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Is There Value in the Data?

The hardest question to answer for most investment managers and trading firms is “Is there value in the dataset?” Specifically, they want to know if there is Alpha in the data.

How does the investment manager know? The data set vendors show them research white papers. Yet the managers remain unconvinced.

CloudQuant helps provide the research for investment managers who don’t have time to onboard and test out the data sets. Our professional quant team will onboard a dataset and validate the Data Set Vendor’s white paper. Our bespoke data science projects will provide the investment manager with valuable insight into the data and a starting trading strategy derived from the white paper that can be replicated for the investment manager.

Data Showcasing as a Service

Datasets are growing every day. Yet for a data client to buy a data set they need to overcome a series of roadblocks.

  •  Data Ingress To Difficult
  •  Months Of Delays To Get Access
  • Difficulty Proving Value With Actionable Strategy
  • Cannot Visualize Data
  •  Process Takes So Long Alpha Decays Before It Can Be Captured

CloudQuant has developed technology that allows all these roadblocks to be overcome quickly.

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Free Crowd Research Tools

This matrix is an overview of the most popular features of each of our crowd trading strategy incubator products. While many features are shown, not all are easily shown in this format.

Capital for trading is available through a trading strategy license agreement.