Portfolios win on insights.

Alternative Data is the key tool for discovering those insights.

Applied Data Science, Alternative Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning overlap with Quantamental Investing to empower institutional investors allowing them to create a myriad of opportunities for innovation and profit.

CloudQuant is the only full-stack solution encompassing trading, research, visualization, data science, business analytics, and a point-in-time data access fabric.

We have eliminated the huge and unwieldy alternative data problems that take up 80% of most investors’ research time.
CloudQuant has proven that profitable investment strategies are inevitable when curious and innovative people have simple access to data and excellent research tools.

CloudQuant was established in 2016 to serve the needs of the cutting-edge creative investors of the world.


CloudQuant provides:

  • a data showcase for alternative data vendors
  • business analytics tools and services
  • a high-performance quantitative research and trading platform
  • education
  • a community for traders, quants, and data scientists
  • PaaS technology


We showcase your data.

This includes:

  • Creation of investment strategies tailored to your data (White Paper production)..
  • High-resolution trade simulation
  • Algo source code
  • Trade files for external independent validation
  • Bespoke independent white paper research
  • Joint marketing


We provide simple and powerful access to data and technology.

This includes:

  • Possibly the largest catalogue of curated Alternative data
  • Utilizing the fastest growing data research platform (Jupyter Labs).
  • All data fully organized by synchronized timestamps and symbology
  • Best in class data visualization, research and backtesting tools
  • Research including code, data, and support.
  • A team of Quants, Traders, ML experts, fundamental investors, CPAs, CFAs, MBAs, PhDs, MFMs, CIOs, data scientists, and AI research consultants all ready to help you succeed.


Morgan Slade, CEO


Morgan has over 20 years of experience as a trader, portfolio manager, researcher, technologist, executive and entrepreneur in the financial services industry.

He shows our industry the power in data.


  • Chicago, Illinois USA (Corporate Office)
  • Austin, Texas

Our Team