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You get paid a portion of all trading profits using your algorithm using our capital.

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The Trading Strategy Incubator

Your trading strategies are your proprietary way to trade. You have extraordinary ideas that can be developed into a profitable trading strategy.

CloudQuant® provides you the platform to bring your ideas, your approaches to trading to life. You develop your trading strategy, choose the inputs, choose the parameters, choose the stocks, and run the backtests. Once you are happy with your algo we will fund (provide the capital) and run the strategy using our production platform, with dedicated professional traders to handle the execution, compliance oversight, and technology.

When there is profit, you will get paid a share as a licensing fee for your algorithm. When there is a loss, we lose, not you.

In short, we have the platform (technology, team, data, oversight, risk, and trading capital), you have the ideas. We put those together and partner with you to generate trading profits together.

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CloudQuant News

John "Morgan" Slade

RavenPack - The State of Machine Intelligence in Capital Markets

The financial sector is making a massive shift towards machine intelligence in capital markets. This panel shares their experience in using data science and domain expertise in understanding data context.
$20M Allocation to Crowd Developed Trading Algorithm

CloudQuant Allocates Risk Capital to Crowd-Resourced Trading Algorithm

CloudQuant, one of 50’s Most Promising FinTech Solution Providers of the year, has allocated risk capital to a crowd resourced trading strategy. The strategy’s creator, an Australian based crowd researcher, leveraged CloudQuant’s market simulation and python based back-testing tools, to prove the algorithm’s performance and profitably within approved risk parameters.

Industry News & Blogs

Happy Data-Driven Holidays

A Data-Driven Christmas

‘Twas the week before Christmas at the North Pole finishing all the project was the Head Quant’s Goal. Santa was wanting the newest naughty and nice list. Presents are needed for all good engineers and analysts. In California, they want a fire restoration tree and plant seeding robot. In Michigan, they want distribution channels for their new legal pot.

AI & Machine Learning News. 17, December 2018

Data Scientists and Quants entering the world of algorithmic trading are finding alpha in Alternative Data. China is in the lead for AI and Machine Learning. ML is being mentioned in Earnings Reports and Calls. Overfitting in the news. Is data science really sexy? What is artificial stupidity?
Trend Analysis in a Candlestick Market Data Chart

AI & Machine Learning News. 10, December 2018

The Business of Selling your Location, Apple Terms of Service Change, 6 favorite case studies, Python Data Visualization, AI game teaches people sign language, Anheuser-Busch AI, 8 takeaways from NIPS 2018, DeepMind Folds Protiens, AI ethics researchers call for facial recognition regulation
Numpy Memory Leak Fix

Fixing Python Memory Leaks

A few of our power users reported that long-running backtests would sometimes run out of memory. These power-users are the people who often find new trading strategies and so we wanted to work with them to improve the performance of our backtesting tools. Over the past couple of weeks, our senior engineer found that the problem wasn't in our code, but in one of the popular Python libraries that we use. We found the problem in numpy and numba. 

AI & Machine Learning News. 03, December 2018

machine Learning and AI news covering Nvidia's Use of Artificial Intelligence to Render Virtual Worlds in Real Time, Advances in Financial Machine Learning Slideshow, Seven EU countries filing GDPR complaints against Google, The dawn of self-driving companies, AI's Cybersecurity Threat, and Alibaba’s speech recognition algorithm can isolate voices in noisy crowds.
Algo Trading powered by Alternative Data Sets

Fintech Capital Markets on CloudQuant’s AI push adds RavenPack for alt-data

CloudQuant's CEO recently discussed the addition of RavenPack analytics to our trading strategy incubator with Fintech Capital Markets at the Battle of the Quants conference in London. Topics covered: * Alpha Signal Studies * Professional level technology for the crowd to compete with Wall Street * Bitemporal data access for historical data * Alternative Data

CIO Review 50 Most Promising FINTECH