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Alternative Data News : Challenges of Data Quality in AI Ecosystem : Hedge funds gain in Oct, managed futures drag returns : Mathematicians, Data Engineers Dominate Nov's Hot Jobs : Data management - An ongoing challenge for investors & asset managers

#TraderTerminology: ►Frontier Markets◄ are less advanced markets in the developing world that have not yet reached Emerging Market status. They are considered more risky than emerging markets but also carry a larger growth potential. ETFs see FM, JPMB,…

#TraderTerminology: ►Developed Markets◄ are non-US high income markets with openness to foreign ownership, ease of capital movement & efficient trading markets. They may be regions or specific industries ie GOLD, OIL. ETFs see GDX, OIH, EFA, VEA, IEFA

ML/AI News : LG open-sources Auptimizer, a tool for optimizing AI models : JPMorgan invests in financial research startup Limeglass : MayStreet to Provide Data for MIDAS : Python Just Overtook Java On GitHub, But How Did It Fair Overall?

Today we share our #Respect to those who have served, to their families (especially their spouses) who sacrificed so they could serve, and to the job they did.

We thank you for your gift to our country and our world.


#TraderTerminology: ►Emerging Markets◄ are rapidly developing nations which are growing and becoming more engaged with the wider global market. The largest are the BRIC nations Brazil, Russia, India, China. See these ETFs : EEM IEMG VWO

#TraderTerminology: ►Trailing Stop◄ Your own personal Circuit Breaker, if you are long a stock and it is moving up, it will move your stop up with it. But if it suddenly moves down and hits your stop you will exit. Normally a percentage value.

#TraderTerminology: ►Circuit Breakers - Halts - Limit Up Limit Down◄ Symbols have prices at which they will pause trading. These limits are calculated and listed as Limit Up Limit Down. If a symbol moves suddenly past it may be halted for minutes to…

#TraderTerminology: ►Dark Pools◄ Showing your hand, when you have a large number of shares to buy or sell will negatively affect your price. Dark Pools resolve this by allowing trades to execute without the other party seeing how many shares are offered.

#TraderTerminology: ►Time & Sales◄ A window in most trading applications which shows the most recent trades for a symbol including sizes, trade sales conditions, exchanges on which the trades took place and the specific time of the trades.

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