Alternative Data News. 24, July 2019

Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

CloudQuant Blog: Web Scraping a Stock Symbol’s URL using Yahoo Finance with Python for Alternative Data Links In this post we provide Python 3 code to scrape Yahoo Fiance to allow us to map trading symbols with the corporate URL. With the increased use of Alternative Data in algo trading (think social sentiment, news sentiment, product sentiment) we found that our standard use of symbology maps has had to expand.

In the past we used exchange symbology and had maps to other symbol sets (for instance RICs, ISIN, SEDOL, Morningstar, Bloomberg, …)

Maps in the past would look something like:

Exchange Symbol Vendor Company Vendor Symbol
ORCL XXXXX Oracle Corporation US.ORCL
ORCL YYYYY Oracle Corporation ORCL.CS

Fast forward to our #AltData project.

For this particular project, we needed to map the corporate URL to the trading symbol. Our hope was to pick up on references to the company “in the wild” and use that as an alternative data source.

To accomplish this we expanded our map to include root URL into my symbology. So now the map looks like:

Exchange Symbol Vendor Company Vendor Symbol
ORCL XXXXX Oracle Corporation US.ORCL
ORCL YYYYY Oracle Corporation ORCL.CS
ORCL URL Oracle Corporation

We searched around and couldn’t find a good map that we could use. Didn’t find one. So we wrote one using Python to scrape Yahoo Finance. This was accomplished using a Python 3 notebook in JupyterLab with BeautifulSoup and Pandas.

Read the full post on CloudQuant’s blog….  

Fast and furious: Algo trading pros and cons

Algorithmic trading, also sometimes referred to as black-box trading, automated trading or algo trading, has developed from its beginnings as the computerization of order flow in the 1970s to a potentially crucial tool for brokers and traders.

Theoretically algorithmic trading platforms can create returns at a speed and frequency that human traders can’t match. High-frequency trading (HFT) has become the most pervasive use of algorithmic trading…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Not all algos are “Fast and Furious.” Algos are also used for risk management, for investing, for spreading orders out over time to get the best overall price for the investor. This article’s title and text would have you believe that all algos are like crazy drivers in Fast and Furious representing a danger to themselves and the markets. This isn’t the case. Not all algos are Fast and Furious. Keep in mind it is an algo that runs the traffic control systems too. The make sure that when one direction has a green light the other direction has a red light.

How to cluster in High Dimensions

Mathematical Statistics and Machine Learning for Life Sciences

How to cluster in High Dimensions

Automated way to detect the number of clusters

This is the third article of the column Mathematical Statistics and Machine Learning for Life Sciences. Previously, we emphasized that scRNAseq is a promising Big Data resource, discussed that tSNE is a central dimensionality reduction technique for scRNAseq and learned How to tune hyperparameters of t…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: This post by Nikolay Oskolkov says it is an 8 minute read. Maybe. But to understand it you need to spend a bit more time with the article. I fully intend to carve out some time in the next couple of weeks to see what I can do to apply his lessons with Alternative Data sources on CloudQuant.

Machine Learning Project Structure: Stages, Roles, and Tools

Various businesses use machine learning to manage and improve operations. While ML projects vary in scale and complexity requiring different data science teams, their general structure is the same. For example, a small data science team would have to collect, preprocess, and transform data, as well as train, validate, and (possibly) deploy a model to do a single prediction.

Netflix data scientists would follow a similar project scheme to provide…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Nice posting. I like the way that they break down the project into the roles that would be appropriate for the projects.

Equities Positive on Central Bank Cues, US Home Sales in Focus

Earnings cues boost European equities, central bank expectations continues to dominate price rally. US macro data in Focus.

Summary: Global equity market is seeing price action dominated by cues from central bank decision expectations. While declining fed rate cut bets caused Asian indices and futures to decline yesterday, increase in expectations on rate cut from US Fed and ECB caused major high risk Asian indices, stock and futures to trade wi…
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The Data Fabric: An Innovative Data Management Solution

Business leaders are facing market pressure to extract value from their data pipelines within the constraints of limited budgets, time, and skills. Data is so diverse and massive it poses constant management challenges to business operators. Moreover, as it steps out of firewalls, business data now raises fresh security concerns for all businesses. In such a state of affairs, here comes another innovation in the “digital ecosphere” — the data fab…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: Many times when I read postings on data fabric, and data anlysis I feel that they fail to capture the essentials of time series data anlysis. They cover a way to get data… but they often fail to get the essense of the problem correct. Data changes over time. Oops. They forgot that. So often a data fabric forgets that the data “as known at that point in time” not how it was “later corrected” is equally important. This is why we have built our own time series “bi-temporal” data fabric that allows us to see the “point-in-time data” and to see when the edits to the data happened. Often the change timestamp is as important as what was changed.

One of the Top 20 AI Blockchain projects – Numerai

Numerai is a unique venture. It remains the only hedge fund built on blockchain and using ML and data science in a novel way. The novelty lies in changing the incentive and compensation structure of the fund manager.

Numerai launched on 21st February 2017, 1 million Numeraire tokens (NMR) that were airdroped to 12,000 anonymous scientists. The NMR token was awarded to the thousands of data scientists for creating successful machine-learning based predictive models. Once the data scientists are confident…
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Predicting Stocks With Machine Learning

The proliferation of machine learning has been unprecedented. There exists very few domains where data-based decision making is required that hasn’t seen its widespread application. The field of investing is no exception. One simply has to search Google jointly for “ML” and “stock prediction” to be presented with a plethora of time series forecasting and Recurrent Neural Network related content. Although stock price data may appear to be the perf…
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Big data: can overemphasis on data scalability compromise data quality?

I first heard the term “big data” five years ago. The concept has really changed our lives in spectacular ways.

Unfortunately, the term itself might be leading decision-makers astray. They believe that the value of big data is predicated almost entirely on its volume.

The people that have sensationalized the concept of big data deserve some of the blame. They have focused overwhelmingly on the fact that storing massive amounts of data makes cer…
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SIX Launches Marijuana-Related Data Service

Switzerland-based financial data expert SIX is launching a service this month already covering over 30,000 Financial Instruments (Securities) in connection with Marijuana Related Businesses (“MRB”) following the success of their SIX Sanctioned Securities Monitoring Service.

SIX is launching a watchlist service which is already covering over 30,000 securities in connection with Marijuana Related Businesses (#MRB) following the success of their Sa…
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Gait Recognition AI Can Identify Mood By How You Walk

Whether used in surveillance to stop criminals before they act or in retail to detect unhappy customers, some scientists are attempting to take facial recognition beyond simple identification and use it to help tell if a person is happy or angry. Some are even looking beyond the face and using AI to determine a person’s mood by their movements.

Scientists at UNC-Chapel Hill and the University of Maryland have created software that can figure out…
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Lower Open Likely For US Markets: Oil Price Up

Lower to modest open likely for the U.S. markets Wednesday after the main U.S. stock index futures looked subdued on Wednesday morning.

Investors’ attention moved to new developments at the U.S.-China trade talks and new corporate earnings results in the pipeline.

At 06:05 a.m. ET, Dow Jones futures were down 81 points and signaled a lower open by 90 points.

Futures on the S&P 500 and Nasdaq were also down.

Trade talks between American and Ch…
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Researchers spotlight the lie of ‘anonymous’ data – TechCrunch

Researchers from two universities in Europe have published a method they say is able to correctly re-identify 99.98% of individuals in anonymized datasets with just 15 demographic attributes.

Their model suggests complex datasets of personal information cannot be protected against re-identification by current methods of ‘anonymizing’ data — such as releasing samples (subsets) of the information.

Indeed, the suggestion is that no ‘anonymized’ an…
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Survival of the Fittest…Model

A Predictive Model Evolutionary Chain

In my evolutionary hierarchy of predictive models, I don’t cover every single method out there —that would take too long. Rather, I’ve selected a few very popular predictive modeling techniques that best illustrate an “evolution” of predicting outcomes.

The Coin Flip

Let’s start off with the good old coin flip! Who can’t say they’ve never made a decision by the flip of a coin? While not a predictive model …
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Is Western Digital Corporation (NASDAQ:WDC) Potentially Undervalued?

ent changes in the company’s outlook is already priced into the stock. However, what if the stock is still a bargain? Let’s take a look at Western Digital’s outlook and value based on the most recent financial data to see if the opportunity still exists.

Check out our latest analysis for Western Digital

What’s the opportunity in Western Digital?

Good news, investors! Western Digital is still a bargain right now. According to my valuation, the intrinsic value for the stock is $104.37, but it is currently trading at US$52.46 on the share market, meaning that there is still an opportunity to buy now. What’s…
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Ag-Analytics helps farmers and researchers use AI to prepare for climate change

Severe weather is impacting agriculture across the globe. The Midwestern United States has been continually flooding since March, inflicting $2.9 billion in property damage and threatening the livelihoods of farmers throughout the region. Internationally, food security is under threat from an onslaught of drought, while agriculture is already subject to the challenges of thin margins and complex global trade. Meanwhile, there is increasing pressu…
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How AI Models Will Lengthen the Human Lifespan

How long do you think you’ll live? Your answer is probably between 70 and 100 years old. What if I told you that with AI, we can significantly increase that number? By using AI in the drug discovery process and in emergency healthcare, we could live way beyond the age constraints that we have on us now.

Speeding Up Drug Discovery

AI can allow us to discover more efficient and effective drugs faster, leading to a longer life xpectancy. An exampl…
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Database Management Updates and Latest Solutions

The word “database” may be one of the most misunderstood words in business computing. Several years ago, database meant a collection of data (or a base of data). As structured databases became popular, data became more and more organized. Structured databases were followed by the DBMS (database management system), which controls the data and how it is accessed. This was followed by relational database management systems (RDBMS). People can use th…
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Treasurers witnessing the coming together of man and machine

Over 60% of treasurers see the potential in data analytics, RPA, and AI in the next two to three years, whereas 84% of cited currency risk as a financial risk managed by Treasury, according to PwC’s 2019 Global Treasury Benchmarking Study.

According to the survey of over 230 treasury and finance executives across 21 industries in 37 countries, while cash flow forecasting, funding, capital structure and currency risk remain to be the main priorit…
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Visual Text Correction — Can we detect and fix an inaccuracy in a video caption?


Visual Encoding:

We use pre-trained VGG19 and C3D networks to encode the video. However, we use a temporal max-pooling to get one feature vector from the whole video. In the ablation study, we show that each of the features is contributing to the final result.

Text Encoding:

There are two types of dependencies in a sentence named long and short term dependencies. The meaning and the role of each word in a sentence can be affected…
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Meet AutoRek at Sibos

AutoRek are excited to be sponsors of this year’s Sibos London. During the 4 day exhibition, AutoRek will be Delivering Data Confidence and offering one-to-one meetings to demonstrate their software solution.

Sibos 2019 will be taking over the ExCeL Centre in London for the week of the 23rd of September, bringing together thousands of delegates from across the Financial Services industry worldwide.

AutoRek has a variety of solutions which c…
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How to use airflow-style DAGs for highly effective data science workflows

How to use airflow-style DAGs for highly effective data science workflows Norm Niemer Follow Jul 24 · 4 min read

Airflow and Luigi are great for data engineering but not optimized for data science. d6tflow brings airflow-style DAGs to data science.

Data science workflows are DAGs

Data science workflows typically look like this.

This workflow is similar to data engineering workflows. It involves chaining together parameterized tasks which pass multiple inp…
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Superhuman AI Is Not a Myth

Most readers of Data Driven Investor will, I suspect, have heard of Artificial Superintelligence: a future Artificial Intelligence that is (much) more intelligent than even Albert Einstein or whoever your favorite genius is. Important thinkers like billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk and the late physicist Stephen Hawking have warned us that such an AI might doom humanity. Although I am optimistic, I share these worries: by …
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What’s Up @IHSMarkit? A Twitter Story

Following up on a recent article about alternative data, Markets Media visited IHS Markit to learn more.

2/ London-based @IHSMarkit ($INFO) provides info (duh), analytics & expertise to >50K biz and gov’t customers. IHS & Markit merged in ’16; other acquisitions have included #Ipreo and @OPIS. Here’s the recent stock chart. — Markets Media (@marketsmedia) July 23, 2019

4/ Meet TJ Gilligan, Exec Dir, #Equities & Alt Data. A…
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Unlocking Access to Self-Driving Research: The Lyft Level 5 Dataset and Competition

By Luc Vincent, EVP Autonomous Technology

At Lyft, we believe self-driving technology presents a rare opportunity to improve the quality of life in our communities. Avoidable collisions, single-occupant commuters, and vehicle emissions are choking our cities, while infrastructure strains under rapid urban growth.

Our path forward to solve these challenges is clear: build the world’s best transportation and offer a viable alternative to car owne…
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Understand The Location Intelligence Tech Landscape And Get Over Your Maps

alyzes 34 different players in the location intelligence market. We describe the key capabilities, the emerging market categories, and how the main LI players break down based on their tech product’s location data, analytics, and execution capabilities.

Why Should We Care About Location Intelligence Technologies?

Maps are great visualizations that help us unleash some of the power of location. But another one of our recent reports, “Beyond The Map With Location Intelligence,” demonstrates the true potential of location to digitally transform our businesses toward customer-obsessed enterprises. Firms must…
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Transforming trade data: how to tap its analytics potential

For wholesale banking institutions, trade reporting might appear to be little more than a painful and costly burden. But what if a consolidated, cloud-based approach to trade reporting could also serve as the basis for unprecedented business analysis and insight?

In retail banking and credit card provision, as indeed in many other consumer-facing industries, organisations already routinely combine transaction records with customer data for deepe…
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Regional Sales Manager, Alternative Data Platform (New York City covering North America)

Finiti is excited to be working with this fast-growing disruptor in the Alternative Data solutions space. The firm is proving to be a great success in Europe and North America and senior management are now looking for a dedicated new business salesperson in New York, NY. The successful candidate will be ‘first in region’ and so must be an ambitious, self-starter with the confidence and ability to work alongside the founders of the company to drive sales growth in the region.

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Congress questioning of Libra highlights rise of cryptocurrencies

The US Senate Banking Committee’s grilling of Facebook over the company’s plan to launch its Libra digital currency demonstrates that US lawmakers know cryptocurrencies are the future, according to industry commentators.

Facebook executive David Marcus was this week grilled by the Senate and House panels – and was forced to defend plans around the cryptocurrency – a move that underscores that digital currencies are now mainstream, according to N…
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Tesla is about to report its 2nd-quarter earnings. Here’s what to expect from Elon Musk’s electric-car company.

Tesla is set to report its earnings and financial performance for the second quarter of 2019 on Wednesday after the stock market’s closing bell.

The company previously reported vehicle deliveries for the three-month period in June, which set a new record.

On the monetary side of things, here’s what Wall Street analysts are expecting, according to a poll by Bloomberg:

Earnings (loss): – $0.309 per share

$0.309 per share Revenue: $6.453 billion…
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BERT & The Gap Between Accuracy Scores & Language Comprehension

BERT has set a new benchmark for NLP tasks. And, this has been documented quite well over the past six months. Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or BERT, which was open sourced last year, offered a new ground to embattle the intricacies involved in understanding the language models.

BERT used WordPiece embeddings with a 30,000 token vocabulary and learned positional embeddings with supported sequence lengths up to 512 token…
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Tutorial: Advanced For Loops in Python – Dataquest

ious tutorial, we covered the basics of Python for loops, looking at how to iterate through lists and lists of lists. But there’s a lot more to for loops than looping through lists, and in real-world data science work, you may want to use for loops with other data structures, including numpy arrays and pandas DataFrames.

This tutorial begins with how to use for loops to iterate through common Python data structures other than lists (like tuples and dictionaries). Then we’ll dig into using for loops in tandem with common Python data science libraries like numpy , pandas , and matplotlib . We’ll also take …
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How to Invest in Cancer-Fighting Stocks — The Motley Fool

A 19th-century surgeon described cancer as “the emperor of all maladies, the king of terrors.” Cancer isn’t just one disease. Instead, it includes a wide range of diseases in which abnormal cells in the body divide uncontrollably.

But the reign of this terrible “emperor” is definitely under attack. Over the last several decades, new ways to diagnose and treat cancer have been developed. An entire industry has emerged with a primary goal of fight…
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Ways budding professionals can prepare for the future of AI

The world seems to be fueling a dystopian view of what artificial intelligence (AI) can do. However, no machine can ever be imbued with the intelligence of a human; they slavishly follow indefinite program conditions which have already been laid down by a smart programmer. With the increase in technology advancments, Gartner foresees a shift. From stand-alone intelligent things to a collaborative swarm network of AI systems.

It shouldn’t come to…
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‘Anonymous’ data might not be so anonymous, study shows

We’ve all done it: When signing up for an account online, we’ve clicked “I agree” to have our data sold to third parties. It will be anonymized, we’re assured, and only a small percentage of data will be made available to others.

But how secure can we be that our personal data can’t be traced back to us? That’s the central question that a team of researchers at Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium and Imperial College London sought to ans…
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CloudQuant Thoughts: I was introduced to the concept of the Data Mosaic Effect by a colleague in New York a few years ago. This article doesn’t actually mention this by name but one should really look into it if you are interested. My friend discussed that anonymous medical data could be overlaid with multiple other public and private data sets to identify the person in the anonymous medical data with surprising accuracy. He claimed being able to identify an anonymous cancer patient by name with an 80% accuracy. Alternative data provides similar mosiac effects. Can you take multiple public and private data sets to derive trading signals?  

L&T Infotech Scoops Up Bangalore Analytics Firm Lymbyc

One of India’s leading AI-based analytics solutions provider Lymbyc will be acquired by LTI, a leading global technology consulting and digital solutions company. Last year, the two companies have inked an MoU to tap into the growing shift in market demand from an IT-led, system of record reporting to business-led, agile analytics, including self-service.

Earlier last year in March, the two companies forged a strategic alliance to focus on build…
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Linux Solution Provider SUSE On Why Analytics Industry Should Move To Open Source

Open source has gained significant traction in the market today with companies like RedHat, now an IBM-owned company, Cloudera, MongoDB and DataBricks among others making a viable business model out of it. It is not just the strategic business models but also the benefits and value it delivers to the software ecosystem.

Germany-headquartered SUSE has played a pivotal role in advancing open-source software. The company has completed 25 years work…
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How New Versions of Products Spread Differently Than Entirely New Products

A better formula for estimating the early growth of a replacement innovation, or a product whose new version is replacing the older version of that product, follows a power law, with rapid adoption in the beginning followed by much more gradual takeoff as users make adoption decisions. This model generates more accurate predictions about adoption and, in turn, more realistic expectations and better understanding of resource needs. For managers ma…
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Nowigence Launches Game-changing Artificial Intelligence Platform

A recent press release states, “Nowigence CEO Anoop Bhatia announced today the release of Pluaris capable of extracting relevant content from various sources used in your day-to-day work and organizing, storing, and delivering tailored intelligence as per your preferences in ready-to-use formats. Nowigence is an up and coming SaaS company that utilizes Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to automatically extract and synthesize …
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8 Tips Data Scientists Can Use While Asking For A Hike Mid-Cycle

No doubt, a hike in salary is perhaps one of the best feelings for every professional. But did you miss the boat? Or did you fail in negotiating your salary as a data scientist? You can still give it one more try if you take the right approach.

If you are a data scientist and if you have been feeling that you deserve more than your current paycheck then read along as we list some of the effective tips you can use to when approaching your boss fo…
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Machine Learning at the Center of Quality Data Integration

Machine learning, as we know, isn’t magic, though it may seem that way sometimes. But it can be at the center of enterprise data integration and cross-domain Master Data Management efforts that may deliver millions of dollars in cost savings and other benefits.

In the case of large organizations that have gone through multiple acquisitions, for example, application and data fragmentation unfortunately is the norm. After all, the companies weren’…
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Triple GM Abhishek Thakur Answers Qs from the Kaggle Community

Last week we crowned the world’s first-ever Triple Grandmaster, Abhishek Thakur. In a video interview with Kaggle Data scientist Walter Reade, Abhishek answered our burning questions about who he is, what inspires him to compete, and what advice he would give to others. If you missed the video interview, take a listen.

This week, he’s answering your questions!

See below for Abhishek’s off the cuff responses to select Twitter questions. Have som…
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Beginners Guide To PySpark: How To Set Up Apache Spark On AWS

A computer is a powerful machine when it comes to processing large amounts of data faster and efficiently. But considering the no limit nature of data, the power of a computer is limited. In the machine learning context, a machine or computer can efficiently handle only as much data as its RAM is capable of holding, which is very limited. There is a limit to which a machine can be upgraded.

But having multiple machines that work together is a wh…
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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

What We Don’t Know About Facial Recognition Could Hurt Us

This week, on the heels of the viral craze that is FaceApp, we got some disquieting news. It turns out the app developer is based in Russia, meaning that 150 million people’s facial data is now, for all intents and purposes, readily accessible to the Russian government. But should we really be panicking? Yes and no. On the one hand, it’s unlikely that Russia’s looking for further election…
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Big Data & Analytics Primer On Career Opportunities You Should Read

“Big Data Analytics”, “Data Science”, “Cloud” – you may have heard of these buzzwords in the technology landscape today. But much like how movies and comedy shows are marketed, these words have been hyped by businesses, industry analysts, journalists, and possibly your neighborhood watchman. Everyone seems to have a perspective on what Big Data analytics is and much like any commodity in the market, there is a promise of an attract…
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Now it’s personal: Unilever’s digital journey leads to real results for consumers and employees

Digitally rewiring the supply chain

For Unilever, the capabilities of digital technology offer an opportunity to transform its supply chain to meet the needs of customers who “expect customization, on-demand products and brands with purpose,” Moran says.

“We are digitally rewiring our supply chain, focusing on generating real-time, democratized information, artificial intelligence planning, capitalizing on robotics and building digitally connec…
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LandStar Inc. Announces Expansion of Multiplatform Data Privacy and Security Archiving

the parent company of Data443 Risk Mitigation, Inc., a leading data security and privacy software company, today announced continued momentum in its product line with the addition of high-profile new data sources to enable in CCPA, GDPR, eDiscovery, archiving and data retention requirements. The growing platform list of integrations include support for leading social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. These platforms are rife with potential privacy information and have a large part to play in any litigation response.”

The release goes on, “Within ArcMail’s recently released…
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How to Invest in Yourself and Your Business

for Lightning AI more than three years ago. I was working as a marketing manager, and every day I was repeating the same tasks over and over again. I knew that AI could help, and with a background in data science, I knew I could write code that would solve genuine problems and save so much time for marketers.

I was on my first sales call, and my future client asked how he could run the program himself. I’d honestly never even thought about it, I assumed that I would run everything for him.

I needed to make a web application with a frontend interface so that the client would be able to upload data and ma…
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A Fully Automated Economy–How Can It Work?

Imagine we go through the disruptive transition between an economy where we need to work to make a living, to one where we don’t. It is hard to imagine because in North America; we haven’t been in this situation since the colonial era. Back in the colonial era, most people were farmers and families had to build their own homes. Neighbors traded with each other and with the closest town with what they had to get what else they needed. Those were d…
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Starbucks teams with new restaurant tech platform, led by coffee giant’s former chief digital officer

Starbucks’ commitment to technology-powered retail solutions took another step forward on Monday as the company announced it is teaming with Brightloom, the restaurant tech company formerly known as Eatsa. And with the deal, the Seattle-based coffee giant is once again working with Adam Brotman, its onetime chief digital officer.

As part of the agreement, Starbucks will share key components of its “digital flywheel” software with Brightloom in r…
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Womply Study Suggests Bad Google Reviews Costlier to Small Businesses Than Yelp or Facebook

Landmark study first to combine transaction and online review data from more than 200,000 U.S. small businesses in one comprehensive analysis

Findings uncover the financial impact of online reviews on small business revenue


Womply, a marketing and CRM software provider for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today published its Impact of Online Reviews on Small Business Revenue study, the fir…
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Five cities, five different approaches to algorithms in government

Can advances in computing help our government better do its job? Across the United States, public officials are betting it can. As they try to incorporate predictive analytics and technology into their operations, each is needing to consider how these non-human actors will be regulated, funded, and made transparent to the public.

We looked at five cities and the steps and policies they’ve considered in their adoption of algorithmic tools.

New Y…
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Equifax’s $650 Million Settlement: Financial Security Experts React

Settlement announced in the Equifax data breach. (Source: Shutterstock)

Outrage, lawsuits and justifiable anxiety exploded following disclosure of the 2017 Equifax breach. Authorities announced a record $650 million settlement of federal and state investigations, and class-action litigation.

The final price tag could grow to as much as $700 million for the Atlanta-based credit-reporting agency over the sensitive information exposure of an estim…
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In 2019, Individual Premiums Did This Shocking Thing

ttle from the 2018 averages.

The web broker, eHealth Inc., has revealed the relatively stable nature of the U.S. major medical coverage its customers actually bought in a new report based on its own transaction data.

(Related: Startups Lead a New Rush Into ACA’s Now-Profitable Markets)

EHealth says the average, unsubsidized individual coverage monthly premium increased just 2% for the 2019 coverage year, to $448.

Average monthly premiums for mid-tier silver-level individual coverage fell to $481, from $498 in 2018, and average monthly premiums for bare-bones catastrophic individual coverage fell to $193, …
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Facebook says it will behave better from now on

T HE SCENE is becoming familiar: a Facebook executive is hauled before Congress in Washington, DC ; a public grilling ensues. At least on July 16th and 17th American lawmakers looked better prepared than they were a year ago when they displayed little idea of Facebook’s business during hearings over its failure to stop a rogue consultancy from harvesting data on 50m users without permission. This time David Marcus fielded mostly sensible question…
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Bill Gates: Biggest impact of AI may be decades away, but society needs to prepare now

Sometimes even Bill Gates’ crystal ball is cloudy.

The Microsoft co-founder became one of the most successful tech moguls of all time by foreseeing and capitalizing on world-changing trends, but he acknowledged this week that it’s difficult to predict when the coming tide of automation and artificial intelligence will have the most impact on the our economy and labor market.

The biggest implications could still be decades away, Gates said in a …
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5 analytics apps to reduce operational costs at production facilities

In today’s production environment, digital technology, automation, and analytics are more prevalent than ever. Facilities are looking to use “big data” to make intelligent decisions on the production floor. Accordingly, mobile devices are becoming more accepted for production use. As the next step, analytics apps have begun to enhance the shop floor.

There are many reasons to utilize mobile apps in modern manufacturing. But there are hundreds of…
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Dashboard Design: Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

Dashboard Design: Key Performance Indicators and Metrics

How to select the right data for your dashboard

The most important aspect of designing an effective dashboard is making sure you have selected the right metrics and KPI’s to display. No matter how stunning or clever a visual design is, if it isn’t displaying meaningful insights and data relevant to its audience it will end up being just a pretty display that no one looks at.

This article…
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Lyft releases open source data set for autonomous vehicle development

In an effort to bolster the development of cars capable of driving themselves around without human supervision, Lyft today released an autonomous vehicle data set that the company is calling the largest of its kind. It’s freely available in the existing nuScenes format, which was initially developed by Aptiv.

“Autonomous vehicles are expected to dramatically redefine the future of transportation. When fully realized, this technology promises to unlock a myriad of societal, environmental, and economic benefits,” said Lyft. “With this, we aim to empower the…
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ING tests software that turns mobile phones into POS terminals

the dongle-dependent mPOS technology of firms like Square as it requires no additional hardware plug ins to accept payments, is currently undergoing testing with 200 small businesses in Istanbul.

Transaction data passed over the app is encrypted and stored in the cloud, which users can access to track inventory and check daily transactions in real-time.

Working with Mastercard, ING is the first European bank to pilot the service in a commercial setting.

“The app is ideal for smaller businesses without a traditional checkout counter or for businesses with low transaction volumes which are often on th…
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