Candlesticks (Japanese)

Candlestick charting is a technique for visually evaluating price changes in the stock market. The technique was developed in Japan to show the relationship between supply and demand. This charting technique is popular among technical traders.

CloudQuant makes it easy to utilize technical analysis utilizing the TA-Lib and the Bar market data inside our python algorithmic trading strategy development environment.


Python Plotly Candlestick Chart with annonations

Candlestick Charts in Python with Plotly

Some traders are visually oriented. They need charts. As data scientists, we need to be able to present information in a way that others can understand. Presenting traders a candlestick chart is one of the best ways to transfer useful data. Blog Purpose: ✅ Demonstrate how to create a basic candlestick chart in Python 3 ✅ Demonstrate how to highlight/annotate points on the chart Topics covered in this post: Python, Plotly, OHLC, Candlestick Charts, Jupyter, Pandas, Traders
Trading Algorithms on CloudQuant

CloudQuant releases new version of free Algorithmic Strategy Backtesting Tools

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Graphical Analysis of Algorithmic Trading Strategies

The latest version of our Trading Strategy Incubator’s free algorithmic development and backtesting tools adds improved Graphical Analysis of Algorithmic Trading Strategies. This interactive upgrade will allow the algo developer to quickly:
  • Daily Profit and Loss of the simulated algorithmic trading
  • Cumulative Profit and Loss
  • Trading comparisons to major indexes
Additional new functionality includes:
  • Hover Over features to see daily statistics
  • Zoom (in & out) features
  • faster loading of the backtest page
Trading Algorithms on CloudQuant  

Graphical Feedback on Daily Statistics Tabs

Simulated Trades on Daily Candlestick Chart

More detail graphical feedback on the Daily Statistics Tabs allow the user to see Entry & Exit for a stock on a daily minute bar chart. This will allow the quantitative analyst to see missed opportunities. This graph has the ability to be expanded out to a new browser tab. This feature is available on the Closed Trades, Orders, and Executions daily tabs. Technical traders and those using Technical Analysis in their algorithmic trading will be able to see how their signals resulted in simulated trades. Algo Trading daily bars with entry and exit points  

Simulated Portfolio P&L Heatmap

The Portfolio Tab also has an upgrade. The portfolio view will give you a heat map of the profit and loss on each symbol for the simulation day.
Quantamental Portfolio Profit & Loss Chart

Quantitative Trading Strategy Portfolio Heatmap

Harami Sell Signal on Google Dec 20, 2017

Harami Sell Signal with Three Inside Down Demonstrated on $GOOG

December 19, 2017 Monday Google pressed new highs, but Tuesday closed out the day with a Harami Sell signal. Watch out for today. A negative close today boosts the negative outlook with the emergence of a Three Inside Down pattern. In this event, it will most likely mean that there will be a “little coal in Google stockholders stockings for Christmas”.

Technical Analysis Library (TA-LIB) for Python Backtesting

Anyone who has ever worked on developing a trading strategy from scratch knows the huge amount of difficulty that is required to get your logic right. … TA-LIB Turbo-Charges Your Research Loop: TA-Lib is widely used by quantitative researchers and software engineers developing automated trading systems and charts. This freely available tool allows you to gather information on over 200 stock market indicators.
Candlestick market data chart

Understanding Candlestick Bars & Market Data for Beginning Algo Programmers

In this video, we introduce you to Candlestick Bars, a store of Historic Market Data, how to access that data via Pythons Lists and how pointers work in lists.

Catalent Inc. – $CTLT – Bearish Engulfing Sell Signal

There was a fresh sell signal for Catalent Inc. stock this week. The recent rally has been put on hold with the emergence of a Bearish Engulfing signal. More selling pressure is expected to develop as the market degrades from the steep upward slope it has been trending on. This post shows a trading signal and has algo source code links.

$GE – Short Term Buy Signal – Piercing the Line

Technical analysis shows a piercing the line trading signal. This post includes links to source code show how to capture this signal with TA-LIB
Bullish Turn of Events for Sprint - S by Theodore Kekstadt

Bullish Turn Of Events For – $S: TA-LIB Three Outside Strategy

This stock has been on a negative slide for months, and every bounce has been one to sell into. The outlook is different for this current turn in direction. A “Three Outside Up” Japanese Candlestick reversal pattern… Source code for signal links included.