Multi Data Set Visualization We are CloudQuant. We are data driven. Visualizing Quantitative Data Powers the Engine Of Systematic Innovation

Professionals use CloudQuant Explorer to explore market events across hundreds of data sets to see missed trading, investing opportunities, and opportunities to improve trading. Most people find time series data is often easier to explore visually.

Explorer was built to provide Visual Systematic Innovation.

  • Find Leading Indicators for Market Movements
  • Find Better Trade Entry Opportunities
  • Find Better Trade Exit Opportunities
  • See the effect of Social Sentiment on Trade Prices

Freemium Content

Complimentary Package

  • Multi-dataset visualization tool allowing trading professionals to overlay alternative data with market movements
    • File imports (signals, trades)
    • Event scanning
    • Basic datasets
    • 500 queries per month
    • 25 scanning days per month

Premium Content

Query Package

  • 250 Additional symbol queries
    • When you reach the maximum charged you will have access to unlimited queries

Scan Day Package

  • 100 Additional scanning days for CloudQuant Explorer
    • When you reach the maximum charge you will have access to unlimited scans

CloudQuant Explorer - Market Activity Multi Data Set Visualization

Over 500 Datasets Available on CloudQuant Explorer

Market Data

  • Daily Bars
  • Minute Bars
  • NBBO
  • Imbalances
  • Time & Sales

Alternative Data

  • Social Sentiment
  • News Sentiment
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Data
  • Web Traffic

Professional Trader Developed Trade Signals

  • Access hundreds of data sets and trading signals.

Fundamental Data

  • Earnings Data
  • Fundamental Ratios

Your Own Data

Secure importing (not uploading to a server) of one’s own trade files, or personal watchlists, or timed signals provides advanced review of the markets. This allows the review of one’s own datasets to see opportunities to improve investing.

Our approach is unique in that we only import the data into the local browser. It doesn’t transmit to our servers. This guarantees that no one else sees your proprietary data.

Scanning – The Power to Find Similar Events In The Market

Scanning time series data for similar events shows the power user to visually validate systematic innovations.

Scanning uses your private, personally defined filters and calculations to see how many times the market setup occurred across the entire market, across time.

Use the results of the scan to step through each occurrence and either turn the scan into a Mariner Back Test to further refine your systematic trading.

Powered by CloudQuant Data Liberator

  • Explorer uses the CQ Data Liberator Time Series Data Fabric which results in any new data set that is within the CloudQuant Data Showcasing is immediately available to properly provisioned explorers.