Alternative Data News. 04, September 2019

Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

Stock Market Forecast: AI Algorithm Shows Accuracy Up To 95% On Predicting Facebook Price Movements – News Reel Hub

The deep learning predictive AI algorithm developed by I Know First, a Fintech company that provides state of the art self-learning AI-based algorithmic stock market forecast solutions to uncover the best investment opportunities, has shown an accuracy of up to 95% in its predictions for Facebook (FB). That is according to an evaluation report published by the company on August 25, 2019. The algorithm has demonstrated a higher accuracy rate for longer-term forecasts, as is often the case for predictive AI.

“We provide AI-based forecasts for different time horizons. Machine learning algorithms do better on longer time horizons: the longer the time period, the greater the statistical significance and the greater the accuracy.” said I Know First CEO Yaron Golgher. “The algorithm is able to identify the trend, and to filter out the background noise. The longest forecast is for a year, but we also have a forecast for three month, and even for three days.“
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Our crawler threw this one up and boosted it to the top of the list. NO WONDER! With ML stock prediction at 95% we may as well all go home now. The deal is done, the machines can take over.

Google launches TensorFlow machine learning framework for graphical data

Google today introduced Neural Structured Learning (NSL), an open source framework that uses the Neural Graph Learning method for training neural networks with graphs and structured data.

NSL works with with the TensorFlow machine learning platform and is made to work for both experienced and inexperienced machine learning practitioners. NSL can make models for computer vision, perform NLP, and run predictions from graphical datasets like medical records or knowledge graphs.

“Leveraging structured signals during training allows developers to achieve higher model accuracy, particularly when the amount of labeled data is relatively small,” TensorFlow engineers said in a blog post today. “Training with structured signals also leads to more robust models. These techniques have been widely used in Google for improving model performance, such as learning image semantic embedding.”
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Alternative data, by its own definition, is not like other data! It can be images, it can be water flow, it can be weather. How you bring that alternative data into your broader data set can be complicated. Do you buy from a third party and risk their analysis process? How often does that process change? If they improve the process do they provide the original analysis and the new improved analysis. The continuous improvement of Major ML systems like Tensorflow allows the process of analyzing and categorizing to move further down the pipe and closer to the user. Data scientists are always more comfortable with their own view of data, their own interpretation, their own deep knowledge of how the analysis has been done and managed.

Alternative data comes of age, and investors are noticing

  • Investors look to geolocation tracking, satellite photos and social media sentiment for insights.
  • Alternative data moves toward the mainstream with investments from major players.
  • More than 400 companies now offer alternative datasets.

Not long ago, most investors had to wait until companies reported quarterly earnings to get a sense of how they were performing. Today, the ubiquity of data collection and the Internet of Things, coupled with advances in computing and machine learning, means early insights are that much closer and easier to access.

A hedge fund no longer has to send scouts to retail stores for a headcount of shoppers; instead satellite photos of cars in mall parking lots are analyzed at scale. Bots comb through millions of emailed receipts to harvest insights on shopping trends.

For years, so-called alternative data was the purview of a small fringe of hardcore believers, not the mainstream of investing. The creative, sometimes quirky strategies took traditional investors aback and were often of interest more for idle chatter than actual portfolios. But more recently, alternative data has matured. Recent investments by heavyweights like J.P. Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs have lent an institutional backing. Bloomberg announced recently that it would sell alternative datasets through its terminal.

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CloudQuant Thoughts… Reached back a little to April for this one just to point out how mainstream the idea of Alternative data is becoming.

How to code Gaussian Mixture Models from scratch in Python

In the realm of unsupervised learning algorithms, Gaussian Mixture Models or GMMs are special citizens. GMMs are based on the assumption that all data points come from a fine mixture of Gaussian distributions with unknown parameters. They are parametric generative models that attempt to learn the true data distribution. Hence, once we learn the Gaussian parameters, we can generate data from the same distribution as the source.

We can think of GM…
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Understanding language modelling(NLP) and Using ULMFIT

Understanding language modelling(NLP) and Using ULMFIT

Text classification using ULMFIT with code

A language model(LM) is a probability distribution over sequences of words. This language models are used as base model[as in Transfer learning] for various Natural language processing task including text classification, summarization, text generation and more.

It is recommended to have a basic idea of deep learning and transfer learning before co…
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Visual Studio Code Now Supports SQL Server 2019 Data Clusters PySpark

Microsoft is adding support for SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters PySpark development and query submission in Visual Studio Code. “It provides complementary capabilities to Azure Data Studio for data engineers to author and productionize PySpark jobs after data scientist’s data explore and experimentation. The Visual Studio Code Apache Spark and Hive extension enables you to enjoy cross platform and enhanced light weight Python editing capabilities. It covers scenarios around Python authoring, debugging, Jupyter Notebook integration, and notebook like interactive query,” said Jenny Jiang, Principal Pr…
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AI-Based Future beckons… Are You Ready?

Reskill, Up-skill and retrain if you don’t want to perish — is the message ever-evolving technology giving to the professionals.
Heed it or be left out in this race of survival of the fittest professional (in this case — adaptable professionals).
As we find ourselves in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, the way to survive this is by constant learning and development. Yes, there still might be a slight ounce of fear lurking somewhere that says — AI is coming for your jobs…!
However, at this stage of revolutionary development, recruiters seek talented professionals in the field of AI. And some of the popular roles include –

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Machine Learning/AI engineer
  3. Data Analyst

If the reports by Indeed are to be believed, then the demand for AI-related roles has more than doubled over the last three years.

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Bloomberg Aims to Expand Early Alerts

Bloomberg has launched Early Alerts, which predicts changes in US dollar corporate investment grade and high yield securities, and aims to expand the machine learning model to other currencies and securities.

Early Alerts, which was launched this month, uses Bloomberg’s proprietary library of fixed income data with machine learning models to develop predictive insights for more than 16,000 US dollar denominated investment grade and high-yield co…
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Alternative-data provider Quandl is changing its strategy as industry giants like Bloomberg and S&P push into the $7 billion market

Adapt or die. One of the first alternative-data providers has taken that message to heart, as larger traditional data powerhouses move into its market.

Quandl, one of the early sellers of unique data sets from nontraditional sources, has been forced to rethink its business strategy as industry giants such as Bloomberg and S&P have launched alternative-data offerings of their own.

Tammer Kamel, Quandl’s CEO and cofounder, told Business Insider that the company, which was acquired by Nasdaq in 2018 for an undisclosed amount, now sees more opportunity creating proprietary data sets as opposed to ju…
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Quandl Uses Algos to Predict a Company’s Future Earnings

Alternative data provider Quandl, which was acquired by Nasdaq last year, has launched a new dataset that tracks and ranks companies based on their earnings quality and provides additional insight for equities trading.

The service, called Earnings Quality Rankings, or EQR, looks at a company’s earnings report and determines how likely its income will grow, remain profitable or fall.

It uses algorithms to scrape financial statements to connect patterns and combines that with human expertise to…
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Quiz: Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist — Which Role Fits You?

Data engineer, data analyst, and data scientist — these are job titles you’ll often hear mentioned together when people are talking about the fast-growing field of data science. Of course, there are plenty of other job titles in data science, but here, we’re going to talk about these three primary roles, how they differ from one another, and which role might be best for you. Although each company may have its own definitions for each role, there …
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6 Tips for Building a Training Data Strategy for Machine Learning

Without a well-defined approach for collecting and structuring training data, launching an AI initiative becomes an uphill battle. These six recommendations will help you craft a successful strategy.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are frequently used terms these days. AI refers to the concept of machines mimicking human cognition. ML is an approach used to create AI. If AI is when a computer can carry out a set of tasks based on instruction, ML is a machine’s ability to ingest, parse, and learn from that data itself in order to become more accurate or precise about accomplishing that task.

Executives in industries such as automotive, finance, government, healthcare, retail, and tech may already have a basic understanding of ML and AI. However, not everyone is an expert in developing a training data strategy, a necessary first step for realizing a high return on machine learning investments.
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Knowledge Graphs for Robust Data Governance

More data, more sources, more conflicts. More self-service reporting, more cross-functional analytics, more government and industry regulations. Without a way to govern all the data in their possession, businesses are not going to do well at creating reports or dashboards or building data consensus across departments. Nor will they feel confident that they’re not missing the mark on GDPR or other privacy mandates that carry stiff penalties. Nor c…
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In Conversation With Course5’s Ashwin Mittal On Why An AI-Led Approach Will Drive The Next Phase Of Growth

Over the last decade, the IT industry has undergone massive digital transformation. And no one had a better perch to watch these transformational changes which are impacting industries across sectors than Ashwin Mittal, CEO of Course5 — a leading analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions provider. With the demand for data, analytics and vertical-focused AI solutions increasing, Mittal sensed a gap wherein companies lacked the digital c…
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Embracing Technology to Shape Capital Markets of the Future

Editor’s Note: This article was first published in WFE’s Focus magazine and on Nasdaq’s website.

By Brad Peterson, EVP and Chief Technology and Information Officer, Nasdaq

We live in an era of disruption where the progress of digital technology is transforming our economies, the way we live, work and operate our businesses at a rapid pace. From a capital markets perspective, we see unprecedented technological progress that gives us the opportun…
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Artificial Intelligence Gets A Boost With The Latest Generation Intel® XEON® Scalable Processors That Drive Inference At Scale

It is an industry-wide phenomenon that has opened the best opportunities for organisations across the board. Artificial Intelligence has become the growth story for India’s digital natives like Flipkart, Swiggy and Ola. Today, many AI applications — facial recognition, product recommendations, virtual assistants have become rooted in our day-to-day lives. However, these emerging AI applications have one common feature ruling them all — dependence…
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How artificial intelligence is transforming the world?

Most people are not familiar with the concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As an example, when asked about 1,500 senior business leaders in the United States about AI in 2017, only 17 percent said they were familiar with it. Most of them do not know what it is or how it affects their particular organizations. They understand that there is considerable potential to change business processes, but it is not clear how AI can be implemented in the…
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AI Creates Fashion Models With Custom Outfits and Poses

AI Creates Fashion Models With Custom Outfits and Poses Synced Follow Aug 29 · 4 min read

Being a fashion model isn’t as easy as it looks. Good looks go a long way, but presenting an outfit in the best possible light also requires a an exhaustive awareness of poses and the patience to perform for hours under hot lights in the studio or on the catwalk. AI has taken on a wide range of challenges in the last several years, and now machine learning …
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The Data Warehouse, the Data Lake, and the Future of Analytics

Data lakes were created in response to the need for Big Data analytics that has been largely unmet by data warehousing. The pendulum swing toward data lake technology provides some remarkable new capabilities, but can be problematic if the swing goes too far in the other direction. Far from being at the end of this evolutionary process, we are in the middle of it, said Anthony Algmin, CEO of Algmin Data Leadership, during his presentation titled …
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13 Leading Data Science Products From India That Made It Big In 2019

There has been a steady increase in the analytics and data science service providers in India facilitating the adoption of analytics functions across organisations. Analytics products and services may come in various forms, helping companies transform the way they conduct business. This year, Analytics India Magazine brings a list of ‘Top 13 Data Science & Analytics Products in India’ that are helping organisations to make decisions with data. It…
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Nontechnical career skills for data scientists

Editor’s note: This is the third episode of the Towards Data Science podcast “Climbing the Data Science Ladder” series, hosted by Jeremie Harris, Edouard Harris and Russell Pollari. Together, they run a data science mentorship startup called SharpestMinds. You can listen to the podcast below:

It’s easy to think of data science as a technical discipline, but in practice, things don’t really work out that way. If you’re going to be a successful data scientist, people will need to believe that you can add value in order to hire you, people will need to believe in your pet project in order to endorse it within your company, and people will need to make decisions based on the insights you pull out of your data.
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10 Indian Startups That Are Leading The AI Race: 2019

The Indian AI startups space is booming and now encompasses various avenues such as computer vision, self-driving, retail, audio production and innovating e-commerce platforms, among others. This year we have come with a list of yet another 10 awesome startups that are revolutionising the field of artificial intelligence with their impressive technologies. These startups are about two to three years old and are already beginning to show some rema…
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Data Modeling in an Agile World

Data Modeling creates a model for storing and processing data that works in a predictable, consistent manner. It includes the visual presentation of data structures, while enforcing business rules and government policies. A data model focuses on the needed data and its organization, rather than the operations performed on the data. Data Modeling is done by professional data modelers, who work closely with business managers and staff to create fun…
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Clone a Voice in Five Seconds With This AI Toolbox

Cloning a voice typically requires collecting hours of recorded speech to build a dataset then using the dataset to train a new voice model. But not anymore. A new Github project introduces a remarkable Real-Time Voice Cloning Toolbox that enables anyone to clone a voice from as little as five seconds of sample audio.

This Github repository was open sourced this June as an implementation of the paper Transfer Learning from Speaker Verification to Multispeaker Text-To-Speech Synthesis…
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Australia and the FX leverage laws: Full report on current legal and consultative status

We talk to lawyers, FX industry executives, compliance managers and academics in Australia and North America to look at how the current stance on leveraged FX and CFD products is following last week’s proposals on retail products by ASIC

Last week, FinanceFeeds provided a unique and detailed report into the proposed new rulings by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) which pertain to how the esteemed regulatory authority wi…
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Higher Open Likely For US Markets: Oil Price Up

Higher open likely for the U.S. markets Wednesday after the key stock index futures jumped sharply on Wednesday morning.

At 7:10 a.m. ET, Dow Jones futures showed a positive open of 193 points. Futures on the S&P and Nasdaq were also up.

The uptick in market mood is also attributed to reports that China’s services sector expanded at a faster rate in August, highest since May, despite so many headwinds.

The decision of Hong Kong administration …
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WeWork: A Pre-IPO Alternative Data Analysis

Most investors will have heard that co-working company WeWork plans to go public this fall.

Its tequila-swigging, surfer dude CEO Adam Neumann makes renting office space sound like a spiritual movement. Despite WeWork’s staggering losses, the company has been privately valued at $47 billion and is looking to raise over $3.5 billion, which would make it the second-largest U.S. IPO this year.

So will WeWork be 2019’s most impressive unicorn, or a…
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Dow Futures Jump, World Stocks Gain as Political Risks Fade, Rate Cut Bets Grow

The Wednesday Market Minute

Global stocks rebound as even risk fades in Europe and Asia, while U.S. stocks get a boost from extended bets on deeper Fed rate cuts.

Reports suggest Hong Kong is ready to withdraw extradition bill to quell increasingly dangerous protests, while U.K. lawmakers move to block a ‘No Deal’ Brexit in defeating Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

China’ services sector grows at fastest pace in three months, suggesting governme…
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Applications of Zero-Shot Learning

As a member of a research group involved in computer vision, I wanted to write this short article to briefly present what we call “Zero-shot learning” (ZSL), an interesting variant of transfer learning, and the current research related to it.

Today, many machine learning methods focus on classifying instances whose classes have already been seen in training. Concretely, many applications require classifying instances whose classes have not been …
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What I learned from being a startup’s first Data Engineer

What I learned from being a startup’s first Data Engineer

Being a startup’s first Data Engineer without previously being a Data Engineer was challenging, but also rewarding. Here is what I’ve learned from it.

Interviewing isn’t just looking for people who’ll fit our company, but also convincing them that we are worth of their time — and that is specially true for technology positions. Last month, while we interviewed one guy for a Data Engineering pos…
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Life Image Announces Launch of Real World Imaging

“Life Image, the world’s largest medical evidence network for clinical and imaging data, today announced the launch of its new Real World Imaging (RWI™) offering to respond to researcher needs for maturing insights and accelerating drug development decisions. With its digital platform that is powered by industry-leading interoperability standards, Life Image specializes in ‘living’ or evolving data sets of novel imaging that’s linkable to other clinical information. Life Image’s RWI™ will also be used to train artificial intelligence (AI) models demanding deeper accuracy and sensitivity across diverse data sets. Life Image’s RWI™ ‘living’ data sets represent hundreds of thousands of patients, tens of millions of images and hundreds of thousands of associated reports and studies categorized by more than 25 anatomical parts including head, lung, breast, chest and more. This heterogeneous and continuously growing data represents an expanding variety of demographics, temporal data, linked longitudinal records and virtually every global manufacturer across all modalities.”
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Python for NLP: Working with Facebook FastText Library

Python for NLP: Working with Facebook FastText Library

This is the 20th article in my series of articles on Python for NLP. In the last few articles, we have been exploring deep learning techniques to perform a variety of machine learning tasks, and you should also be familiar with the concept of word embeddings. Word embeddings is a way to convert textual information into numeric form, which in turn can be used as input to statistical algorithm…
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Google starts rolling out Android 10 to Pixel phones

Google today pushed the latest source code for Android 10, formerly Android Q and the successor to Android 9.0 Pie, to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Google also started rolling out the latest version of its mobile operating system today as an over-the-air update to Pixel phones.

If you don’t have a Pixel phone, you won’t be getting Android 10 for a while (if at all). During the beta testing phase, Android Q was made available on the As…
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Pre-Process Data with Pipeline to Prevent Data Leakage during Cross-Validation.

age-has-gone-up-by-four-times/ In machine learning, K-fold Cross-validation is a frequently used validation technique for assessing how the results of a statistical model will generalize to an unseen data set. It is often used to estimate the predictive power of a model. Today I would like to discuss a common mistake during cross-validation when applying data preprocessor such as StandardScaler. The Mistake Let’s identify the mistake by reviewing the following code. I have highlighted the sections for discussion with two red boxes.

In the first red box, the train set is fit and transformed and the te…
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A.I. Offers Jobs Beyond Data Science

Tech professionals almost reflexively associate artificial intelligence (A.I.) jobs with data, and with good reason. When Amazon announced plans to “up-skill” 100,000 American employees for a more tech-based workplace, the company said that over the last five years its fastest-growing jobs have been spawned by systems that gather, process and analyze data.

For example, the number of data mapping specialists Amazon employs increased by 832 percen…
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Leaseweb selects maincubes AMS01 in Amsterdam to expand global data centre presence

Leaseweb, a provider of cloud hosting services, has selected the maincubes AMS01 data centre as a strategic location for further expanding its Amsterdam data centre presence.

Meeting Leaseweb’s standards with regard to energy-efficiency, compliance and high-redundancy, maincubes AMS01 offers Leaseweb wholesale space with ample growth perspective to scale its server and network infrastructure in Amsterdam.

As an Infrastructure as a Service pro…
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Single UserID Matching for Anonymous Users Across Devices with GraphX

The chances are that you are reading this article because you have a digital marketing use-case. Gartner termed cross-device identification (XDID) the emerging technology to watch for digital marketers. Additionally, the current regulatory changes to cookie management have further increased the importance of probabilistic models and data science in the matching of single users.

But digital marketing is by far not the…
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Get ready for bigger home-price increases next year, except in these two states

Just when it looked like home prices may have hit a ceiling, low interest rates could give them another boost.

A new report from real-estate data firm CoreLogic CLGX, +0.40% suggests that annual home-price growth will increase by 5.4% by July 2020. That would represent a shift from what has happened over much of 2019.

The S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index for home prices, a widely-cited barometer for the national housing market, registered the s…
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Constellation Tackles Big Data and Blockchain with the U.S. Air Force

A recent press release reports, “Constellation Network Inc., a San Francisco based technology and blockchain company signed a working contract with the United States Air Force (USAF). The contract is part of the USAF SBIR Phase I program that provides the rails to a solution fully integrated with Air Force constituents… ‘It’s a match at the right time with the right partner,’ agrees Benjamin Diggles, VP of Business Development at Constellation. H…
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Mental health websites in Europe found sharing user data for ads – TechCrunch

as found popular mental health websites in the EU are sharing users’ sensitive personal data with advertisers.

Europeans going online to seek support with mental health issues are having sensitive health data tracked and passed to third parties, according to Privacy International’s findings — including depression websites passing answers and results of mental health check tests direct to third parties for ad targeting purposes.

The charity used the open source Webxray tool to analyze the data gathering habits of 136 popular mental health web pages in France, Germany and the UK, as well as looking at …
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Android 10 Features: Dark Theme, Gesture Navigation And More

After months-long beta testing, Google has started rolling out the Android 10 software to Pixel handsets – right from the original Google Pixel to the latest Pixel 3a series. It is also expected to run the upcoming Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL out of the box. The software is jam-packed with exciting new features. Let’s check out the most important Android 10 features.

Android 10 was in beta testing under the name Android Q, but the search engine giant…
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Leadership Performance With 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

April 2019 saw the launch of the 2nd-generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor (formerly codenamed Cascade Lake), a server-class processor. This new processor family has already set 95 performance world records, earning performance leadership. New features include Intel® Deep Learning Boost (Intel® DL Boost) for AI deep learning inference acceleration and support for Intel® Optane™ DC (data center) persistent memory. These processors will contin…
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Google reveals years-long ‘indiscriminate’ iPhone hack

Google security experts uncovered an “indiscriminate” hacking operation that targeted iPhones over a period of at least two years and used websites to implant malicious software to access photos, user locations and other data.

In a post Thursday on the blog of Google’s Project Zero security taskforce, cyber experts did not name the hacked websites hosting the attacks, but estimated they received thousands of visitors a week.

“Simply visiting th…
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The New South Wales Government Embarks On A Bold Journey To Improve Customer Experience

Weak Government CX Harms Mission Performance

As customer expectations keep rising, governments around the world struggle to improve customer experience (CX). In 2018, Australian government customer experience was weak compared to the private sector — mirroring what we see in the US, where most federal agencies had scores that were poor or very poor. That’s unfortunate, because when government CX improves, customers engage, trust, and forgive; go…
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Ten Years On, Foursquare Is Now Checking In to You

Foursquare check-ins in New York City. Photo: Courtesy of Foursquare

Way back in 2009, when Barack Obama was president and Little Nas X was 10 years old, one of the most talked-about start-ups in the tech industry was an app called Foursquare. The digital compass that pointed your Uncle Tony to the mayorship of your local Boston Market was the most prominent check-in app at a moment when everyone in Silicon Valley was betting on location-based s…
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No poop required: Researchers devise blood test for gut microbiome diversity using data from defunct startup Arivale

If you want to know what’s going on in your gut microbiome, the community of bacteria in our intestines that are tied to overall health, there are plenty of companies willing to help. You just have to pay them — and send in a poop sample.

But it turns out that bottling feces isn’t the only way to gain insights into the gut. Researchers at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) in Seattle have devised a new way to look into the state of your mic…
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