Alternative Data (AltData)

CloudQuant Showcases AltData

Alternative data, sometimes called AltData, provides algorithmic trading developers potential to improve quantitative and systematic trading strategies by providing a new source of trading signals.

CloudQuant has multiple sources of alternative data that includes News Sentiment and social sentiment from StockTwits and Twitter.

Users are also encouraged to upload their own alternative data into their private data directories for additional research.

If you have other AltData that you would like to have in CloudQuant please let us by contacting

See the CloudQuant Alternative Data Set Library.


Alternative Data News. 18, September 2019

Alternative Data news covering Quant Jobs No Longer Demanding Finance Knowledge, 14 of the 25 highest-paying U.S. jobs for 2019 are in tech and Quantzig Adds New Services to Their Big Data Analytics Solutions Portfolio

Alternative Data News. 11, September 2019

Alternative Data News covering... Hedge funds of all sizes using more alternative data, Alternative Data Trends and Statistics - 80% using AltData, IBM Expands Cloud Pak for Big Data, Google launches TensorFlow ML for graphical data and AltData explosion gives regular investors hedge funds tools.

Alternative Data News. 04, September 2019

AltData news covering a Stock Market Forecaster: AI Algorithm Shows Accuracy Up To 95% On Predicting Facebook Price Movements, Googles TensorFlow ML framework for graphical data and CNBCs view of Alternative data coming of age, investors are noticing.

Alternative Data News. 28, August 2019

AltData News covering Over-the-Wall Data Science and How to Avoid Its Pitfalls, how Alternative-data provider Quandl is changing its strategy as industry giants like Bloomberg and S&P push into the $7 billion market and Finance Quants: Entry-Level Pay with a BA, MA, or PhD.

Alternative Data News. 21, August 2019

We are seeing the use of AltData in many areas from Quantitative Finance to realtime actionable intelligence that executives need to make strategic, and sometimes tactical actions. Discretionary and systematic asset managers are finding useful features in alternative data. ● Are these lists of “In Demand” jobs their own AltData? ● Number of Datasets continue to grow.

Alternative Data News. 14, August 2019

This week's AltData news covers: ⭐Improving AltData with Adversarial Image DataSet for Computer-Vision AI. ⭐AltData growing with Investment Managers. ⭐ Factset Investment workflow ⭐ and more

Alternative Data News. 07, August 2019

🎈 Asset managers are investing $2-3B on #AlternativeData 🎈 #AldData investments expected to grow by 20-30% every year 🎈 Total data will 163 ZB within the year 2025 🎈 The number of #DataScientists has quadrupled in 5 years

Alternative Data News. 31, July 2019

Social Sentiment from SMA predicts $GOOGL stock bump with earnings announcement. The growing merger of FINTECH and Data Science and Alternative Data is getting noticed by seed capital providers. Alternative Data derived from images with K-Clustering. Capital One data breach handled well by their fraud team.

Alternative Data News. 24, July 2019

This week's Alternative Data news was a bit light on data and a bit heavy on data science. Topics covered include Alternative Symbology with Yahoo Finance * Algo trading pros and cons * How to cluster in High Dimensions * Machine Learning Project Structure & Roles/Tools * Data Fabric * Data Mosaic Effect * ...
Yahoo Finance ORCL - Profile Tab

Web Scraping a Stock Symbol's URL using Yahoo Finance with Python for Alternative Data Links

Alternative Data is growing as a necessary weapon for traders and quantitative investors. Yet there are many barriers to alternative data success. (Includes python code)