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Distributed Ledgers in Listed Derivatives

FIA Boca: The Human’s Role in Blockchain

... “We can’t have one group of people designing the system, otherwise we won’t be protecting everyone’s interests,” he said. “We need women and more diversity in Blockchain so all groups are represented.” ...
John "Morgan" Slade

Open Source Meets Quant Trading - Futures Industry Association

Recording of October 17-19, 2017 Future Industry Associations EXPO panel discussion on Open Source Meets Quant Trading.
World Market Access

Futures Radio Show from FIA Expo 2017

An interview by Anthony Crudele of Futures Radio Show discussing the success of the Trading Strategy Incubator, crowd researching, and algorithmic trading.
Morgan Slade and Tayloe Draughon with Jill Malandrino of NASDAQ

Discussing Crowd Sourcing Algos with Jill Malandrino of NASDAQ

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NASDAQ's Jill Malandrino discusses crowd research in an Algo World with Morgan Slade and Tayloe Draughon at the FIA Expo 2017