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Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

3D Faceted Search : Peter Beshai : Twitter @pbesh

Peter Beshai : Twitter @pbesh : Put together a little #dataviz proof of concept during a hack week at work last week. It’s a 3D faceted search UI using #reactjs, #threejs, and react-three-fiber.
50,000 objects at 60 FPS in the browser is pretty sweet!!
CloudQuant Thoughts : Very very nice data visualization!

5 Ways Advisors Can Stay Ahead of the Competition

The advisory business is moving quickly these days with mergers and acquisitions, new technology and growth of assets under management. In a new white paper, Morningstar and Mercer outlined five 2020 trends wealth management firms and family offices can’t miss to make sure they differentiate themselves from the competition.

Here are the Financial Intermediary Trends for 2020 :

  1. Work toward strong governance.
  2. Adopt environmental, social and governance measures.
  3. Outsource research and compliance teams.
  4. Shift to institutional investing and alternatives.
  5. Seek differentiated data and cost efficiency.

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You can make great investment returns while also helping the world. Here are 20 ESG funds that have beaten the market over the past year.

The S&P 500 is up 27% over the past year, but several environmental, social, and governance-focused (ESG) funds have trounced the key index over the same period. Interest in ESG investing soared through 2019, with traders piling billions of dollars into the vehicles each quarter, according to Morningstar data. The surge in popularity fueled a debate between ESG fans and those who believe companies should prioritize investor returns over all else. Here are the 20 ESG ETFs that beat the S&P 500 over the past year, ranked in ascending order :

  1. Invesco WilderHill Clean Energy ETF
  2. SPDR S&P Kensho Clean Power ETF
  3. ALPS Clean Energy ETF
  4. First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Green Energy Index Fund
  5. iShares Global Clean Energy ETF
  6. First Trust NASDAQ Clean Edge Smart Grid Infrastructure Index Fund
  7. Nuveen ESG Large-Cap Growth ETF
  8. Invesco Global Clean Energy ETF
  9. Tortoise Global Water ESG Fund
  10. Nuveen ESG Mid-Cap Growth ETF
  11. ClearBridge Large Cap Growth ESG ETF
  12. Vanguard ESG US Stock ETF
  13. iShares MSCI USA ESG Select ETF
  14. iShares ESG MSCI USA ETF
  15. FlexShares STOXX Global ESG Impact Index
  16. Goldman Sachs JUST US Large Cap Equity ETF
  17. FlexShares STOXX US ESG Impact Index
  18. iShares MSCI KLD 400 Social ETF
  19. VanEck Vectors Environmental Services ETF
  20. ClearBridge Dividend Strategy ESG ETF

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CloudQuant Thoughts : Well aware of the increase in importance of ESG data we recently tracked down and completed some independent analysis of ESG Alternative data from G&Q Quotient, head over to our Data Catalog to see more information. Symbol list for those top 20 ETFs = YLDE,EVX,DSI,ESG,JUST,ESGG,ESGU,KLD,ESGV,LRGE,NUMG,TBLU,PBD,NULG,GRID,ICLN,QCLN,ACES,CNRG,PBW

Uber open-sources Manifold, a visual tool for debugging AI models

Debugging machine learning (ML) models isn’t a walk in the woods. Just ask the data scientists and engineers at Uber, some of whom have the unenviable task of digging into algorithms to diagnose the causes of their performance issues.

To lighten the workload, Uber internally developed Manifold, a model-agnostic visual tool that surfaces the differences in distributions of features (i.e., the measurable properties of the phenomena being observed). It’s a part of the ride-hailing company’s Michelangelo ML platform, where it’s helped various product teams analyze countless AI models. And as of today, it’s available in open source on GitHub.

“Since highlighting [Manifold] … earlier this year, we have received a lot of feedback from the community regarding its potential in general purpose ML model debugging scenarios,” wrote Uber machine learning software engineer Lezhi Li in a blog post. “In open-sourcing the standalone version of Manifold, we believe the tool will likewise benefit the ML community by providing interpretability and debuggability for ML workflows.”
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CloudQuant Thoughts : RideShare companies are working hard on AI and ML to improve their customer service experience as well as ultimately drive their cars for them! As such Uber and Lyft are at the cutting edge of AI/ML.

Nasdaq Trade Surveillance Adds Data Discovery

NEW YORK (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ) announced the launch of its data discovery capability within Nasdaq Trade Surveillance, the world’s most widely used surveillance solution for the sell-side industry. Compliance teams that implement this capability will have deeper insight into trading and surveillance activity to extract additional insights and context for market abuse investigations. Additionally, data scientists can benefit from normalized data access to fuel innovation initiatives. Created in collaboration with Nasdaq clients, the data discovery technology is already operating in multiple firms.

While the data discovery capability is initially focused on delivering value to the Nasdaq’s surveillance community, it will be rolled out to other Nasdaq market technology platforms beyond surveillance over time to unveil additional insights when analyzing data across siloes. “Data is and always will be the key source for decision making for an organization – how data is unlocked, processed and utilized is crucially important,” said Valerie Bannert-Thurner, Senior Vice President and Head of Buy-Side and Sell-Side Solutions, Market Technology, Nasdaq. “We believe our new capability opens doors for our trade surveillance clients to tap previously underutilized data to further enhance their operations, advance their surveillance, as well as differentiate and empower their business strategy.”

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CloudQuant Thoughts : It has been noted over the last couple of years that the Markets themselves have been flexing their muscles when it comes to who actually owns historical market data. For years organizations would collect and redisplay data. It would not be surprising then to see the markets move to work more directly with data scientists in future, cutting out the middle men.

Data Modeling Trends in 2020: A Year of Optimization

This next year demands quicker data-driven decisions, better automation, more integration, and more data, requiring optimized Data Modeling. Data Modeling refers to documentation describing core business rules and definitions around data. Business and technical shareholders benefit from Data Modeling by seeing complex data concepts in an intuitive, visual way.

Throughout 2020, Data Modeling will need to do more, faster, with less. Economic and political uncertainties will flatten IT spending while newer technologies process information at higher speeds. Add to this situation greater data volumes from a multitude of systems, including cloud computing and theInternet of Things (IoT). Plus, put in a low tolerance for activities that can cause bottle-necks and executives who want bold artificial intelligence results in automating business tasks. This leaves data modelers to solve the highest number of complex business problems, with the most data points in the shortest time frame.

In 2020, at least, four Data Modeling trends will emerge:

  • Just-in-time Data Modeling
  • Better automation and machine learning
  • More widespread use of Data Modeling
  • Focused Data Modeling

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Horizons Nasdaq-100 Index ETF Strategy Adjusted: Portfolio Products

Horizons ETFs adjusted the investment strategy of the Horizons Nasdaq-100 Index ETF (HXQ) from a synthetic total return swap structure to a conventional physical index replication structure.

Under the new strategy, HXQ will directly hold the underlying constituents of the Nasdaq-100 Index in mostly the same proportion as they are reflected in the index, the company said. However, no changes are being made to its investment objective or net expense ratio, which remains at 0.25%.

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Top Twitter Accounts To Satiate Your AI Curiosity In 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new normal which is rapidly advancing the technology sector and has also significantly impacted the key aspects of businesses.

In this article, we list down AI’s power players who are also thought leaders in the area of machine learning (ML), deep learning, computer vision, and robotics and also have a massive following on their Twitter accounts. These AI giants includes industry experts, product innovators, a…
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Why Veeva Systems Stock Gained 58% in 2019

Shares of Veeva Systems (NYSE:VEEV) gained 57.5% last year, according to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

The cloud solutions provider has been a solid growth play in the life sciences industry. It continued to impress investors with robust growth across its business segments last year, particularly with Veeva Commercial Cloud and Veeva Vault. More organizations are moving their data systems over to the cloud, which is fueling Veeva’s growth. Revenue increased by 26% year over year through the first three quarters of 2019. During the year, Veeva Vault reached 50% of the company’s total revenue. This business has bright prospects serving needs in clinical and drug development with Veeva Vault Clinical and Veeva Development Cloud. Additionally, the company just closed two acquisitions with Crossix and Physicians World. These additions will expand Veeva’s capabilities in data analytics and events management software services for healthcare professionals.
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Momenta Showcases Latest Generation of Front Camera Perception Product Using New TI Jacinto Processors

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 8, 2020–

Momenta, together with Texas Instruments (TI) — a global semiconductor design and manufacturing company — unveiled the latest front camera perception product deployed on TI’s latest Jacinto ™ TDA4x SoC (System on Chip) on January 7th, 2020, at the 54th International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2020), which can help automakers meet the safety requirements for new cars, including Euro NCAP 2022/2024.

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Why The Big Four Audit Firms PwC, EY, Deloitte & KPMG Are Investing Heavily In AI

Tax preparation, auditing and business consultation are the kinds of services that are traditionally dependent on predominantly human capital. But artificial intelligence (AI) now has disrupted these business models, and fundamentally changed the nature of accounting. For example, when the tax authorities make a new regulation, audit companies had to manually re-examine thousands of documents for clients to comply with the new law. By using NLP t…
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Escalent acquires Javelin Strategy & Research

Escalent, a human behaviour and data analytics firm, has acquired Javelin Strategy & Research from Greenwich Associates.

Javelin Strategy & Research, a research-based advisory firm with deep expertise in the digital financial ecosystem, expands Escalent’s presence in retail and small business banking to complement its financial services expertise. The transaction was completed on 30 December, 2019.

Javelin Strategy & Research is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and provides in-depth analysis of financial services market and technology trends, with expertise in digital banking, payments, fraud & security, and lending. Its clients include leading financial institutions, government agencies, payments companies, merchants, fintechs and technology providers.

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FCA and Bank of England announce proposals for data reforms across the UK financial sector

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Bank of England (Bank) today outlined their plans to develop their data and analytics capabilities. Both authorities depend on access to high-quality data to fulfil their respective missions of maintaining monetary and financial stability, market integrity, effective competition and consumer protection.

The FCA’s refreshed Data Strategy sets out a transformation plan to become a highly data-driven re…
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Mathematician: Is This “Hottest” Job Losing Steam?

Over the past several months, we’ve crunched the numbers, and every time the answer was clear: Mathematicians were the hottest tech (or tech-adjacent, if you prefer) job in America. But is that category finally losing some momentum?

For our regular analysis, we use Burning Glass’s NOVA platform, which analyzes millions of active job postings. Throughout 2019, we saw the same trend: Mathematicians experienced an ever-increasing number of job post…
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Digital Marketplace Provider Perfect Channel Hires Garry Jones as CEO

Perfect Channel, a leading market technology provider, has appointed Garry Jones as Chief Executive Officer, effective 1st January 2020, to deliver an expansionary high-level strategic business plan to work with a variety of partners across multiple asset classes, focusing on financial institutions, commodities, and logistics.

Garry Jones was most recently CEO of the London Metal Exchange and Co-Head of markets for HKEX, having previously served…
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AI Is Gaining Momentum For IoT Applications: Karen Ravindranath, WebNMS

al IoT, asset management and fleet management.

According to the company, WebNMS IoT Platform is an amalgamation of multiple technologies like machine learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Data Analytics that work in conjunction to accelerate insights from connected things. WebNMS IoT Platform has an incredible advantage of having the most powerful Edge computing agent integrated into it; the Edge computing feature is now being enhanced to incorporate ML and advanced analytics at the device side. Another important innovation is the power usage of image processing for quicker and spontaneous visua…
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Stock Futures Pull Back After Iran Airstrikes

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) futures are signaling a negative start to the session, as caution sets in following the U.S. airstrikes in Iran that killed top military leader Gen. Qasem Soleimani. Oil prices, on the other hand, are on the rise; February crude futures are up 3.5% to $63.34 per barrel, with major energy stocks set to outperform as a result. Still, stocks on the whole are set to pull back due to the rising geopolitical tensions,…
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Trade reconstruction: a growing pain point for firms

It is no secret that financial firms across the spectrum have struggled to grapple with the influx of regulations over recent years. Just in 2018, more than 1,000 investment firms fell short of their transaction reporting obligations under Mifid II. Poor, untimely and inadequate data has also been cited as a continuous challenge by the regulator. However, more recently the requirement to reconstruct the events surrounding a trade or order followi…
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Taking a look back at 2019


From the delicious coffee booth we sponsored to the engaging conversations we struck up with banks and financial organisations, there were loads of highlights from #ATMEurope2019 and #BT19, but here are a few of our favourites.

As a leading European supplier of technological solutions for the omnichannel banking and payments, Auriga couldn’t possibly miss the annual conferences: Europe 2019 ATM & P…
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IBM launches Advertising Accelerator with Watson to automatically optimize campaigns with AI

ze AI and machine learning above any other area in the enterprise today. Forbes pegs the percentage at 40%, and it’s no wonder — AI embedded in software is anticipated to free up more than a third of data analytics in marketing organizations by 2022, enabling workers to focus time on business priorities instead of personalization, lead scoring, anomaly detection, marketing performance management, reporting, and other manual processes.

IBM hopes to ride the adoption wave with an offering powered by its Watson platform. IBM Advertising Accelerator, which launched today at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show, …
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Product instinct and data storytelling

Editor’s note: The Towards Data Science podcast’s “Climbing the Data Science Ladder” series is hosted by Jeremie Harris, Edouard Harris and Russell Pollari. Together, they run a data science mentorship startup called SharpestMinds. You can listen to the podcast below:

If there’s one trend that not nearly enough data scientists seem to be paying attention to heading into 2020, it’s this: data scientists are becoming product people.
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RIAs Look to 2020, Say ‘Bring It On’

Some two-thirds of RIAs in a new survey said they were optimistic about the U.S. economy going into the new year, and three in five were upbeat about the global economy.

TD Ameritrade Institutional’s RIA Sentiment Survey, released Tuesday, found that more than half of advisors expected stock prices to continue to rise.

MaritzCX conducted the survey by email between Nov. 22 and Dec. 1 among 301 RIAs, both clients of TD Ameritrade Institutional a…
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Dremio CEO Identifies Top Big Data & Analytics Predictions for 2020

Innovations in the cloud and the rise of more efficient ways to collect, access, and analyze big data, have rapidly improved the amount of value enterprises are getting from their data. In 2020, enterprises will evolve in how they approach data maturity and strategize cloud investments.

According to Tomer Shiran, co-founder and CEO of Dremio, the new year will bring compelling reasons to focus on modern cloud data lakes; increased efficiency of cloud services to remarkably reduce cloud computing costs; easier ways to make IoT data a valuable business asset; and open source innovations to accelerate analytics results. The following five major trends guide his predictions for 2020.

  1. Cloud data warehouses turn out to be a big data detour.
  2. Enterprises say goodbye to performance benchmarks, hello to efficiency benchmarks.
  3. IoT data finally becomes queryable.
  4. The rise of data microservices for bulk analytics.
  5. Apache Arrow becomes fastest project to reach 10M downloads/month.

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Seagate Introduced Lyve Drive Mobile System At CES 2020 — To Activate The Datasphere

Seagate Technology at CES 2020 introduced its revolutionary modular storage solution to manage the surge of enterprise, cloud, and edge data — Lyve Drive Mobile System. Lyve Drive Mobile System is a portfolio of simple, secure, and efficient data management solutions built to activate the datasphere.

Powered by IT 4.0—the fourth wave of industrial revolution within IT—where connected homes, connected cities, AI-powered factories, autonomous vehi…
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Why Shares of Cerence Surged 45% in December

What happened

Shares of artificial intelligence (AI) company Cerence (NASDAQ:CRNC) surged 45.4% in December, according to data provided by S&P Global Market Intelligence. It was a significant improvement in the stock price following a disappointing start as a publicly listed company. The move largely came down to a positive set of fourth-quarter results and outlook given in the middle of December.

So what

Cerence, which was was spun off of Nua…
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UK regulators flesh out digital data strategy

The FCA says it plans to become a ‘data-driven regulator’, investing in new technology and skills to mine and exploit high-quality, granular data sources. The approach includes data science units being established in selected parts of the organisation and exploitation of new opportunities arising from the FCA’s migration to cloud-based IT infrastructure. Christopher Woolard, executive director of strategy and competition at the FCA, says: “Advances in technology are changing the nature of the firms and markets we regulate. Our Data Strategy provides a clear path for us to ensure we h…
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Macy’s Shares Spike After Stronger-Than-Expected Holiday Sales Estimate

Shares jumped higher in pre-market trading Wednesday after the retailer posted better-than-expected same store sales data for holiday period.

Macy’s said comparable-store sales for the months of November and December fell 0.7% from the same period last year, well ahead of the 2.5% decline forecast by analysts that cover the mall-focused retailer. On an owned plus licensed basis, comparable sales fell 0.6%, Macy’s said.

“Macy’s performance during the holiday season reflected a strong trend improvement from the thir…
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TeleVet Closes $2M Seed Funding Round, Simplifies Telemedicine for Veterinarians

Austin-headquartered digital communications platform gives vets and pet owners increased convenience without sacrificing the quality of care

Seed round co-led by Dundee Venture Capital and Mercury Fund with participation from GAN Ventures

Americans spent $18.1 billion in 2018 on veterinary care, one-fourth of the total overall spending in the U.S. pet industry

Team looks to expand engineering and account management talent

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Predictive Analytics: A Game Changer for the Healthcare Industry

Predictive analytics uses machine learning and artificial intelligence on historical and real-time data to make predictions about future events.

For many years, the healthcare industry has been advancing the promise of predictive analytics to drive decisions that improve patient outcomes, increase operational efficiencies, reduce healthcare spending, and much more. In healthcare, the possibilities for predictive analytics use cases are endless, and everyone from patients to hospitals to insurance providers to product manufacturers stands to benefit.

The keys to predictive analytics success in healthcare lie in identifying and prioritizing the correct use cases, capturing the right data, and applying the best models to uncover meaningful insights.

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L’Oréal Introduces Perso An AI-Powered Personalised Skincare Treatment

Recently L’Oréal unveiled its AI-powered offering Perso at the CES 2020. L’Oréal is a French personal care company with its headquarter at Clichy, is one of the most recognised brands in the world. The popular brand has always been seen as an innovation hub in this evolving sphere, which is privy to all kinds of trends and fads.

In a sector which is usually accused of stereotyping and making women (and men) feel inadequate in front of unrealisti…
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