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Finding sources and uses for alternative data can be difficult. At CloudQuant we regularly read and search the internet for new sources of data that can be used in our mission to find alpha signals and build quantitative trading strategies. We recognize that we are technology and data junkies so we wrote our own crawler that specifically seeks out web pages, posts, and news articles that give us a snapshot of what is going on in the world of Alt Data. The following is a collection of articles that we think you will find interesting from the past week.

Airborne Nitrogen Dioxide Plummets Over China

NASA and European Space Agency (ESA) pollution monitoring satellites have detected significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide (NO2) over China. There is evidence that the change is at least partly related to the economic slowdown following the outbreak of coronavirus.

At the end of 2019, medical professionals in Wuhan, China, were treating dozens of pneumonia cases that had an unknown source. Days later, researchers confirmed the illnesses were caused by a new coronavirus (COVID-19). By January 23, 2020, Chinese authorities had shut down transportation going into and out of Wuhan, as well as local businesses, in order to reduce the spread of the disease. It was the first of several quarantines set up in the country and around the world.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : These images just cause me concern at the damage the manufacturing engine in China is doing to the planet, at the same time those clear images weirdly give me hope for the future.

How investors are using ‘alternative’ data to track China’s recovery from coronavirus

Only a week ago market pundits were still telling investors to fade the panic from the COVID-19 outbreak. But Tracy Chen didn’t share in the optimism.

The fund manager for Brandywine Global said an array of “alternative” datasets which offered frequent updates of how swiftly Chinese workers were returning to the factory floor painted a more dire picture of the world’s second largest economy. Based on such sources, hopes for China to see a V-shap…
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CloudQuant Thoughts : There is so much alternative data coming out of China at the moment to help traders make their decisions. This is a really opening a lot of people’s eyes to the added value of unusual data sources.  We have traffic monitoring, pollution monitoring, daily coal consumption, box office revenues, container volumes, container pricing, Intra City Travel Data, NASA pollution change data 2019 vs 2020 , increasing number of airlines seats, night street lights and much much more. If you were not already a believer in the value of Alternative Data then you should be now!

Study: Gender Diversity In Analytics

Women are breaking the glass ceiling across industries and enterprises, rising to the top echelons of company departments and management. Nevertheless, the participation of women in the technology sector, and more specifically across the data science domain, is still significantly constrained by low participation fueled by possible hiring stereotypes and mindsets around women in science functions v/s women in art functions.

The greater adoption and scaling of data science services, such as predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), across all industries from Industrials to Media, enterprises ranging from large to small, and organization functions covering HR and Marketing, renders the representation of women across the data science domains all the more significant as the representation impacts not a single, isolated enterprise function but the entire organizational ecosystem across industries.

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CloudQuant Thoughts : We must do all we can to encourage diversity in the newest industry on the planet. A number of the significant difficulties we have had with bias would not have existed at all if our teams more closely reflected our society. If your management have a hard time understanding how bias can affect outcomes I would suggest you have them watch this recent video by Cassie Kozyrkov of Google and the accompanying article.


CloudQuant Thoughts : Every week the number of ESG articles keeps rising, our process has identified a very strong data supplier in the ESG area, head over to our data catalog for more information.

Large Pension Schemes Emphasize Sustainable Growth

CalSTRS, alongside Japan’s Government Pension Investment Fund and the UK’s Universities Superannuation Scheme, released a statement emphasizing the importance of long-term, sustainable growth.

“Our commitments to our members span decades, and we must prioritize long-term value creation over short-term gain,” said Chief Investment Officer Christopher J. Ailman. “We urge our partners and the companies in which we invest to improve their disclosures and enhance their integration of environmental, social and governance factors into their decision-making processes.”
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JP Morgan targets sustainability alpha with new ESG-focused long/short hedge fund launch

JP Morgan Alternative Asset Management is rolling out a new long/short ESG-focused hedge fund strategy, which aims to generate alpha by trading a range of global sustainability themes – but warns that more work is needed on ESG education within the hedge fund industry.

The USD100 million JP Morgan Multi-Manager Sustainable Long/Short Fund will utilise long/short equity managers and high-conviction trades, focusing on companies that lead their pe…
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Public pension funds lag in climate issues for ESG

Environmental, social and governance issues have become more and more important for institutional investors, and public pension funds are no different. However, it seems most U.S. public pension funds are lagging when it comes to the climate initiatives in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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New research highlights strong correlation between ESG factors and developed markets sovereign spreads

A new Federated Hermes study conducted with Beyond Ratings, ‘Pricing ESG risk in sovereign credit, part II’, reveals a meaningful relationship between sovereign environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores and CDS spreads in developed markets.

The study analyses five-year CDS spreads and ESG scores from 28 developed market (DM) countries and 31 emerging market (EM) countries during 2009-2018.

In 2019, Federated Hermes and Beyond Ratings published the first part of this study which assessed the correlation between ESG factors and sovereign credit spreads. The results established an …
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Investors look to navigate market uncertainty in 2020, according to BlackRock’s annual institutional client survey

Entering 2020, institutional investors in BlackRock’s global rebalancing survey stated that their biggest concerns were the possibility of the economic cycle turning, declining global interest rates, and geopolitical instability.

When weighing the effects of lower rates with the risks of decreased growth and increased geopolitical tensions, investors see private markets as the asset class most suited to the current environment. And wherever they are investing, institutions increasingly view environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as critical to their investment processes. Recent events underscore the importance of these long-term trends as investors confront rapidly evolving macroeconomic and investment risks.

These were the dominant themes in BlackRock’s annual Institutional Client Survey, which covered 271 institutional clients, representing over US $9.8 trillion in investible assets globally.

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ESG Allocations Rise From Fixed Income And Passive

Significant amounts of money from fixed income and passive investments are being allocated to environmental, social and governance strategies, which have traditionally been dominated by active equity funds.

Aled Jones, head of sustainable investment, Europe, at FTSE Russell told Markets Media: “Before joining FTSE Russell in 2017 I was an investment consultant and we used to think that between £100m ($127.7m) and £200m of active being allocated to ESG was a good start. Now significant chunks of passive money are being alloc…
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Australian investors warm to sustainable themes

Australia’s mutual fund assets in sustainable investments surged 23.0 per cent year-on-year (y-o-y) to AUD66.8 billion (USD46.7 billion) in 2019, and gathered AUD1.2 billion in inflows over the same period, Cerulli Associates’ estimates show.

This could be attributed to Australian investors’ increased awareness of climate change. According to the Lowy Institute Poll 2019, for the first time in its 15-year history, climate change topped the list …
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Interactive Brokers’ TWS platform offers expanded TipRanks ratings

TipRanks ratings have been expanded to include non-US stocks, with added coverage for over 6,700 Canadian and European companies.

Electronic trading expert Interactive Brokers continues to beef up the functionalities of its TWS platform.

In the latest (beta) version of the platform, TipRanks ratings have been expanded to include non-US stocks, with added coverage for over 6,700 Canadian and European companies. TipRanks evaluates recommendations by financial analysts and bloggers, and then ranks their recommendations based on historical accuracy and performance.
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Data Architecture and Data Science: What is the Intersection?

Data Science, in practice, should ultimately combine the best practices of information technology, analytics, and business. On the other hand, Data Architecture enables data scientists to analyze and share data throughout the enterprise for strategic decision-making. Thus, without a sound Data Architecture in place, data scientists will remain severely handicapped in their abilities to develop and productionize data models. This is the primary point of intersection between Data Architecture and Data Science.

However, both Data Science and Data Architecture specialists need to have a sound understanding of business issues before they can design a model-development and testing environment for business use. An IBM developer explores the architectural thinking embedded in Data Science.
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Why 2020 Will Be The Year Of AutoML

AutoML, with its ability to perform data pre-processing, ETL tasks, and transformation, will likely become the most popular trend for the year 2020. With the advent of big data, advanced analytics, and predictive models, data scientists today are expected to possess more talent and updated skills when it comes to handling artificial intelligence and machine learning. But these highly skilled data scientists are rare to find. However, bridging the skills gap, the other side of the herd has not only been able to survive but are also capable of building models using the best diagnostic and predictive analytics tools, and part of the reason is AutoML.

AutoML packages like auto-sklearn can automatically do the model selection, scoring, and hyperparameter optimisation. Services like Amazon Forecast and Google’s Cloud AutoML also help in determining the algorithm to fit best with the data.
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How Blue Sky Analytics Is Utilising ML To Minimise Air Pollution

Founded by Abhilasha Purwar and Kshitij Purwar in 2018, Blue Sky Analytics is a Big Data and AI startup with a mission to provide actionable intelligence on environmental indicators.

In a recent report, PWC India stats show that over 60% Indians firmly believe in the power of AI to accentuate economic growth, stimulate delivery of health services, improve access to education, especially in remote areas of the country, enhance customer interaction, and pave the way for a more inclusive India. AI-enabled solutions can help close the demand-supply gaps. In 2019, the Indian AI startup market received funding of USD 760+ million, a 44% increase from the 2018 figures. Also, with the National AI Programme, the AI startup ecosystem is set to get a boost.
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CIBC Innovation Banking Provides Precision Crop Management Company SemiosBio With a $25 Million Growth Capital Financing to Support Expansion

CIBC Innovation Banking is pleased to announce a $25 million growth capital financing with Vancouver-based SemiosBio Technologies Inc., a leader in developing technology solutions for the precision crop management industry. The capital will be used by the company to support growth into new crops and new geographies, and for strategic acquisitions.

An industry-leading precision crop management platform, Semios provides a proprietary in-field Internet of Things (IoT) network of over 1 million sensors that monitor and predict insect, disease, water, and frost risk in near real-time. Collecting 350 million data points daily, this information is fed through established and proprietary models and then provided to the grower in a simple, powerful mobile or web interface.

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SimCorp launches new machine learning initiative with start-up, Alkymi, targeting institutional investment challenges

SimCorp, a leading provider of investment management solutions and services to the global financial services industry, today announces a partnership with New York based start-up, Alkymi, to launch a new Machine Learning (ML) initiative. It’s arrival comes as institutional investors raise a number of data concerns, including the ability to quickly extract insights from unstructured data, for faster, more informed decision-making.

Many investment firms are currently buckling under a number of operational constraints, including the burden of processing unstructured data or outsourcing it, inadequate cross-asset coverage within Enterprise Data Management (EDM) systems, and exceptionally low Straight Through Processing (STP) rates suffered in asset classes like alternatives, which are predicted to reach $14 trillion AUM by 2023.

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Exchange Data International (EDI) Partners with BondCliQ to offer real-time and historical corporate bond data product

BondCliQ, a consolidated quote system for the US corporate bond market, has partnered with Exchange Data International (EDI) to distribute real-time and historical corporate bond data. Through this collaboration, EDI can now distribute institutional corporate bond quote (pre-trade) information and enriched transaction data (TRACE) that is competitive to the established providers.

Chris White, Chief Executive Officer of BondCliQ, says: “There is huge demand for higher quality institutional pricing information in the US corporate bond market. By coordinating directly with 35 dealers, BondCliQ has produced the first centralised data feed. The partnership with EDI makes this valuable data set more accessible to their comprehensive network of clients.”

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Emerging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Trends

“2020 Is An Important Year For AI Adoption.”

I was not surprised when I read this news headline. AI and machine learning markets are already growing at a fast pace. According to a recent report by IDC, the global spending for AI systems will be around $97.9 billion in the year 2023. This year alone $37.5 billion will be spent on the same.

So, 2020 is the year when you can expect to see a lot of innovations in the AI and machine learning space. Many opportunities will also open. Hence, it is important for companies to keep track of new trends so that they know in which areas they should invest.

With that said, here we present Six Emerging AI and Machine Learning Trends in 2020 :

  • Augmented Analytics
  • Natural Language Processing / Conversational Analytics
  • Conversational AI or Chatbots
  • Self-learning Systems
  • AI Security
  • RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Solutions

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Pros & Cons Of Choosing A Career In Data Science

The internet may be saturated with articles on why data science is the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’, but little has been spoken about its possible cons. The draw of a career in this field is undeniable — it is in demand, pays well, and has a right mix of technology, statistics, and business. However, this field is massive and paradoxical, which comes with its share of limitations.

This article seeks to provide you with the necessary insights about data science that will help you run a self-assessment and take the right course.

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Best Practices For A Superior Machine Learning Portfolio

In any profession, it is important to create an image of oneself, which is reflected by materials included in a portfolio. It does not matter if an individual is a veteran or a fresher because a good portfolio always works in the direction of betterment. Through a well-organised machine learning portfolio, one can increase his or her value in the industry as a portfolio is similar to a brochure that a buyer goes through before making a purchase.

In this article, we will discuss how to create a machine learning portfolio, which will help an individual grab a better opportunity.

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Health Data Analytics Institute nabs $16 million for AI platform that predicts outcomes

AI excels at making sense of data. Health Data Analytics Institute (HDAI) is a case in point — its AI-powered platform analyzes over a billion patient encounters to improve health care outcomes. After several years of operating quietly under the radar, the company today revealed that it has raised $16 million, which it will use to launch an API that widens access to its clinical prediction service.

HDAI founder and CEO Nassib Chamoun says the company is already collaborating with organizations to measure the impact of its soon-to-be-expanded platform. HDAI recently received funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to support a project that will analyze demand for long-term care. Separately, it’s working with New England Baptist Hospital to study the effectiveness of surgical and nonsurgical options for spinal procedures. It’s also partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to match patients with the appropriate level of presurgical support, using AI. And HDAI plans to team up with Houston Methodist to test clinical applications that would use its risk predictors.

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Alphalion and Euromoney TRADEDATA join forces

Hong Kong based technology provider Alphalion, strikes derivatives data deal with Euromoney TRADEDATA.

Today, Hong Kong based Alphalion, a supplier of innovative technology to the capital markets financial sectors, confirmed its strategic partnership with Euromoney TRADEDATA, who will provide reference data sets for Alphalion’s derivatives platform. Euromoney TRADEDATA’s core reference data sets have been integrated within the Alphalion middle and back office platform and can be permissioned for each new Alphalion client, with a range of licensing options available to reflect intended use.
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