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The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning News clippings for Quants are provided algorithmically with CloudQuant’s NLP engine which seeks out articles relevant to our community and ranks them by our proprietary interest score. After all, shouldn’t you expect to see the news generated using AI?

How three machine learning algorithms try to classify handwritten digits as they are being drawn

The three algorithms are (from top to bottom):

  1. A Dense Neural Network with two hidden layers – 93.35% accuracy on test data
  2. A Convolutional Neural Network feat pooling and dropout layers – 98.45% accuracy on test data
  3. A K Nearest Neighbors Classifier with k=5 – 96.1% accuracy on test data

For the two neural networks the bar graphs represent the predicted probabilities for each digit given by the output layer of the network.

For the KNN the bar graph represents what portion of the 5 nearest neighbors are in each class.

The images animated here are taken from the test data. Predictions are made on each frame so the actual movement of the animation does not affect the predictions.

MNIST is a famous dataset of 60000 images of handwritten digits with labels saying what each one is supposed to be. The images look like this

Each of the algorithms here was trained on a training set of 50000 of the images and then tested for accuracy on a test set of 10000, except KNN which was only tested on 1000 due to runtime issues.

CloudQuant Thoughts : Just thought we would share this one with you as it is quite neat seeing what each NN thinks the digit is as it is being drawn.

LG open-sources Auptimizer, a tool for optimizing AI models

Despite the proliferation of open source tools like Databricks’ AutoML Toolkit, Salesforce’s TransfogrifAI, and IBM’s Watson Studio AutoAI, tuning machine learning algorithms at scale remains a challenge. Finding the right hyperparameters — variables in the algorithms that help control the overall model’s performance — often involves time-consuming ancillary tasks like job-scheduling and tracking parameters and their effects. That’s why scientists at LG’s Advanced AI division developed Auptimizer, an open source hyperparameter optimization framework intended to help with AI model tweaking and bookkeeping. It’s available from GitHub.
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CloudQuant Thoughts : Step one, write a machine learning algorithm. Step two, write a machine learning algorithm to adjust the parameters and hyperparameters for the original training model to produce the best results. Step three, retire to beach. Seriously though, LG are an enormous company with massive reach so they have every right to be in this fight for global AI and ML dominance. It should come as no surprise with their TV sending data back to head office that they pushing hard with Edge ML.

JPMorgan invests in financial research startup Limeglass

JPMorgan has taken an undisclosed stake in another of its In-Residence startup graduates, Limeglass, which filters financial research documents for consumption by distinct industry users. Limeglass technology automatically analyses the paragraphs in research documents in real-time, taking into account the underlining context and structure. It uses proprietary Natural Language Processing (NLP), AI, and machine learning to smart-tag each paragraph in context, enabling banks to personalise their research output for both internal and external audience.

Rowland Park, CEOand co-founder of Limeglass, says: “The volume of financial research, and the lack of innovation in how it is delivered, mean that market participants can spend hours searching through their email to find information on the trades they are considering. It is all too easy to miss vital information buried deep in large documents, wasting time and valuable research insights. Limeglass cuts through the noise, providing users with only the relevant paragraphs in their financial research with a simple search.”

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CloudQuant Thoughts: It is interesting that Rowland uses the word “buried”. I recall a similar NLP trained algo which looked back through multiple historical earnings reports for each firm in turn, attempting to specifically identify the “burying” of information! Of course, I cannot find it now!

MayStreet to Provide Data for MIDAS

MayStreet, a modern market data platform engineered to deliver the highest-quality, most complete capital markets data commercially available, today announced it has assumed the role of market data provider for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) Market Information Data Analytics System (MIDAS). The SEC has transferred the vendor contract by novation from the previous provider, Thesys Technologies, as part of MayStreet’s acquisition of Thesys’ business unit that operates MIDAS.

The SEC’s MIDAS platform combines advanced technologies and empirical data to enable the Commission to better monitor and understand short- and long-term market trends and achieve dramatically better insight into the functioning of the capital markets. “We are thrilled to be taking over the MIDAS system for the SEC,” said Patrick Flannery, CEO and Co-Founder at MayStreet. “This is a huge validation of our vision to build and deliver a next-generation market data platform for modern capital markets, and we’re excited to be entrusted by the SEC with responsibility for such a mission-critical system.”

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CloudQuant Thoughts : Hmm, call me a cynic but when you buy the company with the current contract, isnt it a given that the contract will be transferred to you? Sounds like PR fluff to me. But hopefully I am wrong, hopefully their “next-generation” system will now enable the SEC to look at those “oh so consistent” ramps up in trading immediately before just about every huge news story. What did you know, When did you know it, How did you know it?

Python Just Overtook Java On GitHub, But How Did It Fair Overall?

The data science and artificial intelligence community have been the force behind the rise of Python adoption among developers. Now, according to the State of the Octoverse report, Python has pipped Java and become the second most used language after JavaScript.

The growth of Python can be correlated with a wide range of tools and frameworks. The most notable ones are the surge of Jupyter Notebook, TensorFlow, and NLTK. Jupyter Notebook has risen over 100% YoY for last thee years. Besides, TensorFlow and NLTK were among the most popular projects, thereby increasing the number of contribution from Python users; TensorFlow was fifth in the number of contribution with 9.9k.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : This is a very interesting article covering a number of the shifts in demographics on GitHub. Python is now in second place to Javascript and R is not even in the top 10. Increase usage of Jupyter Notebooks suggests (but does not prove) the dominance of Python in data science.

The Non-Contradiction of Proprietary Finance and Community Open Source Programming

I work in financial services, typically quantitative technology applications. A recent employer of mine was an imagery company, providing satellite and drone-sourced data into finance and insurance. In this heady mix of finance and space, I worked with people from defence, aerospace, geospatial, surveying and satellite communications backgrounds who were intrigued and often surprised to hear about the relevance of open source and community progra…
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Finding a Holistic Predictive Analytics Approach to Boost Employee Retention

The benefits of predictive analytics for businesses are numerous. Most case studies and industry advice columns focus on improved cost effectiveness, the propensity for innovation and the ability to reach new customers. However, predictive analytics can be just as valuable for solving employee retention problems.

Towards Data Science discusses some of the benefits of predictive analytics with employee retention. They also talked about some of the issues with developing a dataset to predict employee turnover, as well as ways to resolve it:

“As the graph shows, we have an imbalanced dataset. As a result, when we fit classifiers on such datasets, we should use metrics other than accuracy when comparing models such as f1-score or AUC (area under ROC curve). Moreover, class imbalance influences a learning algorithm during training by making the decision rule biased towards the majority class by implicitly learns a model that optimizes the predictions based on the majority class in the dataset. There are three ways to deal with this issue…”

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Google Adds AutoML to Kaggle

Google has integrated its automated machine learning tools into Kaggle, the data science development site it acquired in 2017, with the goal of expanding access to the site’s more than 3.5 million users.

Google has been introducing its AutoML on the Kaggle competition site, then benchmarking the results. During a four-week competition, AutoML bested more than 90 percent of daily submissions until the end of the competition. Ultimately users were able to achieve improved results more quickly and without domain expertise of supervision, Google said.

Competitors using the Google’s AutoML tools “spent very little time on data prep, and virtually no time on feature engineering, model selection, and hyperparameter tuning,” Devvret Rishi, Google Cloud’s product manager for Kaggle, noted Monday (Nov. 4) in a blog post.

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The post-exponential era of AI and Moore’s Law – TechCrunch

My MacBook Pro is three years old, and for the first time in my life, a three-year-old primary computer doesn’t feel like a crisis which must be resolved immediately. True, this is partly because I’m waiting for Apple to fix their keyboard debacle, and partly because I still cannot stomach the Touch Bar. But it is also because three years of performance growth ain’t what it used to be.

It is no exaggeration to say that Moore’s Law, the mindbogglingly relentless exponential growth in our world’s computing power, has been the most significant force in the world for the last fifty years. So its slow deceleration and/or demise are a big deal, and not just because the repercussions are now making their way into every home and every pocket.

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NVIDIA Earnings: What to Watch on Thursday

Game time is almost here! NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA) is slated to report its third-quarter results for fiscal 2020 after the market close on Thursday, Nov. 14.

The graphics processing unit (GPU) leader is going into its report on a solid note, with investor optimism likely high. While last quarter’s results slid on a year-over-year basis, as expected, both the top and bottom lines were up sequentially and earnings comfortably beat the Wall Street cons…
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Intuit’s CEO explains why he thinks it’s a myth that AI will be a job killer

Intuit CEO Sasan Goodarzi says its a “myth” that artificial intelligence will be a job killer. He thinks people will need to develop new skill sets for new types of jobs.

“AI is going to automate a lot of what is done today, a lot of predictions that you have to make. AI can automate all of that, but then it actually elevate where people can provide value, it elevates where they can provide judgement, ” Goodarzi told Business Insider.

He says A…
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ING joins $19.3m funding round for regtech Ascent

Dutch banking giant ING has joined a $19.3 million Series B funding round for American AI-based regtech Ascent.

Using machine learning and natural language processing, Chicago-based Ascent helps companies to build, manage, and automate financial regulatory compliance.

Founded in 2015, the firm claims ING, alongside Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Bremer Bank, among its customers.

The new funding, which follows a 2018 $6 million Series A round, will be used for recruitment, product development and raising brand awareness…
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UBS, Banco do Brasil Launch Investment Bank

Today UBS and Banco do Brasil signed a binding agreement to establish a strategic partnership that will provide investment banking services and institutional securities brokerage in Brazil and select countries in South America. Clients in the region will have access to M&A and advisory capabilities, debt and equity capital markets, and a broad network of corporates and investors, as well as institutional securities brokerage and research.

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Why You Need Data Transformation in Machine Learning

Thanks to machine learning and the advancements in software and technology, enterprises can now process and understand their data much faster using modern tools with established algorithms. This effectively allows them to deliver more powerful marketing campaigns, deploy efficient logistics operations, and significantly outpace competitors. But enterprise data can be convoluted and messy in its raw state. This means some form of data transformati…
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Four in five global investors plan to increase allocations to China in next 12 months, according to EIU and Invesco study

Four in five global investors plan to increase allocations to China in next 12 months, according to EIU and Invesco study

Over 80 per cent of global investors plan to increase either significantly or moderately their organisation’s allocation to Chinese investments over the next 12 months, according to an Economist Intelligence Unit survey on global investors’ China exposure, commissioned by Invesco. Only 4 per cent plan to reduce exposure to Ch…
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Uber’s Data Science Strategy: People, Product Lifecycle, Platformization

By Allison Proffitt, AI Trends Editorial Director

“Uber is making decisions in real time at global scale, while needing to take into account local nuances of the marketplaces,” explained Franziska Bell, Senior Data Science Manager on the Platform Team at Uber. “And, of course, we also want to incorporate the user preferences on the product.”

As a result, Uber has invested heavily in data science, and Bell outlined some of Uber’s data science st…
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JP Morgan Invests In Research Fintech

graphs in research documents in real-time, taking into account the underlining context and structure. It’s ‘Research Atomisation’ solution uses proprietary rich Natural Language processing (NLP), AI, machine learning and their comprehensive cross-asset and macro taxonomy to smart-tag each paragraph in context.

Limeglass recently completed J.P. Morgan’s In-Residence Program, which incubates emerging technology companies to develop production-ready solutions solving for critical wholesale banking problems. Limeglass technology enables banks to personalise their research product for both internal and external a…
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Big business to trial government’s AI ethics framework

Some of Australia’s largest companies have signed up to trial the government’s new set of artificial intelligence principles, designed to reduce the risks associated with the technology.

NAB, Commonwealth Bank, Telstra, Microsoft and Flamingo AI will test the principles to ensure they deliver “practical benefits” as part of the federal government’s ongoing development of a national AI ethics framework.

The new ethics principles are completely voluntary and it is unclear how long the trial will last or how …
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Rockset Expands SQL Links to Tableau

Rockset, the serverless operational analytics vendor, is expanding its network of data connections through a partnership with data visualization specialist Tableau to develop real-time dashboards for NoSQL data. The partnership is the latest in a series of linkages designed to expand the Rockset’s “fast SQL” cloud service along with its serverless analytics engine.

Rockset said this week its real-time SQL capability could be combined with Tablea…
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3 US-Listed Chinese Stocks Rise on Trade Deal Comments

Chinese stocks listed on U.S. exchanges received a boost yesterday after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Sunday that trade talks are “very far along” and making good progress, per Bloomberg. Ross also remarked that U.S. companies would “very shortly” receive licenses allowing them to sell components to Chinese telecommunications equipment firm Huawei Technologies. Earlier this year, President Donald Trump raised the possibility of easing rest…
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As enterprise data warehouses evolve to become modern data warehouses in the cloud, they still hold a significant role for enterprise analytics as a vital component of an enterprise data analytics platform. The reality is that this evolution will be a hybrid-cloud architecture that requires shared and unified capabilities to represent both cloud and on-premises environments as a single data analytics platform for the business. A multi-cloud architecture will be likely for many companies as data gravity from more data sources, users, and applications shifts data processing among clouds, req…
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How This Jeremy Howard-Inspired Data Scientist Built Multiple ML Systems From Scratch

It is intriguing when you get to know about the perks and privileges a data scientist gets. But do we know what it takes to become one? In order to know their side of the story, every week we get in touch with some of the top data scientists from the industry and try to take a look at their journey.

For this week’s ‘My Journey In Data Science’ we got in touch with Khaleeque Ansari, Data Scientist at Ansari has more than 5 years of experie…
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NASA Upgrades Search Capabilities

ed a solar system’s worth of data since the agency was launched in 1958. To help make it more searchable for rocket engineers and scientists, the space agency is enlisting new search methods based on machine learning frameworks.

NASA’s George C. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., will upgrade is search and analytics capabilities using AI and natural language processing (NLP) frameworks developed by cognitive search and analytics specialist Sinequa. The company is teaming with government integration contractor Science Applications International Corp. (NYSE: SAIC) to deploy a “global knowledge m…
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The U.S. military, algorithmic warfare, and big tech

is selling lethal autonomous drones. Amid all that, you may have missed Joint AI Center (JAIC) director Lieutenant General Jack Shanahan — who is charged by the Pentagon with modernizing and guiding artificial intelligence directives — talking about a future of algorithmic warfare.

Algorithmic warfare, which could dramatically change warfare as we know it, is built on the assumption that combat actions will happen faster than humans’ ability to make decisions. Shanahan says algorithmic warfare would thus require some reliance on AI systems, though he stresses a need to implement rigorous testing and evaluation bef…
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AI ethics is all about power

At The Common Good in the Digital Age, a tech conference held in Vatican City recently, Pope Francis urged Facebook executives, venture capitalists, and government regulators to be wary of the impact of AI and other technologies. “If mankind’s so-called technological progress were to become an enemy of the common good, this would lead to an unfortunate regression to a form of barbarism dictated by the law of the strongest,” he said.

In a related…
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The Only REIT Bargains Left On The Market

null Getty

Are interest rates heading to zero in the US? Or, dare I say, negative range?

I don’t think so. But if they do, real estate investment trusts (REITs) are going to absolutely skyrocket. This year-to-date has been a sneak preview. Most REITs have seen their valuations expand with the market rally, but we haven’t missed out on all of them.

In a minute, we’ll discuss a trio of dirt-cheap REITs with attractive yields between 5% and 6%. B…
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Canada is denying travel visas to AI researchers headed to NeurIPS — again

umber of AI researchers and research students scheduled to attend NeurIPS and the Black in AI workshop, event organizers said. Those denied entry include Tẹjúmádé Àfọ̀njá, co-organizer of the NeurIPS Machine Learning for the Developing World workshop.

Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPs) is the largest annual international AI conference in the world, according to the AI Index 2018 report. The conference is scheduled to be held December 8-14 in Vancouver, Canada.

On Tuesday, Black in AI cofounder and Google AI researcher Timnit Gebru said 15 of 44 attendees planning to join the event’s December 9 …
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How SparkBeyond Is Using AI To Ask The Right Questions

By Benjamin Ross

Six years ago, Sagie Davidovich and Ron Karidi wanted to see if they could find a way to harness all of humanity’s collective intelligence using artificial intelligence (AI). Now, their co-founded startup, SparkBeyond, is making waves in AI, using their platform to ask the questions about data we’ve never thought of asking before.

SparkBeyond’s problem-solving platform takes data provided by its customers and partners, and anal…
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This Bengaluru-based Startup Uses Analytics To Identify Gaps In Current Lending Value Chain

Even today, many dread the idea of visiting banks, and going through the tedious policies in terms of documents and eligibility is a huge challenge while accessing loans. Banks have a stringent requirement in terms of high credit scores, an exhaustive list of documents to be produced and fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

To make these processes easy and fulfil every financial aspiration with the simplest, shortest and fastest way possible, ve…
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Fenergo Wins Client Lifecycle Management and KYC Award in the Chartis Research RiskTech100® Report

Highest ranking CLM & KYC Provider

6 November 2019 – Fenergo, the leading provider of digital client lifecycle management (CLM) solutions for financial institutions, has been recognised as the category leader for CLM and Know Your Customer (KYC) by leading risk technology analyst firm, Chartis Research in the RiskTech100® 2020 report. Click here to download a summary of the report.

Fenergo was selected as the category leader by Chartis Rese…
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Opinion | Artificial Intelligence Is Too Important to Leave to Google and Facebook Alone

Our proposal has three components: The first is a public data pool that would make data accessible to registered users. Local, state and federal governments have sizable data resources that would seed this digital commons. Users would be verified to block foreign governments, hackers and others with ill motives from access, and users would be prevented from using the data to engage in racial or other forms of discrimination and for microtargeted …
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What is Data Wrangling?

What is Data Wrangling?

Sponsored Content by Trifacta

To start to answer this question, let’s consider the high level objective of most data professionals: take data close to the source, and turn that data into value. This value can be utilized in a few ways. Data can drive important business decisions, like choosing which markets to advertise to, or it can feed data driven systems to provide better product experiences, like recommending shows …
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How Microsoft’s Azure Synapse Analytics Will Help Developers & Businesses

One of the important announcements of the recently-concluded Ignite conference by Microsoft was Azure Synapse Analytics. This comes along as an exciting innovation that promises to fill the gap between data warehouse and data lakes.

Data warehouse and data lakes are an essential requisite for many companies. However, the challenge till now has been that these two do not work in concert with one another, making the decision-making process quite i…
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Telstra, NAB and CBA sign up for artificial intelligence ethics trials

Fairness, privacy protection, security, reliability, safety, transparency and accountability must also be baked into the systems.

Finally, a principle of contestability was added, meaning that when an AI system significantly affects a person, community, group or environment, there should be a timely process to allow people to challenge the outcome.

In a statement, Andrews said it was essential for government and industry to build Australians’ t…
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How Data Platforms Expand the Capabilities of Data Warehouses (VIDEO)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

At Data Summit 2019, Lynda Partner, Pythian VP of marketing, explained why customers are adopting data platforms in their migration to the cloud.

“When we move people to the cloud with their data warehouses, they’re not just stopping at a data warehouse,” said Partner. “The data warehouse is almost inevitably the first step, but then it expands beyond the data warehouse, to what we’re calling a data platfor…
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Euronext gears up M&A strategy for international growth

Creating a fully cross-border infrastructure is a priority for Euronext in it’s as it looks externally for growth opportunities, according to the stock exchange’s CTO.

“Really the idea is to move from an exchange to a full market infrastructure,” says the exchange’s Alain Courbebaisse. “Our approach would be to prepare the next potential acquisition by creating a geographical agnostic kind of post-trade infrastructure exactly as we did for the t…
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AI in patent law: Enabler or hindrance?

Filing a patent is the clerical equivalent of pulling teeth — at least in the U.S. It first requires inventors to determine the type of intellectual property (IP) protection they require (i.e., utility, design, or plant). Then they’re on the hook to conduct a United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database search for similar inventions. If and only if the novelty of their idea passes muster are they allowed to proceed to the next step,…
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Microsoft Aims for Data Analytics Unification with ‘Synapse’

Microsoft took a big step toward unifying disparate analytic toolsets and functions this week with the launch of Synapse Analytics, an ambitious new cloud-hosted offering that seeks to bring together the separate worlds of data warehousing and data lakes.

Data warehouses and data lakes are similar in a lot of respects. Both of them serve as storage repositories for landing massive amounts of data from a variety of sources. And both data warehous…
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How Targeted Ads and Dynamic Pricing Can Perpetuate Bias

In new research, the authors study the use of dynamic pricing and targeted discounts, in which they asked if (and how) biases might arise if the prices consumers pay are decided by an algorithm. Suppose your company wants to use historical data to train an algorithm to identify customers who are most receptive to price discounts. So long as the customer profiles you feed into the algorithm contain attributes that correlate with demographic charac…
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Vodafone and ITV at the top of Tuesday’s agenda

Debt reduction efforts will be key for Vodafone in its interims, while ITV will be hoping to deliver good news from the launch of its BritBox streaming service

All the talk about ( ) at the start of the year was doom and gloom about whether it could, and should, maintain its dividend payout while completing its €18.4bn acquisition of European cable assets.

With debt at almost €27bn, new chief executive Nick Read bit the bullet and chopped the p…
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The Latest Power BI Updates

Businesses have embraced different dashboards to enable self analytics and make informed decisions on the go. While there are numerous dashboards in the market, Power BI by Microsoft has been deployed by several companies to raise their bar and harness the potential of data for becoming data-driven firms. However, with the increase in the accessibility of data, there is a risk of potential misuse of information while sharing Power BI reports.

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Bloomberg Software Engineers: Here’s What They Earn

Whether or not you’re interested in banking and finance, you likely know the name Bloomberg. Michael Bloomberg founded his eponymous firm in 1981, and it’s now one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. It’s carved out that niche thanks to a focus on technology, particularly the evolution of the “Bloomberg Terminal,” which feeds news and financial data across a proprietary network.

Given the company’s reliance on technolog…
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Positive Sentiment: 0.1639, Negative Sentiment 0.1311

Animal Drawn Vehicles and AI Autonomous Cars

By Lance Eliot, the AI Trends Insider

I see horses.

I see them most days.

I’m fortunate to live nearby an equestrian center.

When I drive to work in the morning there is usually someone taking a horse for a ride. The equestrian center has its own riding trails and much of the time the horses are kept inside the center’s property. There are though special dirt trails that parallel the streets of my neighborhood and the horse riders can go alon…
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Google’s Acquisition of Fitbit Has Implications for Health and Fitness Data

Google’s new ambient computing strategy based around bringing Google devices into every aspect of your life shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Google recently announced plans to acquire for Fitbit for $2.1 billion, marking a significant entrance into the world of health and fitness data. There are, of course, a number of privacy and antitrust issues about the pending acquisition. Most importantly, what happens if Google is able to take …
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Positive Sentiment: 0.1394, Negative Sentiment 0.2014

Apple Card, Goldman Sachs Under Investigation For Gender Discrimination Complaints

Apple Card is under fire for alleged gender discrimination. After Twitter was rocked by those charges regulators stepped in promising a probe on Goldman Sachs that is administering the card for the alleged gender dividing algorithm.

The allegation was raised by prominent tech entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson who wrote that Apple Card offered him twenty times more credit limit than his wife despite their shared assets and a higher credit sco…
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Positive Sentiment: 0.1025, Negative Sentiment 0.4781

Why Every Python Developer Will Love Ray

There are many reasons why Python has emerged as the number one language for data science. It’s easy to get started and relatively forgiving for beginners, yet it’s also powerful and extensible enough for experts to take on complex tasks. But there’s one aspect of Python that has bedeviled developers in the big data age: Getting Python to scale past a single node. Solving that dilemma is the number one goal of Project Ray.

The name “Ray” will ring a bell if you’ve been following the …
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Microsoft teams up with Warner Bros. to store Superman on new glass storage

Microsoft has created a proof of concept for storing data on glass. The software maker has teamed up with Warner Bros. to store an entire copy of the original 1978 Superman movie on glass that’s the size of a coaster (75 x 75 x 2 mm). Microsoft Research is at the heart of this new glass storage, and it’s part of a big investment from Microsoft to develop storage tech built for the future of its Azure platform.

“We built this entire system that’s…
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Positive Sentiment: 0.1130, Negative Sentiment 0.1506

Is Julia Finally Catching Up With Python & R?

High-performance computing is the need of the hour in the data science and artificial intelligence landscape. Processing colossal amount of data requires high-performing systems to train and evaluate machine learning models. However, mere deployment of extreme GPU does not serve the purpose of the processing needs. Rather, it needs other dependencies to perform optimally to achieve the desired goals. Consequently, firms are embracing programming languages that are optimised for delivering spee…
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Smart Cities need more intelligence to cope with future challenges: Study

It’s time for smart cities to embrace new technologies and approaches to combat a growing list of challenges, according to global tech market advisory firm, ABI Research.

In its new whitepaper, 5 Ways Smart Cities Are Getting Smarter, ABI Research identifies digital twins & urban modeling, resilient cities, circular cities, micro-mobility, and smart spaces as the five new urban strategy shifts that will make smart cities “surprisingly smarter.”

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Researchers tout AI that can predict 25 video frames into the future

AI and machine learning algorithms are becoming increasingly good at predicting next actions in videos. The very best can anticipate fairly accurately where a baseball might travel after it has been pitched, or the appearance of a road miles from a starting position. To this end, a novel approach proposed by researchers at Google, the University of Michigan, and Adobe advances the state of the art with large-scale model…
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Positive Sentiment: 0.2294, Negative Sentiment 0.1147

Duos Technologies scores $1.8M Rail Inspection Portal contract from Class 1 railroad client

Installation of the train-scanning portal is expected to be completed by the end of 2019

The portal is set up on and around train tracks like a tunnel, and it creates a 360-degree digital scan of a train

Duos Technologies Group Inc ( ) subsidiary Duos Technologies Inc won a $1.8 million contract for one of its signature turn-key Rail Inspection Portals (RIP) from a Class 1 freight railroad client.

Installation of the portal is expected to be c…
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