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CloudQuant's @jmorganslade is at Battle of the Quants in NY today. @quantbattle

#AI & #MachineLearning News. 13, May 2019 from the CloudQuant NLP news consolidation program.

Bringing human insight with superior access to dat results in superior returns. #fintech

Anxiously awaiting state of #Fintech showcase at #micus with ⁦@MorningstarInc⁩

#AI and #MachineLearning news for the week with a somewhat #Fintech slant from our own NLP & sentiment search engine.

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►Stop Limit Order - STL◄ An instruction to buy or sell if and only if a trigger price is encountered. The order becomes a resting limit order at the limit price when the market trades at the trigger (stop) price.

CloudQuant CEO Morgan Slade will be taking part in THE TRADING SHOW – CHICAGO Today.
* 13:20 (Central) he will discuss Deep Neural Networks
* 14:00 Moderating a discussion on #AI and #MachineLearning – how markets will move forward.

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►FED◄ The Federal Reserve system (The Fed). This is the central banking system in the USA. It was created in 1913 to stabilize banks. The origins of central banking began with Alexander Hamilton.

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►Fill AND Kill - FAK◄ A FAK order type instructs the market or broker to fill or partially fill the order at the specified limit price and then cancel any remaining quantity.

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