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You get paid a portion of all trading profits using your algorithm using our capital.

We license your algo.

You maintain full ownership and rights.

At no point do you have to put up your own capital.

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The Trading Strategy Incubator

Your trading strategies are your proprietary way to trade. You have extraordinary ideas that can be developed into a profitable trading strategy.

CloudQuant® provides you the platform to bring your ideas, your approaches to trading to life. You develop your trading strategy, choose the inputs, choose the parameters, choose the stocks, and run the backtests. Once you are happy with your algo we will fund (provide the capital) and run the strategy using our production platform, with dedicated professional traders to handle the execution, compliance oversight, and technology.

When there is profit, you will get paid a share as a licensing fee for your algorithm. When there is a loss, we lose, not you.

In short, we have the platform (technology, team, data, oversight, risk, and trading capital), you have the ideas. We put those together and partner with you to generate trading profits together.

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Trading Algorithms on CloudQuant

CloudQuant releases new version of free Algorithmic Strategy Backtesting Tools

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The latest version of our Trading Strategy Incubator's free algorithmic development and backtesting tools adds improved Graphical Analysis of Algorithmic Trading Strategies.
CloudQuant AI

FinTank Event: April 19th, 2018

FinTank Event - April 19th, 2018. The Application of AI to Trading & Investing. Join a distinguished panel of experts explain how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the trading and investing landscape.

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market trade background graph with red and green candles start growing

AI & Machine Learning News. 11, June 2018

Apple losing to Google, Watson Jnr the smartest computer in the world (for now), London AI capital of Europe? (is it still in Europe!?), Micron benefits from AI surge, Is the future of AI tiny?, ML for apartment hunters and Murderous AI (you heard me!)!

JupyterLab and Notebook News. 08, June 2018

Looker Boosts Data Science Capabilities. Unsupervised Deep Learning Algorithms for Computer Vision. BlueData Introduces Turnkey Solution for AI and Machine Learning (including TensorFlow)
stock exchange evolution panel

AI & Machine Learning News. 04, June 2018

The big guys dominate the news this week.. AI Bias is on everyone's (artificial) mind. Google's Maven exit reported EVERYWHERE! Don't write Apple off. Don't write IBM off. And NVDIAs HGX-2 is truely High Performance Computing (HPC) but will it run Doom?
John "Morgan" Slade

RavenPack - The State of Machine Intelligence in Capital Markets

The financial sector is making a massive shift towards machine intelligence in capital markets. This panel shares their experience in using data science and domain expertise in understanding data context.
Trevor Trinkino Quantitative Trader

Machine Learning FXCM Webinar with Trevor Trinkino of CloudQuant - Part 3/3

Trevor Trinkino presents the final part of his three-part Machine Learning webinar in co-operation with FXCM
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AI & Machine Learning News. 28, May 2018

AI luggage, AI School Paper Grading, Importance of good data, Hybrid Data Management, Transcribe and Translate, 4 ML skills you won't learn in school, The one essential skill that will set you apart and a Beginner's Guide to Jupyter Notebooks.
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