Artificial Intelligence News & Topics

Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes many forms for the trading industry including electronic trading, quantitative trading strategies, algorithmic trading development and research, risk, compliance, and management. AI refers to simulated intelligence using computer programs. These programs are designed to “think” for the purposes of achieving some tasks. For CloudQuant this task is typically determining a trading signal to initiate an investment or to close out an investment.

Forms of AI include rules-based programming, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning.


AI & Machine Learning News. 16, September 2019

Innovation happens at Deep Nexus with their AI for Trading Technology. Are Black Swans corrupting your Data Analysis? Sentiment, Alternative, and Fundamental data are merging on your quant’s desktop. The AI Talent Squeeze.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 09, September 2019

ML/AI News covering the algorithms connecting Trump tweets and the stock market (MarketPlace Podcast), Nasdaq’s Quandl adding fundamental crypto rating and price forecasting data and Three Alternative Financing Stocks to Hedge a Recession.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 03, September 2019

ML/AI News covering What Uber drivers hate about being managed by Algorithms, AI vs Fake News, Billionaires Jack Ma and Elon Musk debating good evil and AI, and Northern Trust's use of AI to calculate the ideal rate for loaning Equities.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 26, August 2019

ML/AI News covering the latest Deepfake style Qualitative face swapping, How banks and financial institutions can harness alternative data to make better decisions, the Upcoming RavenPack Alternative Data Conference, How does Uber uses Clustering and the Skills Critical in a Data Science Job Hunt

AI & Machine Learning News. 19, August 2019

ML/AI News covering Towards Data Science's Weekly Selection, US and China Jockey for AI Lead, Bloomberg Uses Predictive Intelligence in Corporate Credit, Ideas on pricing alternative data and Neueda & Levyx bring Python into big data era.

AI & Machine Learning News. 12, August 2019

ML/AI News covering Bias and Fairness: Striking a Balance, When analyst reports matter: according to Morgan Stanley's AI, Why banks should monetise their datasets, The Anatomy of AI: Understanding Data Processing Tasks and last but not least : The AI Bar

AI & Machine Learning News. 05, August 2019

ML/AI News covering the latest DeepFake, a Hackables intro to ML by MachineHack, An explanation of XAI and Tencent's AI beat top Human Pro Gamers at Honor of Kings.

AI & Machine Learning News. 22, July 2019

ML/AI News covering Microsoft's Azure Speech AI with HoloLens 2, ML forcasting of Earnings, What to do when AI gets it wrong for customers and How big does big data need to be?

AI & Machine Learning News. 15, July 2019

ML/AI News covering Highlights and AI Innovation Awards winners at VentureBeat’s AI conference Transform 2019, Why You Don’t Need AI (or do you) and how Hedge funds swamped by alternative data are turning to third party online portals.