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Synthetic Data Market Gets Real on Privacy

A growing list of data privacy regulations along with demand for better training data is spawning new AI-based approaches to managing “personally identifiable” information, including “synthetic” data sets that remove personal information covered by current and pending privacy rules.

Diveplane, an AI startup based on Raleigh, NC, said its synthetic data platform dubbed Geminai generates a twin data set that “acts and feels realistic” for the purposes of data modeling while stripping out personal information. The synthetic data tool targets business and government users seeking to analyze and share data sets while also complying with a growing list of data privacy rules.
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CloudQuant Thoughts… The growing number of countries and states enacting privacy regulations/legislation will make the provision of some Alternative Data a lot more complicated to manage. Diveplane’s “Twin Dataset” idea is a neat approach to the problem. I am sure there will be more to come.

Novel Database is Better at Measuring and Predicting Core Earnings and Stock Prices • Integrity Research

A recently published study by three Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan professors based on a novel database provided by New Constructs shows that (a) markets do not efficiently assess core earnings, (b) there is significant growth in disclosure of material unusual items, and (c) incorporating these material, but hard-to-find unusual items enables analysts to measure and predict companies’ core earnings – a key measure of a firm’s current and future financial performance – more accurately than traditional fundamental databases.

The new academic paper written by professors Ethan Rouen and Charles C.Y. Wang of Harvard Business School, and Eric So of MIT’s Sloan School of Management is called Core Earnings: New Data and Evidence. This study analyzes core earnings using independent research provider New Constructs’ financial database collected using AI and machine learning to extract fundamental data from public companies’ 10-Ks, especially the harder-to-find data hidden in the footnotes and the MD&A sections.

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CloudQuant Thoughts… Simultaneously impressive and depressing. Impressive that MIT and Harvard have developed an AI capable of extracting this “hidden” fundamental data. Depressing that companies would still prefer to bury their dirty secrets in legal-ease and footnotes. Feels like we have just gotten past the Non-GAAP debacle and the solution is not to more transparency but to bury the dirty secrets even deeper!

Python: Hottest Job Skill in Tech, Edging Out .NET

Python has established itself as the preeminent programming language, placing at (or near) the top of every recent ranking we’ve seen. But is the language actually driving hiring, or is its popularity reflective of developers at companies using it daily? We crunched the data to answer that question.

Our headline was a bit of a spoiler, but it’s true: Python, as a skill, is the hottest in tech.

We arrived at this conclusion after digging through…
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CloudQuant Thoughts… Python is a fantastic language, and we do not only say that because we utilize it on our publicly available backtester at It is easy to get started with, it makes sense, it is powerful, easily expandable with libraries available to make all kinds of complex functions available through simple commands. It is a language that will be beneficial for your career no matter which direction your career takes you.

3 Things Every Aspiring Data Scientist Should Know Before Their First Job

As the popularity and hype of Artificial Intelligence rises, so does the number of people who want to work as data scientists. This is leading many universities to offer new degrees in data science and online platforms to add more MOOCs related to the subject. Not long ago, I was a student trying to find my way into the data science world. After making my transition into a career as a data scientist, I look back and realize I did some things right, and there were other things I didn’t understand at all. Of those things, there are 3 that stand out to me the most.

  1. Technical Skills Are the Easy Part
  2. Being a Data Scientist is a Lot Data and a Little Science
  3. AI Can’t Solve Everything

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CloudQuant Thoughts… There are plenty of smarter, more technically capable, AI trained people than me around yet I regularly see these very same people make simple major oversights. This article is an interesting point for those new to the field that Data Science in the real world is nothing like you imagine it to be. When it comes to AI ML Data Science the 80/20 (possibly 95/5) rule is even more important that ever. 80% of your time is spent doing things you never imagined you would be doing as a Data Scientist. Often 80% of the massive volume of BIG data you just bought is either completely useless or immediately disregarded.

Databricks brings its Delta Lake project to the Linux Foundation

Databricks, the big data analytics service founded by the original developers of Apache Spark, today announced that it is bringing its Delta Lake open-source project for building data lakes to the Linux Foundation and under an open governance model. The company announced the launch of Delta Lake earlier this year and even though it’s still a relatively new project, it has already been adopted by many organizations and ha…
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BNP Paribas and Allfunds form strategic partnership

BNP Paribas and Allfunds have entered into an agreement to create one of the world’s ‘leading fund and wealthtech platforms’.

The agreement will enable BNP Paribas and Allfunds to build on each other’s expertise to develop next-generation fund distribution services.

BNP Paribas Securities Services, a global custodian and fund services provider, intends to use Allfunds fpr preferred access to the fund market, exploring opportunities to enhance…
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Institutional investors identify ageing population as top trend affecting global investment allocations in next 30 years

Institutional investors identify ageing population as top trend affecting global investment allocations in next 30 years. Nearly eight-in-10 (78 per cent) of institutional investors regard an ageing population as the most significant trend that will affect investment allocations in the next 30 years, according to a new survey by Investcorp.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning ranked second (69 per cent), followed closely by the impact of climate change (66 per cent).

The survey – What’s Next? Investment Trends for the Future – which was conducted in partnership with Mercury Capital Advisors, an institutional capital raising and investment advisory enterprise, IMD Business School and ICR, a strategic communications and advisory firm, explores institutional investors’ sentiment and allocations regarding the most pressing economic trends that are expected to shape the global economy over the next three decades.

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Nisa Investment Advisors LLC Grows Position in Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE:OMC)

Nisa Investment Advisors LLC raised its holdings in shares of Omnicom Group Inc. (NYSE:OMC) by 1.2% in the third quarter, Holdings reports. The institutional investor owned 98,790 shares of the business services provider’s stock after purchasing an additional 1,135 shares during the quarter. Nisa Investment Advisors LLC’s holdings in Omnicom Group were worth $7,735,000 at the end of the most recent reporting period.

Several other ins…
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Verisk Analytics, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSK) Shares Purchased by Nisa Investment Advisors LLC

Nisa Investment Advisors LLC boosted its stake in Verisk Analytics, Inc. (NASDAQ:VRSK) by 20.8% during the third quarter, according to its most recent 13F filing with the SEC. The firm owned 51,910 shares of the business services provider’s stock after acquiring an additional 8,940 shares during the quarter. Nisa Investment Advisors LLC’s holdings in Verisk Analytics were worth $8,209,000 as of its most recent filing with the SEC.

A number of ot…
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dotData is Selected by the Microsoft for Startups Program

dotData, a provider of delivering full-cycle data science automation and operationalization for the enterprise, has been selected as a qualified partner in Microsoft for Startups.

Microsoft for Startups selects organizations developing innovative enterprise-ready technology solutions that run on Microsoft Azure.

The program will provide dotData access to the full Microsoft ecosystem, including sales, marketing, and technical support, to advance dotDat…
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Op Analytics Tool Tracks Metrics in Real Time

Understanding in real time how and why key business metrics change has emerged as a key challenge for enterprises, fueling the growth of operational analytics as organizations scramble to find better ways to leverage internal, structured data to discern patterns within key performance indicators.

Among the latest operational analytics tools that seek to go beyond business intelligence tools and SQL querying is an AI-based diagnostic analytics pl…
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Homebuilding Stocks Could Add to Gains in Coming Quarters

Homebuilding stocks leapt to higher ground in the third quarter, underpinned by the rapid collapse in bond yields. Lower mortgage rates have made buying first homes more affordable for the millennial generation, who have had prior applications denied by risk-averse lenders. Look for this beneficial trend to expand in coming years, with increasing wages and mid-life nest-building adding to the surge in new and existing home sales.

Even so, it’s i…
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Adopting AI in Health Care Will Be Slow and Difficult

Artificial intelligence, including machine learning, presents exciting opportunities to transform the health and life sciences spaces. It offers tantalizing prospects for swifter, more accurate clinical decision making and amplified R&D capabilities. However, open issues around regulation and clinical relevance remain, causing both technology developers and potential investors to grapple with how to overcome today’s bar…
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Data Streaming: Seven Unexpected Paths It’s Taking Today

Click to learn more about author Ori Rafael.

With 2019 nearly over, do you know where data streaming is headed? We recently spoke to hundreds of organizations about this very question, wanting to understand how they’re dealing with their data streaming issues – from storage and analysis to governance and more. Their answers reveal new trends, directions, and hints of what organizations might achieve with their data streaming in the months and ye…
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AI Being Used to Confront, Mediate Climate Change

AI is being applied to the biggest challenge facing the planet – climate change. Early results are encouraging.

Machine learning can be deployed in energy production, CO2 removal, education, solar geoengineering and finance, among 13 relevant answers according to a paper titled “Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning, present at a workshop in June as a way to focus research, according to David Rolnick, a postdoctoral fellow at the Univers…
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Strong demand for analytics professionals for hire:

Demand is growing for freelance data analytics professionals who can help companies gain insight from their numbers and wrangle data for processing, according to’s Fast 50 Report.

The quarterly report tracks the top 50 fastest growing and declining job type categories within’s global online marketplace.

During Q3, jobs in the data analytics category grew 58.9 per cent, from 1114 to 1770 jobs, demonstrating an i…
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Machine learning advancing in financial sector – Bank of England

Machine learning tools are now in use at two-thirds of UK financial institutions, with the technology entering a new phase of maturity and more advanced stages of deployment, according to a survey conducted by the Bank of England.

The central bank and regulator FCA surveyed firms about the nature of deployment of ML – defined as ‘the development of models for prediction and pattern recognition, with limited huma…
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Why robots and AI will never rule banking

Around the UK, alarm is growing from a belief that robots are taking away jobs. This fear is misplaced. From the steam-powered cotton mills of the industrial revolution to the rise of ATMs in the 1970s, there is little evidence to support the theory that mass unemployment arises from introducing robotic processes, because new kinds of jobs always arise.

When thinking about robots in business, often it’s the dancing arms of a car production line …
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AI Weekly: Why Google still needs the cloud even with on-device ML

ece of hardware the company revealed at the event were leaked months in advance, but if Google’s biggest hardware event of the year had an overarching theme, it was the many applications of on-device machine learning. Most of the hardware Google introduced includes a dedicated chip for running AI, continuing an industry-wide trend to power services consumers will no doubt enjoy, but there can be privacy implications too.

The new Nest Mini’s on-device machine learning recognizes your most commonly used voice commands to quicken Google Assistant response time compared to the first-generation Home Mini.

In Pix…
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Modern Data Warehousing: Enterprise Must-Haves


To fit into modern analytics ecosystems, legacy data warehouses must evolve—both architecturally and technologically—to deliver the agility, scalability and flexibility that business need to thrive in today’s data-driven economy. Alongside new architectural approaches, a variety of technologies have emerged as key ingredients of modern data warehousing, from data vir…
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Sisu Secures $52.5 Million in Recent Funding Round

the a16z Cultural Leadership Fund, and Green Bay Ventures also participated in the new round. The funding brings Sisu’s total capital raised to $66.7M, and coincides with the public launch of Sisu’s data analytics platform.

“Leveraging data to drive operational decisions is a superpower, but most organizations struggle to use even a fraction of their data. Current BI tools haven’t kept pace with the rise in data volumes and complexity,” said Peter Bailis, CEO and founder at Sisu. “Our goal at Sisu is to enable every business to understand what’s driving their key metrics and make every decision data-drive…
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Is Fear of AI Warranted?

In their most recent column for Big Data Quarterly, Don Sullivan and Michael Corey explore the concerns about impact of AI and the fear that machines will replace us all:

“The concern has become fear and may soon develop into a panic. The worry that has permeated the annals of science fiction for 100 years and recently become a reality for some is due mostly to the alternative use of, amazingly, video game computer chips. The concerns …
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Data Lake Modernization for Speed, Scale and Agility


Data lake adoption has more than doubled over the past three years. Currently in use by 45% of DBTA subscribers to support data science, data discovery and real-time analytics initiatives, data lakes are still underpinned by Hadoop in many cases, although cloud-native approaches are on the rise. The technologies and best practices surrounding data lakes continue to evolve, as well as the challenges, from data governance and security, to integration and architecture. Join us for a special roundtable webinar on March 19th to learn …
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How efficient is your sanctions compliance approach?

This is the second in a three part series, based on the whitepaper, Excellence in Sanctions Compliance: The Role of Effectiveness, Efficiency and Explainability

The first article in our “excellence in sanctions compliance” series detailed the many regulatory requirements that must be met to achieve effective compliance. If not managed optimally, those requirements can translate into heavy costs for financial institutions.

Efficiency, on the oth…
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What IBM Pays H-1B Software Engineers and Developers

What does IBM pay its H-1B workers? That’s a good question, given how critics of the H-1B system insist that the major tech companies use the visa to import workers from overseas at cheaper prices.

For the purposes of this analysis, we used the H-1B Salary Database, which indexes Labor Condition Application (LCA) disclosure data from the United States Department of Labor (DOL). We isolated for the generic terms “software engineer” and “software …
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Four Key Attributes of Advanced Anomaly Detection

AI anomaly detection is just one tool in an arsenal that Gartner now refers to as augmented analytics, but it’s among the most important. By providing real-time intelligence into both positive and negative anomalies, AI anomaly detection offers opportunities to recapture revenue, capitalize on moment-to-moment trends, and sidestep brand damage.

But before we get into the four attributes of advanced anomaly detection, a couple of counter examples…
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Executive Interview: Dr. Angeli Moeller, AI Program Lead, Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Focus is on AI as a tool that guides in the detection of diseases; lighthouse projects showing results; public-private partnerships helping with access to needed data

Dr. Angeli Moeller has two roles at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, she co-leads the artificial intelligence work stream and is responsible for the research digital investment strategy. Before joining Bayer she worked as a data scientist for translational medicine at Thomson Reuters and res…
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Full-Stack AI: Building a UI for Your Latest AI Project in No Time at All

Full-Stack AI: Building a UI for Your Latest AI Project in No Time at All

Step by step tutorial. You should be focusing on your data and building models, not struggling through building a front-end.

Let’s see how we can build a Convolutional Neural Network into a user-friendly application with a clean UI. How can we integrate both training and predictions into an easy to use interface? More importantly, how can we do this without spending count…
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Data Management Best Practices for Machine Learning

Data Management Best Practices

for Machine Learning


Machine learning is on the rise at businesses hungry for greater automation and intelligence with use cases spreading across industries. A recent study fielded amongst the subscribers of Database Trends and Applications found that 48% currently have machine learning initiatives underway with another 20% cons…
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Edge is core to future business models, but cybersecurity must evolve: Brad Surak

As the world sees the distribution of billions of smart devices, and literally trillions of new sensors, the current computing paradigms will struggle to meet the needs of new applications in such an environment.

Edge computing is emerging as part of the solution. In the edge computing model, programming and analysis are pushed out to the device (at the edge) rather than sent back to a cloud to a core data center for processing or analysis.

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7 Powerful Open Source Tools For Data Projects

Regardless of if you’re a data science professional or an IT department who wants to help your company have more successful data science projects, it’s essential to have some data science tools under your belt to avail of when needed.

Here are some open-source options to consider.

Ludwig is a tool that allows people to build data-based deep learning models to make predictions. You don’t even need coding knowledge to get started with it. Besides…
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Recent Tool Announcements Underscore Google’s Hold on Ad Tech Ecosystem

When it comes to important software tools in the advertising ecosystem, most conversations start with Google/YouTube. Google collects somewhere on the order of half of all global online ad revenue, has millions of advertiser customers — and likely millions of end-users for its advertising tools. Google updates these tools often. Here’s a rundown of three notable recent announcements related to Google’s flagship Display & Video 360 (DV360) buy-sid…
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Data Privacy Clashing with Demand for Data to Power AI Applications

By AI Trends Staff

Your data has value, but unlocking it for your own benefit is challenging. Understanding how valuable data are collected and approved for use can help you to get there.

Two primary means for differentiating audiences by their data collection methods are site-authenticated data collection and people-based data collection, suggested a recent piece in BulletinHealthcare written by Justin Fadgen, chief corporate development offic…
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Is AI more threat than promise? Tech developers join activists in calling for new safeguards

It’s much worse to let Darth Vader go free than to keep Luke Skywalker incarcerated. That is the philosophical argument underpinning COMPAS (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanctions), a crime recidivism predictive algorithm employed by criminal justice systems nationwide, and it concerns Shankar Narayan, the ACLU of Washington’s Technology and Liberty project director.

Narayan used the Star Wars reference on Friday at…
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The evolution of fraud and security – Is it a numbers game or can it be calculated?

Financial services remain a favoured target of skilled cybercriminals, which has left the industry scrambling to keep pace. Yet, if we consider the recent advancements in technologies such as artificial intelligence and the pressing reality that fraud is likely to become more targeted, could fraud actually be calculated and predicted?

There’s no doubt that fraud places a heavy cost on financial institutions as they struggle to combat attacks and outright theft, as outlined in McAfee’s report[1] which estimates cybercrime currently costs the global economy $600 billion, or 0.8% of global gross domestic produ…
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How Dell EMC is Doing Enterprise AI the Right Way

Earlier this week, the Cutter Consortium released an in-depth AI review reporting that most companies were deploying AI badly. Like any new—or potentially amazing new—tool, few people initially know how to use it effectively, and most are oversold on capabilities that may not be achievable with the current generation of technology.

What is needed is a way to determine what AI can do, where an enterprise most needs it and how you can learn from o…
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Why are FIs shifting grid computing to the cloud?

The financial services industry has long required compute-intensive calculations for risk management, regulatory compliance, product development, pricing, trading, clearing and surveillance. However, the volume and timeliness of these calculations have increased.

This is where cloud comes in.

Financial institutions (FIs) are now expanding their on-premises grid computing capabilities and taking advantage of the storage capabilities that the c…
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Rare disease drug firm Healx founded by Viagra creator raises $56m

A rare disease drugs firm co-founded by the discoverer of Viagra has raised $56m (£44m) to use artificial intelligence for finding new medicines.

Healx uses AI to examine potential beneficial side effects of existing treatments which could also treat rare ailments.

The firm was co-founded in 2014 by David Brown, who discovered Viagra in the 1990s as a side effect of medicine for high blood pressure. It started as a project at the University of Cambridge.

Dr Brown said: “We’re taking safe drugs that are already…
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Total launches ‘Digital Factory’ in Paris as it looks to reduce its environmental impact

Total chief executive Patrick Pouyanné described digital technology as “a critical driver” for the company.

300 developers and digital experts will work in the Paris facility [image credit: r.nagy/shutterstock]

French petroleum major (EPA:FP, ) has launched a new ‘digital factory’ in Paris as it seeks to reduce its environmental impact and open itself to potential new businesses.

The company, which has been partnered with Google in regards to …
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Improving Big Data Analytics To Address Cybersecurity Challenges

Advances in mass storage and mobile computing brought about the phenomenon we now know as “big data.” These developments then ushered in solutions and tools that can process vast amounts of information — think terabytes of it or more — in real-time. That is how “big” the need for big data analytics came to be.

More specifically, big data analytics offers users the ability to generate relevant insights from heaps of data. InfoSec specialists, in particular, find big data analytics very helpful …
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eBay Challenges Students to Improve Product Identification

Trying to find an exact product online can be a hit and miss affair. Sometimes your search nails it, but other times it misses the mark. Now eBay is enlisting college students to try their hand at developing a machine learning solution to this industry problem.

This week the ecommerce giant launched eBay University Machine Learning Competition, which pits 40 students from four universities against each other with the goal of creating a machine l…
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A deep intuition to deep learning

Wondering why deep learning works? Here is the intuition behind it.

This blog is wholly inspired by the lectures of Professor Mitesh Khapra from IIT Madras. It is quite lengthy and if you want to skim through to just get a gist, please feel free to skip perceptron and move to sigmoid neuron.

Motivation Behind Deep Learning

Consider an example of predicting whether a user will like a particular movie or not. Some of the factors that influence t…
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Spanning the Range of Database Requirements in the Cloud

Data continues to grow in volume, variety, and velocity, resulting in new data management technologies. Recently, Deepti Srivastava, product manager for Cloud Spanner at Google Cloud, discussed how database requirements are evolving and how Google’s Cloud Spanner is advancing a relational-NoSQL-convergence approach by giving customers the combined benefits of relational database structure with non-relational horizontal scale.

“The needs of custo…
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Data Science’s Most Misunderstood Hero

Data Science’s Most Misunderstood Hero

Why treating analytics like a second-class citizen will hurt you

This article is an extended 2-in-1 remix of my HBR article and TDS article about analysts.

Be careful which skills you put on a pedestal, since the effects of unwise choices can be devastating. In addition to mismanaged teams and unnecessary hires, you’ll see the real heroes quitting or re-educating themselves to fit your incentives du jour….
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Analysis: Seattle startup ecosystem poised for unprecedented acceleration of company creation

[Editor’s note: This guest post was co-written by Oren Etzioni and Jacob Colker of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) in Seattle.]

We’ve reached a tipping point for our startup ecosystem.

The Seattle area is home to several of the world’s most iconic companies including Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks. We have also had nine $1 billion-plus startup companies created over the last 10 years.

But what’s next?

This analysis examines leading indicators that point to an unprecedented acceleration in …
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