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White House Releases Update to National Artificial Intelligence R&D Strategic Plan

By AI Trends Staff

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on June 21 released the National Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Strategic Plan: 2019 Update. The updated R&D Plan defines the eight key priority areas for Federal investments in AI R&D. The 2016 R&D Plan laid a critical foundation for U.S. R&D priorities in artificial intelligence, and this latest version refreshes those priorities for the fast-changing AI landscape. Agencies will use this Plan to guide their R&D activities in AI, con…

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CloudQuant Thoughts: It is good to see a refreshing of the National Artificial Intelligence R&D Strategic Plan. In the trading industry, we are seeing our regulators (FINRA, CFTC, SEC) invest in AI and related technology. We all succeed when innovations occur. 

Global AI in Financial Asset Management Market to 2025: Key Players are Genpact, IBM, Infosys, Synechron, Next IT, IPsoft, Lexalytics, & Narrative Science

DUBLIN, June 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The “Global AI in Financial Asset Management Market – Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Trends, and Forecast up to 2025” report has been added to’s offering.

The Global AI in Financial Asset Management Market is Expected to Witness a CAGR of 33.84% to Reach Revenue of $11.39 Billion by 2025

In recent years, financial institutions are adopting the artificial intelligence (AI) technolo…

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CloudQuant Thoughts: We mentioned last week in our Alternative Data news that Greenwich and D&T are estimating a 50% Growth in Institutional Investors using Alternative Data and $7B USD by 2020. This AltData growth combined with AI growth is making the investment and FINTECH space very appealing right now.

7Park Data Expands Executive Team and Launches Marketplace • Integrity Research

7Park Data, a provider of alternative data, insight and analytics software, recently announced the addition of former GLG executive Jim Sharpe as COO to scale operations and lead go-to-market teams. In addition, 7Park launched its new Discover data marketplace, including a few new datasets.

7Park’s Newest Hire

7Park Data announced that Jim Sharpe, the former GM and Managing Director of GLG’s Financial Services business, would be joining…

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How AI could shape the future of investment banking

Artificial intelligence (AI)’s potential is difficult to pin down. In a competitive market like investment banking every advantage is needed to come out on top in terms of profitability, lead generation and customer experience.

Yet according to a June 2018 survey from Greenwich Associates, just 17% of investment professionals are currently using artificial intelligence as part of their processes. 40% of respondents from the same report indicated…

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Bofaml Team: “Quantamental” Investing Is The New Fundamental

There seems to be quite a lot of crowding in the markets these days, and a recent survey offers some insight into that. Investors are all battling for the same positions, which can sometimes turn into a market-wide disaster. One of the key trends identified in this year’s Annual Institutional Factor Survey from Bofaml Team (Bank of America Merrill Lynch) is the combination of quantitative and fundamental investing—or “quantamental,” as the firm c…

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CloudQuant Thoughts: Nice Read on Quantamental. We have both fundamental data, market data, and alternative data on our backtesting engine. Why don’t you give it a go and see how Quantamental you can be too?

Nuance Signs Strategic Partnership with World-Renowned Mila: Quebec AI Institute

tions, Inc., a leading provider of Conversational AI and Ambient Intelligence solutions, today announced it has signed a partnership with Mila, an academic research institution dedicated to advancing machine learning with an intensive focus on deep learning related to language and image processing. This expanded partnership enables Nuance and Mila to collaborate on research, advance cutting-edge work in machine learning, and meaningfully enhance AI applications. ‘We are excited to enter into this strategic partnership with Mila,’ said Joe Petro, Chief Technology Officer, Nuance Communications. ‘Our research t…

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New IBM Tool is Designed to Cut Data Prep Time

a data preparation solution designed to help clients improve their DataOps processes so they can have data ready for AI more quickly and efficiently.

Data preparation is an integral step in building machine learning and predictive models, but it is also cumbersome and time-consuming. Citing an often-used statistic that data scentists commonly spend 80% of their time on data prep, IBM says the new solution is designed to help clients transform raw datasets by formatting, structuring, and enriching them for analytic processing and standard reporting.

Jointly developed with data prep software provider Trifacta…

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Indeed: AI job-posting rate slows and interest dips

Artificial intelligence jobs have been hot in Silicon Valley and elsewhere, with a machine-learning engineer getting an average salary of $142,858 a year. But AI job-posting growth has slowed, and interest in these jobs is also dipping, according to a study by job site Indeed.

AI job postings on Indeed rose 29.1% from May 2018 to May 2019. However, that increase is substantially less than it was the previous two years. During the same time perio…

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How NVMe Data Storage Advances Performance: Deep Learning

Click to learn more about author Zivan Ori.

This is Part Two of a three-part series: See Part One here.

As the need for increased data storage rises, NVMe solutions must adapt to support the needs growing neural networks when GPU nodes fail to accommodate SSDs. This is a common problem within AI/ML that stems from attempts to fit large datasets into a single GPU.

While solutions like creating GPU clusters and using local SSDs inside of the GPU…

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Impact of Data Quality on Big Data Management

As the available industry literature suggests, Data Quality (DQ) is seriously hindering the success of many Big Data projects. However, it is apparent that without an organized movement in favor of Data Quality for Big Data, nothing will actually happen to change the current scenario.

In an interview with the CEO of Informatica, Anil Chakravarthy, reveals how the lack of DQ can inhibit innovation in information technology. The two major impediments to consistent DQ have been identified as high volume of data a…

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Alternative investment professionals bullish on prospects for remainder of 2019

A new survey of alternative investment professionals has found that hedge fund and private equity executives alike predict moderate economic growth for the remainder of 2019.

Conducted on-site at EisnerAmper’s 4th Annual Alternative Investment Summit in New York, the survey polled 120 senior industry leaders from the hedge fund, private equity/venture capital (PE/VC), and institutional investor audience on their sentiment surrounding the industr…

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The 10 Best Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Science Beginners

The 10 Best Machine Learning Algorithms for Data Science Beginners

Interest in learning machine learning has skyrocketed in the years since Harvard Business Review article named ‘Data Scientist’ the ‘Sexiest job of the 21st century’. But if you’re just starting out in machine learning, it can be a bit difficult to break into. That’s why we’re rebooting our immensely popular post about good machine learning algorithms for be…

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Data is Changing the Buy-Side Landscape

Data is the new lifeblood of trading.

And it is changing the way the buy side trades.

Historically, it has been research written by humans and delivered by the sell side that has driven the equity trading bus. That research has been derived, for the most part, from market color. And it still is. According to a recent Traders Magazine poll, approximately 70 percent of traders get their market color in some part from the sell-side. But 30 percent…

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Register Now: Intel AI Webinar For Distributed Deep Learning Using Horovod In TensorFlow

Deep Learning is one of the most data-intensive tasks out there, owing to its requirement of large datasets. In addition to this, it is extremely hungry in terms of computational resources, requiring hardware acceleration and lots of processing power.

To register for the webinar, click here.

To optimise this, many take the path of distributing the model’s computational needs over different compute sources. In the case of a large-scale deep lear…

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Innodata Launches Data Annotation and Labeling Solution

s to accelerate the creation of training data for customers in key industries such as financial services, legal, healthcare, and pharma. Data preparation and labeling is essential for training AI and machine learning models; it’s what makes them truly intelligent. But in many cases, a deeper understanding of information is needed to correctly annotate and label data for AI. When it comes to analyzing, reviewing and extracting data from complex documents like medical records or derivative contracts, crowdsourcing won’t do. That’s why Innodata employs over 1,500 subject matter experts across diverse fields incl…

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Experts Discuss Data Science and Machine Learning Best Practices

Surviving and thriving with data science and machine learning means not only having the right platforms, tools and skills, but identifying use cases and implementing processes that can deliver repeatable, scalable business value.

The challenges are numerous, from selecting data sets and data platforms, to architecting and optimizing data pipelines, and model training and deployment. In response, new solutions have emerged to deliver key capabilities in are…

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Malaysia’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Appoints SenseTime Founder To Board As It Seeks To Expand Tech Investments

Malaysia’s sovereign wealth fund has appointed the founder of artificial intelligence start-up SenseTime as a board member – marking the first time a foreign national has been formally appointed to such a position at Khazanah Nasional.

Tang Xiao’ou, a mainland Chinese national and professor at Chinese University of Hong Kong, will advise on AI-related matters, according to an announcement on Monday.

The fund also appointed Malaysian national Lau Seng Yee, senior executive vice p…

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Grads Aiming for Finance IT Must Know Coding

Not long ago, students joining investment banks’ graduate programs were specialists in finance and economics, and busy studying the CFA Level 1 exam to get ahead. Now they’re more likely to be found learning Python in the evenings.

“There is pretty much no grad coming in now who doesn’t know how to code,” said Elly Hardwick, UBS’s new chief digital officer at the recent Women of Silicon Roundabout conference in London. “I don’t think any organiz…

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The 4 Paradigms of Data Prep for Analytics and Machine Learning

data needed for analytics, operations, and regulatory requirements. Today, the technology is becoming even more critical to deriving insights as most enterprise data is still not ready to be used by machine learning (ML) applications and involves significant effort to make it usable. In fact, most analytics or data science exercises still require data professionals to expend up to 80 percent of their time on tasks such as ingesting, profiling, cleaning, transforming, combining, and shaping data. While unfortunate, this considerable investment is necessary to ensure that raw data can be converted into reliabl…

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Can you just start dabbling in AI and begin seeing big results? (VB Live)

Presented by Bold 360 by LogMeIn

You have big expectations for AI-powered customer service tech, but is it the tech’s fault if they aren’t met? Catch up on this VB Live webinar to learn about the five biggest mistakes companies make when they implement AI and how to leap over these pitfalls and into real results.

Access the webinar on demand for free right here.

There are several common misconceptions businesses have around artificial intellig…

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Data analytics and banking: mistakes banks should avoid making

In recent years, the banking industry has witnessed a massive influx of raw processing power as well as data that is being analyzed through it. With the introduction of cloud computing and big data tools, financial institutions have it within their ability to do more with the analytics provided to them.

With the ability to produce massive amounts of data, analytics can help financial institutions explore opportunities and improve customer experience through efficient decision-making. Thus, data analytics is driving the banking/financial sector. This is illustrated by the graph be

Many org…

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What Does an AI Ethicist Do? A Chat with Microsoft’s Tim O’Brien

By Thomas H. Davenport, Professor of IT and Management at Babson College

Microsoft was one of the earliest companies to begin discussing and advocating for an ethical perspective on artificial intelligence. The issue began to take off at the company in 2016, when CEO Satya Nadella spoke at a developer conference about how the company viewed some of the ethical issues around AI.

Nadella’s primary focus was on Microsoft’s orientation toward using AI to augment human capabilities and building trust into intelligent products. The next year, Microsoft’s R&D head Eric Horvitz partnered with Microsoft’s …

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Real Time Begins to Dominate Data-Driven Agendas

One in four enterprises now regards real-time data as critical to their ongoing operations—and another one in four is actively preparing to introduce real-time data capabilities into their infrastructures. To get there, they are increasing their adoption of emerging technologies.

These are some of the results from a recent survey of 241 readers of Database Trends and Applications. The study, which was sponsored by Pythian and conducted by Unisph…

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Introductory Guide To PyTorch Using A Linear Regression Problem

It’s often hard to make a decision on what framework to learn when there are many options to choose from. In the Machine Learning spectrum, we have multiple frameworks that compete against each other claiming to have better speed, better scalability, usability etc.

It’s obvious that certain things can only be done with certain frameworks, say if speed is your utmost concern then you should choose a framework that delivers the best speed. However, all these thoughts can be put aside if you just wish to start with something …

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The Role of Big Data Analytics and AI in the Future of Healthcare

Click to learn more about author Asha Saxena.

The media buzz that surrounds Big Data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has never been higher, so much so that it can overshadow the real applications and actual outcomes companies are working on. But larger than life promises or hype might have an eclipsing affect around the actual, realistic benefits it provides to almost any organization, in a wide variety of industries, that are generating a large volume of …

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5 Reasons Artificial Intelligence Might Take Over the World

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We are collectively fascinated by artificial intelligence. Since the first work into the field of artificial intelligence began in 1943, the field has attracted much interest by researchers, tech giants, futurists and the media.

Artificial intelligence has emerged from early theories to become integrated in our daily lives, and yet it promises so much more. Despite this optimism as to what artificial intelligence can bring us – there are also some conc…

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Data Analysts Will Soon Have Their Own Tony Stark Moment With Northstar

There is a lot of talk about democratization of data science nowadays. But, who is doing what? Of course, we have datasets being open-sourced by tech majors, proliferation of frameworks and platforms which can deploy pretrained models.

The “what to do” part of data science is constantly being improved but the “how to” part is left out. There are few mandatory steps like scripting for iterative processes or visualization to get a project going.

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Scikit-Learn For Machine Learning Application Development In Python

Python is arguably the best programming language for machine learning. However, many aspiring machine learning developers don’t know where to start. They should look into the scikit-learn library, which is one of the best for developing machine learning applications. It is free and relatively easy to install and learn.

Why machine learning programmers should be familiar with scikit-learn

If you are trying to develop machine learning applications, then you were go…

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Meet TensorWatch, The Swiss Army Knife Of Debugging Tools Open Sourced By Microsoft

TensorWatch, an open source debugging and visualization tool has been introduced recently by researchers at Microsoft. The tool is intended to reduce the complexities related to training metrics, the cost of getting information from the state of the system, etc. in deep learning models.

The researchers at Microsoft emphasise TensorWatch is the Swiss Army knife of debugging tools since it includes various advanced capabilities and concepts. This …

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Pinterest Gets Computer Vision Tasks Right With Voyager

successful with training. Some of the popular use cases are that of Amazon or Myntra, that use image processing techniques to classify the products based on the information present in the image.

Any machine learning pipeline contains many auxiliary tasks, which often require more engineering work than the model design itself. Tasks like data collection, cleaning, crowdsourcing, versioning, dataset storage and taxonomy management, are some of the examples.

Even though the recommendation systems have evolved over time, real-time (< 100 milliseconds) large scale application is still a challenging task for the …

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What Is Edge Computing? The Quick Overview Explained With Examples

What Is Edge Computing? The Quick Overview Explained With Examples

SPEC INDIA Blocked Unblock Follow Following Jun 24

When edge computing started making rounds of the internet, some of the articles came up with statements like:

“The Edge will eat the cloud”

“The End of Cloud Computing Era”

“Edge Computing will blow away cloud”

“Edge will replace the cloud”

However, these headlines might be stinging you because you just understood the cloud…

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Artificial Intelligence May Have Simulated The Universe And Dark Matter

Artificial intelligence has many applications, and for a while now, mapping and describing the universe have been some of them. Now a group of astrophysicists used artificial intelligence to generate 3D simulations of the universe and dark matter. The results are so accurate that the creators of the algorithm don’t even know how it works.

“We can run these simulations in a few milliseconds, while other ‘fast’ simulatio…

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How Data Analytics Is Changing The Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is based on the idea of managing risk. To determine this risk, the industry must consult data and see what trends are evident to draft their risk profiles. The journal Risk Management and Insurance Review mentions that historically, in the latter half of the twentieth century, the analysis of trends was the primary driver in determining risk in the insurance business. While it might not take a mountain of data to spot a pat…

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Oracle Ushers in New Era of Analytics

A recent press release reports, “Oracle unveiled a new, customer-centric vision for Oracle Analytics at the company’s Analytics Summit. With Oracle’s industry-leading data platform and business applications, Oracle Analytics is uniquely positioned to marry data, analytics and applications, and address the needs of business users, analysts and IT. Oracle Analytics empowers customers with industry-leading AI-powered self-service analytic capabiliti…

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Banks’ AI experiments stagnate under regulatory scrutiny

Regulation and a risk-averse culture is preventing banks and financial institutions from making progress on artificial intelligence (AI) and experiments with automation, according to a panel at the Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Forum in London this week.

“Technical challenges are only half the battle. Sometimes it can be a year-long process of taking people on that journey, even your own colleagues,” said Martin Thorn, senior manager for decisioning analytics and AI, CYBG. “You need to give people time to get …

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The Gender of Language May Impact ESG Investment Performance

Socially responsible investing (SRI) has made major inroads toward the mainstream in the past decade, but despite this more widespread acceptance, there’s still a great deal of confusion about what SRI and environmental, social and governance (ESG) are and what factors impact investment performance. Since the factors that drive clients to want to make a certain socially responsible investment exist outside of the typical investment box, it goes t…

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Why a Platform Business Model is key to accelerating Top Line Growth at Financial Services

The titans of the banking industry need to set aggressive aspirational goals and execute upon strategic platform building capabilities to grow top line revenues, take their business beyond their core capabilities and compete with digital native platform companies that are moving into the banking domain. Platform business models pioneered by technology companies like Amazon and Google are having a significant impact on traditional banks and asset …

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Modern Data Warehousing: Enterprise Must-Haves


To fit into modern analytics ecosystems, legacy data warehouses must evolve—both architecturally and technologically—to deliver the agility, scalability and flexibility that business need to thrive in today’s data-driven economy. Alongside new architectural approaches, a variety of technologies have emerged as key ingredients of modern data warehousing, from data vir…

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Microsoft is cashing in on the biggest biotech IPO of 2019

In late 2017, Microsoft invested in an experimental health-care company called Adaptive Biotechnologies, hoping to put its advanced cloud technology to work in life sciences while also making money as a significant shareholder.

As of Thursday, Microsoft appears poised to do both.

Adaptive, which is developing what it calls an “immune medicine platform” to change how we treat various diseases, soared in its public market debut. The stock doubled…

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GigaSpaces Partners with Tableau to Improve Machine Learning

GigaSpaces, provider of InsightEdge, is partnering with Tableau to help enterprises accelerate customized BI visualizations on their operational data.

GigaSpaces InsightEdge big data analytics processing platform runs real-time analytics and machine learning on streaming, hot and historical data, in production at scale.

Combined with Tableau, enterprises can visualize and understand their continuously updated operational data with low-latency interactive queries.

InsightEdge’s high speed big data layer supports sharding, filtering, and customized aggregation in a distribute…

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New Course: SQL Intermediate for R Users – Dataquest

What You’ll Learn in SQL Intermediate for R Users In this course, you’ll build on the skills you’ve already developed in the SQL Fundamentals for R Users course to use SQL and R for more complex tasks. Along the way, you’ll learn to use resources like RSQLite, DBI, and the tidyverse in modern, real-world SQL and R data workflows. Like all of our courses, this course is completed interactively, and you’ll be learning and writing your code (both SQ…

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Is Riak A Good NoSQL Database Option For Enterprises?

The popularity of non-relational databases is not surprising, and over the years, it has gained strong ground in the enterprise world. Riak is one of the databases which has been a vital part of the NoSQL database ecosystem.

With a significantly fast processing speed, Riak has done wonders through the years. But is that Riak’s speciality? In this article, we are going to find out:

What is Riak?

Founded in 2008, Riak was one of the first distri…

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How Too Many eCommerce Marketers Let Their Big Data Go To Waste

If you haven’t been paying attention over the last several years, big data is the reigning web 2.0 business model. In an age of global competition and nearly limitless offerings, your customers demand personalization. If they don’t feel like you are speaking to them directly, and considering their unique needs, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere. I recently came across a very valuable infographic on Dataconomy on the role of big data in e-commerce. The rese…

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Bill Gates: If I were starting a company today, it would use AI to teach computers how to read

If Bill Gates were to drop out of Harvard University and start a new company today, it would be one that focuses on artificial intelligence, he said in an interview on Monday.

The perspective shows that the Microsoft co-founder hasn’t lost interest in the technology industry where his company has operated for the past 44 years.

“Given my background, I would start an AI company whose goal would be to teach computers how to read, so that they can absorb and understand all the written knowledge of the world. That’s an area where AI ha…

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What is banking in the cloud?

Over ten years ago, I started blogging about cloud computing and financial services. Many banks dismissed the idea back then as “the regulator wouldn’t allow it”. Then the regulator did allow it in some countries, but banks were confused about the regulatory position. For example, if they use cloud services for customer data and the provider gets breached, who is liable. As a result, they still resisted moving anything of importance to the cloud….

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4 Ways Predictive Analytics Will Improve Healthcare

ctors. Human error is common and 250,000 people per year die from medical errors. As the third-leading cause of death in the United States, limiting errors is a key focus in the healthcare industry.

Big data and predictive analytics will lead to healthcare improvement.

But how? Health IT Analytics previously published an excellent paper on some of the best use cases of predictive analytics in healthcare. We reviewed other papers on the topic and condensed the best benefits into this article.

1. Diagnoses Accuracy Will Improve

Diagnoses accuracy will improve, and this will occur with the help of pr…

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Positive Sentiment: 0.7008, Negative Sentiment 0.2855, which uses machine learning to spec out and manage engineering projects, nabs $10M – TechCrunch

how a lot of technology works; now it’s also being applied to how technologists themselves work. Today, one of the startups building such a tool has raised some capital,, a platform that uses machine learning to help an organization get engineering projects done — from identifying and predicting the work that will need to be tackled, to sourcing talent to execute that, and then monitoring the project of that project — has raised a Series A of $10 million to continue building out its platform.

The funding for the company cofounded by Iba Masood (she is now CEO) and Syed Ahmed comes from an interesting…

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Transforming Customer Engagement Experience with Conversational Banking

The acceleration of consumers using mobile devices represents how quickly society has adopted these technologies and the stress they are putting on traditional business models. This is represented by the mass amounts of personal information being shared across social media platforms as well as how consumers engage retailers for the purchase of goods and services. This rapid adoption and subsequent comfort levels with using digital channels have f…

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FaceMath: An Algebra of Ideas in A.I.


FaceMath: An Algebra of Ideas in A.I.

Transforming Faces, Words, and Other Cool Stuff

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Close your eyes, and think in your head about a doll. Now image that same doll can talk. Watch the doll talking. What you just did there in your head — the thing you can see talking — is the merger of the idea of a doll with the idea of talking. As …

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GraphQL Creators Provide a Tutorial on Teamwork

We tend to focus on the latest and the greatest in big data. Here’s a look back at the origins of a tool designed to embed data with applications, and do so without API developers getting bogged down in the details.

The story is told in the form of a mini-documentary detailing the development of GraphQL, the emerging query language for APIs and the runtime that handles those queries with existing data. The video released this week features the Facebook (…

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Technology News: Artificial Intelligence Can Now Identify PTSD

Technological development is only speeding up. Virtual reality and high-tech solutions are changing reality in its numerous aspects. Today, we have smart homes with internet-connected kettles and robotic vacuum cleaners, job interviews are conducted by AI, and countless gadgets are meant to make our lives more comfortable and cozy. Very soon, humans may even be able to communicate without words, converting thoughts into electric signals. And heal…

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Domo moves beyond integration, wants to deliver data science and automation ‘from your phone’

Salesforce has spent billions of dollars in the last 18 months acquiring several software and data integration companies, like Datorama and Mulesoft, the latest being a $15.3B purchase of data visualisation company Tableau.

The CRM giant is collecting “pieces” of the enterprise data system puzzle, and showing just how valuable the capability is, according to Paul Harapin, Vice President and General Manager, APJ, of rival SaaS company Domo.


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JPMorgan Chase expands Seattle engineering center to 100 people, plans to add hundreds more

JPMorgan Chase is building a major technology engineering center in Seattle, quietly growing to 100 people in its first year alone, and it has just signed a new lease to expand the operation by hundreds more, GeekWire has learned.

The engineering center is part of a major bet on the cloud by the financial services giant, which is now spending $11 billion a year on technology overall.

It reflects a growing trend of financial institutions working…

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Bank of England aims for automation to solve industry reporting woes

The Bank of England is experimenting with automation and machine learning to reduce the amount of human effort required in the interpretation, submission and analysis of governance data, according to Peter Thomas, senior manager of regulatory technology at the Bank of England.

Speaking at the Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Summit in London this week, Thomas said that the Bank of England is committed to making its rule book machine readable within the nex…

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Tech Mahindra Introduces AI Humanoid K2 For Its HR Dept In Noida

nd of “knowledge and kindness”, K2 will take over the routine HR transactions to provide constant assistance to the HR team in creating an enhanced employee experience.

K2 leverages state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology and initiates conversations without any need for wake-up commands. Keeping in mind the needs of the specially abled, K2 can respond to queries with text display along with speech. K2 can address general and specific HR-related employee queries as well as handle personal requests for actions like providing payslip, tax forms etc., and will enable the HR team to focus on other important …

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The CEO of a $5.6 billion biotech that just had the year’s best post-IPO pop told us how it’s partnering with Microsoft to build an enormous map of the human immune system

The biotech Adaptive Biotechnologies, which just went public on Thursday in a splashy market debut, is taking on an ambitious goal: creating both diagnostic tests and drugs for human diseases, ranging from cancer to autoimmune conditions.

But when I called the biotech’s slate just that — ambitious — while speaking with Adaptive CEO Chad Robins in New York City’s Times Square, he stops me right there.

Chad Robins is CEO and co-founder of Adaptiv…

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Revolutionary web scraping software to boost your business

If you were an Amazon seller, would you want to know the listing price of a product of all competitors? If you don’t have direct access to the Amazon database, then you’re out of luck. You’d have to browse and click through every single listing. Just for constructing a table of sellers and prices. This is where a web scraping tool comes in handy. It automatically downloads your desired information, including product names, sellers’ names, prices …

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Splunk vs. IBM QRadar: SIEM Head-to-Head

SIEM, the modern tools of which have been in existence for about a dozen years, is an approach to security management that combines the SIM (security information management) and SEM (security event management) functions into one security management system. SIM collects, analyzes and reports on log data; SEM analyzes log and event data in real time to provide threat monitoring, event correlation and incident response. Due to its 24/7, real-time na…

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Shopify Stock Gives Up Gains After Analyst Downgrade

Shopify Inc. (SHOP) shares fell more than 3% during Monday’s session after Roth Capital downgraded the stock from Buy to Neutral. While analyst Darren Aftahi remains positive on underlying business prospects following the Unite conference and investor day, he believes that the stock’s valuation may already be pricing in these bullish sentiments.

DA Davidson is much more bullish on Shopify stock. Analyst Tom Forte raised his price target from $29…

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The Complete Guide to Cloud Database Management and Migration

Click to learn more about author Gilad David Maayan.

Cloud computing is the force behind many successful services, offering companies computing resources at scale. A veteran cloud service leveraged by many IT organizations is the Database as a Service (DBaaS).

Database management can be a complex and expensive operation. Agile-minded and DevOps teams aren’t happy with the slow progress of database development. Database as a Service (DBaaS) is h…

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Extreme Moves Into Networking Top Tier With Acquisition of Aerohive

Before the market opened today (June 26), Extreme Networks announced its intent to acquire Aerohive Networks. Extreme is paying a purchase price of $4.45 per share in cash, which represents about a 40% premium on the opening stock price. This equates to a total price of about $272 million, but Aerohive has about $62 million in cash, making the total enterprise value $210 million.

This seems like an outstanding price for a company projected to do…

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How Cisco Systems Has Evolved into a True IT Provider

Cisco Live 2019 was held June 9-13 in San Diego, and I was fortunate enough to attend the event. I’ve been attending Cisco Live (formerly known as Networkers) for more than 20 years now and have seen the show grow from a small niche technical conference to one of the largest IT shows in the industry. I believe the growth of Cisco Live has contributed to the demise of former powerhouse network conferences such as Interop, because it has become the…

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Generating Beatles’ Lyrics with Machine Learning

The Beatles were a huge cultural phenomenon. Their timeless music still resonates with people today, both young and old. Personally, I’m a big fan. In my humble opinion, they are the greatest band to have ever lived¹. Their songs are full of interesting lyrics and deep ideas. Take these bars for example:

When you’ve seen beyond yourself

Then you may find peace of mind is waiting there²

Powerful stuff. However, the thing that made the Beatles g…

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Researchers developed a sensing system to constantly track the performance of workers – TechCrunch

Researchers have come up with a mobile-sensing system that can track and rate the performance of workers by combining a smartphone, fitness bracelets and a custom app.

The mobile-sensing system, as the researchers call it, is able to classify high and low performers. The team used the system to track 750 U.S. workers for one year. The system was able to tell the difference between high performers and low performers with 80% accuracy.

The aim, t…

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Apple’s Acquisition Means It’s Still in Self-Driving Game

Apple has acquired autonomous driving startup, suggesting that its aspirations to build some kind of self-driving platform are still very much alive.

According to Axios, which picked apart the secretive deal as best it could, Apple could end up paying far less than’s supposed $200 million value (based on its Series B funding round in 2017). will lay off 90 employees in California as it shuts down independent operations…

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Oracle Autonomous Database – Under the Hood

e hood of the Oracle Autonomous Database and get a clear understanding of how this unique Autonomous Database works.

We’ll share our exclusive combination of database features, best practices, and machine learning algorithms that make up this family of cloud services. With the use of live demos, you will see how it can simplify your approach to data management and accelerate your transition to the cloud.

Make your life easier with the Oracle Autonomous Database. Focus on your business rather than technology. Hear how you can: Spend less – eliminate tedious, expensive, and unsafe manual database manageme…

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Hitting the Reset Button on Hadoop

Hadoop has seen better days. The recent struggles of Cloudera and MapR – the two remaining independent distributors of Hadoop software — are proof of that. After years of failing to meet expectations, some customers are calling it quits on Hadoop and moving on. But others in the industry think Hadoop will survive into the next decade, albeit with lower expectations.

Hadoop began over a decade ago as Nutch, a distributed search engine developed b…

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Police body camera maker Axon bans facial recognition tech over ‘serious concerns’ about bias

Axon is banning facial recognition technology from the products it develops for law enforcement agencies because of “serious concerns” about the technology’s accuracy, the company said Thursday.

The announcement comes amid a heated battle over facial recognition software’s potential to amplify human biases.

Axon’s AI and Policing Technology Ethics Board — an independent oversight group of AI experts, computer scientists, civil liberties advocat…

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Apple to unveil details of massive Seattle expansion at big new office complex in Amazon’s backyard

Update: Apple plans to grow to 2,000 employees in Seattle, adding 200 by the end of the year. Read our follow-up story from today’s press conference here.

It’s been six months since Apple said it would dramatically expand its Seattle operations, and it appears the tech giant has found a landing spot — right in Amazon’s backyard.

Apple real estate leaders will join Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan for a press conference Monday afternoon to announce fu…

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How Quantum Computing Is Becoming A Reality In India

We have long worked on quantum mechanics and it has been suggested since 1980 by eminent scientists like Paul Benioff, Yuri Manin, Richard Feynman and David Deutsch that quantum computer can be created. One of the biggest questions in all our minds is whether such a system is even a real possibility. In this article, we will see what the latest developments are and try to envisage the future of this field.

Firstly, a quantum computer is a comput…

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How HPE is Giving Legacy Servers New Lease on Life

If IT companies didn’t “enhance,” “extend” or “expand” their software offerings at least once or twice a year, they wouldn’t be software companies. They’d be out of business.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has followed convention by adding to its core hybrid cloud portfolio with what it calls “improved automation, workload-optimized solutions, and a consistent user-control experience across clouds.” These updates include extending intelligence-drive…

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Is Your Financial Marketing Worthy of C-Suite Status?

According to McKinsey, 83% of CEOs globally believe marketing can be a major driver of growth. This is obviously a new phenomenon, given that marketing traditionally was viewed as a “cost center” that would spend resources on advertising, branding and other mass media options. Unfortunately, despite the raised status of marketing, 23% of CEOs do not feel that marketing is actually delivering the growth needed by the organization.

“23% of CEOs do…

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Elon Musk Net Worth Is $20B: How Is Tesla CEO Spending It?

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Space X, and Boring Company is an influential entrepreneur and technocrat. Elon Musk net worth is approximately $20 billion that makes him one of the 50 richest people on Earth.

As of now, Musk is ranked 40 in the Forbes billionaires list and the Tesla CEO made his debut to the billionaire club in 2005.

A report by Business Insider has called Musk as the highest-paid CEO in the U.S. and added: “Elon Musk made more in 20…

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How the Seattle Seahawks use data to win — on and off the field

winning percentage since 2012. One of the secrets to that success may lie within the team’s sports science department.

Seattle has separated itself from competitors with its usage of technology and data analytics to help maximize player performance and ultimately win more games. The Seahawks were the first NFL franchise to establish a sports science group seven years ago, an effort spearheaded by general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll.

Fast forward to today, and almost every major league sports team has some type of sports science or analytics arm. But the Seahawks certainly had a hea…

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Icertis narrows the gap between AI expectations and reality

Transform recently sat down with several Microsoft customers at an event highlighting emerging trends in data and artificial intelligence. We talked with Vivek Bharti, general manager of product management at Icertis, which provides contract management services to enterprise customers.

TRANSFORM: Describe how your company uses AI to serve customers.

VIVEK BHARTI: We strive to solve the hardest contract management problems, using technology, and making it easy for the customers to use it.

All a company’s commitments and obligatio…

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How Amazon’s Bottom-Line Improvements Help Pay for 1-Day Shipping and More

Over the years, (AMZN – Get Report) has earned quite the reputation for passing on cost savings to customers, either via price cuts or a higher level of service quality.

Recently, when it comes to its e-commerce operations, Amazon seems to have stepped up its use of the latter approach to passing on cost savings, as it launches one new service initiative after another.

New Amazon Service Offerings

During Amazon’s April 25th earnings…

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COVER STORY: Readers provide their real world Insights on Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report

The primacy of privacy, the rapid transformation of storytelling and of course the inexorable rise of e-commerce — this is what it feels like to live inside the pages of Mary Meeker’s famous Internet Trends report (all 333 slides this year).

In a series of personal contributions below, our readers offer their real-world insights, drawing on their own experiences and expertise.

And it’s a diverse crowd — from Canva founder Melanie Perkins in Syd…

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Client Exposed in Redtail Data Incident Speaks Out

On the night of March 3, a day before Redtail said it discovered that client data was publicly displayed beyond its secured systems, Kathryn Duryea was searching online for a former classmate from elementary school. The results piqued her curiosity and she decided to do a Google search on herself.

She immediately realized something was wrong, she said. After typing in her name and where she lived, the lawyer and Equitable Trust Company trust off…

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These are the 9 ways the Australian government reckons it can stop extreme content online

Getty Images

As countries at the G20 unite to urge social media platforms to stop extreme content spreading online, Australia has released nine recommendations it believes will actually achieve it.

From developing new technology to stop material surfacing, tinkering with existing algorithms to running test scenarios, the recommendations cover every part of social media.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced he will share the new report w…

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Practical Psychology for Data Scientists

and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, then you are more than familiar with this reality. We are imperfect creatures and the world is an imperfect place.

Given the experimental and research-oriented nature of data science, we are more susceptible to these biases than most. We represent the medium between data and insight. We translate strings, ints, and floats into actionable advice, models, and visualizations.

This role comes with great responsibility. When our thinking is hijacked by cognitive bias, bad things happen. Ill-informed decisions get made and incorrect information is spread. In this post, we’ll learn…

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Apple goes big in Seattle: New campus escalates rivalry with Amazon, Microsoft and Google

pansion positions the company to compete more aggressively for talent against rivals including Amazon, Google and Microsoft. It also promises to make Seattle a bigger epicenter for cloud engineering, artificial intelligence and voice technologies.

Siri’s new home? Apple declined to go into detail about the specific focus of its expanded Seattle engineering initiatives, beyond saying that iCloud would be part of its hiring plans. But there are plenty of clues. The company already has a big focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence in the city, and current job listings show 32 available positions in Se…

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What role does IoT devices play in disaster recovery

Disasters can strike at any time. The best businesses are prepared to handle a variety of situations on short notice because they have established written plans to which to refer. The goal of these plans is to provide businesses with a roadmap to resuming normal operations after an unforeseen disaster strike. As businesses become more digitized, digital information and processes require 100% uptime.

Therefore, digital data recovery and getting y…

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Zillow launches retooled Zestimate that uses AI to analyze photographs and ‘see’ value in homes

Zillow may have paid $1 million to the winners of its Zillow Prize, a competition aimed at improving its long-running Zestimate, but it looks like some of the findings from the winning team are paying off for the home-valuation tool.

The Seattle-based real-estate technology company announced Thursday that the new Zestimate is the “most sophisticated and accurate” version since it was launched in 2006. To get there, the company credits the use of…

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Jony Ive is leaving Apple at the worst time

This week, news broke that Jony Ive is leaving Apple after nearly 30 years to open his own design firm, Loveform. He’ll keep designing projects for Apple, though no doubt, to a far lesser capacity as he takes on other clients and interests as well. As Ive put it to the Financial Times, “This just seems like a natural and gentle time to make this change.”

Is it a gentle time? For Apple and Silicon Valley at large, I’d argue it’s the most tumultuo…

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Top 22 Best Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Movies of All Time

Recently, we have started to hear the concept of artificial intelligence as often as we have never met. This technology, which is no longer a fantastic science fiction element but is included in our lives, is ranked first among the technology trends that will shape the years to come.

Artificial intelligence, which can be explained by the fact that computers can make use of human thinking, reasoning, perception, comprehension, judgment and inference abilities, is the …

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How to ensure downloading Android apps is safe for users

How to ensure downloading Android apps is safe for users

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Image Source-

Rapid evolution in cybercrime has threatened our lives in millions of ways. Especially when our lives revolve around the smart device in our hand, be it a smartphone or a tablet.

During the last decade, the enormous impact that smart devices made on our lives couldn’t be ignored. More than 2.5 billion smartphon…

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AI start-up raises funds to expand to US

Mr Cooper said Fivecast intends to use its track record with Australian security agencies to establish a team in the United States to do similar work.

US Visa opportunity

It plans to pitch for business to the US Department of Homeland Security, which introduced new immigration rules in June requiring most visa applicants to submit their social media profiles, previous email addresses and phone numbers.

“The US gets about 40,000 applications fo…

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