FINTECH, short for Financial Technology, describes the emerging technology applied to financial services including trading, investments, banking, and marketplaces including current exchanges and new alternative marketplaces. FINTECH covers innovations that are rapidly changing all aspects of the front office, middle office, and back office. CloudQuant is considered a FINTECH company as we are bringing crowdsourcing to algorithmic trading. Other FINTECH innovations include cryptocurrencies, machine learning, and deep learning applications.


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AI & Machine Learning News. 27, August 2018

Machine learning AI News covering topics of Blurred Lines between Traders and Programmers. Why you should not be so scared of AI. AI blood cell classification using Google Co-Lab. AI getting better at cancer detection. Forecasting GDP - can you trade this? Democracy in the age of big data. Data Science for Good project utilizing Automated Feature Engineering.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 20, August 2018

Pizza, made by robots, delivered by Drones. How to create a virtuous cycle of data with your customers except when it isn't! Yewno Launches Blockchain Index - what is an index, it is just a loose collection of Tickers, build your own! Innovation wins as D.E. Shaw Dives Into Machine Learning. Patent Application, Drone delivery of coffee based on a cognitive state of an individual... Crazy, I'll take a Grande Vanilla Latte please. Vision Critical founder launches Rival Technologies, or is that Rival Systems. Whaat Whaaat! Alexa and Cortana together at last, but there is only one good looking one.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 13, August 2018

Machine learning AI News covering topics of What we recommend for new users of CloudQuant, How a Star Trek named supercomputer is perfecting Cancer treatments, How Google's DeepMind is helping the British NHS detect 50 types of eye disease, How AI can improve our daily live by working alongside us as our assistants, Android Pie, the new AI OS for Android mobiles/machines and our latest features to speed up your model development cycle.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 06, August 2018

Machine learning AI News covering topics of Amazon's new Echo Look - and the mirror that it will eventually become, AI in Marketing - Oh No!, the Mighty Chiplet - making a comeback, AWS's locked in future earnings - are those web services or AI/ML workers, The future of mortgages - faster and more customized - will we be buying houses on Amazon?
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AI & Machine Learning News. 30, July 2018

In addition to our new video "Things I wish I knew when I started Algo Trading" we have an Intro to Twitter Sentiment Analysis, goes live in Frisco... Texas!, Amazon ACLU spat but how accurate is facial recognition, Lessons we can all take away from the Facebook Data Scandal and UPS Is Thinking About a Future With Autonomous Vehicles.. Finally!
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AI & Machine Learning News. 23, July 2018

Machine learning AI News covering self driving car tech, video on visualizing how decision trees work, the case for less human bots, Why Google wants to dominate AI, Eventus board expands to include three industry veterans, why your ML needs "feature-engineering", Microsoft adds AI cautionary language to is earnings and Tech leaders vowing not to make killer AI robots
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AI & Machine Learning News. 16, July 2018

Researchers use AI and accelerometer data to predict heart rate while saving battery life, cutting it to 10%!, Alexa alternatives have a secret weapon: Privacy, How Can we Ensure that Big Data Does not Make us Prisoners of Technology?, Facial recognition technology: The need for public regulation and corporate responsibility, Algorithms are taking over – and woe betide anyone they class as a 'deadbeat' - seems to be a week of Woes in the land of AI and ML. Amazon AI predicts users’ musical tastes based on playback duration - this I like! Japan's Paidy raises $55m for credit card-free online shopping service - cool but can we do even better? Goldman Sachs Targets 25% Upside for Twitter Stock - can you write a model? But don't use Goldman's predictions, use one of our Sentiment data sets. How Goldman Sachs Lost the World Cup.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 09, July 2018

Lane discipline when teaching cars to drive (Udacity), HSBC predicts top future banking jobs, Apple's Carlos Guestrin cautions data scientists on the risks of inherent bias within big data, Can AI help with health care, China's camera give us a view of a potential dystopian future, Can you write an IoT trading model using CloudQuant, When AI is not AI, Google's amazing DeepMind becomes a better than human player at an astonishing rate.
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AI & Machine Learning News. 02, July 2018

Machine learning AI News covering the following... An excellent Reddit post on AI Playing Card Detection, The staggering news that OpenAI Five beat human opponents at DOTA2, The ongoing issue of University Lecturers moving into the Industry, TORA's Trading System of the Year award thanks to it's AI based execution improvement systems and Why it is important to first understand exactly what your primary metric is before you have your AI drive you towards it!
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AI & Machine Learning News. 25, June 2018

Microsoft AI driven Bing Visual Search, How AI helps you shop online, AI in Financial Risk Management, MatplotLib leads data visualization tools, Analysing Sound using ML, Microsoft acquires Bonsai.