Installing CloudQuant API Access

Welcome to the CloudQuant API installation process.

If you do not already have Python 3.6.8 (or later) installed then follow all steps.

If you already have Python 3.6.8 (or later) installed you can jump to Step 2 – Dependencies (libraries).

Step 1 – Install Python 3.6.8, Pandas, PyArrow and Requests for Windows 10

Note, process shown is using Microsoft Edge, your browser may offer slightly different prompts.

Install Python

Go to and click on Downloads.

Click on Windows

Download the version of Python for your OS, at least version 3.6.8

Install Python 3.6 into an appropriate directory, check Add Python to Path.

Download and Install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable

Run the download…

Agree to terms and conditions and install…

Allow the installation if prompted…

Step 2 – Dependencies – Install PIP packages

Open the Command Prompt…

Check your Python version…

Install requests library

Install pyarrow library

Install Pandas library

Step 3 – Download Welcome Kit from email

Extract into a convenient location

Password is in the email