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The exploration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) alternative data for investing is available for those that attended the Crux Informatics ESG Webinar on Jun 23 and 24th 2020. CloudQuant is partnering with our Alternative Data Provider G&S Quotient to provide a daily morning list of the top and bottom quintiles of ESG scoring large-cap stocks via an email to qualified investment managers. This email will be sent out in the half-hour prior to the US Equity Market open.

The G&S Q Short Term Price Predictor Score™ provides a daily ranking on 1,500 public US companies. The score is calibrated with 5-day return as the target and ideally suited for 5 to 20-day hold strategies.

The following backtest results were derived using a long-short ESG single factor strategy. (disclaimer)

With your registration, you will receive the CloudQuant research report that was used to generate our backtest results.

Environmental Social Governance Investing in 2020 during Covid19

ESG Investing in 2020 during Covid19