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Battle of the Quants – Big Data

In our fourteenth year of hosting the leading quantitative event worldwide, the Battle of the Quants – BIG DATA, has become the definitive event in the quantitative space for investors, managers and data buyers looking for key industry influencers, decision makers and investment opportunities. The Battle of the Quants curates carefully selected systematic investors and managers leading the way into the new world of Artificial Intelligence, Data Sets, Machine Learning, Digital Assets, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. Attendees include HNWI’s, Family Offices, FoF’s, Institutional Investors, Systematic Hedge Fund Managers, Data Providers and Data Buyers.

CloudQuant Thoughts : CloudQuant’s CEO John ‘Morgan’ Slade will be participating in the next Battle of the Quants in London on December 10th 2019. If you are going to be there, be sure to introduce yourself!

AI Weekly: How power and transformative tech reshape our world

This week, VentureBeat launched a quarterly magazine. Like the AI Weekly, the special issue gives our editorial team a chance to reflect on important transformative technology influencing business, technology, and society.

The first issue focuses on the relationship between power and AI. Power can shape AI, from how we define ethical use of artificial intelligence and protect personal data to how AI may change how we define inventions to how AI may change how we define inventions or used as both a tool or weapon.

By design, the special issue drew upon topics that dwell in our lives and shape our collective future. The articles are created to tackle issues that linger in the news cycle.

While the special issue began to roll out Monday, the world heard from Jamie Heinemeier Hansson. When she and her husband, Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson, applied for an Apple Card, he was given a credit limit offer 20x than her, a believed demonstration of algorithmic bias. It took no more than two days for a series of David’s tweets that complained about it to trigger Wall Street regulators to open an investigation. Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak also complained about the credit limit that Apple Card extended to his wife.

The fact that two powerful white men complaining in tweets led to swift government action did not go unnoticed by AI ethicists or people of color who routinely document, witness, or experience algorithmic bias, nor by Jamie Heinemeier Hansson herself.

“This is not merely a story about sexism and credit algorithm blackboxes, but about how rich people nearly always get their way. Justice for another rich white woman is not justice at all,” she said in a blog post.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : VentureBeat introduce a quarterly online magazine of AI which looks very interesting but this post includes a collection of other interesting AI based links from around the internet this week, including a discussion of whether or not the AI used by Apple and JP Morgan for their new Credit card venture is sexist. It appeared that the AI was allocating lower Credit limits to women than to men. On TWIT (This Week In Tech), Leo Laporte points out that this may be less sexist and more based on the Financial History of the person concerned, pointing out that Apple/JP Morgan gave his wife a higher credit limit.

Report: Only 25% of Firms Likely to Put AI Into Production

Three-quarters of C-level executives believe if they don’t move beyond experimentation to aggressively deploy artificial intelligence (AI) across their organizations they risk going out of business by 2025, according to a newly released study from Accenture.

The report, titled “AI: Built to Scale” and produced by Accenture Strategy and Accenture Applied Intelligence, is based on a global survey of 1,500 C-level executives across 16 industries designed to understand how companies are implementing AI across their organizations.

The research found 84% of C-level executives believe they won’t achieve their business strategy without scaling AI, yet only 16% have made the shift from mere experimentation to creating an organization powered by robust AI capabilities. As a result, this small group of top performers is achieving nearly three times the return from AI investments as their lower-performing counterparts.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : My emphasis “they risk going out of business by 2025“… That is one heck of a level of fear! The data scientist in me wants to know how they structured that survey and particularly that survey question! Other noteable quotes from this article, “three key elements: a strong data foundation; multiple dedicated AI teams; and a C-suite-led commitment to strategic, organization-wide AI deployment”, “start with the basics: the right data, the right strategy and the right people.”.

Baidu Releases deep learning framework “PaddlePaddle” Upgrades

An updated release of Baidu’s deep learning framework includes a batch of new features ranging from inference capabilities for Internet of Things (IoT) applications to a natural language processing (NLP) framework for Mandarin.

The latest version of PaddlePaddle released this week includes a streamlined toolkit dubbed Paddle Lite 2.0 aimed at inference for IoT, embedded and mobile devices. It works with PaddlePaddle as well as pre-trained models from other sources, Chinese Internet giant (NASDAQ: BIDU) said.

Along with faster deployment of ResNet-50, used for image classification on convolutional neural networks, Paddle Lite 2.0 also supports edge-based FPGAs and other hardware.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : You cannot focus just on US ML and AI tech, ignore the progress of BAT : Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent at your peril.

Challenges of Data Quality in the AI Ecosystem

ies. In other words, AI systems are not limited to a single aspect of Data Management; rather, they are increasingly penetrating any and every aspect of business through allied data technologies like machine learning (ML), deep learning, (DL), neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), and others.

Every day, organizations are experiencing some change in business due to partial or full automation of systems, processes, and tasks — threatening to replace human labor. ML solutions have even started demonstrating that they are better than human statisticians in data preparation, thus challenging the hum…
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CloudQuant Thoughts : This was the top article in our Alternative Data Newsletter last Thursday but it is worth posting again in case you missed it. It is another of Dataversity’s posts which gather together a number of interesting related links into one article, many are not new but all are inter-related. It is well done and Data Quality (DQ) is a current hot button topic.

ExtractAlpha launches alternative data analytics solution for fundamental investors

ExtractAlpha, a provider of unique alternative data sets and predictive models for institutional investors, has launched Insight, a comprehensive alternative data analytics solution for portfolio managers and analysts to understand their portfolio’s exposure to alternative data-driven factors.

Alternative data today plays a key role in the process of asset selection and allocation. Using Insight, portfolio managers and analysts can visualise their portfolio’s overall exposure and drill down into any stock to assess its exposure to ExtractAlpha’s alternative data factors and predictive models. It allows users to quickly uncover the drivers of stock prices and earnings; check the evolution of a stock’s score over time; and evaluate good entry or exit points. In addition, custom watchlists can be monitored for risk and opportunities from a tactical, cross-asset and ESG perspective.

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DataRobot Partners with Kx to Unleash AI-Driven Solutions

According to a recent press release, “DataRobot, the leader in enterprise AI, has partnered with Kx to offer financial institutions and IoT-driven industries a comprehensive, scalable high-performance solution for applying AI to time series data. By integrating DataRobot’s Enterprise AI Platform with the Kx database platform kdb+—the world’s fastest in-memory time series database—the partnership, which was unveiled during the Kx Innovation Day at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing headquarters, allows consumers of market data to quickly generate actionable insights for agile, strategic business decisions.

‘AI is rapidly reshaping all industries, but none more than financial institutions,’ said Rob Hegarty, General Manager of Financial Markets and Fintech at DataRobot. ‘So much of the world’s market data is in kdb+ due to its powerful time series capabilities and performance. The integration with DataRobot—the world leaders in enterprise AI at scale—will accelerate ROI and separate financial markets institutions’ performance from their peers’.”
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Artificial Intelligence Transforming the Banking Sector

In a recent study it was found that the Artificial Intelligence could be a near $450 billion dollar opportunity for banks. What does this mean? It gave a clear picture of the transformation and adoption of latest digtial tools that the banking sector needs to be familiar with. As we all know that the banks have millions of data spread across disparate sources which makes difficult for them to understand and analyze. This is perphas the most challenging task for the marketers in such industry.

AI in banking was an unheard term in the past decade. But as the usage of Artificial Intelligence became more and more popular in other industries, its ratification in banking was quite inevitable. According to a recent study by IDC, by 2022, $5.6B is expected to be spent on AI-enabled solutions in the banking industry.

AI has had a significant impact on every industry that has implemented it. AI in banking is one of them. The influence of AI in banking is steadily growing across the whole banking landscape.
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Biggest Bottleneck in Machine Learning and AI

Machine Learning and AI are all the buzz. In the last year, IDC reports that 37.5 billion dollars will be spent on machine learning and AI investments, increasing to close to $100 billion by 2023. Yet organizations still struggle to get value out of their machine learning and AI investments. One possible cause? The time consuming, difficult process of preparing data for machine learning and AI. It’s widely known that 80% of any data science project is spent wrangling the data. To compound this fact, machine learning and AI models require high quality data in order to be effective. The challenge organizations face in wrangling data for machine learning and AI has opened up a huge opportunity for organizations to out compete on differentiated data.

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Fidelity Expands Thematic Lineup to 16 Funds: Portfolio Products

Fidelity added four new thematic funds to its lineup, boosting the total number of its thematic investment products to 16 mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, it said. The new funds are the Fidelity Enduring Opportunities Fund (FEOPX with a net expense ratio of 1.1%), Fidelity Infrastructure Fund (FNSTX, 1% net expense ratio), Fidelity U.S. Low Volatility Equity Fund (FULVX, 0.95% expense ratio), and Fidelity Stocks for Inflation ETF (FCPI, 0.29% expense ratio).

They are available to individual investors and via workplace retirement plans, Fidelity said. Fidelity Stocks for Inflation ETF will also be available via third-party financial advisors, it said. The mutual funds have no investment minimums, while the ETF has an investment minimum of one share. “Thematic investing at Fidelity allows customers to invest directly in long-term trends and themes that best aligns with their interests or objectives, while accessing Fidelity’s differentiated investment research and portfolio management expertise,” the firm said.
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DTTC delivers beta version of FRTB data service

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), the premier post-trade market infrastructure for the global financial services industry, today announced the availability of a beta version of its FRTB Real Price Observations Data Service.

The service will enable the mapping of risk factors to a pool of global derivatives data to gain insight on modellability results in accordance with the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (FRTB) framework. DTCC developed the FRTB service in collaboration with over 30 pilot members, including every leading bank that trades over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives around the world.

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Clients Craving Plant-Based Meat Substitute In Their Portfolios?

Defiance ETFs launches a fund holding Beyond Meat stock and other innovative agricultural and sustainability stocks. A new ETF could be the answer for clients demanding some exposure to plant-based meat substitutes that are all the buzz of late. Defiance ETFs launched its Defiance Next Gen Food and Agriculture ETF, which is registered on the NYSE as DIET and tracks the BlueStar Food and Agriculture Sustainability Index. It has an expense ratio of 0.30% according to a statement from Defiance. Among the holdings of DIET is the popular Beyond Meat, Inc. (BYND) as well as Hain Celestial Group Inc. (HAIN), which is also doing a lot in the plant-based protein category.
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Australian AI roadmap pitches $315b industry

AI will create thousands of new jobs every year, help us live longer and improve our quality of life, according to a national road map to be released by the government today. Artificial intelligence will improve productivity, give Australia the opportunity to establish new world-leading companies and create thousands of new jobs every year, according to a national road map to be released by the government today.

“In the past few years alone, 14 of the world’s most advanced economies have announced over $86 billion in focused AI programs and activities,” the report says. “Governments worldwide are taking strategic steps to achieve improved AI capability for their nations.” Australian government funding for AI-related initiatives has been comparatively thin on the ground.
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The Non-Contradiction of Proprietary Finance and Community Open Source Programming

I work in financial services, typically quantitative technology applications. A recent employer of mine was an imagery company, providing satellite and drone-sourced data into finance and insurance. In this heady mix of finance and space, I worked with people from defence, aerospace, geospatial, surveying and satellite communications backgrounds who were intrigued and often surprised to hear about the relevance of open source and community programming in financial services.

Understandably, many see open source through the lens of Facebook, Google and Amazon-sponsored projects such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, KERAS, etc which intersect with academic research programmes, meetups, and makers. To outsiders, open source can seem contradictory to “proprietary” moneyballed finance. “We’ll write them a proprietary algo to identify and exploit the alpha in our data and they’ll buy it for six or seven figures” was a comment I heard from one venerable vendor company founder two years ago. When I responded that graduates can create test and trade an algo in hours for free using similar data sources to his, his disbelief was evident.
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Deriving Value From an AI-Savvy Corporate Culture

‘AI’ is one of the most prominent buzz words in innovation across today’s technology conference circuit. Most executives, when asked, will tell you of their organization forays in machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, and many are. However, the conversation changes when one asks about the value the company is deriving from these same technologies.

The truth is that, while the technology is often sound, many companies are struggling with the obstacles around AI implementation that keeps them from seeing strong results. Part of this comes from a recent period of “pilot-itis” according to EY’s Darrin Williams. Eager to stay current with technology, companies greenlight AI proof-of-concept studies across their organizations but do not move swiftly to scale-up or kill these projects based on results. This hesitance stagnates implementation and limits most companies to seeing only small gains from these innovative projects.

But the problems in value generation do not stop at the technology. There are three key reasons that companies are struggling to garner value from their AI endeavors, even as the technology is praised across the capital markets.

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Machine Learning’s No Free Lunch Theorem Explained

No Free Lunch Theorems (NFLTs): Two well-known theorems bearing the same name: One for supervised machine learning (Wolpert 1996) and one for search/optimization (Wolpert and Macready 1997).

The thing that they share in common is that they state that certain classes of algorithms have no “best” algorithm because on average, they’ll all perform about the same.

Mathematically put, the computational cost of finding a solution, averaged over all problems in the class, is the same for any solution method. No solution, therefore, offers a short cut.

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Top AI-Based Tools That Help Developers In Code Editing

As the classical coding tools are slackening developers, blue-chip companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Google are now releasing AI-based tools like AI-assisted IntelliSense, Graph2diff, and Aroma, to empower engineers for coding and patching errors. These AI-powered tools assist developers with code suggestion based on the previous line of algorithms written by users. Predictive snippets are, in turn, helping businesses to accelerate products time-to-market, and have a competitive edge in the evolving tech landscape.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of these tools which are making developers’ lives easier in code editing:

  1. AI-assisted IntelliSense
  2. AI-Assisted Refactoring
  3. Graph2diff
  4. Deep TabNine
  5. Aroma

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Here’s the pitch deck that Apteo, a startup focused on the ultra-hot alternative data space, used to raise its seed round

Apteo raised $1 million in a seed round by positioning itself as the central hub for firms’ alternative and traditional data.

Wall Street’s interest in non-traditional data sets is surging, but firm also still rely heavily on more conventional types of data, and that’s created a need for a bridge between the two types of information.

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Intel Unveils Its First Cloud-To-Edge Chip

At a gathering of industry influencers, Intel this week welcomed the next wave of artificial intelligence with updates on new products designed to accelerate AI system development and deployment from cloud to edge.

Intel demonstrated its Intel® Nervana™ Neural Network Processors (NNP) for training (NNP-T1000) and inference (NNP-I1000) — Intel’s first purpose-built ASICs for complex deep learning with incredible scale and efficiency for cloud and data centre customers. Intel also revealed its next-ge…
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The challenge for blue chips

That puts Australian investors slightly out of sync with the rest of the world, says Credit Suisse economist Damien Boey, even though investors in other countries are dealing with the same issues of global uncertainty.

Expectations return

Globally, investors are starting to indicate their growth expectations are returning, perhaps tantalised by the prospect of a resolution of the US-China trade war. They’re beginning to abandon the Nasdaq and N…
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Top 11 Hot Chips For Machine Learning

Though machine learning has been around for more than three decades, it took a lot of time for the hardware to catch up with the demands of these power-hungry algorithms. With each passing year, the chip-set manufacturers have tried to make the hardware lighter and faster.

Today, over 100 companies are working on building next-generation chips and hardware architectures that would match the capabilities of algorithms. These chips are capable o…
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‘Social Contract’ Needed to Establish Trusted Data

With data emerging as the life blood of most industries, the emphasis has shifted from organizing and analyzing big data to finding ways to establish higher levels of trust in the torrent of data generated through customer and partner interactions.

The emphasis on data trust also reflects the growing importance of privacy as consumers worry about how their data is being used and shared.

A study released this week by IBM found that establishing “a social contract of trust” around data collection and sharing is the…
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Can AWS Crack the Code for Data Exchanges?

Data has become a tangible commodity with the potential to be traded like any other good. Like petroleum, it’s the raw feedstock used to create numerous downstream products. However, unlike petroleum, we lack a central market or clearinghouse where parties can easily buy and sell data. That’s the challenge that Amazon Web Services is hoping to solve with its newly announced AWS Data Exchange.

AWS yesterday launched its Data Exchange, a digital m…
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Databricks Announces API Integration With AWS Data Exchange

A new press release reports, “Databricks, the leader in unified data analytics, today announced API integration with AWS Data Exchange, a new service that makes it easy for millions of Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers to securely find, subscribe to, and use third-party data in the cloud. By integrating the AWS Data Exchange into Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform, organizations can rapidly combine their internal data with third-party data sets from data providers…
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Futures gain as China fuels trade deal optimism

(Reuters) – U.S. stock index futures pointed to another session of gains on Monday, as a report out of China added to optimism over a trade deal and the country’s central bank indicated willingness to step in to prop up a slowing economy.

Traders work on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York, U.S., November 13, 2019. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Washington and Beijing had held “constructive” trade talks over the weekend, China…
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Predictive Analytics Is Reshaping UX In The Global Gaming Industry

The digital gaming industry has undergone jolting changes over the past decade, as more organizations are looking towards data driven solutions. Gaming organizations have started to use big data to develop a deeper understanding of target customers. They have refined their data decision-making approaches to include new predictive analytics models to forecast trends and adapt to evolving customer behavior.

SAS is one of the organizations that has…
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Intel Debuts New VPU Chip at AI Summit

Intel today unveiled a new vision processing unit (VPU) designed to power neural networks on edge devices like cameras and drones. The company also used its AI Summit event in San Francisco to demonstrate two recently released neural network ASICs branded under its Nervana unit.

The new Movidius Myriad VPU, codename Keem Bay, is a diminutive device that will be used to execute pre-trained neural network algorithms for “edge media” and computer v…
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Kinetica Active Analytics Platform Incorporates NVIDIA RAPIDS for Predictive Analytics

Kinetica’s Active Analytics Platform now incorporates NVIDIA RAPIDS, a GPU-acceleration boost for machine learning, to deliver precision business predictions across the entire enterprise.

Kinetica with RAPIDS aims to optimize predictive analytics in industries including healthcare, energy, telecommunications, automotive, government, retail, and financial services, among others.

“We live in a world where the data generated by an organization’s a…
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Microsoft AI chief Harry Shum to depart in February after 23 years at the tech giant

Microsoft AI chief Harry Shum is leaving after 23 years at the Redmond, Wash. tech giant in a big departure for Microsoft, which has been investing heavily in AI and related technologies.

Shum, the executive vice president in charge of Microsoft’s AI and Research Group, will depart in Feb. 1, 2020, a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed Wednesday.

Microsoft CTO Kevin Scott will take over Shum’s responsibilities while maintaining his previous work.

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New technology underscores PR impact

Peaks Strategies: Best Public Relations Firm – Technology is playing a greater role in all aspects of the asset management value chain and communications agency Peaks Strategies is focused on introducing new, analytical technologies to help clients better understand the impact and the effectiveness of PR.

“I want to make sure we’re analytically measuring the real business impact of our work. We have and continue to seek thee technology to help u…
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Understanding Complex Data with Time Series Analytics

Time series analytics can provide game-changing insights for the business, allowing organizations to forecast and predict the future.

Extracting high-quality insight from time series data can be challenging because it is multi-dimensional, complex, huge in scale, and often driven by the Internet of Things (IoT).

DBTA recently held a webinar featuring John O’Brien, CEO and principal advisor, Radiant Advisors, and Eva Nahari, director of product …
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Google releases source code of new on-device machine learning solutions

Google has opened up the source code of two machine learning (ML) on-device systems, MobileNetV3 and MobileNetEdgeTPU, to the open source community. In a blog post, software and silicon engineers Andrew Howard and Suyog Gupta from Google Research said on Wednesday that both the source code and checkpoints for MobileNetV3, as well as the Pixel 4 Edge TPU-optimized counterpart MobileNetEdgeTPU, are now available.

Google says the demand for mobile intelligen…
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Intel Unveils New General-Purpose GPU Ponte Vecchio

At Supercomputing 2019, Intel unveiled its vision for extending its leadership in the convergence of high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence with new additions to its data-centric silicon portfolio and an ambitious new software initiative that represents a paradigm shift from today’s single-architecture, single-vendor programming models.

Addressing the increasing use of heterogeneous architectures in high-performance computing, Intel expanded on its existing technology portfolio to move, store and process data more effectively by ann…
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Electra Transforms the Investigations Process with Integrated Research Data and Machine Learning

Electra Reconciliation 6.0 turns silo-based reconciliation processes into cross-functional collaboration resulting in greater efficiency and transparency

November 12, 2019 – New York, NY – Electra Information Systems, Inc. (“Electra”), a leading provider of award-winning post-trade solutions for the buy-side investment management industry, has added new capabilities to its Electra Reconciliation platform to enable firms to expedite investigati…
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Splunk Rises on Pre-Earnings Morgan Stanley Upgrade

Shares of big-data software sorter and analyzer maker Splunk (SPLK – Get Report) were rising on Monday after receiving an upgrade from analysts at Morgan Stanley, who see the company’s “robust” free-cash-flow potential as having a positive influence on future revenue and earnings.

In a research note to clients, Morgan Stanley analyst Keith Weiss upgraded his rating on the stock to overweight from equal weight and also lifted his one-year price t…
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LivePerson Charts Send Mixed Message

For his first Executive Decision segment of “Mad Money” last Friday, Jim Cramer sat down with Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson Inc. (LPSN) , a provider of business messaging technology that saw its shares plunge 13% two weeks ago after posting mixed results, only to rally 9% in last week’s trading.

LoCascio said everyone is messaging their friends and family, so it only makes sense that they also want to message businesses and brands …
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What’s Ahead in Big Data and Analytics


From data lakes and the cloud, to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the world of big data and analytics continues to evolve rapidly. The demand for fast access to information through better self-service capabilities is growing. At the same time, the need for improved governance and security practices is also intensifying as data privacy concerns and new regulations like GDPR and CCPA require new approaches for responsible use of data….
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Create an Ethics Committee to Keep Your AI Initiative in Check

Contemporary sensitivities to bias are growing, and this will only increase with the proliferation and ubiquity of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Organizations using AI are starting to recognize the role that strong, organization-wide values must play in fostering responsible innovation. Many companies are now building Data & AI Ethics Committees, to not only maintain an organization’s values-based intentions, but to increase transparency into how they use AI. The idea is not simply to address human bias, statistical bias, and fairne…
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Python is Key to the Future of Data Science

l-established programming language, Python is continuing to grow at the rate of an up-and-coming one, gaining 151 percent in usage since 2018.

Part of that continued rise is directly attributable to data science, GitHub added in its report. “Behind Python’s growth is a speedily-expanding community of data science professionals and hobbyists—and the tools and frameworks they use every day,” it stated. “These include the many core data science packages powered by Python that are both lowering the barriers to data science work and proving foundational to projects in academia and companies alike.”

Indeed, d…
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These Tech Jobs Offer the Best Career Opportunities

Which jobs have the best career opportunities?

Glassdoor recently analyzed its employee reviews and found 25 jobs that supposedly provide an optimal combination of open jobs and competitive salaries. Surprisingly, technology jobs don’t dominate this list, despite the tech industry’s record-low unemployment and traditionally high salaries.

Indeed, “Salesforce Developer” was the top technology job on the career opportunity list, placing second be…
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Intel reveals its Ponte Vecchio GPU for the datacenter

Intel has revealed its long-awaited graphics processing unit (GPU) architecture, which would be the heart of graphics chips designed to handle heavy data and artificial intelligence loads in datacenters.

The new Ponte Vecchio GPUs would compete with rival offerings from Nvidia and Advanced Micro Devices. And eventually, the Intel architecture could serve as the foundation for consumer GPU chips from Intel in the future. Intel made the announcement ahead of the Supercomputing 2019 event in Denver.

Intel is targeting the high-performance computing (HPC) and AI segments with …
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Here are the 20 Seattle-area tech companies that made CNBC and Deloitte’s new rankings

The Seattle tech scene is well-represented on a pair of new rankings of the fastest growing companies in North America and startups to watch, another sign of the region’s status as a top hub of innovation.

Seventeen Seattle-area companies from a wide variety of disciplines made professional services giant Deloitte’s rundown of the 500 fastest-growing tech companies in North America, ranked by revenue growth. Sales automation startup Outreach was…
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Calculate Similarity — the most relevant Metrics in a Nutshell

Source: TES

Many data science techniques are based on measuring similarity and dissimilarity between objects. For example, K-Nearest-Neighbors uses similarity to classify new data objects. In Unsupervised Learning, K-Means is a clustering method which uses Euclidean distance to compute the distance between the cluster centroids and it’s assigned data points. Recommendation engines use neighborhood based collaborative filterin…
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Transparent accurate reporting is vital

SS&C Advent: Best Managed Account Platform Technology Firm – Alternative managed accounts have become increasingly popular with institutional investors over the past decade, and Geneva is among the first platforms that enabled fund managers and administrators to service this market at scale.

The “Best Managed Account Platform Technology Firm” award underscores the tremendous versatility of the Geneva platform for managing virtually any type of f…
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Chicago Tech Leaders On How They Evolved Their Businesses, Digitally

What does a digital transformation look like?

In a delicious example, Domino’s pizza evolved their online platform, making it possible for consumers to order food from smart TVs, Apple Watches and even Twitter. The digital consultancy agency Deloitte created a client-aiding, internal think tank dubbed Deloitte Digital Today. It functions as a collective of technical, digital and creative specialists within the company that comes together to help…
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The Data Nerds Have Won

The data is in and the results are clear: The data nerds have won. That’s the consensus emerging from Looker’s user conference in San Francisco this week, where hundreds of data professionals congregated to extend their winning streaks with data.

“The data nerds have won,” Looker chief product officer Nick Caldwell declared during his keynote address at JOIN 2019 yesterday. “That is the way the world is today. The reason for that is…people don’t…
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How Do You Put Your Data First So Your Migration Succeeds?

Click to learn more about author James Briers.

“More than 80% of data migration projects run overtime and/or over budget. Cost overruns average 30%. Time overruns average 41%.” – Bloor Group.

Data migration can often seem like a simple task: move data from one place to another. How hard can it be?

A staggering number of data migrations continue to fail, or significantly exceed budgets. According to recent research by Gartner, 83% of all data m…
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