Alternative Data (AltData)

CloudQuant Showcases AltData

Alternative data, sometimes called AltData, provides algorithmic trading developers potential to improve quantitative and systematic trading strategies by providing a new source of trading signals.

CloudQuant has multiple sources of alternative data that includes News Sentiment and social sentiment from StockTwits and Twitter.

Users are also encouraged to upload their own alternative data into their private data directories for additional research.

If you have other AltData that you would like to have in CloudQuant please let us by contacting

See the CloudQuant Alternative Data Set Library.


Alternative Data News. 31, July 2019

Social Sentiment from SMA predicts $GOOGL stock bump with earnings announcement. The growing merger of FINTECH and Data Science and Alternative Data is getting noticed by seed capital providers. Alternative Data derived from images with K-Clustering. Capital One data breach handled well by their fraud team.

Alternative Data News. 24, July 2019

This week's Alternative Data news was a bit light on data and a bit heavy on data science. Topics covered include Alternative Symbology with Yahoo Finance * Algo trading pros and cons * How to cluster in High Dimensions * Machine Learning Project Structure & Roles/Tools * Data Fabric * Data Mosaic Effect * ...
Yahoo Finance ORCL - Profile Tab

Web Scraping a Stock Symbol's URL using Yahoo Finance with Python for Alternative Data Links

Alternative Data is growing as a necessary weapon for traders and quantitative investors. Yet there are many barriers to alternative data success. (Includes python code)

Alternative Data News. 17, July 2019

Alternative data isn't just one bucket in our opinion. Rather it is an entire store of buckets. Alternative data contains very broad categories including: Social Sentiment, News Sentiment, Satellite Data, Governmental Reports, Industry reports, Sales data, Trend analysis, industry reports, ...

Alternative Data News. 10, July 2019

A head of trading is quoted as saying "There aren’t many that have the ability to consume and store that data – also the ability to cleanse it is important. I hope the industry doesn’t find a way to make this easier as those with a technological advancement are in a better position to process it.”  Our team has had to work hard to be able to handle alternative data that has to cover a number of problems that include: * Unstructured Data * Alternative Symbology - beyond simple Stock ticker to alternative stock ticker maps. * Temporal Data - Dealing with static data that changes over time * Temporal Data - Modified Historical Data - Dealing with edits or revisions to data at a later point in time.

Alternative Data News. 04, July 2019

We are seeing a lot of chatter about AltData becoming "less alternative." The news clips for this week cover new research; Lyxor and Academy IM new fund, Women in AI, Data Democratization, and more.

Alternative Data News. 26, June 2019

The business of data is growing by leaps. Every day we talk to data providers about having their data on our backtesting service. The expected growth rate in Alt Data, Data Science, and data-driven companies is incredible. Greenwich & Associate is saying that there will be a 50% Growth in Institutional Investors. Deloitte Center for Financial Services is saying that spending in this area will be $7B USD by 2020. The difficulty will be seeing if the institutional investors will be able to ingest and interpret the data in an efficient manner.

Alternative Data News. 19, June 2019

Alt-Data News for the week including: * Refinitiv invests in BattleFin * Quandl & Nasdaq * Investments in Alt Data growing according to Greenwich * Hedgefund manages are overwhelmed by data and are turning to crowdsourcing * Social Market Analytics (SMA) Partners with Coin Metrics * and more

Alternative Data News. 12, June 2019

Alt Data News: Nasdaq Pivots to the Buy Side, Clearpool, Investment Data Standards Organization Releases Web Crawling Best Practices, Alt Data Investments Continue Their Rapid Rise
Morgan Slade, Python Data Scientist and Trader

CloudQuant CEO John Morgan Slade presenting at THE TRADING SHOW - CHICAGO 2019

CloudQuant CEO John Morgan Slade will be taking part in THE TRADING SHOW - CHICAGO 2019 on Wednesday 8th May 2019. At 13:20 (Central) he will be partaking in a Panel to discuss "Deep Neural Networks - how supervised do deep learning machines…