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You get paid a portion of all trading profits using your algorithm using our capital.

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Your trading strategies are your proprietary way to trade. You have extraordinary ideas that can be developed into a profitable trading strategy.

CloudQuant® provides you the platform to bring your ideas, your approaches to trading to life. You develop your trading strategy, choose the inputs, choose the parameters, choose the stocks, and run the backtests. Once you are happy with your algo we will fund (provide the capital) and run the strategy using our production platform, with dedicated professional traders to handle the execution, compliance oversight, and technology.

When there is profit, you will get paid a share as a licensing fee for your algorithm. When there is a loss, we lose, not you.

In short, we have the platform (technology, team, data, oversight, risk, and trading capital), you have the ideas. We put those together and partner with you to generate trading profits together.

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John "Morgan" Slade

RavenPack - The State of Machine Intelligence in Capital Markets

The financial sector is making a massive shift towards machine intelligence in capital markets. This panel shares their experience in using data science and domain expertise in understanding data context.
$20M Allocation to Crowd Developed Trading Algorithm

CloudQuant Allocates Millions to Crowd-Resourced Trading Algorithm

CloudQuant, one of 50’s Most Promising FinTech Solution Providers of the year, has allocated $20 million to a crowd resourced trading strategy. The strategy’s creator, an Australian based crowd researcher, leveraged CloudQuant’s market simulation and python based back-testing tools, to prove the algorithm’s performance and profitably within approved risk parameters.

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Quantamental alternative data

Conversations: Learning Python within CloudQuant

What was your experience like learning Python within CloudQuant? We asked our portfolio managers and product management teammates who code in Python to explain their starting experiences in programming with Python with CloudQuant. We wanted to share with everyone what encouraged them to keep learning throughout the years. Everyone here codes as part of their job. This includes the CEO all the way down to the interns. We rely on our Backtesting Engine to ensure that trading algorithms work well before committing money to the automated trading strategies. But we also use JupyterLab in our daily work. We generate our reports, monitor our systems, and do all sorts of tasks in Python. Python has overtaken the spreadsheet in CloudQuant.
stock charts

AI & Machine Learning News. 06, August 2018

Machine learning AI News covering topics of Amazon's new Echo Look - and the mirror that it will eventually become, AI in Marketing - Oh No!, the Mighty Chiplet - making a comeback, AWS's locked in future earnings - are those web services or AI/ML workers, The future of mortgages - faster and more customized - will we be buying houses on Amazon?
Open, Close, High, Low

AI & Machine Learning News. 30, July 2018

In addition to our new video "Things I wish I knew when I started Algo Trading" we have an Intro to Twitter Sentiment Analysis, goes live in Frisco... Texas!, Amazon ACLU spat but how accurate is facial recognition, Lessons we can all take away from the Facebook Data Scandal and UPS Is Thinking About a Future With Autonomous Vehicles.. Finally!
backtest chart

Conversations: What we wish we knew when we started AlgoTrading

, ,
CloudQuant's portfolio managers and quantitative algo traders look back on their starts in Algorithmic Trading. This candid overview allows everyone to see the "Things We Wish We Knew When We Started AlgoTrading".  This is a short collection of the interviews with some of our amazing coders here in the office
Facebook drop 19%, July 2018

$FB Decline 19%- What did the Social and technical analysis show? - July 26 2018

$FB's 19% drop was preceded by TA-LIB and Social Market Analytics indicators to sell. The $120 Billion drop in market cap could have been an opportunity to short sell before the market close the previous night.
stock exchange evolution panel

AI & Machine Learning News. 23, July 2018

Machine learning AI News covering self driving car tech, video on visualizing how decision trees work, the case for less human bots, Why Google wants to dominate AI, Eventus board expands to include three industry veterans, why your ML needs "feature-engineering", Microsoft adds AI cautionary language to is earnings and Tech leaders vowing not to make killer AI robots
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CIO Review 50 Most Promising FINTECH