Improve your Investing Performance with Data

Professional Portfolio Manager or Investment Manager

The world of institutional investing is rapidly changing. Explore Alternative Datasets from CloudQuant’s expansive Data Library and quickly integrate CQ Technology to enhance your investment strategies and portfolio performance today.

Without CloudQuant the Investment Manager needs to figure out:

  • How to pay for the new dataset
  • Procedures to integrate the dataset into their trading
  • Working through the procurement and legal negotiation process
  • Finding quants who have the time to research the dataset

CloudQuant’s technology exists to support the investor. The user is able to try datasets within minutes. The combination of the dataset library and technology, either in a private or shared environment, makes this possible.

Explore CQ Technology in the table below.

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CloudQuant Technology Products and Software

(SaaS + Paas)

CloudQuant Dataset Catalog

A view into datasets currently available in the CloudQuant environments, also available for licensing in your environment.

Search function rapidly navigates hundreds of datasets within the library to deliver you the information you want at the touch of a button.

CloudQuant Mariner (TM) Backtesting and Market Simulation

Powerful High Resolution Strategy Backtesting

White Paper with Corresponding CloudQuant  Source Code

Write sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies in Python.

Replay years of US equities trading utilizing high resolution tick-level data.

Users’ python code can interact with any market event- trades, news, halts, altdata, order handling, account handling, and many more.

Stats are automatically generated for every backtest and detailed statistical reports available on demand.

Users data storage area allows incorporation of own data into algorithms on CQ Mariner.

Enables users to efficiently test drive Alternative Data into their investing blueprint.

CloudQuant Explorer 

Visualizing Quantitative Data Powers the Engine of Systematic Innovation

This Powerful Alternative Data & Trading Signal Visualization tool provides industry professionals to rapidly browse hundreds of datasets.

Instantly overlay datasets with the market and financial KPIs such as revenue, growth, earnings, EBITA, social sentiment, and more.

Integrate CloudQuant SaaS to traders’ existing capabilities and give your research team super powers without fear of losing any of their existing ecosystem.

Visualize Data in minutes to gain deeper insights without any technology costs that may come with hiring data analysts. No tech skills are needed to utilize CQ services.

Do not be limited by bounds of technology; CloudQuant liberates the data to show the user what they want without needing a developer to access it.

CloudQuant AI (TM)

Powerful Jupyter Python Notebook

Ecosystem Research Analyst Alternative Data and Machine Learning Gymnasium

Built on the fastest growing data science program in the world.

Full machine learning stack of open source technology capabilities so you can manipulate the data any way you want.

CloudQuant Data Liberator (TM)

Single Data Access API For A World of Time Series Data

Built-in Point-in-Time Database & Standard Access Pattern For All Data

Allows users to easily include Alternative Datasets in their algorithms to facilitate rapid informed decisions regarding alternative datasets, making it easy for users to identify statistical impacts.

CloudQuant Rosetta (TM)

AI Powered Symbology and Topic Mapping
Built-in Point-In-Time  Security, Entity Mapping & Standard Identifier For All Datasets

Productize your Data

Data Vendor for Professional Products & Services

Determining the Value in Data

The hardest question to answer for most investment managers and trading firms is “Is there value in the dataset?” Specifically, they want to know if there is Alpha in the data.

How does the investment manager know? The data set vendors show them research white papers. Yet the managers remain unconvinced.

CloudQuant helps provide the research for investment managers who don’t have time to onboard and test out the data sets. Our professional quant team will onboard a dataset and validate the Data Set Vendor’s white paper. Our bespoke data science projects will provide the investment manager with valuable insight into the data and a starting trading strategy derived from the white paper that can be replicated for the investment manager.

Data Showcasing as a Service

Datasets are growing every day. For a data client to buy a data set they need to overcome a series of difficult roadblocks.

  •  Data Ingress Too Difficult
  •  Months Of Delays To Get Access
  • Difficulty Proving Value with Actionable Strategy
  • Cannot Visualize Data
  • Process Takes So Long Alpha Decays Before It Can Be Captured

CloudQuant has developed technology that allows all these roadblocks to be overcome quickly.

Learn more about Data Showcasing here. 

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