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Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►Mark to Market◄ a.k.a. MTM. The current market value of the account.
MTM = ∑ (#shares for each security * the current market price of the security)

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►Market Capitalization (Cap)◄ Market Cap is the current market value of a company's outstanding shares.
Market Cap = Total shares outstanding * current market price of one share.

How does your historical order signals work?
Load your orders and get your report card from the Backtesting engine at CloudQuant.

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►The Office◄ A movie and or TV sitcom that represents real life in the back office to many traders. 🙂

#AI and MachineLearning News for 1/14/19: AI Doctors, Creepy innovations we can expect to see in 2019 and where to find Free data and Alternative data.

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►Calmar Ratio◄ a.k.a. Drawdown Ratio. The Calmar ratio is a comparison of the average annual rate of return and the max drawdown of the trading strategy. Low ratio = poor performance. High ratio = good…

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►Buying Power◄ The amount of money that a trader has to trade securities. This is the cash available in a given account plus any approved and available margin.

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►Basis Point◄ 1/100th of one percent (0.01%). Basis points are used to express the change in a financial security. A 1% change in price equals 100 basis points. Sometimes abbreviated as BPS

Know the markets with #TraderTerminology: ►Specialist◄ A member of SEC-regulated exchanges who must make a market in specific securities. Sometimes called two-dollar brokers.

2019 Goals for our #CrowdSourced #Quants and #AlgoDevlopers
٭ Develop your #Python skills
٭ Develop Alpha Signals
٭ Review Alternative Data Sets
٭ Be patient
٭ be methodical
٭ Request funding for your algos

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