Job Filled: Software Engineer and Data Analyst

Title: Software Engineer and Data Analyst
ID: 2087
Department: IT Development
Location: Chicago
Summary: The Software Engineer and Data Analyst will join our engineering team and will be responsible for onboarding new datasets to be used by our Data Solutions Business, Portfolio Management Team and global Crowd Researchers.

The Software Engineer and Data Analyst will join our engineering team and will be responsible for onboarding new datasets to be used by our Data Solutions Business, Portfolio Management Team and global Crowd Researchers. You will be responsible for working on numerous innovative technologies and projects that enable global fundamental and quantitative investment managers to adopt and deploy investment strategies with novel, high-value datasets.

We have developed innovative, next-generation data exploring, and algorithmic testing and trading systems. This position will have the opportunity to participate in pushing your technology and knowledge skills to the next level.

Day to Day Responsibilities

• Dataset onboarding: You will work with new datasets and internal tools to bring datasets into our data driven systems. This includes mapping data to related companies and building configurations for APIs that utilize those datasets.

• Software Development: Python and C++ development projects depending upon skill set.

Who We Are Looking For:

This is a full-time salaried position with paid time-off, medical and dental benefits, and opportunities for advancement. Optional bonuses are paid based upon individual and company performance.


  • Python 3 (2+ years) with understanding of Pandas, Asyncio,
  • C++ with Templates (2+ years)
  • Jupyter Hub / JupyterLab / Jupyter Notebooks (1+ years)
  • Bachelors Degree – Financial or Technical
  • Debugging
  • GIT
  • Linux
  • Grafana
  • Jenkins
  • Communication skills (verbal, written)

Would be great if you also have:

  • Trading industry interest and/or experience (stocks, futures, etc.)
  • Data science/engineering experience
  • Exposure to Machine learning and Recommendation Systems
  • QT experience
  • Javascript


Chicago, with infrequent (quarterly) travel to Austin, TX

About CloudQuant

The explosion of alternative data, machine learning and big data technology have spawned a revolution in systematic and fundamental investing. As systematic investors descend from the clouds of purely statistical analysis and encroach upon the terrain formerly occupied exclusively by fundamental analysts, it creates an evolutionary show-down between fundamental and systematic investors which will take place at the quantamental investment cross-roads. This is where legions from both camps will utilize, in different ways, the alternative data to capture the finite amount of alpha in the world. CloudQuant is the vanguard of this revolution, providing the technology tools and business intelligence consulting services with the only full-stack solution encompassing trading, research, visualization, data science, business analytics, and a point-in-time data access fabric, which will be critical weapons as the search for alpha accelerates. As the systematic investors descend on fundamental catalysts and fundamental investors unleash their insights with more granular alternative datasets it is our mission to provide analytical tools that make a critical difference in this evolutionary endgame in investing.

We use visualization, data science, advanced data APIs, and artificial intelligence. We use alternative data, fundamental data, proprietary data, crowdsourcing, high-resolution backtesting, and high-frequency trading engines. We use Python Notebooks, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to prove the alpha signals and value in the alternative data sets.

We began as an internal research tool for professional proprietary and systematic traders with extraordinary trading ideas to be able to explore quantitative trading ideas within a trading firm.

In 2016, CloudQuant was established as a stand-alone Technology and Business Analytics firm aimed at serving the needs of the independent market researchers around the world. Today our site attracts people from over 170 countries.

CloudQuant is:

  • a data showcase for alternative data vendors,
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  • a high-performance quantitative research and trading platform,
  • an educator,
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We are The Data Showcase and The Trading Strategy Incubator. Our mission is to provide quantitative researchers with tools to develop and prove investment and trading strategies.