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CloudQuant’s Researchers have taken the already very impressive Intelligration Vestly Data Set and, utilizing CloudQuant’s AI Research Platform, used Machine Learning to create an even better Alpha Signal! #AltData

Come and meet us at The Trading Show Europe today, registration is free. Please visit our virtual booth and say hello. We have lots of great White Papers and Alternative Datasets available to help you to quickly transform data into profits. #AltData

AltData News Oct 2020 : Visit CloudQuant at The Trading Show Europe : CloudQuant & Crux in strategic partnership : TSA checkpoint numbers > 1m! : Joblink Data Salary vs Education & Experience : America's Pandemic in 60 (5) Seconds : ESG Section #AltData

CloudQuant found that the Danel AI Score identified investment signals producing an average return of 11.20% with a Sharpe Ratio equal to 1.16, for 2020 the Sharpe Ratio was 2.42 #AltData #AlternativeData

One day to go until "The Trading Show Europe" - Alternative Data that pays! CloudQuant will have a number of Alternative Data Sets with Alpha. Visit our virtual booth to learn all about our Alternative Data Sets and Research. #AlternativeData #AltData

CloudQuant today announced a strategic partnership with Crux Informatics (“Crux”). CloudQuant’s Liberator clients can quickly trial, onboard, and analyze data from Crux’s expansive network of data suppliers & quickly transform data into profits. #AltData

Another CloudQuant White Paper Success utilizing the Danel AI Score Data Set. CloudQuant confirms Alpha in Danel's AI score of around 1000 US Equities for their likelihood of outperforming the SP500 over the next 30 days. #AlternativeData #Altdata

The Intelligration Vestly Insight Alternative Data Set provides anonymized investment trend data by demographics. Its signal has proven to be a robust leading contrarian indicator of future stock returns. #AltData

CloudQuant found that Intelligration Vestly Insight Scores identify investment signals that produce a total return of 27.77% with Sharpe Ratio equal to 1.589 and alpha of 61.71% in 2020 #AltData

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