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Alternative Data News. 09, October 2019

Alternative Data News. 09, October 2019


The AltDataNewsletter by CloudQuant

Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

Cryptocurrency on Stock Exchanges: Global review

“Money is the power which is often reserved for the few. With cryptocurrencies and digital assets, money is now technology.” – Matthew Roszak, Ted Talk San Franсisco. The current crypto/stock correlation is little. But can we call it a correlation? Does it bring more harm or good to the traditional exchange and cryptocurrency markets? With an emerging tokenized economy, where digital assets are blending with conventional trading tools, it’s important to understand the casualties and consequences of such processes. Correlation between crypto and stocks. The difference in the nature of two phenomena explains such an insignificant correlation between crypto and traditional market. 2019-10-04 15:17:14 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 6.9900, Raw Interest Score: 2.5344,
Positive Sentiment: 0.1611, Negative Sentiment 0.1025
CloudQuant Thoughts… With cryptos swinging as wildly as a chimp in a Tarzan movie I honestly hope there is no correlation between cryptos and stocks!  

6 Sectors Seen Leading 3Q Earnings Declines in Warning to Market

The reporting season for 3Q corporate profits will get underway soon, and stock analysts are painting a gloomy picture, calling for aggregate S&P 500 earnings to be down by more than 4% versus the same period in 2018, based on data compiled by S&P Capital, according to CFRA. “Q3 declines are also expected for six of the 11 sectors in the S&P 500 driven by a slowing U.S. economy as a result of the lingering trade dispute with China”. “Negative S&P 500 EPS growth in 3Q will be driven by sectors with the highest international revenue exposure,” Goldman Sachs says in its latest US Weekly Kickstart report. These are energy (-31%), information technology (-9%), and materials (-7%). Stovall also sees earnings declines ahead for real estate (-17%), utilities (-4%), and consumer staples (-1%). 2019-10-07 17:40:14.387000+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 5.8336, Raw Interest Score: 2.2554,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2322, Negative Sentiment 0.4975
CloudQuant Thoughts… Earnings are a great area for consuming Alternative Data sets. This is the time for “shocks” in a symbol’s price. Whether you use Environmental, Social, and Governance data like the G&S Quotient data we have in the  CloudQuant Alternative Data Library, or data on Street Expectations vs Retail-Traders’ Expectations such as Estimize or something you roll yourself, Alternative data is yet again a major differentiator in identifying opportunities.  

Data Science vs. Machine Learning vs. Artificial Intelligence

In the data economy, data is king. Today, any business — small, medium, or large — thrives on its data assets. The recent trend of offering data-driven insights as a service to the outside world has opened up a profitable revenue channel for businesses. Cloud computing and hosted analytics have brought data-as-a-service to the desktops of ordinary business users, which was unheard of even a few years ago.

2019-10-01 07:35:54+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 5.5651, Raw Interest Score: 2.6835,
Positive Sentiment: 0.1940, Negative Sentiment 0.1401

CloudQuant Thoughts... Already picked up by our AI ML news scanner on Monday… Not the intro to DS/ML/AI that the title would make you expect, rather a text document container for a number of links/articles/podcasts etc that the author finds interesting.  

New fintech envoy appointed for Northern Ireland

A top executive of a data analytics company has been hired as the UK government’s new fintech envoy for Northern Ireland

Andrew Jenkins is a director of Arity where his work focuses on mobile data security and has been appointed by the Economic Secretary to the Treasury John Glen to lead Northern Ireland’s promotion of its growing fintech sector.

He takes over from Georgina O’Leary who was appointed just over a year ago in May 20…
2019-10-07 11:30:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 5.4208, Raw Interest Score: 1.6405,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2853, Negative Sentiment 0.0000



The stockmarket is now run by computers, algorithms and passive managers

FIFTY YEARS ago investing was a distinctly human affair. “People would have to take each other out, and dealers would entertain fund managers, and no one would know what the prices were,” says Ray Dalio, who worked on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange ( NYSE ) in the early 1970s before founding Bridgewater Associates, now the world’s largest hedge fund. Technology was basic. Kenneth Jacobs, the boss of Lazard, an investment bank, …
2019-10-05 00:00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 5.3189, Raw Interest Score: 2.0632,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2118, Negative Sentiment 0.1573

BMLL Technologies appoints Chairman of the Board

BMLL Technologies, a Data-Engineering-as-a-Service company, has appointed Lee Hodgkinson, CEO of golbal derivatives trading and education firm OSTC, as Chairman of tsh Board, having been appointed a non-executive Director.

Hodgkinson’s practical industry and exchange experience complements the firm’s existing data engineering and analytics capabilities and supports BMLL’s growth ambitions to provide more capital markets participants with data ac…
2019-10-04 00:00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 5.0833, Raw Interest Score: 2.2398,
Positive Sentiment: 0.3074, Negative Sentiment 0.0000


Announcing Support for Native Editing of Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code

Announcing Support for Native Editing of Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code


With today’s October release of the Python extension, we’re excited to announce the support of native editing of Jupyter notebooks inside Visual Studio Code! You can now directly edit .ipynb files and get the interactivity of Jupyter notebooks with all of the power of VS Code. You can manage source control, open multiple files, and leverage productivity features like …
2019-10-08 21:51:48+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 4.5860, Raw Interest Score: 2.1241,
Positive Sentiment: 0.1448, Negative Sentiment 0.0241


AutoRek explores attitudes to data management with new industry report

AutoRek have released an industry report which takes a deep dive into the world of data management in financial services, alongside the various factors which have grown it into a board-level concern at many firms. The paper, Investing in the Automation Revolution, was released last week in conjunction with WBR Insights.

The findings of the new study are based on results from a survey of 100 senior FS professionals in data management, IT and fi…
2019-10-08 00:00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 4.5614, Raw Interest Score: 2.7122,
Positive Sentiment: 0.3014, Negative Sentiment 0.1507


Natixis And EDHEC To Create ESG Infrastructure Indices

Infrastructure benchmark pioneers to create measures and indices of the increasingly significant impact of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) factors on infrastructure investments

Natixis and EDHECinfra launch today a new three-year research chair, directed by the same team that created an unlisted infrastructure indexing platform. The chair’s aim is to create useable, comparable documented measures of the impact and risk profile of social and environmental factors on infrastructure investments.

ESG refers to the central factors in …
2019-10-07 08:46:27+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 4.0392, Raw Interest Score: 2.1193,
Positive Sentiment: 0.0785, Negative Sentiment 0.0392


What to Expect From JPMorgan Chase Earnings

Investors will be watching whether JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM), the biggest U.S. bank by market value, at more than $375 billion, can maintain its growth in key equities, debt, and lending markets as the economy slows and the bull market appears to lose momentum. The bank is expected to report earnings for 3Q 2019 before the market opens on Oct. 15.

Despite a challenging environment for profit growth, as the Federal Reserve cuts interest rates, J…
2019-10-02 12:33:25.146000+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.9372, Raw Interest Score: 2.2754,
Positive Sentiment: 0.3049, Negative Sentiment 0.2346


ML Internships In Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Pune

Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence domains over the past few years have become three of the most demanding careers in India. And what makes them more intriguing is the paycheck that professionals in this domain get.

21st Oct, Bangalore

If you are a newcomer in this domain and want to kickstart your career, here are 10 internships in ML and AI in 5 different cities in India.

2019-10-07 11:35:23+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.8911, Raw Interest Score: 2.3627,
Positive Sentiment: 0.1039, Negative Sentiment 0.0519


Promethium First to Combine Natural Language Processing with Analytics

A new press release reports, “AI-driven augmented data management provider Promethium today announced the release of its new AI-powered Data Navigation System™ (DNS), the first analytics solution to use natural language processing (NLP) to generate complex SQL queries from human language requests. With over 350 database, data warehouse, data lake and BI vendors, highly paid data scientists and IT professionals dedicate months of complex manual la…
2019-10-08 07:05:36+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.8519, Raw Interest Score: 2.1505,
Positive Sentiment: 0.1466, Negative Sentiment 0.1955

UK fintechs compete for £1.5m open banking challenge prize pool

More than 100 fintech firms have applied to take part in the UK’s Open Up 2020 Challenge, which will see them compete to unlock the power of open banking and bag a share of a £1.5 million prize fund.

Run by Nesta Challenges in partnership with the official Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE), the competition is tasking fintech outfits to help Brits use Open Banking to make more of their money.

Among the suggested areas of investigation …
2019-10-04 13:41:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.8008, Raw Interest Score: 1.4417,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2621, Negative Sentiment 0.2621


Man GLG appoints co-portfolio manager of responsible investment strategy

co-portfolio manager on Man GLG’s RI European Equity strategy. Based in London, Rieu will work alongside Mike Canfield, lead portfolio manager.

Man GLG’s RI European Equity strategy incorporates key environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes within an active, concentrated portfolio of high conviction European stocks that are leading the way with sustainable behaviours and policies. The strategy is an evolution of Man GLG’s European Equity strategy and allows the team to incorporate ESG factors and analysis to a proven research and investment process. As a dedicated responsible investment (RI) strategy operating under Man…
2019-10-04 00:00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.6470, Raw Interest Score: 1.8579,
Positive Sentiment: 0.3585, Negative Sentiment 0.0652


Behind The Code: This Statistician-Turned Data Scientist Says Don’t Overthink, Just Code

In the developer series Behind The Code, we reach out to the developers from the community to gain insights on how their journey started in data science, what are the tools and skillset they use and what’s essential for their day-to-day operation. For this week’s column, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Bishwarup Bhattacharjee, Principal Data Scientist at Here Technologies, the Open Location Platform company.

Bhattacharjee’s work revolves around multiple Computer Vision which is intended at making the map better and rich in contents an…
2019-10-07 12:30:27+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.4529, Raw Interest Score: 1.8432,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2657, Negative Sentiment 0.1162


Nuveen Exec Addresses Closed-End Fund Misconceptions

ffer investors some major advantages and make more sense than ever in portfolios today, he said in an interview with ThinkAdvisor, during which he also noted his company is seeing growing interest in environmental, social and governance investing. Misconceptions around CEFs, however, remain among at least some investors, he conceded.

Nuveen had more than $1 trillion in total assets under management as of June 30, up from $973 billion a year earlier, the company said Monday. Of that, closed-end funds comprised about $60.9 billion as of June 28, up from about $55.3 billion, it said.

The firm has been offering CEFs since 1987, La…
2019-10-07 00:00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.4382, Raw Interest Score: 1.6146,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2920, Negative Sentiment 0.1889


Research Unbundling A ‘Win-Win’ For Best Execution

Rebecca Healey, global head of market structure at institutional liquidity pool Liquidnet, said research unbundling in the European Union has led to a changing role for execution as part of the investment process.

In a report, Unbundling: What’s the Verdict?, Healey said that fund mangers paying for research from their revenues has allowed them to select the best providers for research and execution services respectively.

“It is also leading to…
2019-10-07 15:42:14+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.4167, Raw Interest Score: 1.5695,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2184, Negative Sentiment 0.1774


Fenics Market Data Expands FX Pricing Data Services

Fenics Market Data, a division within BGC Partners, Inc., has launched its enhanced FX data package (“FMD FX”) which will be one of the most comprehensive data packages commercially available for FX pricing.

With over 46,000 new FX records comprising of 350+ currency pairs in Spot, Forward FX and NDF to complement the 120 FX Options currency pairs already available, FMD FX enables all financial institutions including the sell and buy side to com…
2019-10-07 14:29:30+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.4164, Raw Interest Score: 2.8037,
Positive Sentiment: 0.3595, Negative Sentiment 0.0000


Global Trade Finance move to digital

Trade Finance is possibly the last cottage industry in financial services. Trade finance originally started out as a specialist area, often known as the International Department. There are similarities to international payments, with banks forming SWIFT in the 1970’s to help facilitate the movement of payments across different standards and channels. SWIFT messaging is part of the payments for banks and covers trade transactions.

Trade finance, …
2019-10-09 09:43:15 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.3895, Raw Interest Score: 1.8039,
Positive Sentiment: 0.3333, Negative Sentiment 0.2157


Register For Data Science Meetup: NVIDIA RAPIDS GPU-Accelerated Data Analytics & Machine Learning Workshop, 2nd Edition

A GPU is one of the most important components of modern-day artificial intelligence and deep learning architecture. Enterprises and developers are constantly on the lookout for tools that help them build and manage end-to-end data science and analytics pipelines seamlessly. RAPIDS is one such a tool incubated by NVIDIA® based on the company’s expert experience in hardware and data science.

RAPIDS uses NVIDIA CUDA® primitives for low-level comput…
2019-10-09 05:56:07+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.3392, Raw Interest Score: 2.0085,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2467, Negative Sentiment 0.0705


Microsoft will use AI to supercharge Novartis’ giant drug-development engine

Microsoft has reached a deal with pharmaceutical giant Novartis that aims to bring the power of artificial intelligence to drug discovery.

“AI is perhaps the most transformational technology of our time, and healthcare is perhaps AI’s most pressing application,” Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said in a video announcing the partnership.

The five-year deal will establish an “AI innovation lab” at Novartis and create co-working centers at Novartis’ o…
2019-10-01 16:35:03-07:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.2571, Raw Interest Score: 1.2132,
Positive Sentiment: 0.3120, Negative Sentiment 0.2426


Privacy vs. Alpha: A Conversation

You are the CEO of a well-known asset management company and are sitting in a meeting with a new data vendor, your new portfolio manager (PM) who is an expert in alternative data, and your compliance officer.

The Data Pitch

The data vendor has data showing exactly what each public company’s CEO and all their workers ordered for lunch every day since Jan 1st, 2011, and he shares a case study where, using the patterns in the food data, their prop…
2019-10-02 00:00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.1012, Raw Interest Score: 1.3037,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2409, Negative Sentiment 0.3403


big xyt launches XYT View to provide overview of fragmented European equity market

big xyt, a provider of market data analytics, has launched XYT View, a specialist aggregated view of fragmented market information that the firm says participants need to ensure that they are achieving the best possible outcomes for themselves and their clients.

Steve Grob, CEO at Vision 57 and market commentator will be working with the Strategy team to provide market consultancy and additional thought leadership.

XYT View provides a m…
2019-10-03 00:00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.0726, Raw Interest Score: 1.1572,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2793, Negative Sentiment 0.1197


Top 10 Data Scientists In India — 2019

Each year, Analytics India Magazine publishes the annual list of the most prominent data scientists in India. This list recognises the data science professionals who have had an exceptional journey in the domain and have contributed unique innovations and unparalleled accomplishments. 2019 is the fifth year of the industry-acclaimed list and we have 10 names with diverse backgrounds who have made significant contributions in the field. From building data science teams to developing data science solutions, these data scientists have numerous …
2019-10-08 05:12:54+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 3.0351, Raw Interest Score: 1.7478,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2516, Negative Sentiment 0.1324

What banks should know about PFM development in 2020?

Not so long ago statistics showed low adoption levels on Personal Finance Management (PFM) systems. Indeed, the 10-12% adoption rate can hardly be a strong motivation for banks to invest in PFM development. But the financial industry is changing, shaped by customers, who are looking for some financial coaching instead of financial education.

In this text, we will provide market insights and facts in order to prove that PFM is gaining momentum, y…
2019-10-03 09:04:57 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 2.9641, Raw Interest Score: 1.3669,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2555, Negative Sentiment 0.0894


Can An Actuary Become A Data Scientist?

Data Science is no longer just a buzzword and organisations across the board have made it a part of their day-to-day operations. However, there is one more domain that has a significant connection with data science — actuarial sciences. It is also one of the important aspects businesses need to consider in order to avoid risks.

Actuary: A Fortune Teller & An Advisor

An actuary is a pillar of financial secur…
2019-10-08 08:30:33+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 2.9439, Raw Interest Score: 1.6355,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2336, Negative Sentiment 0.0701


SteelEye Links with CME Group’s TRF for EMIR Reporting

SteelEye, the compliance technology and data analytics firm, has connected with CME Group’s Trade Repository in Europe to deliver EMIR Reporting to its growing customer base.

The service, which forms part of SteelEye’s comprehensive RegTech suite, was launched in response to client demand for a reporting solution that reduces the complexity and cost of EMIR compliance. SteelEye does this by fully automating the reporting process and effectively mana…
2019-10-08 19:16:46+00:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 2.9396, Raw Interest Score: 1.4173,
Positive Sentiment: 0.3675, Negative Sentiment 0.1575


Why are banks struggling to meet SMEs’ needs?

An interview with Łukasz Rozlach, Head of Banking Industry, Comarch

Being a vast majority among businesses worldwide, SMEs generate only about a fifth of banks’ income. Looks like a great big pool of unmet needs.

Something’s wrong here. As reported by J.D. Power last year, only 32% of SMEs in the US feel that their bank understands their business. The UK market, according to Ipsos, faces a similar challenge in 2019: 30% of the local SMEs look f…
2019-10-09 12:57:55 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 2.8730, Raw Interest Score: 1.1271,
Positive Sentiment: 0.3006, Negative Sentiment 0.2254


Should You Think About Buying, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) Now?

Let’s talk about the popular, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN). The company’s shares saw significant share price movement during recent months on the NASDAQGS, rising to highs of US$2,021 and falling to the lows of US$1,713. Some share price movements can give investors a better opportunity to enter into the stock, and potentially buy at a lower price. A question to answer is whether’s current trading price of US$1,740 reflective of the a…
2019-10-07 22:11:05+11:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 2.8728, Raw Interest Score: 1.5453,
Positive Sentiment: 0.4715, Negative Sentiment 0.0786

Mapping’s Third Wave: Unlocking The Physical Future Of Business

We’ve just finished a report on the next wave of innovation in what we call the mapping industry. Here’s the blurb and a video introducing the ideas. Please let me know if you’d like to talk about the potential for developers in every company to build unique applications for the physical future.

Forrester clients can read the report here.

Any digital leader or developer who wants to build an application for the physical world — IoT, self-drivin…
2019-10-08 13:04:08-04:00 Read the full story…
Weighted Interest Score: 2.8478, Raw Interest Score: 1.7525,
Positive Sentiment: 0.2191, Negative Sentiment 0.1095


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