Alternative Data (AltData)

CloudQuant Showcases AltData

Alternative data, sometimes called AltData, provides algorithmic trading developers potential to improve quantitative and systematic trading strategies by providing a new source of trading signals.

CloudQuant has multiple sources of alternative data that includes News Sentiment and social sentiment from StockTwits and Twitter.

Users are also encouraged to upload their own alternative data into their private data directories for additional research.

If you have other AltData that you would like to have in CloudQuant please let us by contacting

See the CloudQuant Alternative Data Set Catalog/Library.


CloudQuant Launches with Unprecedented Risk Capital Allocation to Crowd Researcher

CloudQuant, the trading strategy incubator, has launched its crowd research platform by licensing and allocating risk capital to a trading algorithm. The algorithm licensor will receive a direct share of the strategy’s monthly net trading profits.
Quantitative Strategies and Capital for Trading

Quantitative Trading and Data Science in the News August 14 2017

Topics include: GeoLocation Alternative Data, robotic revolution, buy side, sell side, hot jobs, financial crime, …
Daily ROIC Prior to improvements

Improving A Trading Strategy

TD Sequential is a technical indicator for stock trading developed by Thomas R. DeMark in the 1990s. It uses bar plot of stocks to generate trading signals. … Several elements could be modified in this strategy. Whether to include the countdown stage, the choice of the number of bars in the setup stage and countdown stage, the parameters that help to decide when to exit and the size of the trade will affect strategy performance. In addition, we could use information other than price to decide whether the signal should be traded.
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2017 – The Year of Artificial Intelligence

2017 is the year of artificial intelligence. Here’s why

World Economic Forum published that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rapidly growing discussion point in corporations and governments. This is driven by: 1. Everything is now becoming a connected device

The internet of things is collecting data in ways never before possible.

2. Computing is becoming free

The cost of computing continues to drop, especially with crowdsourced research platforms like CloudQuant.

3. Data is becoming the new oil

“The amounts and types of data available digitally have proliferated exponentially over the last decade, as everything has moved online, been made mobile with smartphones, and tracked via sensors. New sources of data emerged through things like social media, digital images and video.” 

4. Machine learning is becoming the new combustion engine

“new machine learning models have emerged recently that seem to be able to take better advantage of all the new data. For example, deep learning enables computers to ‘see’ or distinguish objects and text in images and videos much better than before.”

At CloudQuant our crowd researchers are finding that access to markets, and to data is allowing them to research and develop profitable algos in ways never before conceived. Access to new data sets, like social sentiment, allow new dimensions of quantitative strategies that were not conceived even five years ago. We anticipate that the new data “oil” and machine learning “engines” will continue to grow our world of trading.   See the full article on World Economic Forum’s web site by Sandhya Venkatachalam (24 May 2017).
Algo Trading powered by Alternative Data Sets

MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity July 2017 NY

Does The Quant Trading Tesseract Give Data Scientists Superpowers?

Join us at the NY MarketsWiki Education to hear Morgan Slade’s thoughts on the The Algorithmic Trading Tesseract brings cloud computing, alternative data, machine learning, and crowd researchers together forming a revolutionary crowd in the financial industry. Each individual is endowed with innovative super powers to leap onto the trading platform and create their own destiny. One no longer needs to wait for arbitrary career paths to open financial doors. REGISTRATION FOR CHICAGO and NY IS NOW OPEN
This is our fifth year running the program and we have held events in Chicago, New York and London in the previous years. Our 2017 New York events will be held on July 11 and 12. On July 17, 19 and 21 we will hold our Chicago events.

New York

On July 11, we will be holding the first session of our New York series at the Nasdaq Marketsite. The event will begin at 1 PM for the first session and another will start at 3 PM.

On July 12, we will hold a third session at Thomson Reuters, 3 Times Square, New York, 7th Avenue between 42nd & 43rd Street starting at 1 PM.

The cost of an individual session is $40; the cost for the entire series of 3 sessions is $100. If your company registers more than 9 people, you will get a 50% discount. Each session features different speakers and subjects; you will want to attend them all.

The sign up for New York is open. Click on the links below to sign up via Google Forms. If you cannot access Google Forms online, please email and send details of those registering.

*Register multiple people

*Register Individuals

Speakers confirmed for New York include: July 11, 1 PM Session July 11, 3 PM Session July 12, 1 PM Session


Our Chicago series will be held on July 17, 19 and 21. The first three sessions will be held at the Stuart School of Business of the Illinois Institute of Technology, one on July 17 and two on July 19. The event on July 21 will be held at the offices of Trading Technologies. A social event at TT’s offices will follow the program on July 21.

On July 17, there is one session starting at 3 PM. On July19, there are two sessions, one starting at 1 PM and the second starting at 3 PM. On July 21, there is one session starting at 3 PM, but there is a refreshments and drinks session at the TT Tap following the session.

The cost of an individual session is $40; the cost for the entire series of 4 sessions is $120. If your company registers more than 9 people, you will get a 50% discount. Each session features different speakers and subjects; you will want to attend them all..

The sign up for the Chicago events is open. Click here to register via Eventbrite.

If you are enrolling a single person, please use the ‘individual’ ticket options for the dates you are attending; those tickets are prepaid right on this site.

If you are enrolling a group from your company or school that will be invoiced as a group, please use the ‘corporate’ ticket option. ‘Discounted corporate’ tickets are for groups of 10 or more. These corporate/school options will be invoiced after sign-up; see information on each ticket option. If your corporate group will be attending only certain sessions and not the entire series, please enter the promotional code ‘CORPORATE’ for the dates you want, which will allow you to be invoiced after ordering. Please email with any

Speakers confirmed for Chicago include:

July 17 Session:

July 19, 1 PM Session

July 19, 3 PM Session

July 21, 3 PM Session


For questions about MarketsWiki Education programs and sponsorhsip opportunities, email For questions about registration for our events, please email

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Social Sentiment in Trading Algorithms

Bloomberg recently wrote that “It’s no secret that hedge fund managers are always looking for new sources of data that will help them in their never-ending quest to beat the market.” (1) One of the most interesting new sources of data is social sentiment. We have found that the incorporation of social sentiment data is definitely improving the quality of algorithms as shown in our backtesting on CloudQuant. Over the next couple of weeks an intern from the University of Chicago who is mastering in Financial Mathematics is working on incorporating social signals into a DeMark Indicators script that is available for all registered users to see in the CloudQuant base working scripts. I look forward to seeing how this improves. And I look forward to seeing her quantitative reasons for why social sentiment and other changes to the TD Sequential script improves. (1) Finding Novel Ways to Trade on Sentiment Data | Tech At Bloomberg
Quantitative Strategy, Trading, and Algo Development Industry News

Discretionary Managers Seek Alpha in Alternative Data

Alternative data providers see huge potential in providing their data to discretionary asset managers who are losing assets to quantitative and systematic funds.

As active managers trail the performance of passive index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), discretionary fund managers are scrambling to consume big data analytics into their decision making process.
While early movers in the big data analytics industry have mainly been quant hedge funds and systematic fund managers, the next wave is going to be discretionary fund managers, according to panelists at an event sponsored by Wall Street Horizon, EstimizeOTAS Technologies and FlexTrade Systems.
Read the full story on Traders Magazine Online
Quantitative Strategies and Capital for Trading

Funds Face ‘Alt’ Data Challenge

MarketsMedia by By Rob Daly on 5/18/2017
Although alternative data sets are helping funds with systematic investment strategies, those funds that employ discretionary strategies are finding it harder to separate the new trading signals from the noise.

Much of it comes from the structure of the discretionary funds, which have separated their data science/quant research teams away from their portfolio managers, according to Leigh Drogen, CEO of Estimize and who participated in an alternative data panel hosted by Wall Street Horizon.

“They are left sending reports and Excel spreadsheets to the portfolio managers and asking them to buy in with P&L,” he said. “It’s almost like they were a sell-side shop.”

Even if a managing partner and head quant are convinced that new data sets can capture further alpha, the portfolio managers have to buy into it.

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