Buy Side

The investment and trading industry is commonly broken down into “Buy Side” and “Sell Side.”

The Buy Side is the industry participants who typically make up the investment and speculation firms. These include institutions such as proprietary traders, mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds and insurance firms that tend to invest.

The Sell Side is the industry participants who typically provide brokerage or liquidity services. These include broker-dealers, Future Commission Merchants, exchanges, and other marketplaces.

CloudQuant and our parent Kershner Trading Group, as a family office fund and proprietary traders, is considered to be Buy Side.


Environmental, Social, & Governance (ESG) Short Term Trading

Short-term ESG data is showing some very interesting opportunities. Our recent whitepaper shows that 5-day and 20-day positions profitable. Spot checking the white paper shows the following simulated trades from last week. The simulated trades were MOO on Monday, MOC on Friday.
News for Machine Learning and Algo Trading

Deep Dive With JLN: How Can The Financial Industry Draw In The Next Generation Of Talent?

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The former trading floors provided a sense of community. Electronic trading communities like CloudQuant provide a bright future for new traders.
Quantitative Strategy, Trading, and Algo Development Industry News

Quantitative Trading and Artificial Intelligence News Recap: September 11, 2017

Quantitative Trading and Data Science in the News August 28, 2017, covering crowdsourced quantitative investment, artificial intelligence and more
Quantitative Strategies and Capital for Trading

Quantitative Trading and Data Science in the News August 14 2017

Topics include: GeoLocation Alternative Data, robotic revolution, buy side, sell side, hot jobs, financial crime, ...
Innovation in Trading

The next wave of broker innovation will be Crowdsourced algos

The next wave of broker innovation likely will be geared toward democratizing quantitative trading, according to Kershner Trading Group Founder and CEO Andy Kershner. That would vastly expand the universe of high-level quant traders globally, which Kershner roughly estimated stands at perhaps 5,000 today.
Andy Kershner, veteran trader discusses CloudQuant

Risk tolerance, daily habits and trade critiques with Andy Kershner

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Trading industry veteran Andy Kershner, the CEO of CloudQuant’s parent company Kersher Trading spoke with Chat With Traders about risk tolerance, daily habits and trade critiques.
Quantitative Strategy, Trading, and Algo Development Industry News

Rise of Robots: Inside the World's Fastest Growing Hedge Funds

Believe the hype. Quants have never been more popular. After doubling over the past decade, assets run by so-called systematic funds have hit a record $500 billion this year, according to estimates from Barclays Plc.