AI models. You don’t necessarily have to be an AI expert to use the database – there’s even a tutorial that’ll walk you through developing an AI that can write captions – but some of the models available will probably only appeal to enterprise developers. (So…
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CloudQuant Thoughts…

The Red Hat merger is starting to bear fruits as IBM steps up to help people get started with machine learning. This one is aimed squarely at beginners and has a 2 hour Estimated time to complete. Jump right in at this link if you want to give it a try! No matter what line of work you find yourself in, in the future, ML and AI knowledge and skills will be hugely beneficial.

Combining alternative datasets to generate alpha – Cuemacro

There are many conditions which are necessary for alternative data to be effective within the investment process. There are lots of folks who bemoan alternative data, because datasets don’t always have a “magic” trading signal on the surface. Yes, there are many alternative datasets, which don’t have much of a signal, and yet there’s a significant cost to obtaining these datasets. Just because data is rare and unusual doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a signal. However, this kind of misses the point. On many occasions, to get signals from alternative datasets (or indeed more common datasets), the trick isn’t just finding that special dataset which is the “secret sauce” in isolation…
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CloudQuant Thoughts…

 The last few years have been dominated by a rush to get access to Alternative Datasets with unknown value and potentially rapidly decaying alpha. As the article states, these datasets can and will provide future value if combined in imaginative and judicious ways. Watch this space as we are working hard to provide a product that will make the research and location of those underutilized nuggets of data in the data mining space.

10 Popular AutoML Tools Machine Learning Developers Can Use

In a bid to promote democratisation and to fill in the gaps in domain expertise, AutoML or automated machine learning came to the fore. There is a lot of talk about democratisation of data science nowadays. But, who is doing what? Datasets are being open-sourced by tech majors along with frameworks and platforms that can assist the user in deploying pretrained models. Here are few AutoML tools that make machine learning pipeline building relatively effortless:

  • Auto-Keras
  • H20AutoML
  • SMAC
  • Amazon Lex
  • ROBO

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CloudQuant Thoughts… As depicted in our lead video this week, AutoML is the future, but just as our phones turn us into video editors and musicians we are still no Spielbergs or Beatles. AutoML is the power-tool of Machine Learning. An extremely valuable addition to the tool-set of the professional. The turnkey ML is still not here but these tools are a huge step in that direction.

Digital Assets Data closes USD3.2m equity round led by North Island

Digital Assets Data, a financial technology and data company focused on the burgeoning cryptoasset industry, has closed its first equity funding round, led by North Island, the investment firm of prominent technology investor and Silver Lake co-founder Glenn Hutchins, along with his son, James Hutchins.

After launching the Digital Assets Data platform with a USD6 million raise in its seed round earlier this year, this new injection of capital is…
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3 Attractive Dividend Stocks Whose Dividends Could Double — The Motley Fool

To paraphrase Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, dividend stocks are the gifts that keep on giving. It’s great to have a stock that pays you to own it. Even better is a dividend stock that gives investors nice raises on a regular basis by increasing the dividend payout.

But what if you could find attractive dividend stocks with dividends that could double within the next few years? The good news is that you can. Here’s why Ba…
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AI & Big Data Expo Returns to North America November 2019

Date: 13-14th November 2019

Location: Santa Clara, CA


The AI & Big Data Expo North America, the leading Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Conference & Exhibition is taking place on November 13-14th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. It will showcase the next generation technologies and strategies from the world of Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, providing an opportunity to explore and discover the practical and successful implementation of AI & Big Data to dr…
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AI on the Edge Evolving Rapidly with Specialized Chips

By AI Trends Staff

Edge computing brings computation and data storage closer to where it is needed, to improve response times and save bandwidth. Now more AI is being incorporated into edge devices, from IoT devices to smartphones to automobiles, as edge compute power increases and AI algorithms improve.

As the edge computer processes, only a subset of data generated by sensors is sent to the cloud, saving on bandwidth and cloud storage costs, …
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A Modern Romance? AI in the Age of Emancipation

A Modern Romance? AI in the Age of Emancipation

How Artificial Intelligence Hype Keeps Us Stuck in “The Good Old Days”

Most of us have intimate relationships with artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence, or “AI” means different things to different people, but all definitions concern the way women and minorities relate to technology, and how those technologies adapt to us — or don’t.

Our current relationship to AI is reminiscent of how the publishing industry …
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Big Data Is Already A Thing Of The Past: Welcome To Big Data AI

Not long ago, big data was one of the most talked about tech trends, as was artificial intelligence (AI). But, in case people need a reminder of how fast technology evolves, they only need to consider something newer — big data AI. It combines elements of both technologies.

AI allows computers to perform cognitive functions, much like the human brain. It can also make adjustments based on what the information shows. I…
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How ESG Impacts the Next Generation of Portfolio Managers

eenwood Project to discuss how ESG impacts theirs investment decisions.

Robert Whitmore IV, an International Development major at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign currently serving as a Data Analytics & Transactions Marketing intern at Nasdaq and the CEO of the Greenwood Impact Fund

Christopher Holloway, a senior at Drake University studying Finance with a focus on insurance with plans to pursue a career in asset management after graduation and the CIO of the Greenwood Impact Fund

Hayes Bynum, a recent graduate of the University of Iowa where he studied Mathematics and currently is a fixed i…
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Compact Solutions Announces Launch of New Data Lineage Power Tools

A recent press release reports, “Compact Solutions, the Unified Data Governance company, announced today a new set of powerful tools that empower users to gain more value out of their data. These power tools will help organizations attain greater value from their data catalog investments. They work together with or independently of its capstone data lineage product MetaDex™– industry leader in providing complete data lineage from many complex tec…
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7 Steps to Ensure and Sustain Data Quality

7 Steps to Ensure and Sustain Data Quality Stephanie Shen Follow Jul 29 · 10 min read

Several years ago, I met a senior director from a large company. He mentioned the company he worked for was facing data quality issues that eroded customer satisfaction, and he had spent months investigating the potential causes and how to fix them. “What have you found?” I asked eagerly. “It is a tough issue. I did not find a single cause, on the contrary, man…
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Machine Learning Helps Discover New Polymers Which Can Be Used For 5G Connectivity

Over the last few years, the chances of creating new conducting polymers with the help of machine learning have caught the attention of many researchers in the field of chemistry. Now, a team of researchers has discovered a new kind of polymer which contains high thermal conductivity and can be beneficial to the 5G mobile communication technologies.

Researcher Ryo Yoshida said that many aspects remain to be explored, such as “training” computational systems to work with limited data by adding more su…
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Data Science with Python explained

Data Science with Python explained

An overview of using Python for data science including Numpy, Scipy, pandas, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, TensorFlow and Keras.

So you’ve heard of data science and you’ve heard of Python.

You want to explore both but have no idea where to start — data science is pretty complicated, after all.

Don’t worry — Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn. And thanks…
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How Long Will IT Remain a Viable Career in the Age of AIOps?

Click to learn more about author James Kobielus.

IT tends to go in and out of fashion as a career path, in terms of the money, glamour, and potential for career advancement. But it has always seemed to be a safe bet, in terms of giving the reasonably competent access to a wide range of opportunities.

However, the advance of AI-driven automation in IT—also known as “AIOps’—has shaken up this profession. This trend has caused many tech profession…
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WANdisco and Enable Data Join Forces to Migrate Hadoop Analytical Workloads to Databricks

A recent press release reports, “WANdisco, the LiveData company, and Enable Data, a leading provider of advanced data, application and cloud engineering services, announced a partnership to accelerate the migration of data and analytics workloads to Microsoft Azure Cloud. The integration between Azure Databricks, WANdisco and Enable Data provides a proven, scalable solution that offers non-blocking and continuous data migration. It offers an auto…
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Supply Chain Management Software Suppliers Using AI to Optimize

tages, overstocking and poor customer experiences.

To procure raw materials, manage trading partners, plan sequences and execute tasks while processing huge volumes of data, is a large task, fit for data analytics using AI.

AI has been used since the early 2000s to forecast demand using historical shipping daa, according to an account in DisCo (short for Disruptive Competition Project). Procter & Gamble Co., for example, has used sophisticated models to understand demand signals from point-of-sale data, retailer warehouse and outlet inventory and retailer forecasts, for over a decade. P&G announced in 201…
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Enterprise Data Unification and Knowledge Graphs: Making Complexity Simple

A challenge for large businesses working with data is how to manage and unify it. Many companies, seeking to better utilize their data, collect massive amounts of data regarding their customers’ online activity, preferences, and demographics. This can lead to the development of vast data lakes. Without a screening process, a data lake will enable “data hoarding.” A badly organized data lake is often pejoratively called a data swamp.

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Two Views of AI Competition Between the US and China

By AI Trends Staff

Two recent reports show contrasting views of the AI competition between the US and China. A recent report in Politico suggests the US is losing, and another report in The Intercept questions what it is the US might be losing.

The former Soviet Union launched Sputnik in 1957, beating the US into space. The next year, the US launched the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, to focus on long-term research and potentially b…
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Collibra Creates Solution for Privacy Regulations

Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, is launching Collibra Privacy & Risk, a new enterprise-grade product that will empower organizations to proactively manage personal data assets.

The platform will enable compliance with privacy regulations, help to protect data, and unlock new opportunity from insights.

The latest addition to the Collibra platform, the new product includes modules for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the EU…
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Not All Data is Created Equal: Why Companies Need a Data Governance Strategy to Succeed

We live in a data-driven culture – no doubt about it. From smartphones to tractors, almost everything around us generates some form of data. To make matters more challenging, data is not only expanding in size and volume, but also in complexity. New forms of data are appearing overnight, and companies are struggling to keep up.

Forward-thinking companies are already turning to data governance to make sense of their data and to stay ahead of the …
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Hadoop vs MongoDB: Which Tool Is Better For Harnessing Big Data

According to a research report, the Hadoop big data analytics market is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 40% over the next four years. Given the current state where enterprises are dealing with a vast amount of structured and unstructured data, cost-effective Hadoop big data solutions are widely deployed to analyse data better.

Relational databases cannot manage unstructured data. That’s where Hadoop and MongoDB big data solutions come into the pi…
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Collibra Announces New ‘Privacy & Risk’ Product

Collibra, a data governance software firm with headquarters in New York City and Brussels, has announced the launch of Collibra Privacy & Risk, an enterprise-targeted product that aims to improve businesses’ ability to comply with privacy regulations and allow for more data insights.

Collibra Privacy & Risk – which will become available in September of this year – includes modules that enable compliance with the California Consumer Privacy Act (…
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AI advances negate retail banking explainability

AI platforms will become so advanced that explaining their decisions to retail banking customers would be secondary to the service provided, according to market participants, though developers and corporate users will need more understanding than ever before.

“AI will eventually achieve a level of complexity that makes it virtually indistinguishable from human customer support,” says Henry Vaage Iversen, co-founder of AI firm Boost.Ai. “In this …
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8 Best Practices for Approaching Master Data Governance in the Cloud

Expanding your footprint to the cloud has gotten easier in recent years, and as a result, a growing community of data consumers are now motivated and energized to collect, capture, store, and analyze data for insights and business decision making. While more enterprise organizations are looking to go all-in on cloud, CIOs will learn that the nature of their data may require a hybrid approach to truly modernize their IT infrastructure. In fact, Ga…
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ESG data provider Truvalue Labs launches new SASB edition

Truvalue Labs, a specialist in AI-driven environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, has launched a raft of enhancements to its ESG data platform, including the integration of the final codified Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework, expanded company coverage to more than 16,000 public and private companies globally, the addition of six new languages and expanded fixed income coverage.

The company also announced the rel…
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DBA Corner: Db2-The AI Database and more!

The latest release of Db2, version 11.5, unleashed on the world in June 2019, is being marketed by IBM as “The AI Database.” AI, or artificial intelligence, has been increasing in popularity and utility for several years now. Indeed, AI technology is being infused into many aspects of our everyday lives, including in social media, health care, self-driving automobiles, virtual assistants (e.g., Siri, Alexa, etc.), and just about every business sector in some form. AI promises to be one of the biggest technological game-changers of this century as it…
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What’s Ahead in Big Data and Analytics


From data lakes and the cloud, to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the world of big data and analytics continues to evolve rapidly. The demand for fast access to information through better self-service capabilities is growing. At the same time, the need for improved governance and security practices is also intensifying. In response, leading organizations are turning to innovative new technologies and strategies to reinforce their analytics ecosystems with grea…
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Rise of the Robots: How Can the Next Generation Compete?

Today’s video explores how automation and AI are accelerating the skill shift needed for the future of work. How can young people stay ahead of this curve?

The Race to an AI-Powered Future

By 2030, artificial intelligence (AI) will boost the global economy by $15.7 trillion. However, this growth comes at a steep cost. Improvements in labor and productivity from automation could displace up to 800 million jobs by the same year—nearly 30% of workers worldwide.

With computers able to handle the same amount of work much faster than humans, various industries are on the chopping block. Understandably, young Americans …
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Ag-Analytics helps farmers and researchers use AI to prepare for climate change

Severe weather is impacting agriculture across the globe. The Midwestern United States has been continually flooding since March, inflicting $2.9 billion in property damage and threatening the livelihoods of farmers throughout the region. Internationally, food security is under threat from an onslaught of drought, while agriculture is already subject to the challenges of thin margins and complex global trade. Meanwhile, there is increasing pressu…
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Hadoop is a popular enabler for big data. But with data volumes growing exponentially, analytics have become restricted and painfully slow, requiring arduous data preparation. Often, querying weeks, months, or years of data is simply infeasible.

The now expensive nodes you need to support are strained, and the complex data architecture built around Hadoop struggles to bring business insights.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

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Your AI Efforts Won’t Succeed Unless They Benefit Employees

Automation and AI are often perceived by the companies that leverage them as an important source of labor productivity. Many workers in such companies, however, tend to see the adoption of these and other technologies as putting their jobs in jeopardy or creating more stressful workplaces. These fears could be material, with heightened risk aversion creating unintended negative consequences. What if workers fear the future so much that it changes…
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Microsoft invests $1 billion in OpenAI, vows to build AI tech platform of ‘unprecedented scale’

Microsoft will invest $1 billion in OpenAI and work with the San Francisco-based artificial intelligence powerhouse to create a computational platform of “unprecedented scale” to accelerate the development of advanced forms of AI.

The expanded partnership gives Microsoft and its Azure cloud platform an influential ally in its competition with Google, Amazon and other rivals in the high-stakes race to develop next-generation AI platforms and technologies. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has called out A…
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5 ways AI is changing content marketing

f Siri and Cortana in electronic devices. Simply defined, AI is artificial intelligence or a computer program that mimics the way people behave and think. One huge benefit of AI is that it allows for machine learning.

Machine learning is essentially a computer program that enables machines to analyze patterns in human behavior. Social media behemoth Facebook uses both AI and machine learning to analyze text, recognize faces in photos, and target ads. Collecting and analyzing information about users allows artificial intelligence programs to gain more insight into how users work.

While marketers might be hes…
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Curt Engler Leaves J.P. Morgan AM For Citi

A veteran senior buy-side equities trader is moving to the sell side.

Curt Engler, formerly head of equity trading at J.P. Morgan Asset Management in New York, has joined Citi to be head of execution services in Asia Pacific, according to media reports.

Engler confirmed the move to Markets Media and declined additional comment.

Engler joined J.P. Morgan AM in 2010 and moved the trading desk forward in areas such as automation, data science, an…
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What’s Up @IHSMarkit? A Twitter Story

Following up on a recent article about alternative data, Markets Media visited IHS Markit to learn more.

2/ London-based @IHSMarkit ($INFO) provides info (duh), analytics & expertise to >50K biz and gov’t customers. IHS & Markit merged in ’16; other acquisitions have included #Ipreo and @OPIS. Here’s the recent stock chart. — Markets Media (@marketsmedia) July 23, 2019

4/ Meet TJ Gilligan, Exec Dir, #Equities & Alt Data. A…
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Intel’s Q2 earnings stronger as PC market stabilizes and revenues hit $16.5 billion

Intel slightly beat Wall Street’s expectations for the second quarter as the giant chip company reported non-GAAP earnings of $1.06 a share on revenue of $16.5 billion.

For the period ending June, analysts had expected Intel to report non-GAAP earnings of 89 cents a share and GAAP earnings of 83 cents a share on revenues of $15.6 billion. Intel’s internet of things business provided strong growth, as did its Mobileye business.

The results come …
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LSE Shares Surge After Confirming $27 Billion Refinitiv Talks With Blackstone

London Stock Exchange Group (LNSTY) shares hit a fresh record high Monday after confirming its in talks with private equity group Blackstone Group (BX – Get Report) over the potential sale of analytics firm Refinitiv that would boost the exchange operator’s global reach in fixed income and data markets.

Under terms of the deal, which are still be negotiated, the LSE Group would acquire Refinitiv for around $27 billion, including debt, while brin…
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Levyx and HarperDB Partnership Paves the Way to a Smarter IoT Edge

According to a recent press release, “Levyx Inc., a leading provider of ultra-low latency data processing software that brings high performance to demanding enterprise applications, announced today its partnership with HarperDB, the leading edge data management platform. A key to early adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments has been the ability to make communication across complex networks simpler, and HarperDB has been laying this foun…
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Modern Data Warehousing: Enterprise Must-Haves


To fit into modern analytics ecosystems, legacy data warehouses must evolve—both architecturally and technologically—to deliver the agility, scalability and flexibility that business need to thrive in today’s data-driven economy. Alongside new architectural approaches, a variety of technologies have emerged as key ingredients of modern data warehousing, from data vir…
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Six Amazing Deep Learning Implementations You Should Know About

Click to learn more about author Gilad David Maayan.

Deep learning is an advanced form of machine learning. Deep learning refers to the ability of computer systems, known as deep artificial neural networks, to learn from data autonomously using algorithms. These algorithms recognize identifying characteristics of the data.

An artificial neural network is designed to mimic a biological neural network using input layers, output layers, and multiple hidden layers containing mathematical functions called…
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How to defuse the ticking time bomb of bad data in AML compliance

There are countless ways data can become “bad” data. Whether it is due to siloed data sources across the enterprise, inflexible legacy systems that were not built to interact with modern day technology, lack of budget or resources to clean up years’ worth of inaccurate data entry, or simply human error, poor data quality is at the core of compliance screening problems that anti-money laundering (AML) professionals must deal with daily.

In most o…
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Prepare For The Business Of Tomorrow, Today

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur

This is a reprint from my recent Forbes Technology Council article.

My experience in business process automation has given me firsthand exposure to the kind of job displacement that’s possible as new technologies emerge. As I (and others) have said, we’re in the midst of another industrial revolution, and things will be different this time around.

In the 18th and 19th centuries, machines heavil…
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UNSW Professor Sallie Pearson added to National Data Advisory Council

University of New South Wales Professor Sallie Pearson has joined the National Data Advisory Council, the group which guides Australia’s National Data Commissioner on best data sharing practice in the public sector.

Professor Pearson, a health services researcher and behavioural scientist, will fill the vacancy left by retiring Professor Fiona Stanley AC.

The council, which met for the first time in March this year, consists of private and publ…
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Dow Futures Drift Lower, Dollar Holds Gains With Fed Rates, US Earnings in Focus

The Monday Market Minute

Global stocks mixed ahead of a hectic week on Wall Street that includes more than 150 corporate earnings reports, a key reading of the domestic jobs market and a crucial Fed rate decision.

Asia shares drift lower after a weaker-than-expected reading for China’ industrial profits and reduced expectations for trade talks between Washington and Beijing.

European shares gain as merger activity and a weaker euro support mar…
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Here are 25 of the most innovative CIOs leading their companies’ strategies in cloud computing, cybersecurity, and AI, according to experts and their peers

The job of the chief information officer was simpler about 20 years ago. CIOs focused mainly on managing servers and the office PCs, deciding which software to use, and making sure the IT team in the company data center had everything they needed.

The cloud and other big trends in enterprise IT changed that — dramatically.

Today, CIOs have much more to think and worry about. Should they move everything to the cloud and abandon in-house data cen…
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Four Steps Enterprises Can Take to Create a Data-Driven Work Culture

In the latest installment of the annual NewVantage Partners Big Data and AI Executive Survey of blue-chip organizations, it was discovered that:

Only 31% of the organizations surveyed have succeeded in creating a data-driven enterprise

1% say business adoption of big data and AI initiatives remains a major challenge

95% blame company culture

Was I surprised to see these stats? No. Still, it’s incredibly disheartening all the same when all the ingredients you n…
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Why Investing in Your Team’s Data Culture Could Be the Most Important Money You Spend

Most executives today recognize the need to become data-driven and view their “digital transformation” initiatives as the means to do so. More technology means more data, right? Often, these efforts stumble and fail because being data-driven is not just about having more data. According to a recent survey from New Vantage Partners, 69% of executives report they have not created a data-driven organization — and the percentage of companies identify…
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Regional Sales Manager, Alternative Data Platform (New York City covering North America)

Finiti is excited to be working with this fast-growing disruptor in the Alternative Data solutions space. The firm is proving to be a great success in Europe and North America and senior management are now looking for a dedicated new business salesperson in New York, NY. The successful candidate will be ‘first in region’ and so must be an ambitious, self-starter with the confidence and ability to work alongside the founders of the company to drive sales growth in the region.

2019-07-22 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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Quantexa adds to board

Quantexa, a decision intelligence company specialising in AI and network analytics, has added John McAdam, board member of data visualisation company Tableau, to its board.

With over 30 years’ experience, McAdam served as president and CEO of F5 Networks where he brought the company to profitability and grew annual revenue from USD100 million to USD2 billion. Prior to this, he was General Manager of the web server sales business at IBM, after se…
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8 Chicago Tech Companies Hiring Junior and Entry-Level Software Engineers Right Now

We all have to start somewhere and for those job hunting post-graduation or after a career change, getting a foot in the company door without at least a few years of experience can be difficult. Though software engineers and developers are in high demand, finding a position without a lot of experience can be tough. Fortunately, we’re here to help and have rounded up eight cool tech companies with open junior and entry-level software engineer jobs…
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Game-Changing Technologies For Today’s Data Scene

While change has always been a part of the database credo, the growing emphasis on data-driven decision making in today’s economy has resulted in a dizzying plethora of technologies and methodologies entering the market. The number and scope of game-changing technologies are too numerous to mention, and one thing is certain: Database management will never be the same. We have identified some of the most promising technology initiatives, based on …
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Hey buddy, got a light?

Or a vape pen? Patch? Edible?

Cannabis, in one shape or form is everywhere one looks these days. It’s in the supermarkets and health food stores as CBD. But, as recent legislation and public opinion shows, cannabis in its whole form is coming. Michael Yorke, CEO and Director at CROP Corp, a cannabis company, took time out of his schedule and spoke with Traders Magazine on the state of cannabis legislation and funding and…
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‘Anonymous’ data might not be so anonymous, study shows

We’ve all done it: When signing up for an account online, we’ve clicked “I agree” to have our data sold to third parties. It will be anonymized, we’re assured, and only a small percentage of data will be made available to others.

But how secure can we be that our personal data can’t be traced back to us? That’s the central question that a team of researchers at Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium and Imperial College London sought to ans…
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New Tool Focuses on Links Within Networks

Community detection algorithms used to evaluate how groups are clustered or partitioned are being used to determined how similar groups tend to either bind closer together or break apart. That capability is critical for data analysts trying to understand the structure of complex networks.

A new computational tool described by researchers at the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering promises to streamline the ability t…
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Are All Explainable Models Trustworthy?

Picture: Thinkstock

Explainable AI or Explainable Data Science is one of the top buzzwords of Data Science at the moment. Models that are explainable are seen as the

A frequently given to make models more explainable is that they will then be trusted more readily by users, and sometimes it appears people assume the ideas are almost synonymous. For example, the paper introducing the influential LIME method of explaining black box models was titled ‘Why Shoul…
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Biocept brings tremendous value to the healthcare system with its AI partnership

( ) CEO Mike Nall tells Proactive Investors the California-based molecular diagnostics company is making progress on its artificial intelligence collaboration with Prognos Inc.

Nall says Prognos uses data that Biocept generates with its liquid biopsy tests from different cancers to analyze trends to identify and develop targeted therapies based on the genomic of a patient’s tumor. Nall says investors should look out for how Biocept and Prognos sell this data to Big Pharma and create an additional revenue stream….
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Is Big Data Transforming Our Broken Hospital Management Systems?

The healthcare industry is happily embracing big data. Hospitals around the world are finding that data can have a profound impact on their operations. A lot of the emphasis so far has been on the use of big data to better engage with external third-parties, but big data can be equally valuable for managing internal hospital systems.

Big Data is the Key to Improving the Efficiency of Hospital Management Systems?

A 2015 article by Evariant showed s…
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The System Becomes the Culture: Nurturing a Systemic Approach to IT Ops

We are at an inflection point in the rise of big data. Enterprise IT infrastructure is producing data at a scale like the world has never seen before. IT operations (ITOps) management has accelerated past the notion of data storage and processing (vis-à-vis the Hadoop model) and into the world of analytics-as-a-service.

What we need now are systems to drive insights and manage change on-demand. In fact, we need a new operating model for IT in th…
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An Actual Application for the MNIST Digits Classifier

Sudoku Puzzles Even Faster Than Advertised

Have you ever thought to yourself “I just made a great MNIST classifier! Now what?”. While the handwritten digits dataset is a great, clean way to get into machine learning (on the classification side, anyway), it is rightly dubbed the “Hello World” of the field. You can use it to make a sensible ML pipeline and learn how to implement different kinds of models, but it doesn’t have much use past that… until now. One of my first posts here used some basic python data structures and logic to solve Sudoku puzzles about twice as fast as you could blink, but I had to manu…
2019-07-29 00:15:36.087000+00:00 Read the full story…
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Australian Agtech FluroStat raises $4.6 million to expand globally

Agronomic analytics company, FluroSat, announced its successful closing of a new $4.6 million funding round backed by M12, Microsoft’s venture fund, Costanoa Ventures, Space Capital, Artesian/GRDC GrainInnovate Fund, Artesian Clean Energy Seed Fund, along with existing investors including CSIRO’s Main Sequence Ventures, AirTree Ventures and Telstra’s muru-D.

The new funding, together with over $3 million in federal grants from the Australian gov…
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The Future Of Work Is An Adaptive Workforce

To Build An Adaptive Enterprise, Build An Adaptive Workforce

The future of work isn’t something that happens to you — it’s something you create for your company and your own career. Unfortunately, C-level technology and business leaders are often uncertain on how to do it. We’ve just released a major new report, “The Adaptive Workforce Will Drive The Future Of Work,” to establish a North Star for your aspirations — and a blueprint for how to get…
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How to screw up a Computer Vision project

Lesson 1: Over promise, under deliver

AI is hype, no doubt about it. It’s very easy to over promise and to under deliver. Best example? Autonomous cars. They are the perfect example of over-promising in the AI field! It’s fun to review what automakers told about their autonomous cars vision back in 2016. Turns out some of them were pretty optimistic, gasp.

Tesla Semi prototype (Steve Jurvetson). Is promising big stuff a good idea?

On the other…
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New machine learning model sifts through the good to unearth the bad in evasive malware

We continuously harden machine learning protections against evasion and adversarial attacks. One of the latest innovations in our protection technology is the addition of a class of hardened malware detection machine learning models called monotonic models to Microsoft Defender ATP‘s Antivirus.

Historically, detection evasion has followed a common pattern: attackers would build new versions of their malware and test them offline again…
2019-07-25 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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Big Data Meets Divorce: How Companies Take Advantage Of Life Changes

Big data is everywhere. Each time you swipe a grocery store card, make a purchase online or buy from a big-box store, your shopping habits are being stored somewhere. What many consumers don’t realize is that companies are using this information to take advantage of their major life changes, including divorce.

While divorce rates are down compared to 20 years ago, nearly 50% of all marriages will still e…
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Saint Lucia Investors Turn To Big Data For Massive ROIs

Big data is being used by countless investors all over the world. You are going to need to understand the role that predictive analytics and other big data technology plays in investing. This is especially true with investing in emerging markets.

Global Investors Use Big Data to Invest in Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a country located on the island of the same name. It’s part of the Lesser Antilles archip…
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Coherent policy key to sparking innovation

It was a disastrous 88th for levels of high-technology exports, with Australia’s only top-10 ranking being for ease of getting credit.

Mr Zelinsky said a lack of direction in industry policy was not helping matters.

University of Newcastle vice-chancellor Alex Zelinsky says Australia lacks a directed industry policy. Peter Braig

The undirected Research and Development Tax Incentive remains the vast bulk of the government’s spend on innovation,…
2019-07-29 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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Digital platform concerns need global response

If they are proven to have breached the act, Sims said, they could face fines worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

When Sims, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Communications Minister Paul Fletcher released a 623-page report into digital platforms they all highlighted the benefit to consumers and public good created by Google and Facebook, particularly for consumers of news media.

But they spent most of their time talking about the need to harmon…
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Positive Sentiment: 0.1327, Negative Sentiment 0.3016

Amazon’s newest Alexa accelerator cohort shows how voice apps and business models are maturing

ce technology.

Nine startups from across the country will spend the next three months at the Techstars Seattle office, building their companies and finding unique ways to incorporate Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence and machine learning-powered voice platform.

Amazon didn’t really know what type of founders it would attract when the company launched its Alexa Accelerator in 2017 with Techstars, said Paul Bernard, Amazon director of worldwide corporate development. The first class ended up being one of the most successful in Techstars history, based on initial fundraising results.

Since then, voice technolo…
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Microsoft Top Software Engineer Salaries: How High Do They Go?

How much can top software engineers make at Microsoft?

That’s an excellent question for anyone who’s interested in working their way up the career ladder at a big tech firm—after all, even if you don’t land a job at Microsoft itself, the company’s salaries often influence how much other firms pay their most senior tech professionals.

According to, which crowd-sources salary information, Microsoft pays its engineers who hit level 67 (…
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Chatbots and AI: top trends that will help businesses grow in 2019

The year 2019 has been the year of huge technological changes!

We are already seeing artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice assistants, and chatbots penetrating in our daily lives and bringing positive changes. Companies are integrating these developments in their process to generate more revenue and serve their customers successfully. One of the best examples is of chatbots, which are providing impressive service to customers across the world.

Chatbots in companies and different industries

Allstate , one of …
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Big Data Proliferates The Online Gaming Industry In A Surprising Way

The data analytics industry has its eyes on the digital gaming industry. The market is huge. STATS, a leading innovator in big data solutions, has recently partnered with a number of digital gaming sites to offer cutting-edge solutions.

Big Data is Changing the Online Gaming Industry in Numerous Ways

Jordan Bailey recently wrote an insightful article on Medium about the role of big data in the digital gaming indu…
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The 10 Best Business Intelligence Tools For Small And Big Business

Big or small, every business needs good tools to analyze data and develop the most suitable business strategy based on the information they get.

Business intelligence tools are means that help companies get insights from their data and get a better understanding of what directions and trends to follow. Regardless of the scale of your business, implementing the right business intelligence tool can help you get more use of your data than ever and …
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Amazon plans to upskill 100,000 employees. Here’s what that means for the future of work

Amazon’s announcement that it will invest US$700 million to retrain 100,000 employees—a third of its U.S. workforce—in new technologies is the latest reminder that the much-heralded future of work is well underway.

Policy makers, analysts, and scholars trying to discern the retailer’s motives and objectives chalked it up to a public relations move or the natural result of a tight labor market. Others deemed it standard retraining and investment….
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Australia ‘underweight on the value of technology’ says Wisetech boss

The combination has made Wisetech Global a remarkably strong Australian tech business serving a truly global market. Yet it’s a company few Australians have heard of despite it now having a market cap of over $10 billion and plans for ever more rapid growth internationally.

Wisetech develops and implements cloud-based logistics software for more than 12,000 customers in 130 countries needing to navigate the confusion of regulations, internationa…
2019-07-29 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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Oracle Autonomous Database – Under the Hood

e hood of the Oracle Autonomous Database and get a clear understanding of how this unique Autonomous Database works.

We’ll share our exclusive combination of database features, best practices, and machine learning algorithms that make up this family of cloud services. With the use of live demos, you will see how it can simplify your approach to data management and accelerate your transition to the cloud.

Make your life easier with the Oracle Autonomous Database. Focus on your business rather than technology. Hear how you can: Spend less – eliminate tedious, expensive, and unsafe manual database manageme…
2019-07-30 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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How are IoT warehouses disrupting the supply chain?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making an appearance in nearly every industry around the globe, including warehouses. With e-commerce on the rise, companies need to move into the digital age to keep up with growing demand. How are IoT warehouses disrupting the supply chain? And how can warehouses adopt IoT technologies to improve their productivity and efficiency into the future?

Improved inventory control with asset tracking

IoT devices are ne…
2019-07-24 11:18:16+00:00 Read the full story…
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4 Ways Advisors Can Enhance the Client Experience

The “client experience” has now moved to the top of what advisors should be thinking about in growing their practice. As it’s often pointed out, clients now are used to the experiences they get with companies like Amazon and Apple and expect it elsewhere. For advisors, this may mean rethinking how to group clients; adding more direct touchpoints, especially for the next generation of clients; and adding financial planning to the mix, according to…
2019-07-24 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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A Day in the Life of an Emerging-Technology Product Manager

image via shutterstock.

Here’s how the product manager at Accenture’s cutting-edge Liquid Studios quickly takes AI, IoT and augmented reality products from concept to reality.

Accenture product manager Erik Widman is seated nearby in the very same common area where, just days prior, the governor of Illinois and the mayor of Chicago joined corporate brass to announce 600 new jobs at the professional-services powerhouse’s downtown Chicago office….
2019-07-24 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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Companies Without AI-Based WAF Protection Will Be Left Behind In 2020

The big data revolution has changed the way people do business online, but it has also inevitably given rise to new types of cyber-attacks. Today, cybercriminals are using highly sophisticated methods to infiltrate websites, web servers, and web applications to access critical data or paralyze operations. They take advantage of big data and artificial intelligence to orchestrate more vicious attacks, so businesses need to be prepared.

Now more t…
2019-07-24 19:22:13+00:00 Read the full story…
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Merrill Launches Content Sharing Platform

Merrill Lynch office. (Photo: AP)

Merrill Lynch Wealth Management further expanded its growing number of digital platforms with Socialize, a new “intelligent content sharing platform” that it launched in early July for iPhones and iPads, as well as desktop computers, according to Kabir Sethi, managing director of the company’s Global Wealth & Investment Management division and head of Digital Wealth Management.

About 150 Merrill Lynch advisors …
2019-07-26 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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Data and security: current data analytics trends in 2019

To the layperson, data analytics security can sound intimidating and overly technical. However, we all have an obligation to protect our data. As data analysts and information security professionals, we have a duty to not only understand the latest trends in this constantly evolving field. But to explain it to managers and other professionals at our respective organizations. HR professionals, medical professionals, and those dea…
2019-07-25 10:59:52+00:00 Read the full story…
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5 analytics apps to reduce operational costs at production facilities

In today’s production environment, digital technology, automation, and analytics are more prevalent than ever. Facilities are looking to use “big data” to make intelligent decisions on the production floor. Accordingly, mobile devices are becoming more accepted for production use. As the next step, analytics apps have begun to enhance the shop floor.

There are many reasons to utilize mobile apps in modern manufacturing. But there are hundreds of applications available today. Which apps should you choose? We will attempt to cut down on the nois…
2019-07-22 09:31:00+00:00 Read the full story…
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Woolworths joins the global ad rush

Woolworths has also unveiled a new performance-tracking model that will allow the customers of its media business to assess its effectiveness.

Banducci says the opportunity for advertisers to better determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign is something Woolworths believes it can do more effectively than other businesses because of the transaction data if can access.

But the retail giant’s key advantage will be to add to what Tyqui…
2019-07-23 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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Minut raises $8M Series A for its camera-less home security device – TechCrunch

Minut, a Swedish startup that has developed a camera-less home security device that it claims protects privacy better than competitors, has raised $8 million in Series A funding.

The round is led by KPN Ventures, with participation from international energy and services company Centrica. Existing backers Karma Ventures, SOSV, and Nordic Makers also followed on, bringing total funding for Minut to $10 million.

Founded in 2014 and headed up by CE…
2019-07-29 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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The trials of technology: 3 Chicago companies discuss using tech to solve big challenges

Operating a business of any kind presents its own inherent set of challenges, but compound that with the obstacles involved in running a technology company specifically, and you have leaders left with long and complex to-do lists.

But where there are uncommon challenges, there are unique rewards and when technology companies run into difficulties, they are very well-suited to use — you guessed it — technology in highly nuanced ways to meet their…
2019-07-24 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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Facebook FTC Agreement Could Impact Its A.I., Product Plans

After years of privacy-related controversies (and months of not-so-secret negotiations with the federal government), Facebook has announced an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that will slam down new regulations on how the company handles data.

This new regulatory framework “introduces more stringent processes to identify privacy risks, more documentation of those risks, and more sweeping measures to ensure that we meet these ne…
2019-07-25 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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Python Strong, Kotlin and Swift Have Brightest Future: SlashData

Despite a rapidly growing global developer population, SlashData reports, languages such as Java, C, and C++ are growing slower than expected. Meanwhile, Kotlin has come on strong, and Swift is outpacing Objective-C.

Programming language popularity is always an interesting exercise in reading tea leaves, but SlashData took things a step further in their latest report. In addition to gauging the world’s total developer population, the organizatio…
2019-07-25 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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The best way to teach yourself to code and land a six-figure job, from 5 people who’ve done it

Around two-thirds of software developers are actually self-taught. Research from Stack Overflow on more than 56,000 coders also found that less than half have a computer science degree.

One reason that people are so keen to teach themselves how to create and engineer software is that it’s a career path that can quickly pay off — to the tune of $100K or more after just a few years of experience. While coding itself may be considered an entry-leve…
2019-07-26 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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