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#QuantitativeTrading and #Algo news from the CQ news crawler covering topics including $20M USD allocation to crowd researcher, Trajectory of the U.S. business cycle, Equity market innovation, Ninja trader, financial sector uptrends, Fixed income market…

$20M USD risk capital allocation to a #crowdsourced trading #algorithm created by a quant researcher in Australia. You don't have to be a Wall Street quant trader to get access to amazing technology.

#MachineLearning and #AI - Kissinger on AI, ML tools for non-programmers, Google's NLP Email composer, AI dreams and the Compute Power Consumption of AI/ML

This is something new for us. We are helping to pair traders and programmers together. Interested in working with a trader to get an algo funded by CloudQuant?

CloudQuant collected news about #AlternativeData for quantitative trading and investing.

Brokerage Leadership in the age of #fintech — notice the participants. @TDAmeritrade, @IBKR, @CharlesSchwab. Gives you an idea of who is innovating. #benzingaFintech

#innovation being discussed at #benzingaFintech. ‘Rapid growth can challenge you culture of innovation.’

We enjoyed seeing the women of Fintech at #benzingafintech

#AI and #MachineLearning news: This week Google I/0 2018 dominates, even though Microsoft attempted to grab some of the limelight. Google's impressive use of AI and ML across the board that served to re-enforce how far ahead they are.

Someone in our user community is asking for programming help. This provides the possibility for programmers to work with quants to build an algo and enter into a profit sharing license agreement.

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