CloudQuant and Crux enter into a ground-breaking strategic partnership

October 20, 2020 – CloudQuant, the Big Data API and analysis platform for delivering datasets directly into users’ applications, today announced a ground-breaking strategic partnership with Crux Informatics (“Crux”). 

The agreement will enable CloudQuant’s PaaS analytics clients and Liberator(™) data firehose clients to quickly trial, onboard, and analyze data from Crux’s expansive network of data suppliers. The partnership enables end-users to access novel datasets, analysis tools, and expertise to quickly transform data into profits.

“Crux’s rapidly growing catalog of Alternative Data exponentially increases the amount of information we can research, backtest and showcase to investment managers and quantitative analysts,” said Morgan Slade, CloudQuant CEO.


Morgan Slade, CEO CloudQuant

“Our research team will develop investment strategies and educational material for many of the datasets on the Crux Deliver platform. This unique combination of Crux data with our research team and tech stack provides investment managers with immediate access to datasets, example strategies, and expertise to dramatically accelerate

Alternative Data adoption. Identifying and measuring the true alpha content in every worthy dataset leads to better decision making and ultimately better returns for their investors. Alternative Data providers will sell more data, all of which is accessible through a single API.”

Users can now access datasets delivered by Crux on the CloudQuant platform and via the Liberator firehose product. A link to CloudQuant’s research also will be added in the Crux Discover app.

“Alternative data providers need to demonstrate to investment managers that their data provides real value,” said Mike Rude, head of go-to-market at Crux Informatics. “This agreement paves the way for more quality data to be available in a clear, comprehensive format to meet the needs of investment managers. Now CloudQuant data customers have access to many more datasets and can make investment decisions with fewer errors and greater confidence.”

About CloudQuant

CloudQuant is a cloud-technology, Alternative Data and AI research company.  It brings together cutting-edge analytics tools, investment expertise, a vast repository of curated alternative datasets unified under its Liberator(™) data fabric. CloudQuant provides datasets, visualization tools, investment strategy backtesting, and AI research environments for institutional fundamental and quantamental investors. CloudQuant’s services and APIs can easily be integrated into existing technologies. For Data Vendors, CloudQuant provides alternative data redistribution to institutional investors, using a powerful, user-friendly, managed environment. Our verteran AI research team then provides expertise to transform that data into profits for data consumers. CloudQuant was founded in 2016 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. 

About Crux Informatics

Crux Informatics helps data suppliers accelerate delivery of any data product, in any format, to any end-customer destination. Its Crux Deliver managed service offers a simple, reliable and affordable solution to expand delivery and operations of their data products to customers. With ready-made API, cloud warehouse integrations, querying capabilities and operational support teams, data suppliers can leverage Crux infrastructure to scale the complex and resource intensive process of delivering data and help prevent sending data with potential errors to customers. Crux actively delivers and manages over 10K datasets from partnerships with over 100 data suppliers.