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CloudQuant AI

WealthTech Conference, June 28, 2018 in Chicago


The world of wealth management is undergoing a profound transformation.

The emergence of technologies in new fields such as artificial intelligence, big data & predictive analytics, and blockchain are changing the investment landscape forever. At ‘WealthTech 2018′ you will hear from experts at leading financial firms discuss disruptive technologies which are making the biggest impact on the wealth management industry and beyond. Business Insider Intelligence forecasts that robo-advisors (investment products which include any type of automation) will manage close to $1T by 2020 and $4.6T by 2022.
  • Over the past 14 months, blockchain and related startups have raised $4.5B via ICOs versus $1.3B in traditional venture financing worldwide.
  • Global WealthTech funding is on track to surpass 2017’s record of $2.5B with over $2B already invested in the 1st quarter of 2018.
Attendees will walk away with key insights including:
  • How cutting-edge technologies can empower financial advisors to provide advice that used to be available only to the ultra-wealthy
  • How robo-advising and artificial intelligence can significantly improve investment results
  • How cryptocurrencies and ICOs may provide an alternative option for both investing and raising capital Join CloudQuant’s CEO for a discussion on Using AI in Trading and Investing.
Artificial Intelligence in Trading and Investing

AI in Trading and Investing

Morgan Slade to Speak at RavenPack in London April 24, 2018

The RavenPack Big Data & Machine Learning Revolution Comes to London

April 24, 2018, Top finance professionals who will share their latest research and experience with Ravenpack big data and machine learning in London.
New York

Meet The Niche Manager – Quantitative Managers. January 26, 2018


Peltz International seminar Meet the Niche Manager on January 26, 2018

CloudQuant will be participating in the Peltz International seminar Meet the Niche Manager on January 26, 2018 in New York. Investors will have an opportunity to meet managers they may not be familiar with. Investors will have an opportunity to see the manager in action, thinking on his feet, discuss critical issues relative to the specific strategy. “Niche’ is defined as an alternative investment strategy that is not used by many managers. It may relate to the methodology used and/or the markets traded. In many cases, the correlation to traditional investments will be low. 8:15-8:30     Registration 8:30-9:45     Panel discussion, critical issues relating to the strategy 9:45-10:25    Individual strategy highlights 10:25-11:00  Informal networking   Pre-registration is required. To register, call 212 689 0180 or E:  
Newsweek AI Data Science for Capital Markets

Newsweek Event: Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (December 5th to 7th, 2017)

CloudQuant will be participating in the Newsweek conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for the Capital Markets Industry on December 5th to December 7th, 2017 in New York.
Quantamental alternative data

The Rise of Quants in Trading and Financial Markets

Cloud computing and access to industrial grade investment and data science tools are changing the playing field for quantitative trading firms. CloudQuant’s CEO Morgan Slade participated in a panel at Stocktoberfest West in October 2017. This has raised the discussion of quantamental investment and data science techniques. This is the merger of technology, investment management, and data science.
John "Morgan" Slade

Open Source Meets Quant Trading – Futures Industry Association

Recording of October 17-19, 2017 Future Industry Associations EXPO panel discussion on Open Source Meets Quant Trading.
World Market Access

Futures Radio Show from FIA Expo 2017

An interview by Anthony Crudele of Futures Radio Show discussing the success of the Trading Strategy Incubator, crowd researching, and algorithmic trading.
Morgan Slade, Python Data Scientist and Trader

Quant Trading and Superpowers: Morgan Slade speaks on Opportunity

“You have a chance to try and change an industry” said Slade, CEO of CloudQuant at the MarketsWiki Education’s World of Opportunity event in New York.
Battle of the Quants June 2017

Battle of The Quants – Discusses Crowd Researching in NY

Crowdsourcing in fund management and trading is the move to utilize anyone with an internet connection to participate in the research with the goal of finding new and better ways of trading. During the discussion the differing approaches being taken with the business models, and the technology, and the challenges each are facing.
Algo Trading powered by Alternative Data Sets

MarketsWiki Education World of Opportunity July 2017 NY

Does The Quant Trading Tesseract Give Data Scientists Superpowers?

Join us at the NY MarketsWiki Education to hear Morgan Slade’s thoughts on the The Algorithmic Trading Tesseract brings cloud computing, alternative data, machine learning, and crowd researchers together forming a revolutionary crowd in the financial industry. Each individual is endowed with innovative super powers to leap onto the trading platform and create their own destiny. One no longer needs to wait for arbitrary career paths to open financial doors. REGISTRATION FOR CHICAGO and NY IS NOW OPEN
This is our fifth year running the program and we have held events in Chicago, New York and London in the previous years. Our 2017 New York events will be held on July 11 and 12. On July 17, 19 and 21 we will hold our Chicago events.

New York

On July 11, we will be holding the first session of our New York series at the Nasdaq Marketsite. The event will begin at 1 PM for the first session and another will start at 3 PM.

On July 12, we will hold a third session at Thomson Reuters, 3 Times Square, New York, 7th Avenue between 42nd & 43rd Street starting at 1 PM.

The cost of an individual session is $40; the cost for the entire series of 3 sessions is $100. If your company registers more than 9 people, you will get a 50% discount. Each session features different speakers and subjects; you will want to attend them all.

The sign up for New York is open. Click on the links below to sign up via Google Forms. If you cannot access Google Forms online, please email and send details of those registering.

*Register multiple people

*Register Individuals

Speakers confirmed for New York include: July 11, 1 PM Session July 11, 3 PM Session July 12, 1 PM Session


Our Chicago series will be held on July 17, 19 and 21. The first three sessions will be held at the Stuart School of Business of the Illinois Institute of Technology, one on July 17 and two on July 19. The event on July 21 will be held at the offices of Trading Technologies. A social event at TT’s offices will follow the program on July 21.

On July 17, there is one session starting at 3 PM. On July19, there are two sessions, one starting at 1 PM and the second starting at 3 PM. On July 21, there is one session starting at 3 PM, but there is a refreshments and drinks session at the TT Tap following the session.

The cost of an individual session is $40; the cost for the entire series of 4 sessions is $120. If your company registers more than 9 people, you will get a 50% discount. Each session features different speakers and subjects; you will want to attend them all..

The sign up for the Chicago events is open. Click here to register via Eventbrite.

If you are enrolling a single person, please use the ‘individual’ ticket options for the dates you are attending; those tickets are prepaid right on this site.

If you are enrolling a group from your company or school that will be invoiced as a group, please use the ‘corporate’ ticket option. ‘Discounted corporate’ tickets are for groups of 10 or more. These corporate/school options will be invoiced after sign-up; see information on each ticket option. If your corporate group will be attending only certain sessions and not the entire series, please enter the promotional code ‘CORPORATE’ for the dates you want, which will allow you to be invoiced after ordering. Please email with any

Speakers confirmed for Chicago include:

July 17 Session:

July 19, 1 PM Session

July 19, 3 PM Session

July 21, 3 PM Session


For questions about MarketsWiki Education programs and sponsorhsip opportunities, email For questions about registration for our events, please email