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AI Learns to Park – Deep Reinforcement Learning

Meet the algorithms connecting Trump tweets and the stock market (MarketPlace Podcast)

The markets often rise or fall in response to comments by President Trump — comments which he often makes on Twitter. The market responses are driven by algorithms, which take the president’s tweets into account.

Joe Gits runs Social Market Analytics, a Chicago company that compiles tweets that could affect stocks, and then passes that data along to traders. He spoke with Kai Ryssdal about why algorithms aren’t changed to encourage to stability. Market volatility isn’t a problem for traders, Gits said. “The algorithms want volatility,” he said. “The algos make money because of volatility.” An edited transcript of their conversation follows.

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CloudQuant Thoughts… As covered in this podcast clip, all news sources, traditional and alternative, now drive the markets. But how can you possibly consume all of Twitter? Alternative data sets also include processed data sets where the suppliers have already run the twitter hose pipe through their own NLP and generated a score for each tweet. We have Twitter and Stocktwits data from SMA  – Social Market Analytics and you can write a model today that takes advantage of their work. Also, see our Catalogue of Alternative DataSets.

Nasdaq’s Quandl adds fundamental crypto rating and price forecasting data from Blockchain Investments & Co

Nasdaq has partnered with Blockchain Investments & Co, a thesis-driven crypto investment management fund and data provider, to add descriptive, rating, correlation, forecasting and sentiment crypto asset data to Quandl, Nasdaq’s institutional data platform.

The new data products are aimed at providing institutional investors with greater insights, to make better and more informed decisions and boost their confidence in understanding and investing in this upcoming asset class. Nasdaq’s Quandl platform will source the qualitative and quantitative data from Blockchain Investments & Co, enabling a wide variety of in-depth crypto asset data to support purposes such as research, investment and regulatory, amongst others.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Nasdaq’s Quandl responded to Bloomberg’s move into alternative datasets by announcing that they were becoming a dataset creator. But that does not seem to have stopped them from distributing unusual or under-represented  alternative data sets such as Crypto Currencies.

3 Alternative Financing Stocks to Hedge a Recession

Predictions of a 2020 recession have increased in recent months amid little progress in U.S.-China trade discussions, lackluster economic data, and several inversions of the yield curve – an event that has proceeded every recession since 1956.

If a slowdown does occur, companies that offer alternative financing options, such as rent-to-own stores and pawnshop lenders, should tend to outperform, cashing in on consumers needing quick money to pay bills and manage their daily spending. Jefferies analyst John Hecht recently wrote in a research note that these stocks provide “a hedge to standard recessionary pressures that cause most stocks to decline,” as quoted by Barron’s. “Alternative financial services companies’ business models tend to have resilience during a downturn, and thus the equity values perform relatively well,” he wrote.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… In the UK, the major signs of the death of a town are initially the influx of Pawnbrokers and “Rent to never own” firms, followed closely by Charity Shops. Once those two types of store take hold, the town is doomed. It does not fill me with joy to see investment advisers suggesting such stocks as ideal investments in the US.

Facebook is Challenging Researchers to Build a Deepfakes Detector

Deepfakes are becoming so convincing that it’s hard to tell them from real videos. And that could soon spell disaster, eroding trust in what we see online. That’s why Facebook is teaming up with a consortium of researchers from Microsoft and several prominent research universities for a “Deepfake Detection Challenge.”

The idea is to build a data set, with the help of human user input, that’ll help neural networks detect what is and isn’t a deepfake. The end result, if all goes well, will be a system that can reliably fake videos online. Similar data sets already exist for object or speech recognition, but there isn’t one specifically made for detecting deepfakes yet. The winning team will even get a prize — presumably a portion of the $10 million Facebook is investing in the challenge.
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Deepfaked Voice of CEO Used to Steal Almost $250,000 from Company

Cyberthieves stole almost a quarter of a million dollars from a UK-based company by using an AI-generated deepfake of the voice of the company’s CEO to authorize the money transfer. Cybercriminals in Europe have stolen nearly a quarter of a million dollars from a UK-based energy company by using the AI-generated voice of the firm’s German parent company’s CEO to authorize the money transfer.

In one of the first reported cases of its kind, cyberthieves have used the AI-generated voice of a German CEO to convince the CEO of a UK-based subsidiary company to make a fraudulent transfer of nearly a quarter of a million dollars, the Wall Street Journal reported over the weekend. The $243,000 transfer was purported to be a payment to a Hungarian supplier and the UK CEO, believing that he was speaking with his German boss, made the transfer as requested.
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Microsoft Announces Linux Based AI Camera

Microsoft has released a Linux based $249 “Vision AI Developer Kit” which is targeted at AI edge developers using Azure IoT Edge and Azure Machine Learning. The developer kit includes a camera, which uses Qualcomm’s Vision Intelligence 300 Platform, and the software needed to develop intelligent edge solutions using Azure IoT Edge and Azure Machine Learning. It supports an end-to-end Azure enabled solution with real-time image processing locally on the edge device and model training and management on Azure. The Vision AI Developer Kit, made by our p…
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Vietnam – the new Asian Innovation hub

Poor existing banking infrastructure? No major Unicorns from the local ecosystem? – No problem.

The rise of Vietnam as an innovation/Fintech hotbed is a fascinating trend. A tech savvy population, supportive government regulations, and high smartphone penetration – a great combo that has done wonders to several countries across the world.

Vietnam ranks third in South East Asia for the most populated country. It has been growing phenomenally over the past few years. In 2018, it saw GDP grow by 7.08%. The growth in the country has been praised by the president of the World Economic Forum Borge Brende. Vietnam’s economic reforms have helped reduce debt and lay a strong foundation for public finance.
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MSCI acquires Carbon Delta

MSCI Barra (Suisse)’ a subsidiary of MSCI is to acquire Zurich-based environmental fintech and data analytics firm, Carbon Delta (Carbon Delta).

Founded in 2015, Carbon Delta is a global leader for climate change scenario analysis. Together, MSCI and Carbon Delta will create an extensive climate risk assessment and reporting offering for the institutional market, providing global investors with solutions to help them better understand the impact of climate change on their investment portfolios and compl…
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AI: Natural Language Processing and the Battle for Unstructured Data

With digital transformation in full swing, trading desks are inundated with emails, voice calls and chat to process and analyze. Most of this data needs to be captured, tagged and stored for regulatory purposes.

But in capital markets, keeping up with the torrent of research reports in email, quote requests, and chat conversations with clients can be impossible to handle manually.

“Trading firms are overwhelmed with unstructured data as they have many forms of communication, such as the phone, emails and chat,” said Richard Johnson, VP market structure and fintech at Greenwich Associates, moderating the July 25 webinar “Artificial Intelligence on the Trading Desk.” “Then we have the competitive dynamics on the trading desk, which means there is falling head count and fewer traders handling the work.”

Increasingly banks are turning to the field of natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to extract valuable information from voice, documents, and audio to boost productivity on trading desks.
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Eco Advisors Live with Indata’s Cloud-based iPM Oms

Firm utilizing INDATA for Trading, Compliance and Reporting Functions

for Long/short UCITS Fund via Microsoft Azure

INDATA®, a leading industry provider of software, technology and managed services for buy-side firms, today announced that ECO Advisors LTD, based in London, is live with iPM OMS for the launch of the firm’s flagship fund, the Protea UCITS II – ECO Advisors ESG Absolute Return Fund.

ECO (short for Ethical Capital Opportunity)…
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6 Tips for Building a Training Data Strategy for Machine Learning

Without a well-defined approach for collecting and structuring training data, launching an AI initiative becomes an uphill battle. These six recommendations will help you craft a successful strategy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are frequently used terms these days. AI refers to the concept of machines mimicking human cognition. ML is an approach used to create AI. If AI is when a computer can carry out a set of tasks based on instruction, ML is a machine’s ability to ingest, parse, and learn from that data itself in order to become more accurate or precise about accomplishing that task.

Executives in industries such as automotive, finance, government, healthcare, retail, and tech may already have a basic understanding of ML and AI. However, not everyone is an expert in developing a training data strategy, a necessary first step for realizing a high return on machine learning investments.
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McRock Launches $100 Million Industrial IoT VC Fund with Global Investors

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–September 9, 2019–

McRock Capital has held an initial closing on its second venture capital fund, McRock Fund II LP, dedicated to investing in the global trend around the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT). The new fund has reached over 80% of its targeted $100 million. Investors include Cisco Investments, Shell and other significant corporate and institutional investors including BDC Capital, Export Development Canada, …
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Sentieo’s AI-focused research platform supercharges equity analysts’ stock picking capabilities

In a world awash with data, hedge fund equity analysts looking for that one data point that could generate alpha face a significant challenge, akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But as data volumes have grown, so too has the pace of technology innovation. There is now an impressive array of technology solutions to support the buy-side. One of these firms is Sentieo, a financial data platform utilising artificial intelligence and cutting edge search technology to essentially ‘Googlise” the equity research process; and in turn, help equity analysts find those metaphoric needles in haystacks by spending more time analysing, and less time searching.

Sentieo was set up by Alap Shah in 2016. Prior to this, Shah worked as a global equity analyst at Viking Global Investors and Citadel, two prominent US hedge funds. Over the course of his work at these institutions, Shah used Bloomberg and other market data tools to monitor the 150 or so global equities he covered on a daily basis. “My job was to take the information I got, in whatever form, and try to turn it into a decision-making matrix, to build long and short positions in the portfolio,” says Shah. “Most of the information coming to me was textural information or unstructured information. Some of it was financial data but the problem with that is that it is highly commoditised data, which reduces the ability to generate alpha. “It is textural and unstructured data like filings, transcripts, broker research and company presentations that can give you an edge and allow you to see things others cannot see in the market. My job was to read that information and extract key data from it, and then try to structure it to use in portfolio models.”
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Google Adds ‘Structured Signals’ to Model Training

An effort to bring structure and meaning to huge volumes of varied data is being used to improve training of neural networks.

The technique, dubbed Neural Structured Learning (NSL) attempts to leverage what developers call “structured signals.” In model training, those signals represent the connections or similarities among labeled and unlabeled data samples. The ability to capture those signals during neural network training is said to boost mo…
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Conversational AI Takes RPA to the Next Level

Cognitive artificial intelligence is expected to be a big business as research firm IDC forecast that firms will spend approximately $77.6 billion on the technology by 2022.

However, organizations have to overcome often overlooked hurdles like linking disparate systems, to reach AI’s true potential, said Gagan Kanwar, director of business development at MuleSoft, during a recent webinar.

“Siloed data and lack of connectivity re…
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State Street Optimizes Securities Lending with AI

State Street and its research arm State Street Associates have collaborated to optimize their securities lending business through the deployment of an internally developed machine learning model.

The project’s goal was to identify when general collateral securities would transform into hard-to-borrow securities, which have greater demands and earn higher fees.

The events and few are far between, according to Yasser El Hamoumi, assistant vice president, trading and algorithmic strategist (securities finance) at State Street and who presented at the AI in Finance Summit in Midtown …
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Six Important Steps to Build a Machine Learning System

Creating a great machine learning system is an art. There are a lot of things to consider while building a great machine learning system. But often it happens that we as data scientists only worry about certain parts of the project. Most of the time that happens to be modeling, but in reality, the success or failure of a Machine Learning project depends on a lot of other factors.

It is essential to understand what happens before training a model and after training the model and deploying it in production. This post is about explaining what is involved in an end to end data project pipeline. Something I did learn very late in my career.

  1. Problem Definition
  2. Data
  3. Evaluation
  4. Features
  5. Modeling
  6. Experimentation

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Bjarne Berg, Principal, Tax Technology and Development, PwC US Tax Group

Finance, Leaving Experienced Domain Experts to Oversee the AI

Bjarne Berg, PhD, DBA, MBA, a leader in the Tax Technology and Development practice in PwC’s US Tax Group, sees a future in which AI and machine learning will automate many of the mundane tasks of today’s tax planning and calculations. Domain experts will be challenged to understand how AI will be applied in their profession. With more than 25 years of experience in IT and management consulting, Berg is responsible for bringing innovative technology solutions to market using AI, machine learning, financial analytics and business intelligence tools…
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Industrializing AI & Machine Learning Applications with Kubeflow

What is Kubeflow?

Our goal is to make scaling machine learning (ML) models and deploying them to production as simple as possible.

The above from Kubeflow website is self-explanatory. Essentially, Kubeflow is leveraging the existing ecosystems of K8s (Kubernetes) to make ML highly scalable and operated in a microservice manner.

On top of that, they are integrating some open source components/tools to fulfill requirements from different stages …
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10 Great Python Resources for Aspiring Data Scientists

This is a collection of 10 interesting resources in the form of articles and tutorials for the aspiring data scientist new to Python, meant to provide both insight and practical instruction when starting on your journey.

By Matthew Mayo, KDnuggets.

Python is one of the most widely used languages in data science, and an incredibly popular general programming language on its own.

Many prospective data scientists are first faced with the issue of…
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Financial Firms Ramping Up Cloud Adoption

Refinitiv survey reveals that financial firms across the globe plan to ramp up use of cloud for financial data as technology delivers on its promise

Successful cloud projects deliver immediate cost reduction and faster innovation, but complexity of implementing the technology successfully means timelines slip for broader roll-out.

LONDON/NEW YORK – Financial institutions across the globe will allocate almost half (48%) of their IT budget to spe…
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What’s Ahead in Big Data and Analytics


From data lakes and the cloud, to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the world of big data and analytics continues to evolve rapidly. The demand for fast access to information through better self-service capabilities is growing. At the same time, the need for improved governance and security practices is also intensifying. In response, leading organizations are turning to innovative new technologies and strategies to reinforce their analytics ecosystems with greater speed, flexibility …
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Here’s Why Adaptive Biotechnologies Rose 31.9% in August

What happened

Shares of Adaptive Biotechnologies (NASDAQ:ADPT) rose nearly 32% last month, according to data from S&P Global Market Intelligence. Fresh off its initial public offering, the diagnostic company reported second-quarter and first-half 2019 operating results demonstrating solid year-over-year growth and a shrinking operating loss compared to the first quarter of the year.

During the most recent quarter, Adaptive Biotechnologies incre…
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AI and enhancing the human element in financial services

At SIBOS 2019, industry experts will be discussing how the financial services sector is in the vanguard of deploying AI on a global scale and whether the technology will be a transformative force or has the potential to act as an existential threat.

While the reskilling revolution is sweeping across the financial ecosystem, there is also a growing need for digital ethics that will ensure that major financial institutions efficiently bridge the t…
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Ma vs Musk on AI: The Optimistic Versus the Dystopian Viewpoint

nd Elon Musk on the same stage debating the impact of AI, you get a study in contrasts.

Musk is CEO of Tesla and Ma is chairman of Alibaba Group Holding. The two shared a stage recently at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai.

Here is a selection of the exchanges published by Bloomberg:

Regarding AI, Musk said, “People underestimate the capability of AI. They sort of think like it’s a smart human. (But it’s going to be) much smarter than the smartest human you will ever know.”

Ma said, “I never in my life say human beings will be controlled by machines, it’s impossible…Human beings can never …
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Machine Learning in Healthcare: 5 Use Cases that Improve Patient Outcomes

Machine learning is accelerating the pace of scientific discovery across fields, and medicine is no exception. From language processing tools that accelerate research to predictive algorithms that alert medical staff of an impending heart attack, machine learning complements human insight and practice across medical disciplines.

However, with all the “solutionism” around AI and machine learning technologies, hea…
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YouTube Using AI to Help Remove Video Deemed Offensive; Meanwhile Recommendation Engine is Challenged

By AI Trends Staff

You Tube needs to employ AI to help process the 300 hours of video uploaded to the platform every minute by its users. This processing includes removing video deemed inappropriate by YouTube’s standards.

Some 8.3 million videos were removed from YouTube in the first quarter, 76 percent of those identified and flagged by AI automatically, according to an account in Forbes. Of those, more than 70 percent were never viewed by us…
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Machine Learning Ensures Reliability for Space Missions: To the Moon and Beyond

Click to learn more about author Dev Kakde.

Fifty years ago, astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins lifted off from Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and into history. Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans to set foot on the Moon.

Spacecraft reliability ensured the success of Apollo 11, and it will continue to do so in future exploration of the Moon and Mars. A Mars mission is expected to take between two …
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How NVIDIA, VMware Are Bringing GPUs to the Masses

Last week virtualization giant VMware held its VMWorld 2019 user conference in San Francisco. The 23,000 or so attendees were treated to notable innovation the virtualization from the host company as well as its many partners. One of the more interesting announcements that I believe flew under the radar was the joint NVIDIA–VMware initiative to bring virtual graphics processing unit technology (vGPU) to VMware’s vSphere and the VMware cloud on Am…
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Data Modeling in an Agile World

Data Modeling creates a model for storing and processing data that works in a predictable, consistent manner. It includes the visual presentation of data structures, while enforcing business rules and government policies. A data model focuses on the needed data and its organization, rather than the operations performed on the data. Data Modeling is done by professional data modelers, who work closely with business managers and staff to create fun…
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Modern Data Warehousing: Enterprise Must-Haves


To fit into modern analytics ecosystems, legacy data warehouses must evolve—both architecturally and technologically—to deliver the agility, scalability and flexibility that business need to thrive in today’s data-driven economy. Alongside new architectural approaches, a variety of technologies have emerged as key ingredients of modern data warehousing, from data vir…
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Investment in digital transformation is a top priority for asset management says new survey

Digital transformation is a top priority for asset managers, according to a new report published by banking software company Temenos investigating the views and intentions of the asset management industry over the coming 12 months.

Significant constraints imposed by legacy technology systems however were cited by 54 per cent of respondents globally as a major problem holding them back.

The report entitled: “Digital transformation in fund admi…
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Data Science And Artificial Intelligence: Unlocking The Best Roles In Near Future

Data Science And Artificial Intelligence: Unlocking The Best Roles In Near Future

“Bringing the power of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to every business”

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are the “trending topics” in every article of 2019, and rightfully so. It’s much like the internet has emerged into everyone’s life as a game changer. Artificial intelligence and Data Science are ready to transform our unimaginable …
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Unravel Data Introduces AI-powered Data Operations Solution

According to a recent press release, “Unravel Data, the only data operations platform providing full-stack visibility and AI-powered recommendations to drive more reliable performance in modern data applications, today announced Unravel for Azure Databricks, a solution to deliver comprehensive monitoring, troubleshooting, and application performance management for Azure Databricks environments. The new offering leverages AI to enable Azure Databr…
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Closer Connectivity: Four Reasons to Bring your Organization to the Edge

Click to learn more about author Tim Parker.

Enterprises both big and small are rethinking their data and computing strategies as the demand for data increases. Simultaneously, businesses are placing a renewed focus on customer experience and brand reputation. As data infrastructure is currently built to handle hundreds of gigabytes (GB), but not yet terabytes, the opportunities and threats of the “data avalanche” should not be overlooked.

New …
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Data Science And Artificial Intelligence: Unlocking The Best Roles In Near Future

Data Science And Artificial Intelligence: Unlocking The Best Roles In Near Future

“Bringing the power of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to every business”

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are the “trending topics” in every article of 2019, and rightfully so. It’s much like the internet has emerged into everyone’s life as a game changer. Artificial intelligence and Data Science are ready to transform our unimaginable lives year…
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Unravel Data Launches Early Access Release of Data Operations Solution for Azure Databricks Environments

Unravel Data, provider of a data operations platform , has announced Unravel for Azure Databricks, a solution to deliver comprehensive monitoring, troubleshooting, and application performance management for Azure Databricks environments.

Azure Databricks is a Spark-based analytics platform optimized for Microsoft Azure that provides one-click setup, streamlined workflows, and an interactive workspace that enables collaboration between data scien…
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Cloudera to Acquire Arcadia Data to Accelerate Time-to-Insight for Data Analytics

Cloudera has agreed to acquire certain assets of Arcadia Data, a provider of cloud-native AI-powered business intelligence and real-time analytics.

According to Cloudera, the addition of Arcadia Data will help to accelerate time-to-insight for Cloudera customers, and drive the future of the enterprise data cloud for businesses that need to solve complex data management and analytic use cases.

Arcadia’s patent-pending ArcEngine technology enable…
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Yes, AI Will Replace Jobs. But It Will Also Create New Ones.

Image via shutterstock.

Sean Chou thinks robots are stupid. And he’s not alone in his frank assessment.

“All you have to do is type in ‘YouTube robot fail,’ says Chou, CEO of Chicago-based AI startup Catalytic.

Here, we’ll make it easier: click to see robots fail.

And even though they’re getting smarter all the time and serving industry in novel ways, Chou is firm in his belief that “we’re pretty far from ‘Terminator.’” In other words, artifi…
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Case Study: Nearmap Advances AI-driven Location Intelligence

If a picture is worth a thousand words, but still missing valuable location data, then why not use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to fill in the gaps? Take the image of Perth, Australia, below:

This graphic below shows vast data sets containing buildings, green spaces, roads to travel, and parking lots. Drill down even further and see rooftops, solar panels, fire hydrants, gas lines, and many other objects. And all this data constantly changes over time. City residents move, purchase new deve…
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Riskalyze, HighTower Make a Deal

ise-level deal with HighTower, an RIA network with 99 advisory businesses and about $70 billion in total client assets. With the partnership, HighTower advisors will have access to client engagement, data analytics and trading-automation tools.

“We are honored that HighTower has chosen Riskalyze and are excited to partner with their advisors,” said Riskalyze CEO Aaron Klein, in a statement. “Our mission to empower the world to invest fearlessly continues to grow thanks to incredible firms like HighTower who align with our priorities and vision.”

The news comes about a month after Riskalyze announced a sim…
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AI Squares Off Against Fake News

In 2016, “fake news” was the Oxford English Dictionary’s Word of the Year. Thousands upon thousands of fake stories had plagued the internet throughout the U.S. presidential election – some shared millions and millions of times. A fake Associated Press tweet had sent stocks plummeting; teenagers in Macedonia filled cafes to earn living wages from writing fake articles. Almost overnight, fake news turned into an immensely profitable industry.

So …
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Importance of setting realistic expectations

Setting reasonable expectations

Developing Machine Learning models requires a big investment. You need to hire Data Scientists, invest in Big Data tools and build / buy model serving platforms. As a result, the expectations are often high, sometimes too high.

In order to ensure the success of an AI project, Data Scientists need to make sure they set realistic expectations before they even start building a model. If the expectations are unattainable, you will get approval to develop models but they will never make it into production.

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Accelerating Data Science With RAPIDS

It is well-known that data scientists spend about 90% of their time performing data logistics-related tasks. After that part is done, to some degree, the data scientist finally gets to ask questions pertaining to the problem that needs to be solved. The thing is, 90% is a huge percentage—especially when spread across a team of data scientists. Anything that a data scientist can do to reduce it is a good use of their time, and a benefit to the org…
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StreamSets Eases Spark-ETL Pipeline Development

Apache Spark gives developers a powerful tool for creating data pipelines for ETL workflows, but the framework is complex and can be difficult to troubleshoot. StreamSets is aiming to simplify Spark pipeline development with Transformer, the latest addition to its DataOps platform. The company also unveiled the beta of a new cloud offering.

StreamSets, which is hosting its annual user conference this week in San Francisco, is making a name for i…
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Can We Stop Doing ETL Yet?

Despite the advances we’ve made in data science and advanced analytics in recent years, many projects still are beholden to a technological holdover from the 1980s: extract, transform, and load, or ETL. It’s uncanny how those three letters strike fear into the hearts of data architects, but we seem powerless to move beyond it. Is there anything that can save us from the madness of ETL?

Before looking at potential successors to ETL, let’s look…
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Introducing IceCAPS: Microsoft’s Framework for Advanced Conversation Modeling

Introducing IceCAPS: Microsoft’s Framework for Advanced Conversation Modeling

The new open source framework that brings multi-task learning to conversational agents.

Neural conversation systems and disciplines such as natural language processing(NLP) have seen significant advancements over the last few years. However, most of the current NLP stacks are designed for simple dialogs based on one or two sentences. Structuring more sophisticated con…
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Q&A: Nomura’s EMEA CTO Nick Wadge

“The two results of a proof of concept we conducted show that by using AI we could improve the hit ratio and lead to higher trading revenues while lowering costs,” Takumi Kitamura, chief financial officer at Nomura Holdings said on a conference call announcing the firm’s first quarter results in July. “[W}ith advances in digitisation, spreads will become thinner, but with a higher hit ratio we will require less warehousing and ensure revenue leve…
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When the A.I. Professor Leaves, Students Suffer, Study Says

SAN FRANCISCO — For years, big tech companies have used huge salaries, bonuses and stock packages to lure artificial intelligence experts out of academia. Now, a study released on Friday says that migration has hurt the post-college prospects of students.

The study, the first of its kind, was conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester. They found that over the last 15 years, 153 artificial intelligence professors in North American universities left their posts for industry. An additional 68 moved into industry…
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How Much Should Bank & Credit Union Marketing Executives Make?

The way Marketing operates within financial institutions has hugely changed with the shift from traditional methods to much greater reliance on digital marketing tools and techniques. Yet changes in marketing management have been more uneven. The efforts to elevate the position of the Chief Marketing Officer to a place on the executive management team, for example, remains a work in progress.

There are numerous individual examples of where bank …
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How Microsoft got in on the creation of the world’s first whisky formulated with AI

BOT or NOT? This special series explores the evolving relationship between humans and machines, examining the ways that robots, artificial intelligence and automation are impacting our work and lives.

Computer scientists have tried using artificial intelligence to write poetry and compose music, with mixed results. But have they tried using it to make whisky?

We now know that they have, although drinkers in the U.S. will have to wait to judge h…
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The Week in Tech: YouTube Fined $170 Million Over Child Privacy Violations

Each week, we review the week’s news, offering analysis about the most important developments in the tech industry.

Hello, my name is Cade Metz. I cover artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and other “emerging technologies” for The New York Times. Today I’m here to give you the lowdown on the week’s tech news.

It was another black eye for the giants of the industry. On Wednesday, Google agreed to pay a record $170 million fine. Regulators said YouTube, the company’s enormously popular video site, had illegally collected personal information from children without …
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Cyber security firm backed by David Harding lost £3.7m in 2018

A British cyber security firm run by former employees of GCHQ saw its losses almost double to £3.7m in 2018, according to Companies House filings.

Ripjar, a start-up headquartered in Cheltenham and backed by British hedge fund billionaire David Harding, saw its losses for 2018 climb to £3.7m from £1.9m the previous year. Administrative expenses rose to £5.6m from £3.2m in 2017, despite a 30.6pc increase in turnover to £2.6m.

Founded in 2012 by …
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How Much Should Bank & Credit Union Marketing Executives Make?

The way Marketing operates within financial institutions has hugely changed with the shift from traditional methods to much greater reliance on digital marketing tools and techniques. Yet changes in marketing management have been more uneven. The efforts to elevate the position of the Chief Marketing Officer to a place on the executive management team, for example, remains a work in progress.

There are numerous individual examples of where bank …
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Practical guide to Attention mechanism for NLU tasks

Practical guide to Attention mechanism for NLU tasks

Tested hands-on strategies to tackle attention for improving sequence to sequence models

Chatbots, virtual assistants, augmented analytic systems typically receive user queries such as “Find me an action movie by Steven Spielberg”. The system should correctly detect the intent “find_movie” while filling the slots “genre” with value “action” and “directed_by” with value “Steven Spielberg”. Thi…
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NICE Actimize Expands the Enterprise Consulting & Advisory Practice

According to a recent press release, “Strengthening its role as a proven end-to-end full-service provider, NICE Actimize, a NICE business and the leader in autonomous financial crime management, has added new service offerings to its world-class Financial Crime Enterprise Consulting & Advisory Practice (eCAP). Designed to meet the financial crime and compliance challenges facing today’s financial services organizations, the three new expanded off…
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How big data could help make it easier for landlords to evict you

It’s easy to track prices of some things: Drive down any major street and you’ll only have to pass a few gas stations to know roughly how much gasoline costs in your area. Turn on the news during the workday, and you’ll quickly learn how the big stock market indexes are faring. Go shopping every week, and you’ll soon know how much bananas or eggs cost at your local supermarket.



Real estate is more complicated, partl…
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VillageMD Raises $100M to Help Doctors Use Big Data

photography by chris murphy

Chicago healthcare startup VillageMD announced today it raised $100 million in Series B funding.

The round was led by Swedish investment company Kinnevik AB, whose senior investment director Chris Bischoff will join VillageMD’s board of directors. Oak HC/FT, Town Hall Ventures and Adams Street Partners also participated in the round.

VillageMD will use this new funding to grow its market presence, enhance its primar…
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‘Making Insurance a Better Experience’: How Networked Insights Is Bringing Insurance Into the Digital Age

ing its use of data, advanced analytics and AI.

Less than two years later, the transformation seems to have completely taken shape. “We’re contributing to the evolution of the insurance industry via data science and data awareness, with the intention of making insurance a better experience for the customer,” said Networked Insights’ VP of Engineering Stephen Tucker.

We spoke with Stephen and CTO Brad Burke to learn more about how the company works within the American Family Insurance infrastructure and what’s next for data and analytics software.

photography by Nikki Segarra

photography by Nikki Segar…
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How to Choose a Scalable Data Management Solution (VIDEO)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

A.M. Turing Award Laureate and database technology pioneer Michael Stonebraker delivered a welcome keynote at Data Summit 2019, titled “Big Data, Technological Disruption, and the 800-Pound Gorilla in the Corner.”

In his presentation, Stonebraker—who is an MIT Adjunct Professor and Tamr co-founder—outlined data management solution considerations as part of a larger discussion of the big data challenges facing enterprises today.

“Traditionally, vendors will sell you extract, transform, and load packages, and on top of that, they will tel…
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Google files patent for using A.I. to track a baby’s body and eye movements

Google’s hefty investment in artificial intelligence might be making its way to the crib.

According to a patent application filed last year and published on Thursday, Google is researching technology that could track a baby’s eyes, movements and sounds using “intelligent” audio and video. If the behavior seems abnormal, the cloud-based system would notify parents on their device.

Google and Amazon have both been embedding their voice assistants i…
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Alibaba set for ‘big challenge’ as flamboyant chairman Ma departs

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – Alibaba Group chairman Jack Ma will step down from the Chinese firm on Tuesday, leaving his handpicked successor a daunting task of steering the $460 billion juggernaut at a time when the market for its core e-commerce business has slowed sharply.

FILE PHOTO: Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba Group arrives at the “Tech for Good” Summit in Paris, France May 15, 2019. REUTERS/Charles Platiau/File Photo

As Ma, who turns 55 on Tuesd…
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Prudential has acquired insurtech Assurance for $2.3 billion

chieving its multiyear growth objectives, per a press release. Business Insider Intelligence

Assurance is reportedly profitable and operates a business-to-consumer platform. It uses data science and machine learning to speed up the application process and purchasing of health, life, medigap, home, and auto policies from over 20 providers.

Prudential expects the deal to generate cost savings of up to $50 million in 2020, and up to $100 million by 2022. It will use a combination of cash, debt, and equity to finance the purchase, and the deal is expected to close by the end of this year.

Here’s what it means:…
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Types Of eCommerce Data You Should Note During Data Migration

Big data is playing a big role in the commerce industry. Many experts believe it will be even more important in 2019. Big data is partially responsible for the 15% increase in ecommerce sales in 2018.

Changing your data from one website or store to another is something that seems like a lot of work. However, if you pay attention to the data and other specifics when changing, you shouldn’t have any issues…
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Microsoft expands its automotive partner ecosystem to power the future of mobility

Technology can help automotive companies transform into smart mobility services providers

Karl Benz and Henry Ford revolutionized transportation with the initial development and mass production of the automobile. Now, more than a century later, the automotive industry is poised to transform transportation again, with a push to develop connected, personalized and autonomous driving experiences, electric vehicles and new mobility business models f…
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The Role of Big Data In The Promotion of eLearning Courses

We have talked extensively about the role of big data in marketing in previous articles. However, most of our articles relate to the use of big data with traditional marketing channels, including older digital marketing outlets.

There are a number of new channels that use big data as well. Push notifications are among them. Hacker Moon wrote an article on the role of big data with push notifications. They pointed out that even major brands like Ali…
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AIOps and the Kubernetes Revolution

Kubernetes has emerged as the defacto standard for container orchestration in the new cloud architecture. There’s no doubt about it. But hidden from view in the race to K8s adoption is a new form of complexity that threatens to overwhelm human operators.

The way Kubernetes allows users to create, grow, move, and kill entire containerized Linux environments with a few button clicks is revolutionary. The software, which started out as a Google pro…
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7 things you must to do turn your internship into a full-time tech job

e–impacted by technology. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that all computer-related occupations will increase by 12% in the next decade, with the market demand for some disciplines like data science growing faster than others.

And there’s no shortage of people vying for those jobs. Many of the biggest tech companies receive hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of résumés a year. So it’s a challenge to stand out from the pack, especially when you’re just starting out. How do you make a compelling case for an offer with little to no on-the-job experience?

Assess yourself

Before sending o…
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Conditional Love: The Rise of Renormalization Techniques for Conditioning Neural Networks

Batch Normalization, and the zoo of related normalization strategies that have grown up around it, have played an interesting array of roles in recent deep learning research: as a wunderkind optimization trick, a focal point for discussions about theoretical rigor and, importantly, but somewhat more in the sidelines, as a flexible and broadly successful avenue for injecting conditioning information into models.

Conditional renormalization starte…
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Cogensia Releases New Customer Platform – CMP 3.0

A recent press release reports, “Cogensia is pleased to announce the release of Customer Management Platform (CMP) 3.0. This release is an industry-leading proprietary platform that integrates source data from all customer touchpoints to automate targeting and personalization throughout the customer lifecycle. CMP 3.0 solves challenges related to omni-channel execution and delivers relevant 1:1 customer experiences. With the release of CMP 3.0, n…
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We need to solve the wisdom deficit in business

It seems we’re living in an era of extreme consequences, as the impact of business on the climate and human outcomes becomes clear. Perhaps every era is one of significant consequences, but the proverbial “problems coming home to roost” feels apt for right now.



In reaction, the business community is shifting its stated intention. Notably last week, the powerful industry association Business Roundtable “redefined the…
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Big Data’s Role In Childbirth And Maternal Death In The US

l mortality rates in the United States jumped over 25% between 2000 and 2013. The CDC uses data to better understand why the United States has the highest maternal death rates in the developed world. Big data allows researchers to dig deeper into the issue to better understand what’s occurring that’s leading to increased deaths for mothers.

Understaffed hospitals and medical errors are causing most of the deaths.

Big Data’s Role in the Equation

Researchers are still trying to pinpoint why birth injuries and maternal deaths are rising in the U.S. versus other developed nations. Data is limited, but …
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Oracle Data Cloud Receives Accreditation for Contextual Intelligence Services

The Media Rating Council (MRC) has accredited Oracle’s Contextual Intelligence for Property-Level Ad Verification under the MRC and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Guidelines for the Conduct of Ad Verification.

Developed via technology from its Grapeshot acquisition, Contextual Intelligence’s accredited database offers property-level categorization and can be used by marketers and agencies to avoid unsafe and brand inappropriate content, ba…
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4 Reasons Why It’s Critical to Integrate Front and Back-Office Data

For many businesses, despite best-in-class architecture, the front-end and back-end of their company exist as two functioning but separate parts of the whole enterprise. The front-end is where the customer interacts, but there is little to no integration with the behind the scenes back-end where the cogs are turning and the data is stored.

Increasingly, organizations are looking for ways to bridge that gap, and getting more out of the services t…
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New Google policy bars ads for unproven stem cell therapies

Doris Tyler, who was treated at a Georgia stem-cell clinic for macular degeneration, was blinded by the therapy. (Zack Wittman)

Responding to ubiquitous online marketing by stem cell clinics selling unapproved treatments for everything from achy joints to Alzheimer’s, Google announced Friday it will no longer accept ads for “unproven or experimental medical techniques,” including most stem cell therapy, cellular therapy and gene therapy.

The …
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What We Took Away from VMworld 2019

SAN FRANCISCO—Multiple themes around cloud computing emerged from last week’s VMworld 2019, which drew 23,000 attendees and continues to be one of the largest and most important IT conferences of the year (Oracle OpenWorld, Dell EMC World, AWS:Reinvent, CeBIT and CES are some of the others).

Simplifying the conference into one or two sentences is a challenge, but we at eWEEK aren’t afraid to give it a go: VMware wants to be the full-service shop…
2019-09-03 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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What is Deep Learning and How Does it Work?

What is deep learning?

It’s learning from examples. That’s pretty much the deal.

At a very basic level, deep learning is a machine learning technique. It teaches a computer to filter inputs through layers to learn how to predict and classify information. Observations can be in the form of images, text, or sound.

The inspiration for deep learning is the way that the human brain filters information. Its purpose is to mimic how the human brain works to create some real magic.


It’s literally an artificial neural network….
2019-09-08 16:26:07.627000+00:00 Read the full story…
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The State of Data Science in 2019 and How to Overcome the Talent Shortage

Join Anaconda’s Chief Technology Officer, Peter Wang, and Maria Khalusova, Developer Advocate at JetBrains, for a webinar on August 28. We’ll discuss the results of our 2019 survey and how the data science talent shortage will be addressed.

Watch Now.
2019-09-09 00:00:00 Read the full story…
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How Banks and Credit Unions Can Solve the Personalization Riddle

The personalization engines of retail giants, including Amazon, have established a new standard for customer experience. As a result, consumers now have the same expectations outside of retail environments. They want their banking provider to understand them, provide recommendations and anticipate their needs — when and where they prefer — just like leading e-commerce brands.

However, banks and credit unions are struggling to meet this expectati…
2019-09-05 00:03:05+00:00 Read the full story…
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U.S. states kick off antitrust probe expected to focus on Google

FILE PHOTO: A Google sign is seen during the WAIC (World Artificial Intelligence Conference) in Shanghai, China, September 17, 2018. REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on Monday will detail a multi-state antitrust probe of potentially anticompetitive practices at major U.S. technology companies, which is expected to focus on Alphabet’s Google (GOOGL.O).

Once lauded as engines of economic growth, the social media, search and …
2019-09-09 11:51:53+00:00 Read the full story…
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Google’s Proposed Privacy Standards Are Also Friendly for Programmatic Advertising

A central feature of the modern Internet is the use of tracking technology by advertisers to serve up highly personalized, customized ads to web users. And it is precisely this defining feature that has enabled Silicon Valley tech giants such as Facebook and Google to create highly profitable programmatic advertising business models that now generate billions of dollars in revenue every quarter. Given that context, Google’s new “Privacy Sandbox” …
2019-09-05 22:00:00+00:00 Read the full story…
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Huawei feels no big impact from Czech, Polish security fears

PRAGUE (Reuters) – Security concerns in Poland and the Czech Republic over telecoms equipment made by Huawei Technologies have not had a significant business impact despite creating uncertainty, a deputy head of central Europe and the Nordics said.

FILE PHOTO: The Huawei logo is pictured at the IFA consumer tech fair in Berlin, Germany, September 5, 2019. REUTERS/Hannibal Hanschke/File Photo

A warning from the Czech cybersecurity watchdog that …
2019-09-09 12:54:02+00:00 Read the full story…
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