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Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: UpTrend/DownTrend: Indicates a stock is moving consistantly up or down. Higher Highs and Higher Lows (UpTrend) or Lower Lows and Lower Highs (DownTrend). The time period is at the trader's discretion.

Soft Skills to become a Data Scientists - Our 2 cents
¢ Able to work on a team
¢ Desire to learn and re-learn
¢ Creative
¢ Inquisitive
¢ Critical Thinking
¢ Ethics
¢ Attentive
¢ Able to Listen
¢ Communication
¢ Show-up and Engage
¢ Innovative
¢ Able to admit mistakes

Tech Skills to become a Data Scientists - Our 2 cents
¢ Analytics/Research
¢ #MachineLearning
¢ Statistics / Predictive Modelling
¢ Data Access Skills (Pandas, JSON, SQL, NOSQL...)
¢ Natural Language Processing #NLP
¢ #Python Programming
¢ Data Visualization
¢ Jupyter

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: Basket Trade: A trader establishes their own group of symbols and trades them as a block. E.g.: Gold related symbols or big tech companies. The trader monitors these Baskets and move long or short en block as the trading strategy dictates

Disruptive technologies can lead to improved competitiveness. For #DataScience to improve your competitive position you need data. Better start collecting it.

That which you measure gets better. That which you measure and report on gets better faster.

PwC’s #FinTech Priorities for 2020
* Update IT operating model
* Slash costs on legacy systems by adopting robotics and #AI
* Build capabilities for your customers
* Architect to connect to anything
* #cybersecurity
* Focus on talent and skills to win

IBM Predicts Demand For Data Scientists Will Soar 28% By 2020

Are you growing your #Python, Pandas, and #MachineLearning skills?

#SystematicTraders are objective. They have no opinion about the market and are following what the market is actually doing. They have strict and defined rules to govern their entries and exits, risk management, and position size.

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: Industry/Sector--Symbols are grouped with similar companies (generally 11-13 sectors and 100+ Industries) E.g. Google would be in the Technology Sector and Goog is in the Internet Content & Information Industry.

Wealth management published their list of the best performing active ETFs of 2018.

Active ETFs do not track an underlying index or commodity price.

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