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Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

I would normally save DeepFakes for the AI/ML blog post that we do here every Monday but I wanted to share this one as soon I could.

M Science with Michael Marrale, CEO

M Science, is a pioneer and leader in providing alternative data solutions to supplement core data in investment research. The company provides creative innovative approaches to buy-side clients through data partnerships, proprietary methodology and unique data sets to give intel to stay ahead of the competition and improve performance.

M Science started using alternative data 15 years ago. The first unique dataset used was counting items for sale on eBay (EBAY). The mission has been clear since: To forge unique relationships with non-traditional data providers and use proprietary technology to parse billions of data points every day to generate fresh insights and superior analysis.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : There is no doubt that Alternative Data is a rapidly growing sector for the finance industry. M Science’s growth “…in the last year, employee count has grown from 40 to about 100 employees and unique data partnerships have grown from 22 to 52.” reflects this. Their approach is to make the data available in its raw form and allow the user to choose how to interpret it. CloudQuant also supplies data but we have attempted to resolve the other issue that frustrates data purchasers, “proof”. There are many white papers available espousing the benefits of this or that data source but unlike most peer reviewed science, reproducability is at almost zero. We test the hypothesis using the data, our Liberator (Single Data Access API For A World of Data) and our own backtester so that you can see the results and reproduce them. Head over to our Data Showcase for more information.

ESG index funds are hot. That may be a risky thing for investors

  • Index funds that use an environmental, social governance (ESG) stock-screening process are beating core S&P 500 index funds this year.
  • An overweight to one sector of the market helps explain the outperformance.
  • Investors need to be aware that ESG bets can be concentrated in certain stocks and duplicate existing market holdings.

When it comes to investing, the notion that you can make money in the market and feel good about your investments at the same time is very compelling, especially among younger investors from the millennial and Gen Z demographics. This is the key reason why environmental, social and governance (ESG) screens are being more commonly used to evaluate stocks by fund managers — including the world’s biggest of all, BlackRock — and socially responsible investing is attracting more assets.

According to Morningstar, estimated flows into open-end and exchange-traded sustainable funds, the overall category of ESG and SRI funds, reached $13.5 billion through this past September. That’s not a huge number relative to the overall size of the fund industry — which is measured in the trillions of dollars — nor is it big compared to overall ETF flows, which have reached hundreds of billions of dollars annually in recent years. But it is a big jump from the $5.5 billion these funds attracted in all of 2018.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : Millenials and Gen Z are indeed making ES & G a major part of their shopping decision process. They will soon account for 70% of the consumers worldwide. The first data set we tested for our new alternative data service was an ESG data set from G&S Quotient. Head over to the data showcase to find out more about this unique data set.

Why Your Organization Should Become More Data-Driven

It’s pretty much common opinion that the more information you have, the better. This is particularly true for business. The more you know about your industry, your products, your customers, and your marketplace, the higher your competitive advantage. However, in recent years, the problem with information is that it’s become too much of a good thing. According to 2017 IBM.2 figures:
“90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone, at 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day,”

Everything from web browsers and networked devices to internet-connected appliances and sensors on equipment delivers an endless and exponentially growing stream of information. That’s Big Data. Unfortunately, not all of it is useful. The problem for business lies in determining which pieces of this data are essential, accurate, and, above all, actionable. In The Evolution of Analytics, Patrick Hall warns:
“Organizations are now forced to look deeper into their data to find new and innovative ways to increase efficiency and competitiveness. The trouble is that collecting, analyzing, and utilizing all this data has grown beyond what is humanly possible, even using traditional data analytics.”

“We are rapidly approaching our breaking point with how much data a company can actually process, analyze and act upon,”
Jeff Barrett wrote for saying: “Forrester Research estimates that as much as 60 to 73 percent of the data being collected is never successfully used for any strategic purpose.”

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CloudQuant Thoughts : You would be surprised at how useful some data can be. Data providers now collect data from in-flight cell phone data to identify high value shopping trends, auto websites to track brand desirability and through sales, Satellite photos of everything from weather to oil refinery storage shadow length to number of cars in major retailers car parks or which are truly the most popular domains just by scraping Reddit posts. If you have some data that you feel may be of value to the finance industry, get in touch.

INDATA releases architect AI data analytics – front/middle office solution for data aggregation & business intelligence reporting

INDATA®, a leading industry provider of software, technology and managed services for buy-side firms, today announced the release of Architect AI Data Analytics, a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution that provides investment managers with the ability to more easily aggregate data in order to provide enterprise-wide business intelligence reporting.

Part of INDATA’s cloud-based, web-based Architect AI suite of products that leverage AI and machine learning, Architect AI Data Analytics provides clients with the ability to easily aggregate data from various sources, resulting in a central data repository which then can be used to create web-based, interactive dashboard visualizations and reports for portfolio managers, traders, marketing, client services, operations and senior executives. Architect AI Data Analytics can be used on a stand-alone basis integrating with other third-party systems or in conjunction with INDATA’s other products for trading and portfolio management.

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Leading in an AI and Data Analytics world

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expanding and continually changing. The power of AI to accumulate considerable amounts of data for analytics, speech recognition, visual perception, learning, reasoning, inference, planning, decision-making is unlimited.

The technological disruptions in this new age of rapid business transformation have moved corporate executives to pay greater attention to the challenges their analytics teams are facing and, to gauge their actions as AI is increasingly transforming the nature, scope and scale of work, affecting traditional business models, industries and culture in unprecedented ways. As a result, driving the adoption of AI must involve the C-Suite in the decision process. As the technologies continue to evolve, leaders, especially the Chief Data Officer (CDO) are elevated and have become increasingly crucial to lead the strategic direction, execution performance, change management and, business ethics for their companies. Companies that are successful are those who can address their data strategy with their overall enterprise strategy. A recent IBM Global study surveyed more than 13,000 C-suite executives in 20 industries worldwide about data and the value gained. Only about 9% of those surveyed are effectively approaching data in a way that creates real value for their companies.

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Baker Hughes,, and Microsoft announce alliance to accelerate digital transformation of the energy industry

  • Baker Hughes,, and Microsoft announce alliance to accelerate digital transformation of the energy industry
  • Joint offerings will help make energy operations safer, cleaner, and more efficient

HOUSTON, TX, REDWOOD CITY, CA, and REDMOND, WA. November 19, 2019 – Baker Hughes (NYSE:BKR),, and Microsoft Corp. (NASDAQ:MSFT) today announced an alliance to bring enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the energy industry on Microsoft Azure, an industry-leading cloud computing platform.

This alliance will enable customers to streamline the adoption of scalable AI solutions for the energy industry that help promote safety, reliability, and sustainability. It leverages the significant energy technology expertise of Baker Hughes,’s proven AI platform and applications, and the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. As a result, energy businesses will have a secure and reliable suite of enterprise-scale AI applications optimized to run on Azure. These solutions are tailored to address challenges across the entire value chain, from inventory optimization and energy management to predictive maintenance and process and equipment reliability.
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Predictive Analytics Is Reshaping UX In The Global Gaming Industry

The digital gaming industry has undergone jolting changes over the past decade, as more organizations are looking towards data driven solutions. Gaming organizations have started to use big data to develop a deeper understanding of target customers. They have refined their data decision-making approaches to include new predictive analytics models to forecast trends and adapt to evolving customer behavior. SAS is one of the organizations that has worked closely with leading gaming companies. They have developed analytics models to address looming changes in the dynamic industry.

SAS admits that the predictive analytics technology they have worked on has progressed more slowly than they originally anticipated. They said that the predictive analytics tools that they developed for their digital gaming clients took a lot longer than they thought, because they didn’t have all the data they needed to create a robust set of algorithms. However, they were able to develop the general framework to make future predictive analytics tools possible for gaming companies. They are being used in gaming companies all over the world. A number of companies offering online gambling in New Zealand are using the same types of predictive analytics models that SAS has worked on. They have found that the technology is revolutionizing their industry, as they offer their services in various markets.

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Are you ready to lead a data science project?

“Looking at a data science project from the perspective of any software development project”

What is the problem that is compelling you to solve using data science? The power in data and the mechanisms to harness this power is now available to us. Identifying the right problem or use case is the first step. There are multiple use cases across the industry being attacked using data science currently. What resonates with you? Being very clear about your objectives and a definition of what success of the project would look like is the stepping stone.

Having identified your use case and a definition of the success of the project, then you can begin focussing on the project more precisely. You may wonder how a data science project is similar or dissimilar from any other Software Development project? Well, the principles of software engineering will be no different in this case that includes handling of Requirements, Design & Development, Testing & Verification and finally Implementation. This may look very generic, and it is. What will differ is albeit the type of requirement you are talking about, what is meant by design & development in data science, how testing is done and the deployment happens. Further post-deployment how you support and manage the products you created. In a nutshell, the entire lifecycle or what is called MLOps and the model governance framework.

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Microsoft Forays Into AI Processors With Graphcore Chips In Azure Cloud

Microsoft integrated Graphcore’s AI-powered chip with its Azure to become the first cloud provider that offers optimizations for AI applications. With this addition, any organisation who leverages the Microsoft Azure cloud platform will be AI-ready. However, Microsoft will initially offer Graphcore’s intelligence processing unit (IPU) AI capabilities to organisations who are pushing the boundaries in machine learning.

Graphcore and Microsoft wer…
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Electra Transforms the Investigations Process with Integrated Research Data and Machine Learning

Electra Reconciliation 6.0 turns silo-based reconciliation processes into cross-functional collaboration resulting in greater efficiency and transparency

November 12, 2019 – New York, NY – Electra Information Systems, Inc. (“Electra”), a leading provider of award-winning post-trade solutions for the buy-side investment management industry, has added new capabilities to its Electra Reconciliation platform to enable firms to expedite investigati…
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Expedia Stock in Freefall After Weak Quarter

Expedia Group, Inc. (EXPE) has opened Thursday’s session sharply lower after a nightmare third quarter in which the travel giant missed profit and revenue estimates by wide margins. Revenues rose a paltry 2.8% year over year, highlighting growing alternatives to the company’s near-monopoly, as well as competitive pricing at hotel, airlines, and car rental sites. Executives added to sell-off intensity during the conference call, lowering guidance for 2019 EBITDA growth to a new range of 5% to 8% from the previous forecast of 12% to 15%. Analysts took note of…
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Google partners Citi on checking account

Big tech’s long march on financial services continues, with Google partnering Citi and a small Stanford University-affiliated credit union to launch a checking account.

Code-named Cache, the account is slated to launch early next year, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In contrast with Apple’s tie-up with Goldman Sachs on its new credit card, Google is set to take a backseat on the checking account, with its partners’ brands front and cen…
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Cannabis banking platform Shield Compliance raises $5 million

Source: Shield Compliance

Shield Compliance has signed new agreements to provide its compliance management platform to financial institutions serving legal cannabis markets in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, and Washington.

Combined with its partnership with a multi-state MRB payroll processor, the company now serves all states with legalized cannabis sales programs.

Shield also announced a $5 million Series A funding roun…
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These will be the top 10 most popular tech skills of 2020

With the demand for workers with advanced tech skills skyrocketing, many companies are putting more resources into recruiting, hiring and nurturing the right talent to remain in the global competition.

That means employees willing to put time into developing tech skills may have the upper-hand in landing some of the most in-demand roles.

But as technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, it can be difficult to know exactly what skill sets are necessary to thrive in different fields. One way to find out is to understand people are spending their time learning, which is exactly what Udemy’s 2020 Workplace Learning Trends Report aims to do.

1- Python
2- React (Web)
3- Angular
4- Machine learning
5- Docker
6- Django
7- CompTIA
8- Amazon AWS
9- Deep learning
10- React Native (Mobile)

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Shield Compliance Raises $5 Million Series A Funding, Brings Compliant Cannabis Banking to New States

A growing number of financial institutions are using Shield Compliance to gain a first-mover advantage on new marijuana-related business (MRB) customers.

SEATTLE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–November 19, 2019–

Shield Compliance ( has signed new agreements to provide its compliance management platform to financial institutions serving legal cannabis markets in Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, and Washington. C…
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Top 10 most popular tech skills of 2020

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are rapidly changing the world. Corporations are re-training their workforce or hiring fresh talent with the right skills to stay competitive. It means the demand for different tech skills is changing rapidly. Here we take a look at the top 10 most popular tech skills of 2020. Learn one or more of these skills to thrive in 2020 and beyond.

  1. Python
  2. React (Web)
  3. Angular
  4. Machine learning
  5. Docker
  6. Django
  7. CompTIA
  8. Amazon AWS
  9. Deep learning
  10. React Native (Mobile)

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Using a Data Lake Engine to Provide Self-Service Insights

Understanding and fulfilling customer needs is the key to business success, and customer data is the foundation upon which that success is built. Accessing and analyzing data is almost always dependent on data engineers and other IT staff, while decision-makers wait to receive insights. One way to skip the wait, and deliver data directly to end-users, is by creating an internal Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) model, enabling access to enterprise data no…
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Sixgill Launches Integrity, The Blockchain Data Authenticity Solution

Sixgill Integrity Delivers Ironclad Data Veracity with Real-Time Performance and Alerting, at Scale, for Enterprise Processes Informed by Data Streams and IoT Networks

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–November 19, 2019–

Sixgill, LLC, a leader in data automation and authenticity products and services, today announced the commercial launch of Sixgill Integrity™ 1.0 for blockchain-enforced data authenticity.

Sixgill Integrity fulfills the cri…
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Tech Firm Aims to Help U.S. Life Insurers Do More With Their Data

A data analysis firm is making a major push to win clients in the U.S. life insurance sector.

The company, SparkBeyond Ltd., has put out a white paper describing, in general terms, what its artificial intelligence-based research engine system has done for insurance industry clients, including life insurance company clients.

SparkBeyond says for example, that it has helped clients locate the data sources needed to develop new types of insurance …
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China’s Rate Cut Also An Insurance Policy As Hong Kong Crisis Worsens

A stockbroker at a securities brokerage in Hong Kong. Hong Kong stocks rose 1.55% on Wednesday … [+] thanks in part to monetary easing in China helping mainland flow into the H-shares. Justin Chin © 2016 Bloomberg Finance LP

Is the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) getting bearish?

On one hand, it is just doing what it always does: tracking the Fed. If the Fed cuts, they at least consider cutting. If the Fed hikes, they hike.

On the other hand, …
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Citi keeps cards close to its chest over Google partnership

Citi appears to have downplayed Google’s involvement in the new checking account, which is set to launch next year and announces the internet giant’s much-expected move into banking services.

The US bank sees the association with Google as a key selling point in launching a digital bank account into a crowded and complex market but will be anxious not to cede as much control of their new product as, for example, Goldman Sachs did to Apple.

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Influencer management tool Trufan just acquired social analytics startup SocialRank for an undisclosed amount as social media companies face uncertainty and consolidation

On Tuesday, influencer management startup Trufan announced it had acquired SocialRank, a social media data analytics tool, for an undisclosed amount.

New York-based SocialRank had raised $2 million in venture funding since 2012 and was most recently valued at $5.59 million, according to Pitchbook data.

SocialRank cofounders Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld will manage the transition into Trufan, and the rest of the 6-person team will stay on to manage SocialRank as a standalone product.

Schonfeld and Taub hav…
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Here’s How 3 Firms Integrate ESG Investing

Those who think that sustainable investing isn’t important should remember this number: $12 trillion — that’s what the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment estimates the total size of the market for those investments was globally at the end of 2018. That was up 38% since 2016.

Although an Aite Group paper, ESG: Finding its Way into the Hearts and Minds of Financial Advisors, states this number might be inflated due to including all i…
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Westpac taps Microsoft Azure for new customer experience platform

Westpac has built a new cloud-based platform with Microsoft which draws on data sources from across the bank to provide real-time, personalised services to customers.

The Data Driven Experience Platform (DDEP), a Microsoft Azure based data hub, has been built with co-investment and engineering resources from both companies.

Westpac says the platform will catapult it to the forefront of digital banking, providing a foundation for real time data analytics across the bank, with the…
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Financial services in the 2020s: From Open Banking to Open Finance

Technology continues to progress at breakneck speed. At the same time, regulations imposed by national and supra-national bodies are introduced very slowly. This leads to a lag in which technology can impact without there being ample regulatory safeguards in place. We see this across industry, with questions asked on an ever-increasing frequency:

Are laws around the internet and social media sufficient to keep users safe?

What can we learn from…
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Starburst raises $22M to modernize data analytics with Presto – TechCrunch

Starburst, the company that’s looking to monetize the open-source Presto distributed query engine, today announced that it has raised a $22 million funding round led by Index Ventures, with the firm’s partner Mike Volpi joining the board. The general idea behind Presto is to allow anybody to use the standard SQL query language to run interactive queries against a vast amount of data that can sit in a variety of sources.

Like so many other open-s…
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How Thyssenkrupp Is Betting High On Analytics With Its India Tech Centre

Thyssenkrupp, a technology group with traditional strengths in materials, has been on a digital transformation journey over the last few years. With over 1,60,000 employees working across 78 countries, they have been able to develop high-quality products and intelligent industrial processes and services across industries such as automotive, aerospace, elevators, cement, mining, chemicals, materials and marine, among others.

Abhinav Singhal, Chie…
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Predictive Analytics: The Powerful Weapon That Will Drive Winning Outcomes in the Healthcare Space

Click to learn more about author Ashish Parmar.

Healthcare dynamics are changing. The industry has moved from volume-based healthcare to value-based healthcare due to growing demands from customers for modernized, quality, and regulated healthcare services. Healthcare providers are under pressure to stay productive and efficient, in addition to addressing the problem of a constantly growing torrent of data and complexity.

The taxing situation c…
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Behind Google’s Plan to Enter Consumer Banking

Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL), one of the world’s largest companies with a market value of $890 billion, is mounting an ambitious strategy to become a major force in consumer banking. The company’s Google division is working on a plan, codenamed Cache, to offer consumer checking accounts in 2020, according to a detailed exclusive report in The Wall Street Journal summarized below.

The service would be offered through the Google Pay app, but the accounts…
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