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EDHEC-Risk’s European ETF survey 2018 respondents say:
* 92% use ETFs to invest in cash equities (45% in 2006)
* 66% use Corp Bonds (6% in 2006)
* 67% use ETFs for SmartBeta (49% in 2014)
* 80% invest < 20% in Smart Beta and Factor investing strategies

The linked Python breakout seeking #AlgoTrading strategy produces the following results in backtesting from 1/2/201 8 to 9/12. Source code on link:
Sharpe Ratio 0.73
Calmar Ratio 1.40
Trade Kelly Edge: 2.20%
Daily Kelly Edge: 7.46%
Total Profit: $8,822.55

Taking your photo and turning it into comic book style art? Please - they are graphic novels! Seriously cool. -- Now if they can write the story too there would be something.

SMB Capital (@MikeBellafiore) started a new series of Videos/Podcasts where they interview Quant traders.
1st video, Jeff Holden steps through his process for developing a model:
1. Data Curation
2. Feature Analytics
3. Strategy
4. Backtesting
5. Deploy

How concerned are you about Bias in #ArtificialIntelligence. Those responsible for data are the most concerned. Source = SmartDataCollective. #DataScience

Writing an algorithm from scratch is a rewarding experience, providing you with that "ah ha!" moment where it finally clicks, and you understand what's really going on under the hood. #scikit-learn #Python

#MachineLearning is a part of artificial intelligence that provides systems with the ability to automatically learn and improve from experiences. The aim is to allow computers to make decisions that are completely data-driven.

Curve Fitting Explained — The graphic say it all

#quant #datascience

University of Texas (UTSA) announced a $15 million gift from a San Antonio business leader Tuesday to build a School of Data Science.

#DataScience #ArtificialIntelligence #Python

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