Alternative Data (AltData)

CloudQuant Showcases AltData

Alternative data, sometimes called AltData, provides algorithmic trading developers potential to improve quantitative and systematic trading strategies by providing a new source of trading signals.

CloudQuant has multiple sources of alternative data that includes News Sentiment and social sentiment from StockTwits and Twitter.

Users are also encouraged to upload their own alternative data into their private data directories for additional research.

If you have other AltData that you would like to have in CloudQuant please let us by contacting

See the CloudQuant Alternative Data Set Catalog/Library.


Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Alternative Data Sets

Performance review of ESG Dataset available from CloudQuant DataSet Catalog…   As Managed Funds decrease in popularity and Passive Funds take over there has been one bright spark for Fund Managers as Investors have realized that they can dramatically influence the behavior of companies through their investments. With each passing month more Millennials come into the trading environment with their well established trends of making purchasing and investing decisions influenced heavily by environmental and social impact. Analysis of ESG friendly ETFs and investment funds have shown them out performing all other asset classes.   We have also seen, over the last year, a dramatic increase in the number of News postings regarding ESG data.   This January 31st post from Barron’s is one of the most recent… “As sustainable investing becomes more popular, independent firms with these principles are more likely to be acquired.” … “…competition has increased among asset managers” …”the number of annual mergers among publicly traded asset managers doubled.” “Sustainable investing has been a bright spot. Last year, flows into these funds in the U.S. more than tripled, marking the fourth year of record flows.”  

CloudQuant Alternative Data Catalog

CloudQuant strives to dramatically increase your odds of finding a suitable, appropriate and valuable Alternative Data Set. If you have been in the Alternative Data environment you know how difficult it is to find Alternative Data Sets with proven performance. Do you trust the results supplied by the data vendor (rarely reproducible) or do you carry out your own analysis (too often a monumental waste of time and resources). CloudQuant researches the most in demand data types, finds sets that have not already had their Alpha consumed. We test the performance of the data and provide a white paper of the results and Python Code to reproduce and confirm the results to your satisfaction (using our leading Python Cloud Backtester CloudQuant Mariner). Head over to our Data Catalog to find out more about our tried and tested Data Sets which include the ESG Data Set from G&S Quotient.  
The AltData Newsletter by CloudQuant

Alternative Data News. 29, January 2020

Alternative Data News : AltData sets – quality is the challenge, not quantity : Unlocking Data Silos to Reach the Promised Land of Smart Analytics : Discovering millions of datasets on the web : New Analytics Platform Screens Investments for ESG Factors
The AltData Newsletter by CloudQuant

Alternative Data News. 22, January 2020

Alternative Data News : Artificial Intelligence as a Tool for Investing : Northern Trust Asset Management launches ESG solutions : Refinitiv launches Future of Sustainable Data Alliance : Nasdaq to offer ESG workflow and reporting service to its corporate clients
The AltData Newsletter by CloudQuant

Alternative Data News. 15, January 2020

Alternative Data News : Nasdaq Trade Talks – Quandl – Future of Data-Driven Investing : Tech roles dominate Glassdoor’s list of 50 Best Jobs in America for 2020 : 2020 – The Year of the Citizen Data Engineer : ICE Data Services to Offer ESG Reference Data on U.S. and International Companies
The AltData Newsletter by CloudQuant

Alternative Data News. 08, January 2020

Alternative Data News December 2019 : 5 Ways Advisors Can Stay Ahead of the Competition : You can make great investment returns while also helping the world. Here are 20 ESG funds that have beaten the market over the past year. : Uber open-sources Manifold, a visual tool for debugging AI models
The AltData Newsletter by CloudQuant

Alternative Data News. 02, January 2020

1️⃣ Goldman has a new method for picking stocks that are topping the market that involves AltData 2️⃣ AI & Data Science Stories from 2019 3️⃣ Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data for Alpha 4️⃣ Buffett believes: stop making decisions based on their social beliefs

Environmental, Social, and Governance Data December 30, 2019

In our study of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data, we looked at holding positions based upon the G&S Quotient short term price predictor score. We found that 5-day holds and 20-day holds using this score were very interesting and produced positive returns. Based on this data set we saw that you could have traded and held some of these stocks and closed your positions at the end of the day last Friday. See the charts for $ADBE, $AAPL, $MSFT, and $LDOS
The AltData Newsletter by CloudQuant

Alternative Data News. 27, December 2019

Alternative Data may already be predicting Manufacturing Data and Auto Sales. Is sales data fundamental data or is it alternative data? There is debate among our client base. What do you think? With firms hiring heads of data science that usually means that they will be hiring junior and lead data science staff.
The AltData Newsletter by CloudQuant

Alternative Data News. 18, December 2019

Alternative Data News : Google’s new DataSet Search Engine : US banks explore alt data for credit underwriting : Why Talent Shortage In AI May End Soon : The age of data abundance…and time poverty.

Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Short Term Trading

Short-term ESG data is showing some very interesting opportunities. Our recent whitepaper shows that 5-day and 20-day positions are profitable.

Spot checking the white paper shows the following simulated trades from last week.

The simulated trades were MOO on Monday, MOC on Friday.
ADBE 2019-12-14

$ADBE ESG Simulated Trading, 5 Day Hold

DE 2019-12-14

$DE ESG Simulated Trading, 5 Day Hold

FOX 2019-12-14

$FOX ESG Simulated Trading, 5 Day Hold

    Please note, this is not trading advice in any way. It is merely showing the potential of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data.