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$ flowing to & from $HOOD

Since Mar20 there are significantly more accounts in our Panel active w/ $HOOD.

Mar & June saw fewer custs depositing $ into Robinhood accounts.

The net flow in June weakest in 6 mos.

#altdata @RobinhoodApp @vladtenev

Alternative Data has become an invaluable tool for large investment firms across the world. CloudQuant delivers the previously out-of-reach data at an effective cost, to everyone. Implement AltData into your strategy -> #AltDataNews #DemocratizingData

Not sure how to incorporate alternative data into your investment strategy? CloudQuant has over 13,000 datasets available in our Catalog and our data advisors can point you in the right direction based on your portfolio and interests. Want to get started?

CloudQuant has teamed up with @Bitvore to 'accelerate the speed of business' by providing alternative data in a simplified, ready for research format via the CQ Platform. Check out the recently onboarded Bitvore datasets, now in the CQ Dataset Catalog.

Big Four firm @PwC has announced they're enlisting Neudata to find the best external data sources available. CloudQuant is a registered provider on Neudata, and our data is available to you! Ready to unleash the power of AltData to your firm? #AltDataNews

CloudQuant and @ExegyMarketData are #DemocratizingData - Predictive Market Data was previously inaccessible to those outside of large hedge funds, but is now available to our diverse clientele through the strategic partnership, & now on the CQ Platform.

CloudQuant is excited to announce we have teamed up with @ExegyMarketData to deliver their Liquidity Lamp Summary Data on the CQ platform. Learn more about the partnership and iceberg dataset here: #IcebergData #AltDataNews

$BTC is now considered legal tender in El Salvador. As more countries begin to adopt Bitcoin, it's key to keep an eye on its movement in the market. Bitcoin AI - Deep Pattern Matching Indicator provided by @QuantsUnited does just that. Want to learn more?

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