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  CloudQuant Thoughts : AT LAST! REALLY USEFUL AI!  

Bias and Fairness: Striking a Balance

AI relies on large datasets to train machine learning models, and those datasets can be highly skewed in characteristics of race, wealth and gender, for example. And while bias may be detected numerically, fairness is a social construct. It’s unlikely every decision will be fair to all parties. In this environment, it’s important for data scientists to be building what business managers want, and for both to be cognizant of bias and fairness issues. In a recent account in Forbes, Dr. Rebecca Parsons, chief technology officer of ThoughtWorks, spoke about how the company with 6,000 employees in 14 countries worldwide addresses the issue of bias. Dr. Parsons noted that the infusion of bias into an AI application is usually unintentional, a function of the environment the data scientist grew up in. And the teams building the biggest AI systems are not representative of society at large. Some 2.5 percent of Google’s workforce is black and 10 percent of AI research staff at Google is female, according to recent research from NYU.

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CloudQuant Thoughts: Technology skews towards the wealthy white male and so it is obvious that AI data will skew that way also. It is therefore imperative that all people involved in creating ML and AI systems give regular thought to whether or not their systems may be displaying a bias. The establishment of the Algorithm Justice League and Fairness Definitions will help. We are in the early days and so far no systems appear to be deliberately biased so it is imperative that we take steps now to keep it that way (Uighur AI : One Month, 500,000 Face Scans: How China Is Using A.I. to Profile a Minority).  

Here’s when analyst reports matter, according to Morgan Stanley’s AI

Morgan Stanley develops an artificial intelligence program to interpret how its analysts feel about a stock. When the sentiment of an analyst report contrasts with the initial price move of a price after an earnings announcement, the analysts are often proven correct after a few weeks. “The return trend indicated by the MRAS strategy is not quite conclusive in the short run, but consistently prevails after around 20 days,” Morgan Stanley analyst Qingyi Huang writes.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : When does normal data become alternative data? When AI takes a look at it. A human could easily have spotted this trend in the data but it is much simpler for an AI to pull it out of all the noise. But why search for facts within human noise. Give the AI the same data as the “Analyst” and let the AI become the Analyst!  

Why banks should monetise their datasets – Cuemacro

The big news in the data world this month has been the merger between LSE and Refinitiv. It is unlikely to be last such tie up, as @jbaksht puts it in a recent tweet below. One obvious reason is that for exchanges, monetising their dataset is becoming an ever more important revenue source. In many cases, data is more of a revenue earner than exchange fees.

However, within the financial world, it is not just exchanges who can monetise their datasets. Banks and other organisations which aggregate large amounts of financial data are looking towards ways they can gain value from their datasets. As part of their everyday business, banks also generate vast amounts of “exhaust data” as a result of the transactions they make for their clients. A bank can’t suddenly open up their vast databases and sell every scrap of data externally, given client confidentially. However, there are lots of other things banks and similar organisations can do with their data to provide value for clients, whilst satisfying legal requirements.
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CloudQuant Thoughts : A great merger opportunity between LSE and Refinitiv and we wholeheartedly agree that data is the future. That is why we have been hard at work on the perfect system for bringing the huge numbers of Alternative Datasets together with market data to enable researchers to choose the best data source whilst consuming as little money and time as possible.

The Anatomy of AI: Understanding Data Processing Tasks

According to Nexla, which has just published a white paper titled “Managing Data for AI: From Development to Production,” upwards of 70% of the time and energy spent in AI projects is consumed by preparing the data to be consumed by the ML algorithms. This data-management work can be broken down into a handful of phases, including:
  • Data discovery: What data do you need, and how do you find it?
  • Data analysis: Is the data useful for ML? How do you validate it?
  • Data preparation: What format is the data in? How do you transform it into the correct format?
  • Data modeling: What algorithm can you use to model the data?
  • Model evaluation: Is the model working as expected? What changes do you need to make?

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CloudQuant Thoughts : You can see that Data location, Data proof checking, Data Preparation, Algo Testing and Results testing are all steps that Data Consumers need to manage. It would be easier if these steps were already done and all the Data Consumer had to do was confirm that they were satisfied that the Evaluation was accurate. At CloudQuant we are hard at work on just such a system.

AI Startups Vs AI-Enabled Startups: Unlocking The Difference

Artificial intelligence has made its way into businesses by bringing innovative and smart solutions. It is adding value to by changing work processes and bringing in more and more automation. While there has been a drastic increase in the use of AI in companies, there has often been a confusion between these two types of companies:

Startups/companies making AI solutions Startups/companies using AI to better their offer…
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Data Governance and Data Science: What is the Intersection?

With the rising concern surrounding the manipulation of data and misuse of statistical methods in Data Science, it is becoming imperative that strong Data Governance policies and practices are put in place to curb any degeneration of data and the scientific methods used to arrive at data-driven conclusions.

Data Governance (DG) is expected to play a key role in future Data Science (DS) practices as it offers phased, validity checks at multiple p…
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Northern Trust develops machine learning-based forecasting engine to drive securities lending revenue

Northern Trust (NTRS) has developed a new pricing engine that utilises machine learning and advanced statistical techniques to drive revenue growth for clients by more effectively forecasting the rate to loan securities in the securities lending market.

Built on a hybrid-cloud platform that allows for highly efficient processing of data, the algorithm leverages numerous strategic market data points from multiple asset classes and regions to project the demand for equities in the se…
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Latest Release Provides External Client Access Featuring Portfolio Analytics, Reporting & Document Management

INDATA®, a leading industry provider of software, technology and managed services for buyside firms, today announced the latest release of iPM Portal, the firm’s web-based software solution geared around the needs of portfolio managers, investment advisors and other client-facing individuals within investment management firms, which …
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3 Things to Watch in the Stock Market This Week — The Motley Fool

Stocks held their ground last week after a sharp sell-off in the previous week sent both the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average lower by 3%. After slipping by less than 0.5% over the last few trading days, indexes remain up by over 12% so far in 2019.

Earnings results continue to pour in over the next few days, and below we’ll take a look at the metrics that could send shares of Canopy Growth (NYSE:CGC), Walmart (NYSE:WMT), and NVIDIA …
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GPU Storage Approach Targets Big Data Bottlenecks

An emerging storage technology aims to leverage faster GPUs by creating a direct path between local and remote storage, thereby overcoming I/O bottlenecks that are slowing the crunching of AI and HPC data sets.

Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) is touting the potential bottleneck-breaker called GPUDirect Storage as a way to keep its graphics processors humming, thereby boosting overall application performance.

GPUDirect Storage and an Nvidia-customized app…
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USF Launches Data Ethics Center

Ethical AI remains a high priority as developers pause to consider the implications of the automation tools they are creating. A more granular approach is being taken by the University of San Francisco’s Data Institute, which is launching a data ethics initiative that seeks to address the misuse of data through education and “civil advocacy.”

The USF Data Institute was founded three years ago to help train the next generation of data scientists….
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Dow Futures Signal a Sharply Lower Start

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) futures are signaling a triple-digit drop for the blue-chip index this morning, as geopolitical tensions in Asia weigh on Wall Street. In addition to lingering trade tensions with China — including a round of tariff tweets from President Donald Trump over the weekend — escalating protests in Hong Kong have fueled concerns of a possible global recession. Overnight, Hong Kong International Airport cancelled all …
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AI Weekly: Sorry, Donald Trump, you can’t be a credible AI leader and a bigot

It happened again, this time in El Paso: A person filled with racial hate killed people, and instead of appealing to our better angels, as past presidents have put it, Donald Trump went in the opposite direction. The president read a scripted speech with all the right words about how hate is bad, but nobody really believed him. The president has consistently shown, from his comments on Charlottesville to border fights to mass shootings, that he’s…
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Data Catalogs Seen as Difference Makers in Big Data

You can’t get insights using big data techniques without the data. That much is clear. But where, exactly, is the data you need? Where does it reside, and how can you get access to it? The answers to those questions are not always directly obvious. But with the help of data catalogs, organizations are discovering that data doesn’t have to be so hard to find after all.

More than a decade into the “big data” era, we’re finally figurin…
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How to Stay Employed in the AI Era

By AI Trends Staff

If you want to stay employed in the AI era, you need to decide where you want to focus, work to qualify yourself and pursue that path within your company. If the company is not tuning in, think about moving to another company. And review some descriptions for jobs of the future to see where the trends are pointing.

Half of enterprises are being held back from moving forward with AI because their staff is not recognizing the d…
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University of Sydney Wins $1m Google AI Challenge For Digital Health Program

Google has awarded the University of Sydney’s Westmead Applied Research Centre a $1 million prize and expert support to continue the development of its digital health program which uses AI to predict heart attacks.

The digital health project this week won the inaugural AI Impact Challenge, a program run by, the tech giant’s philanthropic arm.

The Westmead Applied Research Centre was launched last year as a collaboration between the W…
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A 2019 Guide to Semantic Segmentation

Semantic segmentation refers to the process of linking each pixel in an image to a class label. These labels could include a person, car, flower, piece of furniture, etc., just to mention a few. We’ll now look at a number of research papers on covering state-of-the-art approaches to building semantic segmentation models.

By Derrick Mwiti, Data Analyst.

Semantic segmentation refers to the process of linking each pixel in an image to a class …
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Now Amazon Is A Front Runner In The Lucrative Data Lake Market

a lakes. It makes it easier to manage large quantities of data allowing companies to retain more information — including unstructured and raw data. It also allows companies to run their analytics and machine learning algorithms on large datasets to better discover patterns.

AWS Lake Formation, which is a fully-managed service by Amazon facilitating building, securing and management of data lakes, recently announced that it is now “generally available” — meaning that it is now available for developers to purchase. It comes as a breath of fresh air for those with large datasets to help them deal with data more…
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How data and AI are helping Deschutes Brewery respond to beer trends faster

Transform recently sat down with several Microsoft customers at an event highlighting emerging trends in data and artificial intelligence (AI). We spoke with Kyle Kotaich, operations technology lead at Deschutes Brewery, a craft beer maker based in Bend, Oregon, that combines data science with brewing expertise to deliver better beer and run a more efficient business.

TRANSFORM: How does AI help you run a better business?

KYLE KOTAICH: It takes a little while for us to get a new beer from, say, pub scale or research and developme…
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Artificial intelligence scores another victory in diagnosing breast cancer

Human doctors once again fell short of artificial intelligence in a test to accurately diagnose breast cancer, adding yet more evidence that AI-aided diagnostics may soon be commonplace. Researchers at the University of Washington and UCLA created a system that was able to distinguish between a pair of conditions that human doctors often struggle to identify correctly.

The results are reminiscent of an effort by Google to detect metastatic breast cancer usi…
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The Critical Element for a Successful Digital Transformation? HTAP Powered by In-Memory Computing

Many of today’s digital transformation and omnichannel customer experience initiatives demand real-time analysis of data. For example, banks need to analyze transactions across their systems in real time to detect and prevent fraud. Healthcare providers must constantly analyze data being collected from hundreds or thousands of in-hospital and home-based patients to respond in real time to individual crises and detect possible disease outbreaks. S…
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Modern Data Warehousing: Enterprise Must-Haves


To fit into modern analytics ecosystems, legacy data warehouses must evolve—both architecturally and technologically—to deliver the agility, scalability and flexibility that business need to thrive in today’s data-driven economy. Alongside new architectural approaches, a variety of technologies have emerged as key ingredients of modern data warehousing, from data vir…
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How Data Analytics Tools Eliminate Business Owner Headaches

Big data has the power to transform any small business. However, many small businesses don’t know how to utilize it. One study found that 77% of small businesses don’t even have a big data strategy.

If your company lacks a big data strategy, then you need to start developing one today. The best thing that you can do is find some data analytics tools to solve your most pressing challenges.

Using Big Data…
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DataTracks Plans Next Version of Rainbow Software Featuring AI and Machine Learning

press release, “DataTracks, a global leader in providing cloud based software application for preparation of compliance reports announces plans for the next version of its Rainbow software featuring artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Singapore based DataTracks is a global leader in providing software and services to help business enterprises prepare and file compliance reports with regulators (such as SEC in United States). DataTracks counts more than 16,600 clients in 24 countries.”

The release continues, “Rainbow 3.0, the current version of the software links to financial books, draws fin…
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3 Important Takeaways From The Trade Desk’s Red-Hot Quarter — The Motley Fool

The Trade Desk (NASDAQ:TTD) has been on fire in 2019, gaining more than 134% going into its second-quarter financial report. The results were better than many had hoped for, as the company’s impressive growth continued.

Revenue increased to $160 million, up 42% year over year, and edging out expectations. This resulted in adjusted earnings per share of $0.95, soaring past analysts’ consensus estimates of $0.69.

Management provided a wealth of i…
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IAPA names Australia’s top 25 analytics leaders for 2019

IAPA, the peak body for analytics professionals in Australia, has named its top 25 analytics leaders for 2019.

The list is decided by a panel of leading analytics and business leaders across four key areas of strategy and impact; influence and advocacy; innovation and improvement; and team growth and leadership.

The 2019 cohort spans a broad selection of industries including financial services, utilities, telco, ecommerce, education, software, …
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Groupon acquires Presence AI to bolster booking capabilities with AI

Groupon today announced that it’s purchased Presence AI, a San Francisco-based company developing a communications platform that automates business-to-customer calls and messaging. The terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, but Groupon chief product officer Sarah Butterfass said that Presence AI’s portfolio will complement Groupon’s existing booking products and help to “accelerate” its development roadmap.

Presence AI — a member of the 2018 Alexa…
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Groupon Has Acquired an AI Startup to Help People Book Reservations Via Text

versation between someone trying to make a haircut appointment and a salon. Except the someone making the appointment wasn’t a “someone” at all.

Instead, Google Duplex used a fake voice generated by artificial intelligence and natural language processing to book appointments for real people. In the demonstration, the AI was able to successfully make the appointment, and the salon worker had no idea she was talking to a robot.

Google’s example gives a good snapshot of the current state of conversational AI and how it can be used in business settings. And now large tech companies, like Groupon, are seeing a need for…
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Modernize your IT Infrastructure Monitoring by Combining Time Series Databases with Machine Learning

Modernize your IT Infrastructure Monitoring by Combining Time Series Databases with Machine Learning Tamar Gal Follow Aug 12 · 5 min read

Let’s explore the complexity and vulnerability of IT infrastructure and how to build a modern IT infrastructure monitoring solution, using a combination of time series databases with machine learning.

IT Infrastructure: Complex and Vulnerable

iCloud recently joined Google, Facebook, Amazon on the list of maj…
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Big Data Yields Progress in Social Good

In addition to driving profitability and growth for business, big data holds the potential to improve people’s lives in more humanitarian ways. One company that’s doing more than most in this arena is IBM, which last month provided an update on the Science for Social Good initiative that it started three years ago.

Statistics IBM shared by IBM indicate the Science for Social Good program is having an impact. Since the program started, 114 IBM Re…
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Searching for Pulsars with Machine Learning

Giannatti on Unsplash

Purpose: Searching for pulsars is a labor-intensive process that requires experienced astronomers and trained volunteers for their classification. In this article, we implement machine learning techniques to facilitate the process. Materials and methods: The propose work will be develop and tested on a sample of pulsar candidates collected during the High Time Resolution Survey (HTRU-1). Each pulsar candidate in data base is described by 30 features and a class label. The class label determines a pulsar (1) and a non-pulsar candidate (0). We will built and train 18 different classifiers…
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Singaporean Researchers Global Summit: From Smart Nation to communicative cities, it included all

Around 300 Singaporean researchers, postdoctoral fellows and PhD students, including those based overseas attended Singaporean Researchers Global Summit at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House between August 6 and 7. The attendees shared their experiences and perspectives as well as discuss the research landscape and opportunities in Singapore.

The summit also included discussions on drug development, Smart Nation and social inequality. These sessio…
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HPE Acquires MapR

MapR Technologies, the struggling distributor of a Hadoop-based platform that has been searching for a buyer for the past few months, today was acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprises. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

HPE says it the transaction includes MapR’s technology, intellectual property, and domain expertise in AI, machine learning, and analytics data management.

“The explosion of data is creating a new era of intelligence where th…
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Workers’ Compensation Platform Uses Big Data For Better Outcomes

We have talked extensively about the fields that rely most heavily on big data. The insurance industry is one of the companies investing the most in big data technology. Exactly one year ago today, SNS Telecom & IT published a report highlighting the demand for big data in the insurance industry. The report showed that insurers spent $2.4 billion on big data in 2018 alone. However, the report didn’t go into the nuances of the types of insurance that are affected by big data…
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Corporate Culture Continues to Stymie Data Insights

Reports of the death of spreadsheets have been greatly exaggerated.

That reality is among the findings of a recent survey on the state of business analytics released by the consulting firm Deloitte. Even as enterprises hustle to deploy emerging AI technologies, the survey found a surprising number of companies polled said they still rely on spreadsheets to crunch numbers.

Despite the hype about AI improving business practices, the survey conclu…
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How To Improve Your Data Science Strategy

How To Improve Your Data Science Strategy

It takes more than just hiring a data scientist and paying for a Tableau license

Photo by Tabea Damm on Unsplash

Creating an effective data strategy is not as simple as hiring a few data scientists and data engineers and purchasing a tableau license. Nor is it just about using data to make decisions.

Creating an effective data strategy is about creating an ecosystem where getting to …
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AAIH Positions Itself As ‘Trusted Voice’ For AI Use in Healthcare


Close to 30 companies have joined a fledgling advocacy organization with big plans for aligning the healthcare sector around a shared vocabulary, standards of excellence and real–world potential of artificial intelligence (AI). The Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH) launched in January and literally hit the ground running, according to Annastasiah M. Mhaka, AAIH president and a senior advisor with Adjuvant Partners.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) heard from the AAIH in May with a formal response to the agency’s planned approach to oversight of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD…
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DataRobot Bags $200 Million In Series E Funding, Steps Into Unicorn Territory

imately $200M in a Series E funding round in the ballpark led by Sapphire Ventures. According to a source, the funding is going to be used the company to help advance the development of its automated machine learning and AI software. And this makes the company’s total venture funding over $400 million and it also steps into the land of the unicorn with a valuation over $1 billion.

That is not all, there are talks that the company could also manage to bag additional funding and take the latest round to $250 million.

According to the source, the company has said that it continues to experience significant gro…
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Amazon announces general availability of AWS Lake Formation

Businesses with large data sets on their hands can rest a little easier tonight — at least if they’re Amazon Web Services subscribers. Amazon this evening announced general availability of AWS Lake Formation, a fully managed service that facilitates the building, securing, and management of data lakes. Customers with instances in the US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), and Europe (Ireland) regions can ta…
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Perspective on Data Governance: Q&A with Myke Lyons, Chief Information Security Officer at Collibra

A data governance- and privacy-focused company founded in the EU that now headquarters its management team in New York City, Collibra has hundreds of customers across Europe and the U.S. As a result the company keeps a close eye on changing data privacy legislation that may impact its own data governance platform and its customers’ data management practices.

Following a $100 million Series-E funding round, led by CapitalG, Alphabet’s growth equi…
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Change management is the key to digital strategy

According to Dalton, organisations need people talking across teams, breaking down silos, talking to suppliers and customers and to people outside the industry – the great organisations have always done that over time.

“The digital part just enables you to do it better. The challenge is not just getting caught up in the sexiness of the technology.

Understand your objectives

Schneider Electric’s digital services director Jacek Krutak agrees dig…
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How AI is helping track endangered species

The Hawaiian poʻo-uli, a small bird from the honeycreeper family, was first discovered in 1973. Less than half a century later, it disappeared from the planet.

Declared extinct in 2018, it is one of almost 700 vertebrate species that have been driven to extinction in the last 500 years. According to a United Nations report issued earlier this year to policymakers, one million species are at risk of extinction: Human actions threaten more plants …
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Healthcare IT software maker Medstreaming raises cash to help hospitals and researchers analyze data

Medstreaming is raising investment to help hospitals and researchers analyze their data with artificial intelligence.

The Redmond, Wash.-based healthcare IT company reeled in $22.6 million as part of an equity round, according to a regulatory filing. Company representatives declined to comment on the filing.

Founded in 2006, the company is attacking a common frustration in healthcare: data is often fragmented and difficult to work with.

To add…
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Is Deep Learning Possible Without Back-propagation?

Back-propagation algorithm in simpler terms can be typified as learning how to ride a bicycle. After a few unfortunate falls, one learns how to avoid the fall. And every fall teaches how to ride the bike better and not lean too much on either side so as not to fall before reaching the destination.

Today, back-propagation is part of almost all the neural networks that are deployed in object detection, recommender systems, chatbots and other such …
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7 hard to ignore reasons to take on data analytics as a career

If you are still wondering what is the best career move for you then you can choose data analytics as a career option. There are several reasons for it that you will find hard to ignore. If you are a believer in statistics then there is enough of it to encourage you as well. According to recent research, it is estimated that there are about 2.7 million job postings coming up in the US alone by the end of 2020.

This is because more and more companies are embracing data analytics. Especially as…
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Kantar launches analytics practice in Australia

Kantar Australia is launching a dedicated analytics practice, focussed on helping Australian clients solve complex business problems using a range of data sources.

To support this launch, Kantar is investing in top-class talent to directly work with clients locally. The 10-strong Australia team is led by award-winning business intelligence leader John Cucka.

Joining the fast-growing team to strengthen the offering is Jarrod Payne who is promote…
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How defense agencies harness the power of digital transformation

of an organization. Yet despite a desire to digitally transform, most defense agencies face unique challenges that complicate transformation, especially when embracing cloud-enabled services such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning. Keeping this in mind, Microsoft goes to great lengths to understand the distinct issues defense agencies face and prides itself on championing innovation in this space.

The desire to embrace cloud technologies stems from the need to better conduct missions that provide national security and protection of citizens. Digital transformation, even in the context of budgetar…
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NA Proactive news snapshot: GSRX Industries Inc, Energy Fuels Inc, CytoDyn Inc , VR Resources Ltd …

A glance at some of the day’s highlights from the Proactive Investors US and Canada newswires

( ), which develops artificial intelligence and quantum finance applications was elevated Monday to the OTCQB Venture Market. Investors cheered the news, sending Quantum Computing stock up nearly 33.4% to $4.55 in afternoon trade.

Inc ( ) subsidiary has launched an online investor network for the cannabis industry, The invitation-only network connects public and private cannabis companies with traders and institut…
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5 Programming Languages Slated for Future Greatness

Last month, we boldly proclaimed that a handful of programming languages are almost certainly doomed in the medium- to long-term, based on data from firms such as RedMonk and TIOBE. That article generated quite a bit of chatter, so we decided to double down and create an even bolder sequel: programming languages that are poised to increase in usage over the next several years.

As with our “doomed” languages, we’re relying on larger data trends i…
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6 Questions To Audit The State Of Your Company’s Analytics Infrastructure

It’s no secret that everything businesses need to grow and accomplish their vision is theirs for the taking. But like anything that yields powerful results, the process doesn’t come easy. This describes the dilemma many organizations are facing when it comes to getting insights out of data.

But before enterprises can shore up their analytics processes, they need to understand what’s holding them back.

Audit the state of your company’s analytics…
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Identity technology and Dublin’s draw for fintech firms post-Brexit

The appointment of Gabriel Makhlouf as the 12th governor of the Central Bank of Ireland earlier this year hasn’t gone unnoticed. Until recently the top official in New Zealand’s treasury, he will be the first foreign official to occupy the post in the entire history of Ireland’s financial regulator. Coincidentally, Gabriel Makhlouf also boasts top UK civil servant experience – having served as the principal private secretary to Gordon Brown, chan…
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Cloudera Shares Active After Carl Icahn Reaches Agreement for Board Seats

Cloudera Inc. (CLDR – Get Report) shares gave back earlier gains Monday after the cloud computing and data analytics group reached a deal with activist investor Carl Icahn to place two members on the board of directors.

Ichan, who owns around 18.4% of the company via Icahn Enterprises (IEP – Get Report) , will have two of his affiliate employees — Nicholas Graziano and Jesse Lynn — appointed to Cloudera’s expanded ten-person board in exchange for limiting is stake in the group to under 20% and not seeking fu…
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Sysdig Injects More AI into Container Security

At the Black Hat USA conference, Sysdig today announced it has extended the capabilities of Sysdig Secure to include runtime profiling and anomaly detection enabled by machine learning algorithms with Kubernetes environments. At the same time, Sysdig unveiled Falco Rule Builder, a more flexible user interface (UI) for creating runtime security policies, which integrates tightly with Sysdig Secure. Knox Anderson, director of product management for Sysdig, says these extensions will make it easier for organizations to embrace best DevSecOps processes by relying on container monit…
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How will AI and data technology transform the insurance industry?

When someone talks about artificial intelligence or innovation, the last thing that comes to our minds is the insurance industry. The reason for this is because most people can’t find a relation between insurance and high technology, yet it is one of the first industries to be affected by Al and data technology. The insurance industry is based on a big bubble of risks, these companies immeasurably depend on their competence of predicting what r…
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Start-up ‘generator’ funds 12 Australian companies

Antler Australia managing director Bede Moore said all of the fledgling entrepreneurs showed the potential to succeed in their new endeavours.

“In Australia, we have a higher concentration of top people and brilliant minds in a few ageing brand names,” he said. “What Antler does, uniquely, is enable individuals to come and find a way into the tech sector.”

Gig worker insurance

He called out Upcover as an exciting company. Mr Moore said its pla…
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Self-Driving Databases Are Ready to Hit the Road

To advance in the digital economy, enterprises are building and leveraging increasingly complex database systems—too involved for the manual processes data administrators and managers have employed for years to keep things humming. As a result, data managers are turning to automation and autonomous databases. Already, database functions such as backup and recovery are highly automated, and plans are underway to automate such day-to-day functions …
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Infrastructure investment is important for the best CX results

Companies often prioritise investment in customer-facing systems over infrastructure projects, but it’s important to realise that both are critical to success, says Shailendra Kumar, Vice President and Chief Evangelist at SAP, “As the new customer-facing systems usually have a direct impact on customer experience, management finds it easy to approve the such investments.”

“Unfortunately, they often do not realise that it’s not only the customer-…
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Oracle News & Updates – August 7, 2019

Oracle Integration, Process, and API Day | Troy, MI

August 7, 2019 | 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Oracle Office – 1050 Wilshire Drive, Troy, MI 48084

Join Oracle Product Managers, Consulting Services and application integration experts to hear about best practices for the design and development of application integrations, process automations and APIs using Oracle’s Integration Platform (iPaaS). Hear real-world stories about how Oracle customers are able…
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What HPE Sees in MapR Technologies

morning with the announcement that it has acquired the struggling data platform company MapR Technologies. In an interview with Datanami, Patrick Osborne, HPE’s vice president and general manager of big data and secondary storage, describes why the deal makes sense for the technology giant.

Osborne, who will oversee the MapR product line, says the acquisition appealed to HPE for several reasons. For starters, even though HPE is generally averse to providing higher-level software like databases and applications, it likes the MapR technology. There are also a lot of large joint HPE-MapR customers that…
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H-1B Visa Program: U.S. Cities That Use It Most… and Why

When you think of the H-1B visa, chances are good you’re also thinking of Silicon Valley as the place with the densest concentration of H-1B workers in the United States. We dug through U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) data and found that a lone Silicon Valley city pops up in the top ten zip codes with the most H-1B activity. Companies in other states and cities leverage (and possibly abuse) the visa much more.

First, some details on our methodolo…
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How 5G Networks Can Pave Way for Long-Promised Industry Strides

Fifth-generation wireless networking, or 5G, is the latest advance in a series of mobile standards that propelled early generations of cellular calls, text messaging, and touch-screen smartphones.

The network standard’s speed and flexibility is poised to unlock new scenarios for the long-promised industrial internet, enabling massive machine-to-machine communication and fast data analysis from sensor networks, vehicles, robots, and medical equip…
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How Neural Networks Are Learning to Write

How Neural Networks Are Learning to Write An overview of the evolution of NLP models for writing text Erick Fonseca Follow Aug 9 · 12 min read In some online forum of historians, a user asks a question: Did the average Soviet citizen have a sense of humor? Shortly after, they receive a five paragraph-long reply. Before elaborating a complex answer, it starts with a reasonable introductory explanation: In the Soviet Union, there was a sort of univ…
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The Internet of Things: Architecture, Edge Computing, Use Cases, and the Future

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not, by itself, a technology. The IoT is the “concept” of connecting electrical devices to the internet. This includes smartphones, washing machines, coffee makers, lamps, and wearable devices. The IoT also applies to the components of machines, such as jet engines or the drills of oil rigs, and is used by smart cities and manufacturing plants. The use of the IoT is also changing how Big Data is managed and stored….
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Auryn Resources Inc is on the hunt for the next globally significant metal deposit

Junior exploration company backed by leading investors and a proven management team with a history of past success

Major copper and gold discovery opportunities in Canada and Peru

Multi-project portfolio that provides optionality and mitigates risk

Employing novel technology to generate new drill targets

What does Auryn Resources do?

( ) (NYSE:AUG) is betting that somewhere in the Americas lies the world’s next globally-significant metal dep…
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Deploy your First Analytics Project

Definitive Guide for Data Professionals (Data Analytics)

Deploy your First Analytics Project

Deploy Lazada’s Web Scraping Dashboard with Heroku

Source: Unsplash

Problem Statement:

For data scientists, it is very important to deploy your application to the cloud, to make it accessible for any technical or non technical users. From my working experience, the expectations that data scientists create machine learning models while the engineers deploy…
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Video: Industry leaders on the analytics opportunity

Australia is facing a skill gap within the analytics sector according to some of the country’s leading practitioners. But emerging technology can help to offset the gap by also improving traditional reporting.

“There is a skill gap. A lot of data scientists are not data scientists,” said SAP VP and chief analytics evangelist, Shailendra Kumar following an analytics roundtable in Sydney.

“That came out with all the key leaders [at the roundtable…
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Australia Post to future proof services with telco transformation

Australia Post is undertaking a large scale telecommunications transformation project, rolling out a series of upgrades to its expansive network to optimise performance for services across the country.

With over 4,000 sites to be upgraded, Australia Post said it is ensuring facilities and post offices have the most up-to-date access to technology and services – meaning faster parcel processing, greater bandwidth for digital services, while also …
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The State of Data Science in 2019 and How to Overcome the Talent Shortage

Join Anaconda’s Chief Technology Officer, Peter Wang, and Maria Khalusova, Developer Advocate at JetBrains, for a webinar on August 28. We’ll discuss the results of our 2019 survey and how the data science talent shortage will be addressed.

Register Now
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Cover Story: Australia’s Dangerous Foray Into Facial Recognition

The revived proposal for the Identity-Matching Services Bill will allow the Department of Home Affairs to begin developing a national scheme of identity and data matching, including the expanded use of facial recognition technology.

The contentious scheme would see the department operate a hub and spoke model of identity data sharing with government agencies, state and federal police, anti corruption agencies, security agencies, and in some case…
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Big Data Makes Black Hat Hackers More Terrifying Than Ever

Big data is the lynchpin of new advances in cybersecurity. Unfortunately, predictive analytics and machine learning technology is a double-edged sword for cybersecurity. Hackers are also exploiting this technology, which means that there is a virtual arms race between cybersecurity companies and black hat cybercriminals.

Datanami has talked about the ways that hackers use big data to coordinate attacks. …
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Telangana’s New Chatbot To Facilitate Registration Process In The State

Continuing their streak for promoting cutting-edge technology in the state, the Registrations and Stamps department in Telangana will soon sport a brand new chatbot. The southern state’s IT department is reportedly working on a new chatbot which will help users find key information related to the department.

According to a report in a noted daily, Telangana’s Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITE&C) is working on a chatbot …
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How Kemp Brings Full Visibility to Multi-Cloud Load Balancing

New York City-based Kemp Technologies, known for its application delivery controllers and load balancers, is fully embracing the multi-cloud approach of application delivery. What’s more, the company is further developing its management and monitoring platforms to support heterogeneous environments that use ADCs from the likes of F5, NGINX, HAProxy and AWS (ELB).

The company is taking a three-pronged approach to the ADC and load balancing market…
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