Alternative Data News. 04, July 2019

Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

Alternative Data Continues To Shine, But Finding Alpha Takes Skill

Is alternative data becoming, well, less alternative?

A recent Greenwich Associates report points out that close to half of all investment managers surveyed are dipping their toe into alternative data, with some diving headfirst. Add to this another 25% planning on getting their feet wet, and the one-time elite investing approach is now firmly approaching the mainstream. In fact, among the notable trends is a move among discretionary, fundamenta…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: We are seeing a lot of chatter about AltData becoming less alternative. The buy side needs more access to data in a structured format, but the alternative data isn’t structured for traders. That is why we built our Data Liberator. It allows us to query unstructured time series data based upon alternative symbology. For example, we can query data based upon something other than the trading symbol to get the data at a given point-in-time, or to see how it changes over time.

Hint… If you ask us about it, we will love to tell you more.

Lyxor and Academy IM launch systematic equity market neutral strategy

Lyxor Asset Management has partnered with Academy Investment Management, a New York based asset management firm, to launch the Lyxor/Academy Quantitative Global UCITS Fund, a systematic market neutral strategy focused on global equity markets.

The Fund utilises a proprietary statistical arbitrage strategy, trading both momentum and mean-reversion signals, to exploit short-term pricing anomalies in global equity markets through a universe of appr…
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7Park Data Expands Executive Team and Launches Marketplace • Integrity Research

7Park Data, a provider of alternative data, insight and analytics software, recently announced the addition of former GLG executive Jim Sharpe as COO to scale operations and lead go-to-market teams. In addition, 7Park launched its new Discover data marketplace, including a few new datasets.

7Park’s Newest Hire

7Park Data announced that Jim Sharpe, the former GM and Managing Director of GLG’s Financial Services business, would be joining…
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Discovering IoT Data at the Edge

Enterprises are struggling to see value from their IoT implementations. Getting real-time data from edge devices sounds simple but isn’t.

Challenges include network availability, latency, cost of roundtripping between the edge and the enterprise, monitoring, etc.

Edge Management is the ability to manage and monitor thousands of edge agents that are deployed in or near the edge devices to enable edge data collection, enhance edge processing, and…
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New IBM Tool is Designed to Cut Data Prep Time

IBM has launched a data preparation solution designed to help clients improve their DataOps processes so they can have data ready for AI more quickly and efficiently.

Data preparation is an integral step in building machine learning and predictive models, but it is also cumbersome and time-consuming. Citing an often-used statistic that data scentists commonly spend 80% of their time on data prep, IBM says the new solution is designed to help cli…
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Fintech Is Opening A New Way Of Extract Knowledge

ValueWalk’s Q&A session with Ruggero Gramatica, the CEO of Yewno. In this interview he discusses Yewno’s goal, focusing on Fintech, if Yewno is meant for institutional or retail investors, offering derivative data feeds to Yahoo Finance, and using the using the knowledge graph.

Can you tell us about your background?

Over 20 years of experience in startups and company turnarounds

Contributed to the growth and expansion of 5 successful start-ups…
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VentureBeat announces the Women in AI award nominees

VentureBeat is pleased to announce its first ever Women in AI Awards at Transform 2019, honoring the changemakers in the field of artificial intelligence — women leaders who are paving the way in rethinking process, policy, technology, and education as AI advances.

These are women who demonstrate a commitment to changing the status quo as technology continues to disrupt established norms. These leaders actively practice and advocate inclusivity,…
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4 Most Popular Alternative Data Sources Explained

new game changer. To start with alternative data, people might even wonder from where you can get hold of alternative data that can give such a competitive advantage. This post details 4 alternative data sources that you can exploit to the fullest.

By Hiren Patel

Let’s agree for a moment that data is the new game changer in business strategy.

But pause for a moment and think; if everybody has access to and makes use of the same data readily available on the Internet, how can anybody get a competitive edge?

Ready access to the traditional web data neutralizes its value as competiti…
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Impact of Data Quality on Big Data Management

As the available industry literature suggests, Data Quality (DQ) is seriously hindering the success of many Big Data projects. However, it is apparent that without an organized movement in favor of Data Quality for Big Data, nothing will actually happen to change the current scenario.

In an interview with the CEO of Informatica, Anil Chakravarthy, reveals how the lack of DQ can inhibit innovation in information technology. The two major impedime…
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The 10 Best Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Science Beginners

The 10 Best Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Science Beginners

Interest in learning machine learning has skyrocketed in the years since Harvard Business Review article named ‘Data Scientist’ the ‘Sexiest job of the 21st century’. But if you’re just starting out in machine learning, it can be a bit difficult to break into. That’s why we’re rebooting our immensely popular post about good machine learning algorithms for beginners.

(This post was ori…
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7 Fastest-Growing Job Roles In Data Science & How To Work Towards Them

In an industry that is experiencing a steady rate of job creation, data science itself has moved from just a buzzword to a strategic component in organisations. In addition to this, data scientists are increasingly taking on more strategic roles as organisations employ a product-centric view of data. It is a field that promises tremendous job growth and higher earning potential. Our latest research posits 97,000 jobs are available in this buzzing…
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Where Does AI Fit in Business Decision Making? (VIDEO)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

In his closing keynote at Data Summit 2019, John O’Brien, principal advisor and chief researcher, Radiant Advisors, shared a clear path forward for data and analytics leaders based on the evolving concepts in data and analytics within the context of an enterprise-scale data strategy. Data managers must understand how to make the biggest impacts with advances in AI and machine learning for analytics, enable s…
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Data Democratization and the Data Fabric

author Tejasvi Addagada.

When data is not properly integrated or is barely inter-operable, business users or processes will seldom have the right coverage of data. Availability of data often becomes a challenge which often leads to less impactful decisions and reduces the data advantage that the organization can embrace. Read further on coverage of data and its prominence as a data dimension for Artificial Intelligence …
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Wealthtech Week in Review (6/24/19)

By Vasyl Soloshchuk/INSART

Broadridge Financial Solutions inked a deal with Preqin, a U.K.-based provider of financial data. Shareholders Service Group (SSG) and Blueleaf announced a new strategic partnership. People’s United Bank has chosen Xtiva as its Incentive Compensation Management solution. Apex Clearing Corporation partners Apex Crypto to launch a cryptocurrency trading platform for broker-dealers and financial advisors. RightCapital has integrated with the CircleBlack’s platform.

Wealth Dynamix has launched …
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Dow Futures Cool on New Tariff Tensions

after yesterday’s G-20 trade relief surge. The S&P is pulling back from record highs too, with futures inching lower in pre-market trading. Elsewhere, investors will be looking towards light vehicle sales data, out later today.

Continue reading for more on today’s market, including:

The ride share stock sputtering out on a bear note.

sputtering out on a bear note. 2 stocks that surged on analyst upgrades.

that surged on analyst upgrades. Plus, Nike pulls “Betsy Ross” shoe, AMRN lifts guidance, and Ingersoll-Rand gets a downgrade.

5 Things You Need to Know Today

The Chicago Board Options Exchange …
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What’s Ahead in Big Data and Analytics


From data lakes and the cloud, to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the world of big data and analytics continues to evolve rapidly. The demand for fast access to information through better self-service capabilities is growing. At the same time, the need for improved governance and security practices is also intensifying. In response, leading organizatio…
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The Role of Big Data Analytics and AI in the Future of Healthcare

Click to learn more about author Asha Saxena.

The media buzz that surrounds Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has never been higher, so much so that it can overshadow the real applications and actual outcomes companies are working on. But larger than life promises or hype might have an eclipsing affect around the actual, realistic benefits it provides to almost any organization, in a wide variety of industries, tha…
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Positive Sentiment: 0.2219, Negative Sentiment 0.2853 Strengthens Its Leadership Ranks, Appoints Madhukar Kumar As Chief Analytics Officer, India’s 2nd largest job portal is set to further strengthen its top leadership ranks after it hired top talent for it’s Analytics division. To this end, the company has announced the appointment of analytics veteran Madhukar Kumar as its Chief Analytics Officer. This hiring is in line with’s current focus on ramping up its senior management team by hiring industry experts across technology, product, servicing and analytics do…
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source{d} Releases Enterprise Edition with New Features

nt life cycle (SDLC), is releasing a new Enterprise Edition with built-in visualization, management capabilities, and advanced analytic functions.

source{d} enables enterprises to aggregate all SDLC data sources into one data lake where they can easily extract, load and transform source code, version control data, project tracking data, build systems data, configuration files and more.

Built-in queries and analytic reports abstract away the complexity of analyzing SDLC data history at scale and automatically suggest what metrics to look at while giving users the freedom to build their own.

source{d} En…
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Here’s What Facebook Is Giving Away For Free Now

Big companies who are leveraging artificial intelligence are also updating their recommendation engines. For example, Amazon recently created an AI-powered real-time personalisation and shopping recommendation called Personalise.

Facebook, on the other hand, has portrayed its machine learning skills numerous over the past decade. This week, the social media giant announced the open source release of its recommendation system called the Deep Lear…
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How Data Analytics Is Changing The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is based on the idea of managing risk. To determine this risk, the industry must consult data and see what trends are evident to draft their risk profiles. The journal Risk Management and Insurance Review mentions that historically, in the latter half of the twentieth century, the analysis of trends was the primary driver in determining risk in the insurance business. While it might not take a mountain of data to spot a pat…
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The Gender of Language May Impact ESG Investment Performance

Socially responsible investing (SRI) has made major inroads toward the mainstream in the past decade, but despite this more widespread acceptance, there’s still a great deal of confusion about what SRI and environmental, social and governance (ESG) are and what factors impact investment performance. Since the factors that drive clients to want to make a certain socially responsible investment exist outside of the typical investment box, it goes t…
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Does Object Recognition Work The Same Way For Everyone?

The accuracy of state-of-the-art object detection systems is often under scanner for seemingly obvious reasons. From unlocking the phone to self-driving cars, object detection is almost everywhere.

As computer vision applications grow in popularity, it has become crucial to keep their flaws in check or at least detect them in the first place. These flaws usually are a culmination of unhealthy data collection strategies and biases — both inductiv…
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Overcoming Data Integration and Governance Challenges

THURSDAY, JUNE 27 – 11:00 am PT / 2:00 pm ET

The proliferation of data sources, types, and stores is increasing the challenge of combining data into meaningful, valuable information. The need for faster and smarter data integration capabilities is growing. At the same time, to deliver business value, people need information they can trust to act on, so balancing governance is absolutely critical nowadays, especially with new regulations.

To highlight the key technologies…
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Explain NLP models with LIME & SHAP

Explain NLP models with LIME & SHAP

Interpretation for Text Classification

Susan Li Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jul 3

Last week, I gave a talk on “Hands-on Feature Engineering for NLP” at QCon New York. As a very small part of the presentation, I gave a brief demo on how LIME & SHAP work in terms of text classification explainability.

I decided to write a blog post about them because they are fun, easy to use and visually compelling.

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Python vs Node.Js: Which Programming Language to Choose?

Every project has its specifications and demands. And when you’re building an application, it’s most important to choose the right technology to code it. In this article, we’ll look at Python vs. Node.js to learn about their benefits, downsides, and use cases so you can make an educated decision about which one is best suited to your project.

Why Your Tech Stack Choice Matters

You can ask your peers for advice about what technology to choose, G…
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OutSystems Launches New Artificial Intelligence Capabilities to Accelerate Smart App Development

According to a recent press release, “OutSystems today announced that it has added new artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to its leading low-code development platform, giving organizations the power to harness automation to create self-service portals, respond to text and voice queries, improve customer service, and much more. Gartner predicts, ‘By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with the enterprise wi…
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Unstructured Alternative Data in Predictive Modeling

Alternative data. Know of it or use it (effectively) in your financial organization? If not, do so at your own peril, because there is an explosion of data occurring all around you. Press releases, SEC filings, investor presentations, public records, ratings, social media, product reviews, job postings, and other information are just a part of what is considered alternative data, and it can be incredibly difficult to get to through traditional da…
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A Comprehensive State-Of-The-Art Image Recognition Tutorial

from Fastai DL Lesson 1 of 2019 with many of my additions and clarifications. I hope you find it helpful.

Following this tutorial, you will be able to build and train an Image Recognizer on any image dataset of your choice, with a good understanding of the underlying model architecture and training process.

This tutorial covers:

1. Data Extraction

2. Data Visualization

3. Model Training: CNNs, ResNets, transfer learning

4. Results Interpretation

5. Freezing & Unfreezing of model layers

6. Fine-Tuning: Learning rate finder, One Cycle Policy

This tutorial is a great introduction to any new De…
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New Course: SQL Intermediate for R Users – Dataquest

What You’ll Learn in SQL Intermediate for R Users In this course, you’ll build on the skills you’ve already developed in the SQL Fundamentals for R Users course to use SQL and R for more complex tasks. Along the way, you’ll learn to use resources like RSQLite, DBI, and the tidyverse in modern, real-world SQL and R data workflows. Like all of our courses, this course is completed interactively, and you’ll be learning and writing your code (both SQ…
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Tollymore Investment Partners 1H19 Letter: The Rise Of The Platform

Tollymore Investment Partners’ letter to investors for the first half of the year ended June 30, 2019.

Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc

Dear partners,

Tollymore generated returns of +20% in the first six months of 2019. Tollymore has generated cumulative returns of +96% since inception, annually compounding capital under its management at +24% pa1.

Get The Full Series in PDF Get the entire 10-part series on Charlie Munger in PDF….
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Praxis Places 65% Of The PGP In Data Science Batch On Day Zero

Less than 5 months after joining the course in January 2019, 65% of the students of PGP in Data Science are already boasting job offers in the most happening and fastest growing field, Data Science! This betters Praxis’s previous Day Zero record set by the last batch where 45% of the batch ended the day with offers.

Praxis has put in place a structured and comprehensive campus recruitment process – ‘The Praxis Placement Program’ that matches the competency of candidates to industry opportunity. Th…
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Facebook Won’t Control Libra, Top Exec says

With members of Congress calling for a halt on Facebook’s (FB – Get Report) cryptocurrency plans, the executive in charge of the project, tried to dissuade concerns in a blog post on Wednesday.

David Marcus, a former president at PayPal (PYPL – Get Report) who’s now in charge of Facebook’s Libra project, took to (where else?) Facebook to address some of the blowback from lawmakers since the project was announced two weeks ago. Facebook shares cl…
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Data Democratisation Startup Atlan Raises $2.5 Million In Series A Funding

Data democratisation startup Atlan this week secured a Series A funding for $2.5 million led by WaterBridge Ventures. The company, which works with more than 200 companies across the world, creates products and services which help teams in large enterprises collaborate easily on data projects.

Atlan has also been backed by Ratan Tata, Rajan Anandan, Manoj Menon and Hatcher, among others.

Now, with the new capital, Atlan intends to improve their…
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Introduction to GANs with Python and TensorFlow

Introduction to GANs with Python and TensorFlow


Generative models are a family of AI architectures whose aim is to create data samples from scratch. They achieve this by capturing the data distributions of the type of things we want to generate.

These kind of models are being heavily researched, and there is a huge amount of hype around them. Just look at the chart that shows the numbers of papers published in the field over the p…
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Splunk vs. LogRhythm: SIEM Head-to-Head

SIEM Defined: SIEM, the modern tools of which have been in existence for about a dozen years, is an approach to security management that combines the SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions into one security management system. SIM collects, analyzes and reports on log data; SEM analyzes log and event data in real time to provide threat monitoring, event correlation and incident response. Due to its 24/7…
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Multilingual Support Will Help Increase Adoption Of Mobile Payments In India, Says Gaurav Raina Of MPFI

Mobile payments are one of the fastest-growing markets in India today. After the rise of the United Payment Interface for quick and easy online payments, India has been fast to adopt the technology.

The mobile-first payment interface has gained 3 billion transactions since it launched in mid-2016. The payment system was built as a layer on top of the instant payment messaging system known as IMPS. The most remarkable characteristic of the system…
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European regulators urged to remove transaction-level reporting for ETDs under EMIR

European regulators have been advised to remove certain reporting requirements related to exchange-traded derivatives (ETDs) under EMIR, due to concerns around the complexity of the derivatives reporting regime.

The Futures Industry Association (FIA) said in a whitepaper that the EMIR reporting framework for ETDs, which is duplicated under MiFID II, should be modified to allow firms to meet EMIR reporting requirements with position reports, remo…
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Sun, Sand, and the $1.5 Trillion Dark Offshore Economy

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The British Virgin Islands is home to more than 400,000 companies that hold $1.5 trillion in assets. You wouldn’t know it if you walked through Road Town, the capital of this Caribbean archipelago. Hens and roosters compete brazenly with cars on the single narrow lane of Main Street. Law firms that set up and serve thousands of offshore companies occupy modest buildings next to brightly painted wooden ho…
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Enlighten will be replaced with a robust solution for Baked and Real-time GIobal Illumination – Unity Blog

Unity is required to remove Enlighten but will continue support as-is through 2020 LTS. We have a robust replacement for Enlighten Baking with the CPU and GPU Progressive Lightmapper. A real-time GI replacement solution will be delivered in 2021.1.

Due to Geomerics shutting down Enlighten as a product, Unity is required to remove Enlighten.

Unity will continue support for Enlighten in the built-in renderer as it currently exists today (as-is, w…
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Why risk is suddenly part of the security conversation

Presented by Kenna Security

Over the past 20 years, startups designed to calculate, quantify, and reduce cybersecurity risk have fallen as quickly as they appeared. Silicon Valley is littered with companies that never found receptive audiences among executives for whom cybersecurity risk was top of mind.

Lately, however, we’re seeing cybersecurity vendors coalesce around the idea of risk, and they are finally finding a receptive audience among …
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