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Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

The Original Blade Runner was set in November 2019

Enjoy the original soundtrack as you train your AI on your IOT data!

SRI Portfolios at 4 Robo-Advisors Top Traditional Portfolios: Q3 Robo Report

One of the key highlights from Backend Benchmarking’s third-quarter Robo Report is the outperformance of socially responsible digital portfolios. Among six SRI portfolios operating for at least one year — each paired with a traditional portfolio from the same firm — four beat their traditional counterpart in one-year performance. The SRI outperformers were from Betterment, Morgan Stanley, TIAA and Wealthsimple, and their outperformance ranged from about 0.6 percentage points (for Betterment) to roughly two percentage points for Morgan Stanley and Wealthsimple.

SRI portfolios from TD Ameritrade and Ellevest underperformed their traditional counterparts — TD because of its excess cash holdings and Ellevest because of the portfolio’s narrower focus on women’s issues rather than a broader SRI approach, says David Goldstone, head of research for The Robo Report.

“For SRI portfolios to outperform they must overcome the increase in costs of the underlying funds,” according to the third-quarter Robo Report. “Although one year is still a relatively short period to judge long-term trends, the comparable performance SRI portfolios is a positive sign for this investing trend if it is shown that investors do not pay a performance premium to consider environmental, social or governance factors when constructing portfolios.”

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CloudQuant Thoughts : It comes as no surprise to us that a Socially Responsible portfolio will beat its underlying traditional portfolio. It is a fair point that the increase in performance must exceed the increased costs of adding the new data. But one must also factor in the cost of finding suitable data in a sea of alternative data, ETL’ing the data and then confirming its value before being able to utilize it by adding to an already existing strategy. CloudQuant has been working with Alternative Data Providers to prove their white paper assertions in a reproducible manner in our own backtesting engine. So as a potential data consumer you can see a third party’s opinion of the data and re-run the test (a surprising rarity in this environment!). Head over to our Data Catalog and take a look at the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) data from G&S Quotient to see how we can help you short cut your process.

BBVA chairman: data blurring industry lines

“Imagine if a company, a bank, or non-bank could have access to different types of data – not only the data that the company has gathered, but maybe data that a client has in another platform. That would allow that business to use the data to support other aspects of the life of that customer.”

With increasing levels of data, consumers are beginning to look for privacy and security data services. Vila said banks are well placed to fill those needs.

“We can move from being a money bank to being a data bank,” he said. “I believe that banks are quite well placed to play this game. People have trusted us with their money for centuries and it is quite natural that they might trust us to play this game for them. To manage their consent, to ensure and enforce that their instructions are followed and monitor that that is happening.”

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CloudQuant Thoughts : We all know car companies having been making more money from providing credit to its consumers than from the vehicles themselves but Ford CEO Jim Hackett recently gave a glimpse into what sounds like a potentially massive data mining plan : “We have 100 million people in vehicles today that are sitting in Ford blue-oval vehicles. That’s the case for monetizing opportunity versus an upstart who maybe has, I don’t know, what, they got 120, or 200,000 vehicles in place now. And so just compare the two stacks: Which one would you like to have the data from?” General Motors recently tracked the radio listening habits of drivers in Chicago and Los Angeles to assess the potential relationship between what they listen to and what they buy. Just because your business is in Industry A does not mean your data is only valuable to industry A. Contact us to get more value out of your data.

Exchanges Need to Justify High Data Fees

Exchanges can justify high fees – but only if they are adding value!

Across global financial markets, it is hard to think of a more contentious issue right now than the prices exchanges are charging for their trading data. Some high-profile potential acquisitions, including the London Stock Exchange’s $27bn bid to buy Refinitiv, means that there could soon be more market data monopolies than ever before. Let’s face it, regardless of the providers, market data has never exactly been cheap but prices are getting higher for traders. And with just a few firms currently dominating, there is no question that banks need to ensure they are getting more for their money.

Prior to the financial crisis, lower capital requirements meant trade volumes were booming and the markets were awash with cheap data. This is a far cry from today, with more stringent capital rules putting a real squeeze on risk taking. As a consequence, trade volumes are down, and a reduction in income from trading activity has forced exchanges to develop additional revenue streams.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : As the amounts exchanges can charge for trading drops due to competition, they have to find alternative means of income. Alternative Data has shown them the value of their data both live and historical. Hence we have seen a tightening of the grip on ownership of these data sets and an inflation of the prices charged for access.

Data management: An ongoing challenge for investors and asset managers

Data is the heart of the asset management industry. Multi-million-dollar decisions are made and deals are won based on the insights and number-crunching results data provides. After all, data is an enabler for smarter, more fact-based decisions. But it can also be an anchor. Firms today are struggling to cope with volume while ensuring quality, implementing sound governance and extracting value in the sea of constantly changing information.

These overarching issues represent the “data management challenge” and they impact the entire asset management sector, including hedge funds, private equity firms, fund administrators and family offices.

The days of relying on pricing vendors, annual reports and other traditional sources of information to inform investment decisions are long gone. A new data paradigm has emerged.

Asset managers are increasingly incorporating financial and non-financial data flows from the internet, social media and a multitude of other sources into position making. With information feeding these sources growing exponentially, it’s no surprise that firms are drowning in data.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : “Garbage in, garbage out” (GIGO) is as true today as it was when the phrase was first coined in the mid-1960’s”. Ne’er a truer phrase was spoken. Alternative Data is spiraling out of control. Finding a valuable data set in the sea of garbage is a herculean task.  We believe we have the solution, whether you are a data provider or a data consumer we have turned our experience, expertise and technology on this problem and beleive we have solved many of the issues raised in this article. Head over to our Data Catalog to find out more

Is Advanced SQL Still Relevant For Data Science?

The rise in advanced tools to manipulate data has invoked the question of the relevance of Advanced SQL in data science. SQL is not only used for data management, but also in data analysis. However, due to the proliferation of various tools like Python, PowerBI and Tableau, among others, the relevance of SQL seems to be decreasing each passing day.

Today, apart from data management, and the initial query to collect data, all other processes like joining, aggregating, and data cleaning can effectively be carried out with Python and R. In fact, such basic SQL activities can be implemented with fewer lines of code in Python and R programming.

On the other hand, advanced SQL performed with windows functions and sophisticated joins can be effortlessly carried out with available general-purpose programming languages in the market.

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Big Data Jobs: Big Demand, for Those with the Skills

Not all data jobs are the same. People talk about Big Data and data science as if they’re catch-all phrases requiring a particular, monolithic skill-set. They’re not: data-related jobs occupy a broad spectrum, and the person who suits one job may not suit another.

If you’re wondering where you fit in the data universe, quantitative assessment firm Correlation One has developed a helpful mapping methodology that explains precisely what each role involves and the skills r…
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Exploratory Data Analysis In Python Vs R

Python and R programming are the two most widely used languages for data analysis by data scientists. Both programming languages have their own advantages and disadvantages for carrying out different processes of analysis. Therefore, data scientists switch between these programming languages for performing data exploration. Certain data analysis techniques are better carried out with Python and others in R — therefore one should understand the be…
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Cloud Analytics Firm Manthan To Acquire US-Based RichRelevance

Manthan, a noted AI-powered cloud analytics software company, announced that they are expanding a suite of Algorithmic Customer Experience solutions through a strategic alliance with RichRelevance, a personalization software provider. Manthan and RichRelevance have initiated a joint go-to-market now, and have set the path towards consolidating their category-leading businesses in the coming year, in compliance with applicable regulations.

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Fenergo Digital KYC Transforms Compliance in Fight Against Financial Crime

Transforming client experiences by replacing manual ad-hoc KYC processes

30th October 2019 – Fenergo, the leading provider of digital Client Lifecycle Management solutions (CLM) for financial institutions, today announces the product enhancement, Digital KYC, a real-time Know Your Customer (KYC) solution for financial institutions seeking to automate and perpetuate KYC compliance reviews.

The rules-driven Digital KYC solution delivers a risk-…
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Can Today’s Financial Nonprofits Survive and Scale in a Digital World?

The Innovator’s Dilemma is challenging financial nonprofits. They must adopt disruptive technology, become data driven and follow their clients to the digital world to remain relevant. The problem is that these organizations are not experienced nor built to manage the risk of large investments in technology and organizational transformation. They face the same disruptive forces that large corporations did years ago but without the vast resources to experiment, hire experts and invest for the longer term.

The org…
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Money Market Fund Demand Remains Strong: J.P. Morgan

As the financial market continues to evolve, money market fund demand remains strong, while an increasing number of investors are incorporating environmental, social and governance criteria to screen investments, according to J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

MMFs remain the most permissible investment to make based on company policies and are included in 92% of investment policies, according to the firm’s 2019 Global Liquidity PeerView Survey of 346 chief investment officers, treasurers and other senior cash investment decision-makers around the world, the firm said.

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Behind The Code: This Data Scientist Says That Coding Workshops Are A Great Way To Start Analytics Career

For our weekly developer column ‘Behind The Code’, we interact with the developer community in India and try to take a look at their journey till date — the way they work, and the tools they use. For this week, we got a chance to interact with Tarun Shrivas, Data Scientist and Instructor at Data Science Dojo (DSD).

Shrivas joined Data Science Dojo about a year ago. His work at DSD is distributed across advanced analytics-based consulting projects for external clients, internal user traffic and user behaviour analytics projects, and data science training.

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MachineHack Winners: How These Data Science Enthusiasts Solved The ‘Predict Books Price’ Hackathon

MachineHack recently concluded its 18th edition of Machine Learning hackathons by announcing the winners for it’s Predict The Price Of Books challenge.

Shravan Kumar, Divyanshu Suri and Saurabh Kumar secured the first, second and third places respectively on the hackathon leaderboard. Analytics India Magazine introduces you to the winners and their approach to the solution.
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Is Amarin a Buy After a Strong Q3?

In its third-quarter report, Amarin (NASDAQ:AMRN) topped FactSet’s consensus revenue estimate ($112.4 million versus $110.04 million) and non-GAAP adjusted earnings-per-share forecast ($0.01, versus a $0.04 loss). Even so, Amarin’s shares still hit the skids during Tuesday’s trading session. Specifically, the biopharma’s stock sank by as much as 6.3% on heavy volume, before rebounding to finish down by a more modest 0.69%.

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Ride the Data Governance 2.0 Wave

Companies were engaged in Data Governance practices such as Data Lineage and Data Quality for years before the concept of Data Governance emerged as a mainstream enterprise-level activity in 2005, said Kelle O’Neal, the founder and CEO of First San Francisco Partners, during her DATAVERSITY® Enterprise Data Governance Online event presentation titled Data Governance 2.0.

Driven by an awareness that survival meant that data should be at the heart…
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Principal Expands D2C Advisor Offering With New Advice Program: Portfolio Products

Principal Financial Group launched a digital advice program, Principal SimpleInvest, which provides retirement savers with access to personalized investment advice online, along with guidance from financial professionals, the firm said.

SimpleInvest uses mutual funds and exchange-traded funds managed by Principal Global Investors as well as the trading services of RobustWealth, a digital wealth management firm bought by Pr…
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Apple Stock Testing All-Time High After Strong Quarter

Dow component Apple Inc. (AAPL) is trading higher by about 2% in Thursday’s pre-market session after beating fiscal fourth quarter profit and revenue estimates by healthy margins. The tech icon reported earnings per share (EPS) of $3.03, well above the consensus of $2.83, while revenues of $64.04 billion beat estimates by $1.20 billion. Even so, revenues rose just 1.8% year over year, highlighting maturing business operations bolstered by new income streams.

iPhone revenues fell 9%, but analysts expect new versions and price points to improve sales in…
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A startup that pitched only 4 VC firms and got term sheets from all of them used this pitch deck to raise $15 million

Every company is a data company, but not all of them have the engineering talent to build and scale their data infrastructure.

Ascend makes software that helps businesses create data pipelines using 85% less code, according to the startup.

Founder and CEO Sean Knapp said the company has attracted top-tier venture capital firms who share his belief that there are huge money-making opportunities in data infrastructure.

Ascend came out of stealth…
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The Challenges of Leveraging Big Data

Organizations from all over the world are gathering, analyzing, and evaluating huge data volumes from a large variety of sources, with the goal of increasing productivity and efficiency. Big Data Analytics is being used to stop credit card fraud, anticipate hardware failures, and reroute internet traffic to avoid congestion. Big Data technologies can improve network operations and this data can also provide an understanding of the organization’s …
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Despite Much Demand, Why Is It So Difficult To Land A Job In Data Science

The demand for data science across the industries is real. Over the past few years, the domain has been experiencing a rapid rise in jobs across the world and India is one such country that is experiencing a data explosion. According to one of our reports, the total number of analytics and data science job positions available are 97,000. Out of these, 97% of job openings in India are on a full-time basis while 3% are part-t…
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Top 10 Full-Time Data Science Courses In India – Ranking 2019

The annual ranking on full-time analytics and data science course takes a low down on the popular courses in India offered by Indian universities and training institutes. The ranking is an in-depth analysis of various parameters these full-time courses offer. Some of the parameters that we consider are course content, faculty, student experience and other determining factors such as external collaborations.

Some of the other factors that are considered …
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Results: Marathon Petroleum Corporation Exceeded Expectations And The Consensus Has Updated Its Estimates

Marathon Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:MPC) came out with its third-quarter results last week, and we wanted to see how the business is performing and what top analysts think of the company following this report. It looks to have been a decent result overall – while revenue fell marginally short of analyst estimates at US$31b, earnings beat expectations by a notable 23%, coming in at US$1.66 per share. Following the result, analysts have updated th…
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Best Practices For Version Control In Data Science Projects

For data-driven organisations today, collaboration in data science projects is key to staying ahead of the pack. However, version control in data science projects are not straightforward and need to be implemented with best practices for effortless collaboration.

Jupyter Notebook Under Version Control

Version control of data science projects on Jupyter Notebooks are tedious. That’s because changes in the code also alter the Jupyter Notebook structure which the…
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Analytics Industry Needs To Simplify Practices For End-Users, Says Data Science Veteran Sudip Mitra

Sudip Mitra has had an interesting journey with data science. Confessing that he has learnt everything “on the job”, he has been successfully driving analytics initiatives for leading firms in the last 16 years, working with companies like Marico, Philip Morris International, Aditya Birla Group and others. “Having either serviced or been in consumer-facing industries like telecom and FMCG, I learnt it on the job, like many others,” he said.

Through his da…
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