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CloudQuant are proud to announce that we have added QuantsUnited's AI driven Bitcoin "Deep Pattern Matching" Indicator to our extensive range of alternative datasets. Bitcoin is extremely hot right now. Get an edge! #AI #AltData

Alex Zinny joins CloudQuant as Sales Director to meet heightened industry demand. Read more about the impactful addition to the CloudQuant team here:

#AI #ML News Jan 2021 : Open AI CLIP / DALL-E - visual ML : AI models from Microsoft and Google pass humans on benchmark : Budgeting and Staffing to Deal With the Data Deluge (Video) : ML models still struggle to detect hate speech #machinelearning

#AlternativeData News Jan 2021 : Tesla is now bigger (in market cap) than the next 10 biggest automakers : Drowning in Data : The Age Of Alt-facts - Why Your Business Must Focus On Alternative Data : What fund managers are buying/selling in 2021 #AltData

#AI #ML News January 2021 : $222m for Graphcore AI chip : Quick ML Code Using Train Generator : Google AI Moves on Healthcare : GPUs For Recommendation Engines at Scale : AI Cars unaware of Crashes? : Recent NLP news articles #machinelearning

CloudQuant delivers @vectorspace_AI datasets used to augment existing time-series datasets with NLP NLU relationship clustering to boost precision, accuracy, Sharpe or Sortino ratio.

Alternative Data spending has reached record highs in 2020 and is expected to grow even more in 2021. CloudQuant is the top provider of Alternative Data, and we look forward to working with you to turn data into profits in the New Year.

✅ FinTech Innovators Partner to Turn NLP into Dollars

" @Vectorspace_AI in partnership with @CloudQuant announce the availability of novel #datasets that reveal relationships between global equity products"

$VXV #crypto #NLP

FinTech Innovators Partner to Turn NLP into Dollars. Read more about CloudQuant's recent partnership with @Vectorspace_AI here:

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