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Thoughts on #AlternativeData starting with how chatter about Anne Hathaway affects Berkshire-Hathaway $BRK.A, Impact Investing Deals, Google Marketing Data, Analyzing banking data on the cloud

Considering going to @JupyterCon August 21-24 in NYC this year? Here's a discount code! DATASCI20

#AI and accelerometer predict heart rate while saving battery life, Alexa alternatives=privacy, Face recog tech-Regulation and responsibility, Woe to anyone algos class as a deadbeat. Amazon AI predicts music tastes, Paidy raises $55m card-free shopping

#StemWoman leads with innovation in neuroscience, #MachineLearning, and genomics in the drug discovery process. They raised $32M in Series A funding. Pinning hopes to use #DataScience to decrease the cost of new drug development.

Bid-Ask spreads - during the day and in extended trading hours

Sonal Gupta (MBA, STEM Woman, product developer, and data scientist) answered our question on what it has been like to be a female in data science. #STEMWomen #DataScience

Systematic strategies powered by #MachineLearning and #AI can find valuable #AlphaSignals. #AlternativeData, or non-traditional information, can be a source of these signals. This graph demonstrates why.

#QuantitativeTrading & Algos news 7/11/2018.
Exponential Moving Avg (EMA) technical analysis (TA-LIB). 3 Gold Charts. Citigroup ($C) Reports Earnings Below a Death Cross. Brandywine wins w/ short-term momentum & long-term directional arbitrage

Who knew there was a strong correlation between the S&P 500 and butter production in Bangladesh? Make sure your #DataScience makes sense.

Carla Gentry advice to Women in #datascience: stand your ground, be confident, find mentors, keep going and keep learning.

We completely agree! We want to see more women in Data Science and #AlgorithmicTrading

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